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Scott Tolzien
Tolzien was added to the team’s active roster on Wednesday

The Green Bay Packers reportedly promoted quarterback Scott Tolzien from the team’s practice squad to the active roster today according to Bill Huber of

The move would fill the last roster spot that was open following some additional moves the Packers made yesterday.  Among those were placing tight end Jermichael Finley and linebacker Sam Barrington on season-ending injured reserve.

Tolzien was signed to Green Bay’s practice squad just prior to the Packers week one game against the San Francisco 49ers.  When the Cleveland Browns tried to sign him to their active roster, the Packers significantly increased his salary in order to keep him.

That effort has paid off for both Tolzien, who finally makes it to the 53-man roster, and the Packers who now have a backup quarterback to Seneca Wallace.

Prior to Tolzien’s promotion, and after Aaron Rodgers was ruled out for the remainder of the game against the Chicago Bears, the Packers’ emergency quarterback was said to be receiver Jordy Nelson.

Tolzien is thought to be a smart player and finished his three-year career with the Wisconsin Badgers in 2010 with 32 touchdown passes and a 68.1% completion percentage.  He has yet to take a single snap in an NFL game.  I wouldn’t expect to see Tolzien unless Wallace is unable to play for any reason.

It was also reported today that the timetable for Rodgers’ return has expanded and could be anywhere from four to six weeks.  Rodgers status is reportedly listed as “week to week” as his collarbone injury is being allowed to heal on its own versus having surgery.  When Rodgers is able to return, it is uncertain if the Packers would plan to keep Tolzien on the active roster or move him back to the practice squad.  It would seem that there is some interest around the league for the young quarterback’s services if he were to be demoted at some point.  There’s also the fact that, if released, Tolzien would have to clear waivers before the Packers could re-sign him to their practice squad.


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24 thoughts on “Packers Add Tolzien to Active Roster

  1. We do need two QB’s on that sideline come gametime. I see that he is 6-2 but beyond that I’ve got nothing. Does anyone know anything about Tolzien? Did anyone see him play at Wisconsin? Can someone tell something encouraging about him. Is he Brady II?

    1. Most of what many talked about him was…that MM and TT both talked to him at the Pro Day for the Badgers and it appeared that many a fan thought he’d be a good draft pick based solely on that like drafting Carimi, Moffit, Ball or any one who is a Badger….homerism at its best…LOL

    2. We do need two QB’s on that sideline come gametime?

      Because Rodgers can’t play right now and we need two QBs ready to play on game day. And when Rodgers can play, look for Tolzein to be inactive on game day (but still on the 53-man roster)

    3. He’s not Brady friend. I wasn’t very impressed with him, seemed slow as hell. Then again, at a school that churns out OL by the dozens and has always ran the ball, QB’s at Wisconsin with the exception of Wilson have never been great passers. Brooks Bollinger was fun to watch, even got drafted but never turned into anything.

    4. Brady he ain’t, but here’s his dope from Wikipedia

      Tolzien, after being named a finalist for the 2010 Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award along with Andy Dalton of TCU, Colin Kaepernick of Nevada, Christian Ponder of Florida State and Ricky Stanzi of Iowa,[1] won the award.[2] Tolzien smashed the Wisconsin record for completion percentage in a season in his remarkable 2010 season, completing 74.3% of his passes in 12 regular season games. Tolzien ranked 4th nationally in passer rating, and led the nation in completion percentage.

      1. Thanks Savage. I was looking for a little intel and some positive reassurance, instead I got negative ticks. What happen to the winsome Packer Nation?

        I hope that Scott enjoys his time in the show and contributes in some fashion.

      2. Tolzien did all that while being protected by a quality OL AND he had a DOMINANT running game to lean on that routinely faced 9 “in the box”. Not too hard to be a successful passer in that situation.

        That said… I’m still looking forward to what Tolzien can do. I think he’ll be much better than Harrell who I thought always sucked. With some experience in the system he might be like Flynn. Hopefully they can coach him up, get him in McCarthy’s QB school and have a good backup for more than just a couple years.

  2. Tolzien was not picked up by Green Bay because he played at Wisconsin. He was signed because GB though he could be taught the west coast system and be developed as a QB. I just hope he can be ready to play in the second half if called on to play.

  3. Two months ago, on Sept. 2, Kris Burke had a post on this site in which he wrote, “GM Ted Thompson has been playing backup quarterback roulette and it needs to stop.”

    Kris also wrote, “The Packers are likely doomed without Rodgers anyway, but a competent backup would at least give the team a fighting chance. It seems Thompson recognizes this, but there are obviously strong doubts on whether or not Seneca Wallace and Scott Tolzien will be with the team for the duration of the season. . . As for the Packers, they’re playing with dynamite right now. Entering the season with no reliable backup is inexcusable.”

    If this season is lost and the Packers fail to get into the playoffs, remember Kris’s post.

    1. I still think Rodgers has been taking some chances this year that I have not seen him make since the time he didn’t slide in Detroit and got nailed. I was waiting for this to occur, in spite of the fact I didn’t want to see it happen.

  4. Shoulder Pads

    Does anyone know if the smaller shoulder pads players wear today had anything to do with Rodgers injury?

    1. “Does anyone know if the smaller shoulder pads players wear today had anything to do with Rodgers injury?”

      I’m no expert, but I mostly attribute it to the 300-lb defensive end falling on him.

      1. Shoulder pad protect the top of the shoulders. The fact is that Rodgers fell to the ground w/ the impact directed straight thru the clavicle and a 270 lb DL on top of him. Larger shoulder pads would not have changed that. A QB has to have shoulder pad that don’t inhibit shoulder movement which is impacted by some of the larger shoulder pad that USED to worn by some players. Now almost all positions where really small pad like QB’s wear, even if they don’t need the movement in the shoulder joint. Its fewer lbs of gear to wear, which players believe slows them down.

        IMO all players at the same position should have to wear exactly the same padding. OL, DL, RB and LB should be forced to wear much larger shoulder pads, due to the nature of the contact on most plays.

        I’m not sure if technology makes the smaller pad as protective as the older larger ones, I guess that’s a possibility.

        Either way shoulder pads aren’t designed for the type on impact Rodgers got when all the force is directed straight thru the arm and onto the collarbone.

  5. From what I heard today on NFL Radio (Sirius XM), they are now saying that Rodgers will be out four to six weeks, that it is not possible even for a partial fracture to heal in three weeks. If this is true I hate to say but the Packers are done for the year.

  6. Outis, not only has Kris voiced concern over our backup QB situation, but, many of us did, too. Last year and this year. Its ridiculous that Ted put the Pack in this situation. There should have been a competent backup on this team through out training camp and the preseason. Someone that had preseason game experience in this offense’s system Could have came off the bench and moved the ball better against Chicago

  7. Broke my collar bone when I was 15, many years ago. Takes six weeks to heal a broken off collar bone, Rodgers didn’t look like he broke his off by the way he was running to the locker room. You can’t lift it at all when it’s broke. He may just have a hairline fracture and should be back in 3 weeks.The NFL has better drugs now then I had which was nothing years ago.

    1. If it were a full break, Rodgers would’ve been in a shoulder brace/sling when he came back out, and you’re right: a full break and my guess is he would hardly be able to breathe without pain. I’m a doctor of molecules and not people, but it’s feasible that he could be on an accelerated schedule.

      I think it’s more likely that they’re spewing disinformation and he’ll be out at least 4.

  8. For the life of me, I don’t know why TT didn’t use one of his 3 7th round picks in this year’s draft to select Miami of Ohio’s Zac Dysert. He accounted for a school-record 12,678 yards of total offense (12,013 passing, 665 rushing) as a four-year starter, breaking Ben Roethlisberger’s career mark. He was selected by Denver in the 7th round 2 picks after the Pack took their last 7th rounder, Sam Barrington. Denver wanted to put him on their PS because they have 2nd yr. QB Brock Osweiller as Peyton Manning’s back-up. However, Dysert played too well in the pre-season, displaying poise, accuracy and mobility and the Broncos didn’t want to risk losing him if he didn’t clear waivers to get on their PS. As a result, the Broncos have 3 QBs on their active roster. I guess that Denver’s Exec. VP for Football Operations John Elway knows a thing or two about quarterbacks.

    1. At draft time we still had a then-promising B. J. Coleman, so we didn’t need another young QB. He didn’t progress as expected, so we had to bring in a vet. Don’t be surprised if Osweiller or Dysert turn out as Coleman did. And since neither has shown anything in important, real NFL competition I would hesitate to say that Elway really knows his QBs. No credit for Peyton Manning, who would still be a Colt if they hadn’t had the opportunity to draft the most highly touted QB prospect since (at least) Manning.

  9. I read somewhere that AR broke his clavicle. Is this in addition to the collarbone or is it part of the collarbone? Is this the same injury that caused so much trouble for Frank Zombo?

    If it is the same injury Zombo had, I don’t want to see AR on the field until after the Thanksgiving Day game…at the earliest!

    I’m not giving up on this season at all. CM3 and Perry should be back soon. The running game has been a nice surprise for everyone in GB. I look forward to seeing how Wallace and/or Tolzien do with a full week of preparation.

  10. Ok everyone, here is my prediction; the Packers have a rough few weeks while Rodgers is out, he comes back with a giant chip on his shoulders, Packers squeak into the playoffs, and then dominate everyone and win the Super Bowl.


  11. This is such a QB dominated league, I doubt The Pack can overcome A-Rods absence. both the Bears & Lions are playing well enough to be playoff teams. third place ain’t gonna cut it.

  12. Howdy! This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading this post reminds me of my good old room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this page to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read. Many thanks for sharing!

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