Game Balls and Lame Calls: Packers 44, Vikings 31 All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Jordy Nelson caught two touchdowns, giving Myles White and the rest of the team reason to celebrate.
Jordy Nelson caught two touchdowns, giving Myles White and the rest of the team reason to celebrate.

The opening kickoff made it look like the Minnesota Vikings would have a shot to upset the Green Bay Packers in teams’ final meeting at the Metrodome, as Cordarrelle Patterson raced 109 yards for a touchdown.

But from then on, it was all Packers.

Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay offense moved the ball up and down the field with ease throughout the game. Despite having Myles White as his No. 3 receiver and Andrew Quarless as the starting tight end, Rodgers threw for 285 yards and a pair of scores to go along with just five incompletions.

His two touchdowns–both to Jordy Nelson–were perfect. There’s no other way to put it, really. Rodgers zipped the ball right past the defender’s earhole on each throw, leaving the defender with no chance at deflecting the pass.

After the first scoring connection from Rodgers to Nelson, I tweeted, “If I’m Aaron Rodgers, I’m putting an ongoing loop of that throw on a projection screen. Maybe in every room of my house.” And I meant it.

Then, after Nelson’s 76-yard score, I, again, wanted share my admiration. However, I just couldn’t seem to think of the words. It was simply another perfect throw by one of the best quarterbacks in football.

That touchdown, ironically, reminded me of Rodgers’ crucial third-down dart to Greg Jennings in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLV. Jennings, now with quarterbacks Christian Ponder, Josh Freeman, Matt Cassell and the Minnesota Vikings, was targeted three times Sunday night and only caught one pass for nine yards.

It’s safe to say that, while wealthier, Jennings is not having a lot of fun wearing purple this season. And that’s nothing against the color.

Speaking of Jordy Nelson, I think it’s worth revisiting the unwritten rule that you can’t compare white wide receivers to anyone other than white wide receivers. Nelson isn’t Eric Decker or Ed McCaffrey. He’s not Wayne Chrebet or Wes Welker.

The guy is every bit of 6’3″ 217 pounds. He’s not the fastest receiver in the world, but he does everything you could possibly ask a wide receiver to do, and he does it well.

To me, Nelson is Larry Fitzgerald. Is that going too far? Except for the end of Kurt Warner’s career, Fitzgerald has played his entire career with a subpar quarterback, so it’s kind of hard to judge by the numbers. Nelson, on the other hand, has played with only Rodgers during his career, but at this point of their careers, I’m not sure Fitzgerald would be able to match Nelson’s production in the Packers’ offense.

It’s an interesting comparison and a debate worth having, in my opinion. We’ll get into the (many) Game Balls and (few) Lame Calls, but let me know what you think. If not Jordy Nelson, who is Jordy Nelson?

Game Balls

Jordy Nelson

You knew this was coming. Clearly, Nelson deserves a game ball for his seven catches, 123 yards and two touchdowns even though it was against the Vikings’ putrid secondary. With Harrison Smith, the Minnesota secondary is average at best. Without Harrison Smith–whom I think is clearly their best defensive back–the Vikings’ secondary is atrocious. Right now, I don’t think there’s a better quarterback-to-receiver connection than Rodgers to Nelson. They’re on fire.

Aaron Rodgers

There really isn’t much more that can be said other than Rodgers is really good. Take the “being born and raised a Packers fan” thing out of the equation, Rodgers is a gift to any real football fan. Like, a true fan is going to appreciate Adrian Peterson, whether he or she is a Vikings, Bears or Packers fan. The same can be said about Aaron Rodgers. He’s phenomenal.

Eddie Lacy, James Starks and Mike McCarthy

Honestly, both running backs could get their own virtual game ball, but to share the wealth, they’ll split one for their 169 combined total yards. Lacy carried the ball 29 times (in a Packers uniform, nonetheless) and racked up 94 yards in the process, while Starks chipped in 57 yards on just seven carries. It’s not only the running backs that are impressive; it’s the offensive line, too. Coach McCarthy gets a piece of this game ball for sticking with the running game. Ignoring a productive running game to throw the ball downfield is a popular criticism of McCarthy, but he deserves a tip of the hat for his play-calling against the Vikings. Between Lacy and Starks, the Packers ran the ball 36 times for 151 yards. And for that, there’s plenty of credit to be handed out.

Evan Dietrich-Smith

Typically, I’m not watching the offensive line on most plays. Thanks, in part, to Madden, most of my pre-snap time is spent identifying the coverage and picking out where I think the quarterback is going to go with the football. But when NBC showed replays of Lacy or Starks breaking off a run, Dietrich-Smith was easily spotted pushing the guy across from him five yards back. Either that, or he was putting him on his backside. I’ll be anxious to see his Pro Football Focus grade for the game, as that’s what I typically rely on when it comes to the offensive line. And hey, Dietrich-Smith makes history for being the first offensive lineman to earn an Eversoll Game Ball. That’s a big deal.

Dom Capers

The 31-point total for the Vikings is a joke, really. Minnesota’s first touchdown came on Cordarrelle Patterson’s 109-yard touchdown on the game’s opening kickoff, their next score (a field goal) was set up by a post-whistle personal foul on Datone Jones and their third score (Peterson’s touchdown) came just after a phantom pass interference on Tramon Williams. Yes, the Vikings ended up with 31 points, but typically, when an offense scores 31 points, the offensive coordinator is happy with how the unit performed and the defense is not. I don’t think either is true. The Packers’ defense–without Clay Matthews, Brad Jones and Nick Perry–played great once again, and the Anti-Dom Capers crowd can continue to bite their tongue for another week.

Lame Calls

Tramon Williams’ pass interference on Greg Jennings

This was the very definition of a “lame call.” Jennings, running a deep flag to the boundary, was blanketed by Williams and Ponder overthrew Jennings by a good three yards. But as Jennings made his final break for the ball, Williams put his hand on his hip. They showed several angles of the so-called penalty following the play, but nothing looked anything close to a pass interference. I like to pretend that I know how to read lips, and after that play, I’m pretty sure Williams said, “Aww, heck no, man.” Or something like that.

Jennings-Rodgers postgame discussion(?)

This finds itself on the lame calls list not for intent, but rather, sheer awkwardness. Jennings clearly initiated the exchange, and to me, it looked like Rodgers tried to remove himself from the situation on a couple different occasions. It was almost like the really popular guy (Rodgers) being asked to dance by the nerdy, uncool girl (Jennings) that everyone feels bad for. Rodgers did his best to blame it on his bladder and hide in the bathroom, but Jennings had a stronghold on him. After the game, Rodgers told Michelle Tafoya that he was going to keep what was said between the two of them, but man, that audio has to be hidden somewhere. And I want it.

Critics of the Packers’ offense or defense for their Oct. 27 performance

And there are people out there that will. There are probably plenty of people reading this exact post who will. But why? The offense scored on every single meaningful possession; the only time they didn’t put points on the board was on the final possession when they were running the clock out. On defense, they were playing with a lead and gave up a couple meaningless garbage touchdowns, but the kick return wasn’t the defense’s fault and Minnesota’s second touchdown may not have been if not for Williams’ penalty. Both units played great, as did the special teams, with the exception of the kickoff coverage on the first play of the game.

Seriously though, people: Don’t be one of those guys or gals. The offense is beaten and battered, and they scored 37 points. The defense is playing with Nate Palmer and Andy Mulumba at outside linebacker, and they have been great several weeks in a row. Oh, and the special teams added a score of their own, as well. I’m not saying the Packers are above criticism, but for how they’ve overcome injuries to get to where they are at 5-2, there are more than enough reasons to just be happy.


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Marques is a Journalism student, serving as the Sports Editor of UW-Green Bay\'s campus newspaper The Fourth Estate and a Packers writer at Jersey Al\'s Follow Marques on Twitter @MJEversoll.


68 thoughts on “Game Balls and Lame Calls: Packers 44, Vikings 31

  1. There are two things I am concerned about…both on special teams.

    First, the kickoff coverage unit concern is obvious. Patterson is a weapon for Minny at KR. Take away the 109 return on the opening kickoff and he still had 130-140 return yards. That number is concerning.

    The second is Jonathon Franklin returning anything. I saw huge indecision on his part and it reminded me of Pat Lee taking a knee at the goal line and giving up a safety. That’s unacceptable.

    This was the first game I was able to watch since preseason and all I can say is…Bring on da Bears!!!!!

    1. Well, if we weren’t kicking off so darn much we would’ve be giving up so many return yards!

  2. Game ball….to…or…er…uh…medical staff taking a nap. No injuries. Wasn’t that nice?

  3. Can’t agree more, Rodgers is unbelievable and the running game is just getting better and better. That first call on Williams was a complete joke and makes me wonder if the Packers are ever going to get a call from any Referee crew. Hyde continues to show that he’s just not THAT slow, he’s a football player that keeps making plays, plain and simple.

  4. Total satisfaction watching this game. Other than the Special Teams, this team controlled the game. Rodgers marched the offense and had the Vikings defense guessing at every turn. Very impressive.

    While most could care less, I feel for the Vikings. That is a solid traditional foe that is mired in a QB death spiral. As a fan, I know what it is like to have a team that can’t field a qualified QB. As a Packers fan, I am grateful that we have the best in the business that will give us the chance to win every game, especially the big ones.

    1. I like watching a team take another team apart the way the Packers did. They were aggressive on defense and physical on offense, and with the lopsided TOP differential, they had the Vikes front 7 gassed shortly after half.

      Call it the AP jitters, but until the Packers put a couple scores between themselves and the Vikings, I was still pretty nervous. You never know when #28 is going to bleed you out.

      Even though he wears purple, I have to admit that I enjoy watching AP play. He’s a beast.

    2. It looks like Minnesota will have lots of QB options in the upcoming draft.

      Let’s hope Josh Freeman or Christian ponder have one or two big enough games that the Vikings decide to stick with them and bypass the talent in the 2014 draft.

        1. They’ll probably have a new GM taking his QB of the future. The issue is that the vikes don’t have a clue how to handle a QB and put him is a situation where he can succeed. At least right now they don’t. If a new GM comes in and changes the culture like Wolf did it might change, but for now they are clueless in handling QB’s! They just keep throwing them in and hoping they succeed instead of putting them in a position to learn, grow and succeed.

          1. Stroh, I agree they should get the new GM first. But they are the same franchise that thought they mad a big score by keeping Childress in town so he couldn’t talk to ted in Green Bay. They are the Vikings. We Packer fans are SOOOOOO lucky!

  5. Greg Jennings has been exposed as the athletic but ultimately slightly above-average WR he is. That may be news to no one except Jennings and may also be why Packer fandom was more upset that he was going to the Vikings than they were he was going at all.

    1. Hard for me to knock Jennings’ talent. However, it sure shows how WR talent is much more than physical skills, and mostly certainly the chemistry with a quality QB. Kind of sad to see Jennings running futile out there waving his hand.

        1. OK…who’s going to be the first to say, “I’ll tell you in the morning?”

          Whoops. I guess it was me.

        2. Whats even better is she was talking about playing somewhere WARM. The Vikings are playing their 2014 and 15 home games outside at the stadium that knocked Brett Farve out the surface was so froze and hard from the COLD.

      1. I thank Jennings for his years of great play for the Packers but the way he left, the things he said, the GREED he showed, I don’t feel a one bit bad for him. He was trying to clean up what he said because he knew he’ll never win in Minnesota.

    2. Greg Jennings was and is a very good receiver that had the benefit of playing with two of the greatest QBs in the history of the NFL.

      Jennings downfall is his ego and his belief that he is an elite receiver. He is very good, but not great.

      He is a wealthy receiver. But, now he gets to rot in Minnesota for at least this year and next (his salary is guaranteed this year and next).

      1. Jennings reminds me a bit of the career of Antonio Freeman…Great with Brett Favre, after that…he disappeared…then came back briefly, much slower and with diminished skills.

        Was impressed, again, with Boykin. Better hands than Jennings, bigger, runs great routes, makes difficult catches, stronger, and a much superior blocker than Jennings…all-in-all, an upgrade from the Jennings of 2011 and 2012…not to mention 2013.

        1. John Zoul, Antonio Freeman in his prime was an All-Pro and significantly faster than Jennings ever was. After he left the Packers and signed a big FA contract, he was never the same. That certainly looks like the path Jennings is headed. I’m with you, I much prefer Boykin vis-a-vis Jennings at this respective point in their careers. Boykin is bigger, better hands, much more physical blocker,…now we need to see continued production over the next few years to prove he is clearly superior to Jennings. Truth be told, we have not missed him (GJ) and his attitude. Good luck Greg in Minnesota. You’re going to need it!

          1. No Freeman was NOT faster than Jennings. Nor was he as talented. WR are made dramatically better by the QB’s throwing to them. Favre made a habit of making decent WR talent look great. Freeman, Brooks, Shroeder, Bradford, Driver, the list is endless.

            Jennings ran a 4.42 40, I couldn’t find data on Freemans official 40 time, but I seem to remember in the 4.5 to 4.6 range. Freeman wasn’t fast, Jennings doesn’t have great speed, very good speed tho.

            1. When did Jennings run a 4.42 40? Certainly not in the past two years. I would be surprised if he still runs in the 4.5’s. Freeman was faster, got much better separation. was faster than that in his prime…he would’ve smoked GJ…Freeman was faster…’Seem to remember’ is not proof Stroh, though I do respect your opinions, but, you are not privy to the facts.


                theres Jenning 4.42. Freeman never sniffed a 4.4 40. He was over 4.5 easily. Jennings is fast and Freeman was slow even for a WR in the 90’s. Jennings was easily better, but always had other players that were taking targets away from him. Driver, James Jones, Jordy, Finley. Freeman got a lot of stats cuz he was mostly the only WR Favre trusted! No way was Freeman nearly as talented as Jennings!

        2. John Z., good comparison with Antonio Freeman, mainly because both he and Jennings were All-Pros. In my opinion, I think Freeman was better than Jennings…Faster, stronger, bigger, a better blocker, great hands, and a clutch receiver.
          This is not to say that Jennings was a slouch…But, let’s be real, the past two years, GJ has done very little and appears to have lost a step. I do agree with you that Boykin is clearly ascending, whereas Jennings is descending. Boykin’s development is impressive. He’s much bigger, height, hands, wingspan, and looks like a superior blocker. Here’s hoping he becomes an All-Pro like Jennings once was, but, no more.

      2. Great points aaronqb…without Favre and Rodgers, had GJ played in Oakland, Cleveland, Buffalo, etc. he’s a smallish WR with average and dwindling speed, that no one ever heard of…
        He is nowhere near an ‘elite’ receiver…Any bets that Minnesota releases him after the first two years of his contract?…and that he begs AR and the Packers to re-sign him…

  6. I’m happy with the result. I’m not happy with the Classic-Capers-D/Non-D-With-A-Big-Lead-Syndrome.

    Yes, the Vikings got 17 points gift wrapped by ST and a bad call. What about those other 14? They didn’t need to/shouldn’t have happened.

    Oh, and Minnesota – SUCK IT! 😉

  7. First off, GREAT analysis Marques — this is on par with anything we might read from a veteran beat reporter and better than we would get from a lot of so-called pundits. I’ve been enjoying your blog posts for a while, but you hist a new level today.

    I especially appreciated your game ball for Dom Capers’ and the defense. While I was a little worried after the first Vikes TD in the 4th quarter, it was effectively garbage time already. If anyone needs reassurance for that, they might look at the win probability charts at Advanced NFL Statistices and notice how little that TD moved the chart. And if they are still worried, they can follow your logic and consider that the middle zone and run fits would have been a lot better with Perry and Matthews over Mulumba and Palmer — no criticism to the youngsters, they are learning fast, just not as good as the ‘real’ starters yet.

  8. I’ll bite on the WR comparison.

    Jordy Nealson is Max McGee.

    OK that is still a comparison to a white receiver, but it is hard to think of another Packer wideout who was consistently better and is not in Canton. Nelson now plays the same position as Brooks/Freeman/Driver and he is better at it than those guys, all respect to them.

    1. Jordy Nelson shows up at games without being drunk or hung over. That’s one difference. I’m almost 70 and I love the throwback players who partied the night before and still shone. Max was one of those. Can’t do that stuff anymore.

      Read Johnny Blood’s biography if you want to know what Packers were like in the old days. I bought the book at the Packer Stadium gift shop. You think players today and ones like Broadway Joe did crazy stuff? Nothing compares to Blood.

      Jordy Nelson still holds the Kansas 3A high school 100 meter dash record at 10.63

      Don Hutson ran a 9.70 100 yard dash in school. Remember back then, they didn’t have Tartan tracks, great running shoes etc. That converts to a 10.49 100 meter dash. There are not more than a few dozen players today in NFL that are that fast. Trust me there are white wideouts who are very fast.

  9. offense was unbelievable! not punting the entire game? wow. No new injuries? another great “stat”! We went to training camp this year, and Micah Hyde stood out at every practice. the guy is a player! our roster depth is as good or better as we have ever had, IMO. GO PACK GO!

    1. …well, “ever had” may be a stretch, but, I especially like what I’ve seen of Lattimore and Boykin who are looking more and more like stars…also, Micah Hyde is a stud hoss…and to think there was talk in training camp that he may not make the roster.

  10. Agreed it was a special night for GBP fans around the world. Also agreed Packer defense and Dom Capers have bounced back from a couple of piss poor years. However, keep in mind, the Vikings are a very bad team right now. Their defense can’t get off the field w/o their opponent scoring and their QB is hapless at reading coverages.

    For GB, White and Q didn’t do much to help the cause. Boink looks like a keeper. Jones coming back should put White back on the bench. It looks like Pack will have to draft TE early in upcoming draft.

    OL and running game is too good to be true.

    Rodgers is the glue.

    DL held up to AD.

    Reinforcements on the way at LB.

    Secondary ready to be tested.

    Micah Hyde = PR!

    Still need a KR!

    Great to be a Packer fan.

    MNF = Bears at Lambeau. Take the over!

    Tuesday = trading deadline. Ya never know. Larry Fitzgerald would look great in green and gold!

      1. Nick, I agree with you. He is an excellent WR, but, at $18 mill. is way overpaid. He is a far cry from Megatron.
        Archie, cut some slack to ‘Q’ and ‘W’ let’s see how they play in the next few games.
        Whoever made the comment about the defense was right on…A couple of runs up the middle with no ILB to be seen…one by Ponder, the other by the kid from Stanford. The game seemed like a blow-out, but, the defense gave-up 24 points…In any event, I’m probably being too picky. It was an ‘Ass-whoopin’!

  11. Game made me proud to be a Packer fan. Too many positives to mention. Highlight of the night for me was the others players reaction to both Hyde & Starks TD’s. Great to see guys happy for other’s successes. Only negative was D. Jones drive-extending penalty

  12. “Tuesday = trading deadline. Ya never know. Larry Fitzgerald would look great in green and gold!”

    I’ve always liked Fitz, and he’s a guy who would likely do well in the Packer system, but he’s 30, and is starting to have injury issues (is he breaking down?). But if they could get him on the cheap….?

    Is it just me, or is there more trade talk this year than in past years? I suspect it’s more press than GMs, but who knows…

    1. TT said there is far less trade talk now than there was during the draft and just before roster cut-down time. I don’t expect much to happen around the league. I don’t expect anything to happen in GB except for possibly trading away CJ Wilson for a draft pick.

      1. I think it’s the mentality of other sports and the trade-deadline firesales creeping into football…but as a function of the media. They like to talk in terms of those hypotheticals. Certainly the Richardson deal fueled that, but it wasn’t really a deadline deal.

    2. Can’t be a better feeling as a Packer fan in a long time, after a game with the Vikes, that was simply a masterful job and game plan displayed successfully on both sides of the line! The Management gets a ‘A’ for getting this team prepared with several ‘back ups’ looking like seasoned pro’s…outstanding! Second Rodger’s, simply the BEST right now in the game…cool, calm, with a killer instinct to get the W last evening…you know he wanted this one bad..and he did… again! Be proud of this team…going deep in the playoffs!

    3. There s no ‘cheap.’

      Trading for him would cost at least a draft pick and maybe a pretty early one.

      Paying his salary would count against the cap, maybe enough to prevent the Packers keepign a home-grown FA next season. They have 15 of those coming up.

      As soemone else mentioned, he is over 30 and starting to be on the downside.

      So Fitz probably would cost 2 future players and would do what for the Packers? A second wideout for the few games left before Jones comes back? A third or fourth wideout in the playoffs once Cobb is back? What about next year?

      Have we been watching Boykin play? I sure hope Ted has . . .

  13. Game Balls:

    Jarrett Boykin – 5 receptions for 89 yards and it seemed that each catch was at his shoelaces. He played a great game.

    Offensive Line – Not one punt in the game by Tim Masthay. ZERO.

    1. Great comments all over this blog…The last two games and in many fantasy leagues, Boykin’s status is rising. Jennings is not in a single fantasy league I’m in (four in total).
      The Offensive Line continues to improve. This was one of the most efficient Offensive games I can recall the Pack playing in the past forty years! Rodgers was splendid! Hats off to kicking the stuffing out of the Vikes.

  14. By this time in the season, doesn’t Micah Hyde get the MVP of something. This guy has been a fantastic player in many different areas. Wow! Jennings is laughing all the way to the bank. For 17 million in Green Bay, he would have been asked to do something.

  15. Jordy is a big receiver, fast as he needs to be, a very sure handed. Reminds me of James Lofton, but with better hands and of Cris Carter, but faster. Catches lots of touchdowns, big and physical, gets the deep ball and the third down catches.

  16. “Not one punt in the game by Tim Masthay. ZERO.”

    Really, there could’ve been one punt (the 4th and 3 converted on the quick hit to Nelson). The fact that the Packers ran two non-desperation 4th down plays says something to MM’s confidence in the team’s ability to handle the Vikes.

    Still, it seemed very out of character for MM to play that way. Usually he’s pretty conservative on field position, and we can argue that those two converted 4th downs went a long way toward winning the game.

  17. Odd Stats

    Rogers 10 for 10 on 3rd down for 172 yards

    No Packer punts in a game – last time was 1989 when Tim Masthay was 2 years old.

    No sacks by Jared Allen

    1. No packer punts in a game: Rodgers’ methodical disassembling of the Atlanta Falcons in the 2010 NFC Championship Game.

    2. Looked like Bakhtiari held up very well against Allen. I remember a whiff by Barclay on Robison that resulted in a negative run. Anyone out there track the line much?

  18. I agree that the defense has been great, given the injuries. Overall, the dline had a good game but I’ll give Daniels his own game ball. That dude is a beast. Who’d have thought he’d be the first to blossom amongst all the high Packer dline draftees

  19. Could not agree more comparing Rodgers to Nelson TDs to the Jennings first down catch of the superbowl.
    Aaron can throw guys open much like Marino. He has the demeanor of Joe Montana. He has the ability to pace the team like a Jim Kelly. He has the ability to hand the ball off a ton of times like Troy Aikman.

    Can you tell which era of QBs is my favorite?

  20. Finally, no new injuries that I noticed. We should have a game ball for that. As we continue to get healthy we should win out at home and split the remaining 4 road games at worst. However, when Rodgers gets his receivers back and Matthews and Perry return to the defense this team could be awesome. Hopefully we peak at the right time like 2010. See everyone for DA Bears on Monday. Thanks Since ’61

  21. Great take on everything Marques. The only thing that I take exception to is your statement ..”Speaking of Jordy Nelson, I think it’s worth revisiting the unwritten rule that you can’t compare white wide receivers to anyone other than white wide receivers”.
    What does race have to do with anything? Haven’t you evolved? When I see a player, I’m not looking at the color of his skin. Jordy is an exceptional “receiver” period! His teammates doesn’t look at him in any other way but as a fellow warrior giving his all for the team. I am offended that you would write such a thing. Please leave color out of your great commentaries, and just write about the player.

    1. Russell, perhaps you missed the point on the Jordy Nelson/race thing. My point was that it’s entirely wrong to compare white receivers solely to other white receivers. I’m tired of Jordy Nelson being compared to Ed McCaffrey or Eric Decker. Hence, the Larry Fitzgerald comparison.

      I completely agree with everything you said, but I feel like your criticism is misguided.

  22. Games balls to everyone contributing to the victory. Very unusual to see so many solid performances without really anything to gripe about. Couple of great returns by a great return guy in Patterson and couple of great runs by Pederson. Otherwise the pack really controlled the game The Vikings have a lot of really talented guys who are trying real hard to win games too. My only mild concern is that mm has got to quit trying to smash the ball into the middle of a bunched up formation on 3rd or 4th and short. It just doesn’t work for the packers. (Think back to Bengals game) Bounce outside, Run wide or pass once in a while from that set-up. That play seems to result in a bad outcome every time. I thought maybe they keep doing it to set up an opponent for a really big game down the road. Maybe throw a bomb to Lane Taylor and watch him rumble. Wouldn’t that be a sight. Just a suggestion not a gripe.

    1. Tim, great comment about the bunched formation and almost always running up the middle. What a great time for a play action pass! Lacey-Starks looked fantastic…Go Pack!

    2. I question all the running calls to the right side – that where Lacy had his runs for little gain or a loss in the 1st quarter. it was the same run tried with Franklin in the Cincy game. I will fault MM, he is stubborn, he keeps running the same plays regardless of the results. (insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result),

      1. So that would explain why the same play call can get completely different results? It’s only insanity if MM knew the exact defensive call and still chose to run a play that didn’t work before.

        It’s similar to the question, “why do they run it in the middle?”

  23. Marques, please accept my apology. I misunderstood your point. We are on the same page on this subject.

  24. I think Miles White deserves a pat on the back. He had some nice catches that kept drives going. Just another option!!

  25. I agree with your choices… except for one. I thought EDS was pretty close to awful. It looked to me like HE was the one getting pushed around.

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