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Packers WR Tyrone Walker had a strong preseason, and now he's back for another run with the team.
Packers WR Tyrone Walker had a strong preseason, and now he’s back for another run with the team.

According to the team’s official website, the Green Bay Packers have brought back Tyrone Walker to the practice squad.

The move was announced Wednesday by Packers general manager Ted Thompson.

Walker, 5’10” 191 pounds, spent training camp with the Packers before being released as part of the team’s final cuts. He signed with the Seattle Seahawks and remained on their practice squad for one game before he was let go.

Walker joins recently re-signed receiver Reggie Dunn, giving the team two wideouts on the eight-man practice squad.

Before signing with the Packers as an undrafted free agent, Walker left Illinois State as the school’s career leader in receptions, receiving yards and receiving touchdowns. Walker will, again, wear No. 83 with the team.

In the preseason, Walker led the Packers with 11 catches; Walker’s 86 receiving yards ranked third on the team behind Myles White and Jermichael Finley.

While certainly not the biggest or fastest receiver on the roster, Walker proved to have reliable hands throughout training camp and the preseason. Given his stature and lack of top-end speed, Walker faces long odds to make a significant impact, but the receiver-needy Packers could be his best opportunity to catch on (pun intended) with a NFL team.

Including the injured James Jones, the Packers currently have four wide receivers on the roster to go along with five tight ends. Jones’ status for Sunday’s game against the Cleveland Browns is still up in the air, although earlier this week, head coach Mike McCarthy said Jones “might be able to play.”


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15 thoughts on “Packers News: WR Tyrone Walker signed to practice squad

  1. Speed isn’t everything. Running routes the right way all (well, most of)the time, having good hands, blocking down field and not being afraid of going across the middle help make up for the lack of top end speed.

    The 9ers tried to make Renaldo Nehemiah (sp?), an Olympic gold medalist in track, a WR and it was mildly successful at best. His Olympic speed didn’t translate to a football field, especially the NFL field.

  2. Charles Johnson, recently signed off the Packer practice squad by Cleveland, is not on Cleveland’s Injured Reserve list as he has a torn ACL. He will be on the Browns active roster for two weeks since that is the rule when signing players off other teams’ practice squads.

    I’m guessing they will be liable for his salary for the remainder of the year also.

    This is huge egg on the Browns’ face.

    Don’t mess with TT!!

    1. I go a different direction on this. The implication is that his ACL predates his signing by the Browns. So the question is: why was he languishing on the Packers practice squad with a blown knee?

      1. It definitely predates the Browns signing. Maybe it is a way to warn other teams about signing players off their practice squad as you may not be getting what you think. The cost to the Packers is a slot on their practice squad, but they are under no obligation to divulge the health of the players on it.

      2. If he went to Cleveland w/ the injury, they would have failed him on his physical and he would be back on the Packers PS and looking at the IR in GB. A roster move can’t be made w/ a player that fails a physical. The injury happened in Cleveland. Why isn’t this obvious?

  3. Honestly would rather have Walker on the roster and White on the PS. I think Walkers more of a natural fit in Cobbs slot WR role. Not too impressed by White…

  4. In the slot, quickness is more important than speed. Walker looks like he has the tools to be a slot receiver with good hands, good route running and good quickness. At the rate of our injuries, not too long before you see him on active roster. I like him.

  5. Neal didn’t practical today with a brused shoulder. .great. He’ll play, but, come on, this is getters ridiculous at LB

    1. You may be right about Walker vis-a-vis White, however, TT and MM think differently. Walker is just under six feet and is slower and not as quick as White. They both, from all accounts,
      have good hands. White is a burner and can get vetical, not so for Walker.

  6. I know Walker just got signed again but this guy was one of the only bright spots on the team during pre-season! He came in as a walk on and out performed everyone, he out performed everyone in pre-season! I know he isn’t the biggest guy but he’s got big hands and is a big play maker! I hope McCarthy and Thompson get him off the practice squad and get him on the active roster ASAP!! I want to see this guy shine in a regular season game! His performances up to this point says he will. HE SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN CUT!

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