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Ravens safety Matt Elam went low and knocked Randall Cobb out of the game. And apparently, the injury will sideline him for 6-8 weeks.
Ravens safety Matt Elam went low and knocked Randall Cobb out of the game. And apparently, the injury will sideline him for 6-8 weeks.

According to Ty Dunne, of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb suffered a fractured fibula Sunday and will miss 6-8 weeks.

At Monday’s press conference, Packers coach Mike McCarthy said Cobb would miss “multiple weeks” with the injury but did not go into detail. Originally, it was thought to have been a knee injury, but it turns out Cobb nearly broke entirely through his fibula.

The Packers play host to the Cleveland Browns this week. If Cobb is to miss six games, he’ll be set to return on Thanksgiving against the Detroit Lions. Following the Lions game, the Packers will host the Atlanta Falcons before traveling to Dallas to play the Cowboys.

Depending on playoff implications, it’s possible that the Packers would keep Cobb out for the remainder of the regular season. But things change, and only time will tell how long Cobb will be sidelined.

After McCarthy’s press conference, ESPN’s Adam Schefter said the thought was that Cobb would only miss two weeks. Around the same time, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport suggested Cobb could be sidelined for about a month. Turns out, the injury is more severe than Schefter and Rapoport led on, and Cobb will miss nearly two months with the injury.

In related news, the Packers have re-signed wide receiver Reggie Dunn to the practice squad. Schefter hinted at the Packers’ interest in rookie receiver Tavarres King, who is currently on the Denver Broncos’ practice squad.


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14 thoughts on “Packers News: Cobb to miss 6-8 weeks with fractured fibula

  1. We could have a heck of a team by the fourth quarter of the season. The question is, will it be too late then?

  2. This, plus the whispering about a possible broken foot for Perry, is sobering news. Moving Neal to OLB was huge. Lets hope the 2 rookies can step in and hold down the fort until Clay or Perry get back. At least the schedule gets a little lighter for the few games.

  3. The problem is we can only put one guy on IR-With the designation to return. If we have to carry multiple players on the active roster who can’t play for a while, it means that more starters will have to play on special teams as well. Just look at House yesterday who got bushed (pun intended) and had to rest in the second half. MM and his assistants have their work cut out for them the rest of the way. Looking forward to a lot of winning ugly, like yesterday, but without any more injuries please!

  4. If we go 4-0 in the next month we’re in fine shape. And against our upcoming schedule 4-0 is quite possible.

    But I’m frigging sick of injuries. The news on Perry is just devastating. He was just starting to play like Greene said he could. UGH!

  5. Who would have thunk it. Mike Neal, converted from DE to LB just this year, is now the most seasoned active OLB on the roster.

  6. All I wanted to do today was enjoy yesterday’s win.Instead I had to endure a day full of bad news regarding injuries. Man, it’s difficult being a Packers fan!

  7. We need to trade a draft pick and get Nicks from the Giants. He would be an immediate contributor. Some young, unproven rookie isn’t going to help in time. TT has to be open to getting a veteran pro at some point?! God, pretty soon folks from the stands are going to have to put down there beers and run onto the field!;/ Seriously though, this is a real mess! God help us if Lacy goes down.:(

    1. Nicks would be a poor choice because he is, in essence, a Jordy Nelson type receiver. The Packers need an underneath/possession or even slot type receiver in this case.

      In all honesty, much of that can be done by utilizing the TE and RB more intentionally in the passing game. But with only Boykin and Nelson active, this leaves the Packers more than just dangerously thin. If they haven’t even promoted White (who should be at least somewhat in tune with the system and able to contribute sooner than an FA) from the PS at this point, I don’t know what they’re doing.

      1. “But with only Boykin and Nelson active…”

        Sorry, I meant “available”, since Jones is iffy.

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