Packers vs. Ravens – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: GB 19 BAL 17 All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Packers vs Ravens
Packers vs. Ravens Game day First Impressions, Unfiltered

Green Bay Packers vs. Baltimore Ravens:  2013 Game 5

Unfiltered game day blog post of comments, observations and first impressions.



The Packers haven’t won a road game since December 2012 at Chicago.  While this isn’t the same Ravens team that won a Super Bowl back in February, they are still tough at home and are unbeaten in two games there this season.

The last time the Packers were at M&T Bank Stadium was in 2005 on Monday Night Football.  The Ravens stomped Green Bay 48-3 and it was one of the top five worst losses in Packers history.  It was quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ rookie season and he came in to relieve Brett Favre.  Rodgers threw an interception of his own in the losing effort.

The Packers won the last matchup in 2009 at Lambeau Field, also a Monday Nighter, forcing three Joe Flacco interceptions.  It was one of Flacco’s worst career games, as he posted a quarterback rating of just 27.2.

Ravens LT Eugene Monroe will make his Ravens debut since being traded from the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Monroe replaces incumbent Bryant McKinnie, who is inactive today.

Today’s captains for the Packers: – OG T.J. Lang (offense), S Morgan Burnett (defense) and WR Jarrett Boykin (special teams).

Inactives for today:

Green Bay PackersGreen Bay Packers
24 CB Jarrett Bush
29 CB Casey Hayward
44 RB James Starks
52 LB Clay Matthews
59 LB Brad Jones
64 G/C Greg Van Roten
93 DE Josh Boyd

Baltimore Ravens

62 NT Terrence Cody
76 G/T Jah Reid
77 C Ryan Jensen
78 T Bryant McKinnie
80 WR Brandon Stokley
94 OLB John Simon
96 DE Marcus Spears


Mike McCarthy Pregame Show on 620 WTMJ:

Weather today:  May rain.  Need to be aware of it, especially wind.  Practice wet ball security during the week.

Adjusting without Matthews and B. Jones: A lot of moving parts with guys out.  Perry will move to the right side with Neal on the left at OLB.  Jamari Lattimore is ready to go.  It’s an opportunity.  Has done a great job on special teams.

Run game: Run game is a work in progress.  Good job up front.  Making good adjustments and communication is good.  Running backs have picked it up.  Doing it with different runners.

Offense not quite in a groove:  Tired of talking about the nitpicking of the offense.  We understand there are things that aren’t quite where we want them to be.  Need to take care of the ball and help out our tackles today with their solid pass rush.

Ravens replacing departed talent:  The Ravens have done a great job of replenishing this team.

Flacco: Can make all the throws.  Change in coordinators seemed to help him.  We need to get pressure on him.  Throws a great vertical ball and we need to ensure nothing over the top.

Ravens trying to establish the run: Running well has been a formula for success and expect them to try and establish.

Suggs and Dumervil:  Veteran established Pro Bowl players.  Very aware of it and Barclay and Bakhtiari need to be ready


Packers vs. Ravens – First Impressions – First Half:

Packers receive the opening kickoff and immediately pick up 47 yards on their first two runs.  Lacy running with a purpose.

Another promising drive stalls with a dropped pass by Nelson and a failure to convert a short third down.  Crosby FG instead

Packers kick coverage has been very pedestrian this season.  Give up a 32-yard return to Jacoby Jones

Excellent first defensive series.  Stuff the run on first, Lattimore with a great open field tackle for a loss on second and a big sack by Hawk on third.  Three and out!

James Jones comes out with a leg injury early on.  Appears to be a knee.

Davon House can’t bring in an interception that he should have had.  Next play:  big conversion for Ravens.  Can’t leave those on the field today.

AJ Hawk is playing out of his mind this season.  Big rebirth for him

Drops, drops and more drops and unfortunately I’m not talking about rain.  Nelson, Finley and House so far.  Can’t do anything in this game without that one little thing:  the football

Score at end of 1st quarter:   GB  3 Bal  0

Another coverage gaffe as a nice punt by Masthay is negated by a 37-yard return.  Been happening all season long and someone will break one eventually.

Packers playing the screen well this season.  Something we have not seen in recent years.

Four punts by each team so far.  Defensive battle.

A second fumble by Rodgers, fortunately scooped up by Boykin.  Rodgers is again displaying very poor pocket awareness.

James Jones has been ruled out.  Will not return.  Packers offense not in sync as Rodgers misses on a 3rd down pass to Boykin.  Another punt.

Blocked punt by Packers but Kuhn can’t scoop it up and Ravens recover.  Two steps forward, three steps backward for the Packers so far today.

Defense bails out John Kuhn with a huge stop on 4th and goal from the 1-yard line.  Momentum shift?

Rodgers and Boykin have now failed to connect on three different occasions.  Last one on third down from their own 1-yard line and Boykin can’t bring it in.  Another drop.

Defense is playing as well as they needed to today to keep the Packers in this game.

Both offenses have been atrocious so far today.

Randall Cobb injures his knee on a catch.  Carted off and return is doubtful.

Big fumble by Flacco, caused by Perry.  Scooped up by Datone Jones.  After missing his last attempt, Crosby converts with two seconds left to give the Packers a 6 – 0 lead at halftime.

The best thing about this first half for the Packers is that it’s over.

Score at end of 1st half:  GB   6 Bal   0


Packers vs. Ravens – First Impressions – Second Half:

Thank God the Packers start on defense this half.  Sad to be saying that with Aaron Rodgers quarterbacking this team.

Jamari Lattimore is playing like he’s been starting all season.  Reminds me of Desmond Bishop back in 2010.

Finley has been absent so far today on a day when he’s never been needed more.

Rodgers finally rolling out away from pressure but cannot connect with his very depleted receiver group.

Tramon Williams can’t tackle.  That is all.

Rodgers finally shows that running ability, eluding a sack under pressure and scampering for a first down.  Good to see.

Finally a bomb touchdown.  67 yards to Nelson who got behind the safeties.

Score at end of 3rd quarter:  GB  16 Bal   3

Packers defense appears to be going into that “bend but don’t break” prevent already despite only being up two scores

Sam Shields has been peeking in the backfield all day long.  Costs him as the Ravens get into the end zone.

Cobb just shown on the Packers sideline on crutches.  Ouch.

Offense very undisciplined today.  Packers burn another early timeout before play clock expires.  Burned one early in the second quarter as well.

Another 100-yard day for a Packers running back as Lacy goes over the century mark.  Shades of 2003 with Ahman Green.

Crosby with four FG’s today and may be Special Teams Player of the Week for a second week in a row.

Chris Banjo has made a few nifty tackles on special teams today.  Perhaps unseating Jarrett Bush?

AJ Hawk has three sacks today.  That’s not a typo.

Once again, the Packers defense goes to sleep with a late lead.  Give up a 60+ yard pass play on fourth down and a touchdown on the very next play.  Sadly, I’m not surprised by any of it.  At all.

Huge third down conversion from Rodgers to Finley to change the field position.  Rough day for Rodgers but he makes one great throw when needed.

Great job by Lacy to get down after picking up the first.  Game over!  Packers get their first road win since December 2012.  Improve to 3-2 with a home game against the Cleveland Browns next week.

Final Score:  GB  19 Bal  17



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60 thoughts on “Packers vs. Ravens – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: GB 19 BAL 17

  1. I have one question. Boykin has been in this system for 2 years and hasn’t been in the right place once. Good thing we let Johnson get taken off practice squad.

    1. I thought each of them were more poor throws by Rodgers. I know its not good to criticize Rodgers but those were some really bad passes IMO. Making Boykin dive on a 7 yd out? Making him leave his feet and stretch out for a 10 yd slant? Those are on Rodgers… Yeah I get Bokins isn’t one of his regular targets but those are some HS level passes and Rodgers missed on them. I didn’t see any glaring errors by Boykin on them.

  2. We’ve seen this a last year and this year, too: when the Packers were down one of Jennings/Jones/Cobb/Nelson, they were OK. Down 2, things fall apart.

    They’re down two (Jones and (of course) Jennings) and struggling. And why not running the ball anymore? C’mon, MM!

  3. Huge road win today. Very costly if Cobb and Jones miss significant time, but a huge win, none the less.

  4. Today we learned that House, Hyde, and Lattimore can play.

    Lattimore looked quick, took great angles, and wrapped up. If he keeps this up he’s a big upgrade from Jones.

    Bummer about Cobb. Looks done for the year. Let’s hope that Jones can get back later on…

  5. Seems MM has got a run game and then loses his playbook on how to use it…They’ll take the win but……

    1. It’s a road win. You take those any way you can get them.

      But yeah, Lacy runs for 48 yds or so on his first three carries and MM/Rodgers start throwing it downfield.

        1. And Lacy ran the ball 23 times each of the last 2 games. Ahman Green is his best years didn’t average 23 carries a game. How exactly does that qualify as being forgotten?

          1. “Lacy ran the ball 23 times each of the last 2 games”…

            “How exactly does that qualify as being forgotten?”

            The number of rushes doesn’t erase the lack of its use when it should be used.

              1. Again…The number of rushes doesn’t erase the lack of its use when it should be used.


                That’s the F’in point!

              2. You mean when they were trying to set the tempo of the game early, and then using it again late to run the clock? That makes PERFECT f’in sense to me!

                As the saying goes you throw to score and run to win! Exactly what McCarthy did!

              3. Here you go Taryn… Just so you don’t think its just my opinion!

                ESPN NFC North blogger…

                “The true measure of a running game can often be found in situations where it’s imperative to run the ball — early in the game and late. The Green Bay Packers did both in Sunday’s 19-17 win over the Baltimore Ravens.”

                We learning anything yet?

              4. I learn all the time….establishing the run early to aid the pass and the use of the run late to kill the clock are indeed imperative….however a disregard for its value during much of the meat and potato possessions is cutting steak with a spoon…leaving frustration and hunger pains.

              5. Glad to hear you learned something… Now its just a matter of the 23 carries, that basically shows it wasn’t abandoned at any time! That’s a pretty heavy workload for a RB, in one game. And Lacy’s done it 2x’s in a row now.

              6. I always learn but you didn’t teach it…the 23 carries is a workload and I’m not discounting the Packers handed the ball off….its not handing it off when it should be…too many possessions where runs weren’t used but were very much needed…..learn anything yet!

    1. OT fell on his leg/knee while he was on the ground after forcing the fumble. He did return for a play here and there in the 2nd half so at least he made appearances

  6. Great win, but costly. Hoping for the best for Jones, Cobb and Perry. The hit to Cobb looked bad. On the bright side, how sweet it is to see new guys stepping up to the challenge. Lattimore, Hyde, Perry, Lacy and the newly discovered A.J. Hawk. Now that’s the guy we drafted out of Ohio State. Sweet!

  7. The 4th down play reminded me of the playoff game in Philly back in 2003. If it’s 4th and 20+ yards perhaps we just tell the DBs to hold the receivers and take the 5 yard penalty. It’s better than giving up so many yards. Still, it was a great win. Lacy was a fantastic pick up!

    1. Isn’t there an unwritten rule that those who invoke the “4th and 26” play get banned from this site? 😉

      1. My apologies. Ten years later it still seems like the worst play in GB history. I will never reference it again.

  8. Datone Jones and Nick Perry showed the UCLA and USC defensive line making themselves known as a great combo for the Packer defense on the NFL highlights! Then there is Eddie Lacy!!!!!

  9. Tremendous win under a lot of adversity and a win in a way that many would have said we were incapable of in the last couple of years.

    The run D was tremendous the D-line seems a real strength this year. I questioned if Lattimore could play ILB well enough to stay on the roster earlier this year. Happy to be proved wrong. Credit to the coaching staff for moving both him and Brad Jones who let’s not forget has been very solid for us. Talking of ILB’s AJ Hawk was outstanding today.

    The injuries are a big concern of course. Still for all his perceived faults MM has shown great ability to keep the team going in the face of difficulties. He’ll need to do so again..

  10. Big road win for the Packers. Rodgers and receivers owe a big thanks to the defense which played huge for most of the game. Then Rodgers hit two big throws in the second half. The play to Finley with just under 2 minutes left in the game was huge! Lacy finished it off. Unfortunately, the celebration is hindered by yet more injuries. Hopefully Cobb and Jones will be back. Until the Browns, Thanks Since ’61

  11. Painful to watch this game. So many missed chances. Blocked punt…but what did they do? Serious?
    Good running, Lacy. Great DLine by the bigs and Lbacker play. Was probably Hawk’s finest game in the NFL.
    But what happened to dback play? It was mixed. House/Hyde were great. Shields? Williams? Crap, what happened to them, is this regression or is this on Capers? Fourth and 21 erased the pleasure of a win. Finley was disappointing really, despite a few good catches. Boykin, disappointing.

    1. Shields did really well till that last drive then you’re right, he kinda fell apart. Part of that is that damn soft zone that Capers plays and slows Dow or stops absolutely no one! McMillian should not dress for a long while. He single handily helped them covert the 4th down and blew coverage on the TD. He’s horrible!!

  12. Really impressed with the job the defense did; particularly the LB’s in run defense, I expected Rice to rack up a ton of yards on our thinned out LB corps.

    Man, those injuries suck.

    I’m quite happy with Nick Perry, but I have a feeling that Taryn thinks she’s serving me crow because he’s not putting up crazy sack totals. So be it, I guess.

    Can people stop worrying about the Packers’ ability to pressure the QB w/o Clay Matthews now?

    1. I’m not serving as yet and I’m not ready to dine yet.The forced fumble was an awesome get for Perry and he again looked more comfortable on the right side. however, as much as some( not you directly) may feel a move of CM3 may be in order, this was against whom many(Stroh) called a low level OL and below average LT…Can’t have it both ways but I do sense a crow dinner possibly…he needs to perform on the side he plays and that will be the left when CM3 returns and may yet have a fight with Neal for that…the BIBs(lobster etc) are on hold as another week looms…the sixth game and the dinner server…LOL!…It’s closer than I thought it would be, but the switch is aiding your side. I’ll be here to dine if deemed so unlike some who squawk and walk…thanks for fair fight.

      1. Lol, I’m opinionated, but I’m also honorable, and it’s all in good fun so far as I’m concerned, Taryn.

    1. Better yet when Shields was on Smith the Ravens #1 WR he was terrific. Smith was shut out in the 1st half like AJ Green was by Shields. The TD to Jones was zone coverage I think, which is not a strength of Shields. That whole TD drive by the Ravens was nothing but zone coverage. When in man coverage Shields locks WR down.

      1. Shields was decent today. He did what he needed to do against a good WR in Smith. He was peeking in the backfield quite a bit, which is puzzling because Rice and the run game never threatened.

        1. I saw that he shut out the 2nd leading receiver in the AFC. Another fast and big play WR, not unlike Green. If you wanna fault him for his play in zone coverage, that’s fair enough, but Smith had 1 rec for 12 yds and Shields played him in man coverage almost all day. That sounds a hell of a lot better than decent to me!

  13. A much needed road win against a somewhat healthy , good, football team on the road. I hope we hear relatively good news on the Cobb and James Jones injuries

  14. One last thing. I’ve been a huge AJ Hawk critic. Today I’m glad to eat a huge plate of crow. Mr. Hawk played a hell of a game, congrats to AJ. Lastly I hope Cobb and Jones are alright. The Cobb injury looked bad and the crutches looked worse. Hopefully it’s just precaution.

    1. A.J. Freakin’ Hawk! He’s having a whale of a season so far.
      I’m with you 100% on the injury concerns. I hope we get good news tomorrow.

    2. Nick, that was an outstanding game for A.J. Hawk…much better than last week, and it may have been the best game of his career. Lattimore also looked great, as did the entire D-Line…House also made some big plays…First three quarters…the best Defense we have played in quite some time…
      Rodgers and Boykin nedd to get on the same page…Great road win!…How many ‘drops’ did we have?

    3. I hope you have enough of that crow to share. I have to eat some Hawk crow myself.

      Each of the last two years he’s taken a pay cut, and now that he’s making about what he should for how he’s played throughout his career, he becomes berserk and starts playing above his contract. Conclusion: A. J. Hawk hates being paid fairly.

  15. 1) Davon House was a menace and after the 2md quarter Flacco avoided him.

    2) Boykin and Rodgers off BUT Boykin made the play of the game by recovering Rodgers fumble inside our own 5 yard line. He doesn’t do that and whole game changes. Great 2nd effort and awareness.

    3) Mica Hyde – Was there any play where he wasn’t doing something good?

    4) Mason Crosby is back – yeah he missed one but he is a completely different player this year. I don’t hold my breath and say prayers on field goals this year.

    5) Tim Masthay can punt – we knew that.

    6) Good pressure on Flacco all 60 minutes – that was great to watch.

    ….and like everyone else I hope Jones and Cobb injuries are not serious.

  16. ARods passes the miss Boykin was not his fault. Boykin was not running his routes correctly. He failed to come back to the ball. I’m sure they will work on that this week in practice. Good, hard fought win for the Pack. These types of wins build character in a young team. When the offense catches up with the progress that the Defense has displayed, this team will be hard to beat.

    1. Boykin has trouble with the comeback route. He runs a slant instead of a comeback. He’s still learning.

    2. The first one was on 12. You don’t throw a pass two yards short of the first down on 3rd down. Boykin was where he needed to be to get the 1st down.

      1. And I think that if it was Boykin’s fault, would 12 have continued to go to him under any circumstances? I think 12 knew where the fault was and kept trying to connect to 11. They both finally got it together. Aaron did not have his best day yesterday.

  17. We learned that Micah Hyde is a stud. Only guy who can tackle like Woodson.
    We also learn that McMillan is going to end up behind Banjo and Tramon Williams still can’t tackle my grandma.
    Looks like Kuhn is fading also.

  18. That was a hard game, as all of the games have been so far (with the possible exception of the Washington game). When do the Packers get a bottom half defense? We just saw what the D can do against an average offense. Now what can the O do against an average defense? Should be interesting in Lambeau next week. And then we get to play the Bishop-less Vikes, an overall below average team (except for AP).

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