Rant About the Packers Losing to the Bengals Here:

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Are you still pissed off about the Packers losing to the Bengals?

I am. What a God-awful game.

I’m going to use this space to rant and rave like a lunatic. Please feel free to do the same in the comments.

Jeremy Ross
Why is he still on the team? Forget fumbling, he simply can’t catch a kick. And on the rare occasions when the ball doesn’t clank off his hands like a Mason Crosby field goal hitting the upright, he looks slower than me on returns.

Mike McCarthy coddles these guys during training camp then wonders why half the team sits out with a sore hamstring once the real games actually start. Half the guys that miraculously don’t pull their hamstrings end up going down with some other type of injury. When is this organization going to admit that all of these injuries every single season aren’t just bad luck and change its philosophy about tackling in training came and at practice?

Mike McCarthy
So the Packers have the best quarterback in the NFL and on fourth-and-1 on the game’s biggest play you choose to run a midget rookie running back straight into the teeth of a ferocious defensive line. Even Aaron Rodgers thought you were out of your mind today and let you know about it right in front of the TV cameras, Mike.

Aaron Rodgers
Can we get a fourth quarter comeback at some point in your career, Aaron? Please?

David Bakhtiari
If one of your coaches ever asks you to cut block again, David, punch him in the face. In addition to giving up the batted pass on the last play, the guy you were supposed to be blocking, DE Michael Johnson, finished with seven tackles, one sack and four QB hurries.

Another Packers player leaves with a concussion after getting drilled in the head on a play where no flag is thrown. Ryan Taylor gets punched in the junk and is flagged for retaliating. The Packers need to sign Steve Austin so he can deliver a Stone Cold Stunner to the next ref that hoses the Packers by missing one of these calls.

Listen to yourself, Adam. You’re insane. The Packers played the Bengals — a legit good team and a trendy Super Bowl pick — without their starting LT, top two RBs, starting S, starting slot CB, starting FB and special teams ace. During the game, they lost Clay Matthews, Jermichael Finley and James Starks. They even had Jeremy Ross in the backfield for a couple plays on their final drive. Jeremy Freaking Ross. Despite all of that, THE PACKERS ALMOST WON! The Packers will be fine. Get a hold of yourself.

I’ll be back later this week with more level-headed thoughts and analysis. Chances are good that I’ll take back a lot of what I said in this post (or just claim my computer was hacked and someone else wrote all of this). But for now, I’m still mad. This is a terrible way to enter the bye week. Grrrrr.


Adam Czech is a a freelance sports reporter living in the Twin Cities and a proud supporter of American corn farmers. When not working, Adam is usually writing about, thinking about or worrying about the Packers. Follow Adam on Twitter. Twitter .


94 thoughts on “Rant About the Packers Losing to the Bengals Here:

  1. When is Jeremy Ross going to be cut? It was the 4th quarter of another close game and he was still running kicks out of the end-zone. Of course this was after his disastrous fumble.

    McCarthy’s play-calling today was downright awful. Expecting your third RB, a rookie in his first game no less, to go up and win against one of the best d-lines in game is foolish.

    1. You meean the RB that had 13 carries for 103 yds? I see whaat your saying how could he assume that guy couldn’t get 1/2 a yard and not hold onto the ball.

      1. I just don’t think it was the smartest play there. I’d rather he had rolled Rodgers out to the side. But yes, I think McCarthy was asking a lot there with the Bengals’ D-line.

        1. And if he calls a pass and its not complete you would be 2nd guessing and saying why not run. The RB had 100 yds in 1/2 a game, he would have made 1/2 yd! Face it no matter what if its not converted your going to 2nd guess the call.

      2. Franklin is not the type of running back to make that play. He is a small, elusive back, not a bulldozer.

        McCarthy needs to make a 4th down call that plays to his teams strengths.

        1. Pretty much. As much as I hate 4th down plays that go sideways, you need to get Franklin into space. Bring a receiver in motion to block down and pitch him out, something.

          I was actually hoping for a naked boot on that play, too.

    2. Stroh, agree with you on most opinions, but, not on this one. Terrible play call by whomever. The line is stacked, anticipating the run. Lacey may have made it. No one else on the Packers would have made it. That was the deciding play. Terrible play call. This is why the Packers lose these types of games…a lack of creativity in play-calling. How about a play action pass?…Anything but a run directly into a 9-man front. Pathetic.

  2. Aaron Rodgers finished 26 for 43 and 244 yards, just one touchdown, two interceptions, sacked four times, countless boneheaded decisions, one argument with his coach on the sideline, and one pathetic post game conference.

    Even more disturbing for Packers fans is that Aaron Rodgers is now zero for 20 in fourth quarter comeback opportunities against teams with a winning Record

    That’s right… 0 for 20!

    1. He’s not 0-20. The team is. Look at his record for regaining the lead in the 4th quarter.

      1. If he isn’t 0-20, because the team is, then he doesn’t have any record for regaining the lead in the 4th quarter, either, the team does.

    2. How many times has Rodgers produced the go ahead points in the 4th Q only to see the defense fold and give the lead and game to the opponent? That my friend is what has been going on in GB throughout #12s career. Where have you been?

    3. Good points…He is not good playing from behind…With Brett, you believed you always had a chance…zero for 20…against teams with a winning record?…If that is true, that is about as poor as you get…Right now, we are at best an average team…

  3. The only good thing I take away from this game is Jonathan Franklin. Yes, he fumbled but the play call was stupid. We don’t have a strong enough o-line to get the push to make that play work. All our rushing yards came on stretch plays. If you’re going to run the ball, why not call a play that has worked all afternoon?

    But Franklin ran well, caught passes and did what he could to pass protect. I leave this game looking forward to watching Franklin and Lacy develop for the rest of the season.

    1. That would require Mental Mike actually making a decent game time decision. In week one he takes the stupid penalty. This week, hell there’s to many plays to reference. Why would he run a 205 RB into the strength of a team on 4th down. It’s the SAME PLAY Kuhn runs that doesn’t work, just with a worse result than just turning it over on downs. Seriously, did Mike really believe his O-line was going to get a BIG push? All I know since Philbin left the Packers seem much more predictable. Cinny knew exactly what was coming on the 3rd and 4th down calls. Meanwhile, Miami is 3-0 and beating some pretty good teams. The Packers? 1-2 with the only win coming against a wounded QB and a 0-3 team. Sorry, playing good teams close and losing doesn’t cut it for me.

      1. Consistently terrible play calls on key downs…totally agree with Nick…right now, at best, we are a pedestrian team…in the mean time, Chicago is improved, Detroit is improved…Also, San Fran’s two losses show they are not all that great. They got their butt’s kicked at home versus Indy…I hope MM does a lot of soul searching…Keeping Ross on the 53 was obviously a big mistake. Thank goodness he is gone…Now, who do we replace him with?

    2. Huh. And here I kinda figured a RB w 100 yds should be able to get 1/2 yd and reasonably assume he could hold onto the F’in football!

      1. Good points except you and I both know that play, that call, hasn’t worked since 2010 or 11. EDS was getting shoved back all game long. Franklin made most his yards on stretch plays and cut backs, not running into the center of the line on what was a obvious call.

      2. Did any of those yards come on inside handoffs against a stacked front? No, they all came on plays where Franklin would have some space to operate in. Franklin showed in preseason what his strengths and weaknesses were. McCarthy played to his weakness there, and that’s what people are criticizing, rightly so. However, while I am often a critic of McCarthy’s play calling, overall, I didn’t have a problem with it today. But I get why people are criticizing that particular play. It’s valid.

    3. That is certainly the positive take from this game. What looked like a wasted draft pick now looks like we have 4 good RBs. The negative take is how our three WRs were covered by this defense. They were largely no factor. We needed Greg Jennings today. TT will have to draft a WR in R1 or R2 in next draft.

      1. We also need a TE who actually catches the ball at key moments. Finley is gone after this season. It is always about his ‘potential’. Let’s face it: he is inconsistent. He is not Jimmy Graham. He is not Jason Witten. He is not Antonio Gates nor Gonzalez and never will be any of those players. We need to see what our Newberry player can do. Play Bostick in week five and throw him some balls. See what he can generate. So far Finley has one TD and that is it…His wide-open dropped pass on which it was intercepted is what he reminds me of…Not a clutch player. We need a new TE and the sooner the better.

  4. Would have liked to see more screens against that pass rush. Would also like to see Rodgers slip out of the pocket more when lanes open up and the pressure is on. Maybe more rollouts. Anything to keep him safe.

    No QB plays well when frazzled by pass rush – which has pretty much been an issue for Rodgers since he became a starter. When the opposing pass rush is stifled, he usually has us in position to win. When the opposing pass rush is intense, he seems to make enough plays to keep us in games but can’t get it done at the end. Hence the bad 4th quarter comeback record.

  5. It was an un-Rogers like performance. The fumble by Franklin ruined a good showing for the rookie. However the fumble was a killer.

    1. The fumble was a killer. So where the 3 field goals off 4 Bengal turnovers in 8 Bengals offensive plays. The Packers shouldn’t have been in that position in the first place!

      1. The field goals off the turnovers were the real killer. Cincy is a good team and my choice for going far in the AFC post season. But coming away with in a sense nothing from all the turnovers will not even get us to the post season. wish MM would give up calling plays. this has been an on going issue with AR& MM. We have More issues than that too. Ar needs to pull the ball down and run a little bit more. He looks down the field too much which causes to many sacks. Dom needs to go. It was brought up by Troy Aikman, not that I value his opinion, but it does seem like we do have alot of hamstring issues. The list goes on O-line DB’s. We do have one of the top three QB’s no doubt We just need to surround him with a better supporting cast.

    2. ChukyChez1 – your comment and assessment is concise and accurate. How people can dislike the observation is baffling. You are right on the mark.

    1. At least they were all very temporary injuries and we’re headed into a bye week so if we’re lucky, we won’t be missing any players in that game.

  6. Mentioned everything here after the 49ers game and the Redskins game. Do great against also rans and continue to struggle mightily against quality opponents = Playoff Embarrassments. We are a 2 man band team. No money spent in the offseason on mid level free agents ever! Only try one approach to fill the teams needs. Same problems year after year with injuries. This team loses veteran talent every year and insists on replacing it with potential. Aaron has the biggest burden on his shoulders of any NFL player and each year it will get tougher and tougher with our pig headed management style. At least we will have a great QB for the next few years to keep us in contention. I hope he can block and rush the passer as well. Wait until, God Forbid, he gets his bell rung. Then we will see what kind of “Team” MM & TT have put together. Next man up / Draft & Develop !

    1. All that and the fact that the coach, who has no peer in the league Monday through Saturday, is so over his head on Sunday’s that it is becoming laughable – right before I start crying.

      1. Our #4 on the depth chart, 4th round rookie RB just ran for over 110 on far less than 20 carries.. We’re playing with a rookie 4th rd LT and a late round 1st year RT.. one of our starting ILBs was #4 on the depth chart at the beginning of last season.. Our starting safeties right now are undrafted and a young mid-rounder..

        Yet, we’ve been in each game to the end, and we’re complaining about the draft and develop theology?

        I’ll tell you all something right now.. If we had this many injuries and our roster was bloated with FA contracts, we’d be in a lot worse shape.

        We’re 1-2 (which stinks) but they have all been down to the wire games.

        There were a number of fans worried we could be without a win going into the bye week because the first three games were going to be against top flight opponents. And that was with a fully healthy team.

        Draft and develop isn’t an issue IMO.

  7. The positive thing, and only positive thing is we know we have some pretty damn good Running Backs. I don’t know what McCarthy needs to see in practice to give a guy a chance, but Franklin should have been playing some downs since week one. He made something out of nothing several times. Yes he fumbled. But on a play the Packers run 99.7% of the time on short yardage into one of the best defensive fronts. That’s that creative MM offensive mind at work.

  8. Hamstrings are written into the players contract in Green Bay….and calling dibs for those who don’t want to use it is allowed.

  9. The crap kicker is losing them games. It’s clear that McCarthy has no confidence in Crosby to hit much more than chip shots — nor should he. But that leaves him with going for 4th & 1s with a weak line.

    1. The other side of it is that on 4th and 1, you make it and you burn out the clock and win the game. You don’t make it and it’s almost as if you punted, and better than if you kicked and missed. The fumble return was a fluke play.

      I look at it this way: Crosby has been good this season so far. Those 3 points were pretty valuable in that you force Cinci then to drive the field (after a KO) and put the ball in the endzone. A Cinci FG (which they need virtually no yardage starting from the Packer 30) no longer hurts you and OT is pretty much a nonentity. Even at 45 yards, that kick was a reasonable risk.

  10. The best part of this game will be if if if TT starts building up the O-line. Yes, I know he spent two #1 picks on OT. One is a bust and the other is moving closer to bust territory every year.

    That leaves the team with 3 4th rounders, 1 5th rounderm and 4 undrafted free agents among the 5 starters and 3 reserves. Its too bad about the busted first-rounders but this will be three years in a row watching one of the worst lines in the NFL protecting one of the best QBs. I’ve seen this picture before and it is getting boring.

    1. Busts? Derek Sherrod broke both bones in one leg. Bryan Bulaga was the #1 tackle that was flipped to the left side prior to his injury. When they go down, it forces a developing player into a starting role early. JD Trotter, 4th round rookie selection was injured in OTA’s. Unfortunately, injuries happen but that doesn’t make them a bust as it isn’t performance related. 2012 Center Jeff Saturday didn’t deliver. A team has multiple needs at draft time. I disagree that the OL has been neglected.

      1. Yes, Sherrod is a bust. He’s played 3 games in his career. I am not saying he is a bad person. But he is a bust. He couldn’t get on the field until his rookie season was almost over. Then he broke his leg and has not been on the field since.

        1st round picks are too valuable for that sort of return on investment. It’s not Sherrod’s fault his leg broke, but that pick is a bust.

        Bulaga was teh #1 tackle on a team without any other good tackles. That’s not saying much. He played fairly well his rookie year but he’s been pretty average since. When he can stay on the field. He has not played a full 16 games in his career, IIRC. This pick is not a total bust but it’s not been 1st round worthy either.

      2. Fine…he’s a bust. But when you draft a guy, it’s not like he comes with a tag that says: Will break leg at end of first season and never play another snap.

        If you’ll recall, Bulaga was regarded as one of the top 2-3 tackles in that draft, and he slid to the Packers on concerns over whether he was better suited to play the left or right side in the pros. Either way, he was a solid pick at the time.

  11. Adam. Please be aware that we have noted your criticism of Aaron Rodgers and it has been reported to the authorities.

    We suggest you refrain from answering your door in the wee hours of the morning. Also, please ensure your papers are in order.

  12. Thanks for venting Adam, now I dont have to write as much. This game was truly troublesome on so many levels. The Pack should be 2-1 heading into their bye, but, their not. At least the niners and Vikings lost. Now if the bears lose tonight, thi gs will be a little better

  13. Ross should be asking DuJuan Harris for the name of the car dealership he worked at – so he (Ross) can get a job there. He does not deserve to keep his position on the team. He is a liability on KR and isn’t very good as a WR either. Bring back Ty Walker!If the coach doesn’t want to hurt Rodgers, send in Seneca Wallace for a QB sneak on 4th and inches. I’d like the chances much better than handing off.

  14. After seeing how the 49er offense has been throttled the last two weeks and how the Bears kept the Cincy offense in check, it makes me think that the Packer defense just isn’t that good.
    I wish that MM would have called a pass on the 4th down in the 4th quarter. The Bengals were looking run all the way. Remember last week? The Packers scored a TD on a 4th down pass.
    As Ross, well …

    1. How can you say the Packers defense isn’t that good after this game?

      7 points came from the fumble. Another 7 points came from the Bengals starting at the Packers 3 yard line. Plus they scored 7 points on their own and created 4 turnovers!

      I’m not saying the Packers’ defense is great, but this wasn’t the game to call out the defense.

      1. By the same token, we went into the 4th qtr. with a lead and the D couldnt hold it. Not that the O did anything to help as they were shut out in the 4th.

      2. Not to mention, we lost our best defensive player. Lets face it, without Matthews, who is one of the 5 best defensive players in the league, our D is more pedestrian! GoPack!

        1. THIS is what bothers me…the inability of the Packer D to hold the lead in the absence of CMIII when they KNEW that Cinci was going to have to throw the ball. We’ve seen this in the past, also, but it seemed to be magnified yesterday. You’d think that Dom would’ve dialed it up a notch in that case and brought some different looks to keep Cinci guessing…if CMIII isn’t playing, who do you focus on? It shouldn’t be any harder to get to the QB, in that case.

          You’re right: otherwise, the Packer D did a nice job of holding a team that likes to run the ball in check, and AJ Green didn’t even catch a ball until the second half.

  15. The Bengals really are a poor man’s 49ers… Dirty ass play all night. How the refs can look past all of their rule “bending” and call that late hit on Nick Perry is beyond me.

  16. I hate to say this but the BEAR will win this years division based on the Packers hard schedule and their new coach and better game plan.

    1. The Packers could line up and play the 49ers and Seahawks on alternate weeks for the first 8 weeks of the season, and finish out the regular season having to play the Broncos two weeks in a row, and the Packers would STILL make the playoffs.

      Why? Because they get to play the Bears, Vikings, and Lions twice each.

      It’s kinda nice that winning the division usually comes down to how you play in your division. I feel pretty sure the Packers are going to walk away the clear cut NFC North champs. I guess we’ll see.

      1. Now that’s drinking the Kool-Aid!

        The Bears and the Packers should be a pretty exciting matchup this season. How often do we get to see them both competitive for the division title in the same year?

      2. They need to win enough games outside the division to get it, though. 6-0 in the division would be great, but they’ll need at least 10 wins overall. I still think they get 10 wins, but they’re going to have to scratch and claw for them.

        1. See me post to you about this elsewhere.

          You don’t need anything but the division.

          Coaches always say that you need to get upwards of 10 wins, but that’s not literally true; you only need to win out the division. Coaches talk about 10+ because if you get into a tie-breaker situation in your division, your total record becomes one of the tie breakers.

    2. I agree. Marc Trestman is doing a great job as the new Bears Head Coach this season. Despite the fact that they have 2 rookies starting on the OL this year, Mills and Long. So, far, the Bears’ OL has allowed 3 sacks in three games; the Packers, 10.

  17. Can someone in this best community of the Packers writers and commenters please explain to me why the 4th and inches play was not a QB keeper? The only possible explanation I can come up with is that there was confidence in EDS, who is quickly becoming a serious liability.

  18. Is it disappointing? Yes.

    But remember in 2010 when the Packers lost a gimme to the Dolphins and another to the Redskins? I do.

    Outside of the Falcons and the Norris, the rest of the Packers schedule is cake.

    It’s a matter of staying healthy for the playoffs at this point, so I don’t see why everyone is going all “sky is falling” on me.

    1. I agree, the sky is not falling. Those early games in 2010 remind me a lot of this year. Obviously improvements need to be made and the players need to get healthy so the outcome this year is the same as it was in 2010-2011.

      I’m just frustrated the Packers have squandered two games away with sloppy play and silly mistakes that they could have won.

  19. Good question. Why IS Jeremy Ross still on our team? This guy SUCKS. And how long before we figure out that something is wrong with our training regimen. These recurring injuries are no accident. Anyone else think that the Bengals safety purposefully when after Finley’s head by dipping his shoulder? NFL is really working hard to limit those concussions.

  20. MM what a bonehead call!! You run the ball straight up the gut with smallest, inexperienced guy on your team..facing one of the top D lines in football? The Bungles were selling out on D. Play action with Rogers rolling out with the option to pass or run for the first down. “C’mon Man!!”

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