Packers vs. Redskins – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: GB 38 WAS 20 All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Washington Redskins v Green Bay Packers
Packers’ Eddie Lacy goes aerial vs. Redskins

Green Bay Packers vs. Washington Redskins:  2013 Game 2

Unfiltered game day blog post of comments, observations and first impressions.



It’s pouring in Green Bay today. I believe the wet field factored strongly into the Packers’ decision to keep Burnett out one more week.

While the Packers face a mobile quarterback for the second week in a row, the offenses are fairly dissimilar.

Wilson out, Barrington in.  I think that gives you a subtle hint that the #Packers will not have the same game plan for the #Redskins as last week.

Today’s captains for the Packers: Jermichael Finley (offense), Clay Matthews (defense) and Robert Francois (special teams).


Inactives for today:

Green Bay PackersGreen Bay Packers
24 CB Jarrett Bush
29 CB Casey Hayward
42 S Morgan Burnett
51 LB Nate Palmer
65 G Lane Taylor
93 DE Josh Boyd
98 DE C.J. Wilson

43 M.D. Jennings & 22 Jerron McMillian will start at safety for the Packers. 97 DE Johnny Jolly will start on the defensive line.

Washington Redskins

2 K Kai Forbath
8 QB Rex Grossman
22 RB Evan Royster
32 S Jordan Pugh
48 S Jose Gumbs
67 G Josh LeRibeus
95 NT Chris Neild


Mike McCarthy Pregame Show on 620 WTMJ:

South End Zone: You can def tell the difference. It’s always great to be home, outr Alumni comes back for this game, it will be a great day.

Wet conditions: You’re aware of it, communication between QB and center is vital.

Bush: Suffered injury in Thursday’s practice. unfortunate, but our guys are ready

Burnett: He’s been a very good player for us for a number of years now, he’s taken ever rep in camp. No excuses,. MC MD and Banjo are ready

Strong play from front seven last week: Definitely – they set the edge vey well, particularly inside. Very pleased with the run defense. Three things we need to focus on today: stop the run, get after the QB in our pressure packages, taking the ball away too.

Redskins & RGIII last week: Any time you look at an individual’s performance, particularly at quarterback, you have to look at the whole game. They struggled early with the turnovers. but were much better later on.

Alfred Morris: He does a great job at the second level. He’s a stretch and one cut runner in the zone blocking system. Mike Shanahan’ started that many years ago and Morris fits perfectly.

WASH OLBs: Speed and power. Bigger, heavier outside LB types than we played last week. We’ve been preparing for them all week.

Uptempo Offense: It’s a part of who we are, how we train. There are teams that like to slow the game down, I’ve always come from a family of playing faster.



Packers vs. Redskins – First Impressions – First Half:

packers win the toss and accept.  MM serious about scoring first…

Aggressive play call on third and one.  Play action and 21 yard completion to Cobb.

Lacy takes a helmet to helmet hit from Merriweather. No penalty, but 100% should have bin. Lacy woozy. I have a feeling he’s done for the game…

Kerrigan with two sacks on consecutive plays. Second was a stunt, first one just an impressive one arm bull rush that overpowered Don Barclay. that’s going to be a problem.

Two sacks on Rogers after only the first offensive series of the game.

Important for the Packers DE or OLBs to keep Morris from getting outside. Funnel him in to the Big Uglies. Matthews does just that on 2nd and four and Morris stopped for no gain.

As suspected, Lacy out with a concussion. Hope someone puts a good (legal) hit on Merriweather.

Sack # 3  0n Rodgers – this time Bakhtiari with the Ole block on Orakpo.

Davon House has been lights out on the punt coverage teams last two games…

As expected, Packers going after RGIII much differently than they played CK last week.

One thing Aaron Rodgers has never fixed. Terrible accuracy on short dumpoffs. But we can live with that…

Score at end of 1st quarter: GB 10 WAS 0

Merriweather again leads with the helmet… This time he pays the price, as Starks unaffected and Merriweather down on the turf.

Packers players being a lot more classy than I would have been. All giving Merriweather a tap or hand slap.

Merriweather out with a concussion. As many have said on twitter, Karma’s a bitch.

Meanwhile, Packers score again on a Rodgers to Nelson TD pass. Actually, they had to do it twice as first one called back for a holding penalty on Josh Sitton.

Packers are just toying with the Redskins. Can everyone now just admit that the #49ers are a VERY VERY  good team (players & coaches) and the Packers did well to almost beat them?

Did the Packers just feel sorry for Washington (24-0) so had Masthay squib kick instead of booming it out of the end zone?

I’ve been onboard the Mike Neal to OLB experiment since the last two preseason games, where I thought he did not look out of place at all, even in coverage. Gets his first INT…

One more TD and it’s time for the Seneca Wallace watch…

I’m besides myself. two well-executed screen passes in two games. With the OL actually doing it right. Who did Campen consult with?

These referees are letting a lot go, which I prefer over being overly whistle-happy (this is football, after all). Getting the tough calls right, though. Such as…

Nice call on Jones TD dive attempt where the ball came out and hit the pylon. They got it right first time, no review needed.

Score at end of 1st half: GB 24 WAS 0


Packers vs. Redskins – First Impressions – Second Half:

So how do the #Packers come out and not have a letdown after the half?

4th sack on Rodgers. DB blitz this time…

Washington putting a drive together – missed tackles by the Packers helping them out big time…

I think you can hear a pin drop when Rodgers is calling signals. Nice job #Packers fans…

Finley used to go down pretty easily after the catch. Not this year. Big change…

Every Morris big gain could have been stopped much sooner if not for a blatant missed tackle. Give him credit, I guess…

Local Fox channel switches to a “more competitive contest” and gives me a heart attack. Fortunately, Direct TV still showing the game. Twitter explodes in anger from those without Direct TV…

Starks with the Packers first rushing touchdown in quite a while.  Everyone praising the OL blocking… Not to downgrade the OL effort, but Quarless and Nelson had the blocks that turned it into a TD.

When Mike Neal bull rushes you, he puts a hurt on you.

Score at end of 1st quarter: GB 38 WAS 7

Pierre Garcon having a good day against the Packers secondary. No Fire Capers outcries this week, though…

Datone Jones getting snaps. His athleticism is apparent but I think he’s still unsure of himself out there.

Nine minutes left in the game, 38-14.  Leaving Rodgers in here is just stupid.  I just don’t get it…

Redskins piling up some meaningless stats and points now…

And here we are with 4 minutes left and Rodgers is still dropping back to pass. And no, I don’t believe McCarthy is doing it to get Rodgers the Packers single game passing yardage record.

And sure enough, he proves it as Rodgers now takes a knee with under two minutes and only needing one more yard to break the record.

Game over.

Final Score: GB 38 WAS 20




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47 thoughts on “Packers vs. Redskins – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: GB 38 WAS 20

  1. Not even worried about how many passing yards Griffin got. Packers only cared about the clock by the 4th quarter.

    This defense really is doing a nice job and they’re doing it while missing two key players.

    Aaron Rodgers for MVP.

    Can’t wait for Cincinnati!

  2. A guess a win is a win, but what we really needed was for Rodgers to notch a 4th quarter comeback… Because wining while leading in the 4th isn’t as good as wining after trailing in the 4th


    1. Personally I love it when the Packers kick their opponents butt, and the game is decided by halftime. Once again Packers fan showed the rest of the NFL why they’re the classiest fans in the League. Even after the headhunter Merriweather got a taste of his own medicine and met Mr.Starks helmet with his own, Packers fans cheered when he got up.

  3. I knew this team was going to be good after watching them against SF. Packers gave the 49ers all they could handle and the Redskins are not even close to that team. A dominating performance this week and hugely satisfying – I’ll have a smile on my face for days.

    1. I agree completely, with exception to this being a hugely satisfying performance. I find more satisfaction in a competitive game regardless of the outcome, than a lopsided game that is an easy win.

      That’s just me though. Great game for the Packers, not a satisfying game for me as a football fan watching a game.

      1. That makes you more of a football fan than a Packers fan (imo). Nothing wrong with that at all, but I’m totally ok with a blowout (as long as it the Packers doing the blowing).

        1. I assure you, I am a die-hard Pack fan, there has never been another team for me.

          There’s a reason people like to pay to see a good title fight, and boxing fans get angry when a top contender continually gets matched with opponents instead of contenders. I find it boring to watch a team march unchallenged, and after all, I watch football for enjoyment.

          Perhaps I’m just old school in mentality; stuff is more valuable if you have to work for it than if it is handed to you. I like the struggle.

  4. Knew we’d have a 100 yard rucher – who would have thought Starks? Also, who would have thought the first int would be Neal?

  5. SO NEAL WILL SOON REPLACE PERRY AS STARTER? And Packer RBs next year = Harris + Lacy + Starks. Throw in Sherrod + Bulaga + Tretter. Finley = ? probably gone. Pack will stay with Raji + Shields.

    1. Shields is going to get a big contract if he keeps up his play.

      Raji has been looking far better than I expected thus far, but even with the lack of large, athletic men in the world, I’m still not entirely sure he’s a must-sign guy.

  6. Put the christening of the ‘new’ Lambeau in the W column. Season starts over next week. Cinti at The Jungle will be a good indicator of who and what this team really is going forward.

    Got to tighten up protection for AR. Cinti’s got some meat eaters on their DL.

  7. Three amigos + Starks + Finley is enough to overwhelm all but the better defenses. Another game w/o major injury = good. Burnett will be back for CINCY. Pack has got to have House on the field. He’s a playmaker! Good to see Capers was smart enough to mix in pressure packages today. However, once Pack took heat off QB, GB secondary looked awful again.

      1. I’m fine with him sitting through the bye week and getting back to 100% health. McMillian had a pretty good bounce back week (no missed tackles to my eye) and Jennings didn’t look as lost/hesitant in coverage

  8. I hopw Lacey, D Jones and Jolly are ok. I would like to see them, and Burnett, back for next week. Congrats to Starks, Arod and the whole team. That first half was awesome!

    1. Jolly was back out there I believe shortly after I believe. I don’t know what it is with #1 draft choices for the Packers but Damn, can we keep one one the field. I would think Lacy would be cleared but I guess you never know with concussions. Get healthy guys!

  9. Good, strong game for the Pack. Need to maintain intensity going forward. Hopefully we have all our guys back for Cincy. Defense and O- line looking good after 1st two games. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since’61

    1. O-line looked great opening up gaps for Starks. However, I am still concerned with Bulaga allowing the sacks and Sitton has as many penalties in two games as he’s had all of last season. Also, I know a lot of the Washington offense was done during garbage time, I just don’t seeing the GB secondary giving up 1,000 yards in two games.

  10. We draft Lacy and Franklin and James Starks is light out. No one could have predicted that.

    That bozo from WA is going to get fined big time – Merriwether. What he did was so obvious. Twice. Hope Lacy is ok.

    Perry chased some RB’s from behind – good hustle

    Stupid network shows KC game. Better than “Heidi” and if you don’t that story – you are way too young.

    1. Alex, the Redskins were guilty of too many head to head hits and not only Merriweather.

      For example, remember the play where James Jones stretched out for the touchdown (the ball came free), well the defender had a head to head hit on JJ that play.

      Redskins were undisciplined many times. They are going to accrue a lot of fines if they continue – shame Lacy got concussed before the NFL had a chance to come down hard on them for too much helmet to helmet stuff – maybe Merriweather injuring himself will give them pause, though I doubt it.

      1. Merriweather is going o get fined huge for that hit to Lacy. Not only helmet to helmet but he launched himself as well. Never want to see a player get hurt and was glad when Merriweather got up, but I have to admit it, I thought serves you right. The guy is known for his headhunting and been fined before. Karma’s a Mother F’er!!

          1. No, but if you noticed last week several fines were issued no matter if a flag was issued or not. What part of YOU CAN’T LEAD WITH YOUR HELMET, id unclear for you???

    2. “Stupid network shows KC game. Better than “Heidi” and if you don’t that story – you are way too young.”

      If you don’t know that story, you’re not a fan of football.

  11. Where are all the “sky is falling” and “Packers will likely go 0-3” fans?

    I miss them…

    1. They are the same place they were last week: somewhere else. I didn’t see any “sky is falling comments” last week. Even the guy who said GB would start 4-0 said they would adjust during the season and end up in the playoffs.

      What I did read is dispute of the giddy praise heaped on the GB O-line after the 49er game. I did read comments stating Dom Capers is over-rated and his D under-performing. I did read comments saying Mike McCarthy made a tactical error in taking that 5 yard penalty on 4th down. I did read comments saying GB will win a lot of games in the regular season, but a SB appearance looks like a long shot.

      We will see about the SB. We Packer fans will probably argue about that penalty call forever. But after watching Seattle destroy the 49ers last night, we should stop pretending that no O-line can handle the 9er pass rush. It should be proven to everyone that the 49er offense can indeed be stopped.

      That’s not “the sky is falling” stuff. that’s just commenting on the games as they actually played out. Maybe you should go back and re-read last week’s comments.

    2. I watched the game last night, also, and Seattle OL did no better job handling SF than the Packers did.

      If you’re hanging that assertion on the running game, that’s fine but note that the Seahawks only ran for 3.7 ypc. In the end, don’t give the Seattle OL credit for what the defense gave them through turnovers. Russell Wilson was hurried repeatedly (and sacked 4 times) last night and the score made it so the offense didn’t have to rely on the passing game at all.

      1. Dobber, you can’t go throwing facts around like that.

        You’re going to make some negative Nancies start frothing at the mouth.

        1. I teach chemistry…I know that just about everyone’s eyes glaze over and they quit listening as soon as you start throwing data around… 😉

  12. The purple pants were pretty bad, they made the Vikings slower I think, probably cost them a touchdown or two.

    On a different note, I am really glad we kept Starks over Green! Quick, decisive and tough running – so that’s what a running game looks like. its been a while since that’s been seen. I like it a lot.

  13. I wonder if merriweather get fined on the play that he knocked himself out on. Hate to see him get hurt like that, but he was a little over exuberant with the old noggin. Hope lacy is ok too.

    1. I still can’t believe he failed to get flagged on either one of those hits. Both blatantly used his helmet as a weapon targeting the opponent’s head.

      I imagine he’ll get fined for both hits.

  14. Lovd the lanes we opened up for Starks.
    Hated the lanes we left open for pass rushers.
    Rodgers and the receivers played superbly. Finley was a beast – that one catch and run was the kind of thing you do in a video game and then call unrealistic.
    Defense looked solid. Not worried about the garbage time yards.

  15. Our offense is looking sharp and our front seven is solid as well. Our secondary is still a joke when it comes to tackling. McMillan is absolute scrub. TT is kicking himself for not drafting a safety in first 2 rounds. Hope Lacy is ok. We need him. Starks can stay healthy for so long and Franklin is not a 3 down back.

  16. I’m excited we flexed our muscles today but non convinced that we beat a good team. Skins are not very good as seen from last week. Hope Cincy is not much better.

    1. Three things:
      1. good teams win at home
      2. good teams beat the teams they’re supposed to beat
      3. even if Cinci IS markedly better than Washington (and they are), they’re not as good as SF or Sea. We’ll see how banged up they are after tonight’s game with Pitt.

    2. I am convinced the Packers can go toe-to-toe with the best teams in the league. Whether they win or not is usually a matter of a handful of plays.

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