Rodgers Is Far From Perfection All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Packers QB Aaron Rodgers
Rodgers admits that he is not perfect, but he holds himself to that standard

Aaron Rodgers isn’t perfect.  I’m sure I’ll get at least one argument on that, but we can all agree that no one is and so, I’m merely stating the obvious.  Earlier this week, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was asked about the Packers performance in last week’s loss to the San Francisco 49ers.  Here is the story from Paul Imig at Fox Sports Wisconsin.

Earlier during the offseason and preseason, some of Rodgers’ former teammates seemed to question whether or not Rodgers was a good leader.  Do these thoughts about last week’s game and how Rodgers relates to his teammates sound like a guy who isn’t trying to make those around him, better?  Not to me.

Beyond that is the greater purpose for bringing these remarks by Rodgers to light.  He had a good game last week, throwing for over 300 yards and three touchdowns against a tough defense.  He was sharp and nearly in mid-season form.  That goes for both his actual play and his mental preparation.  But read what he says and he admits there were areas he could have improved in.  Rodgers sets the bar at “perfection” knowing that he will never get there, but

Few players prepare themselves to play each week like Rodgers does.  Maybe Peyton Manning.  I’m not saying Rodgers is the epitome of being a student of the game, but he clearly strives to be as prepared mentally as he is physically, on Sundays.  It’s one of the reasons why I have a hard time remembering the last time the Packers were truly blown out.  With Rodgers, they are always in contention.

Players who take this more-studious approach to football typically have longer and more successful careers.  With Rodgers yet to turn 30 years old, Packers fans should be encouraged about the Packers immediate future.



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25 thoughts on “Rodgers Is Far From Perfection

  1. Personally I think Rodgers is just about as perfect as a QB can get. The fact that Nelson didn’t play a preseason snap and Cobb played barely a few, Rodgers and his receivers looked like they’d been playing together all summer. The fact that he’s 0-19 when trailing in the 4th quarter? How many of those games did the defense blow ? How many of those games did Crosby miss a kick? Last week the Packers had several 3 and outs. Both teams punted 5 or 6 times. The difference in that game was plain and simple. 2 turnovers to zero for the Packers, none of those were Rodgers fault. Hell the Pack was 4 for 4 in the Red Zone. 49ers? 3 for 5. The Packers started from inside their own 15 yard line way to often because Ross was to damn anxious to make up for the playoff blunder. Ross is a perfect example of a player that SHOULD be cut and someone like Kerry Rhodes or Joe McKnight signed. Rhodes would be a huge upgrade over McMillan or Jennings and McKnight over Ross. I say all this because without Rodgers, this team would have a chance to draft Clowney, the kid from South Carolina that many think is the number one pick in the draft. At some time Ted T has to figure it out, FA signings can actually improve your team if used as the tool it’s meant. Fill a hole here or there, not rebuild. Give Rodgers some help! While Rodgers may not be perfect, there’s still not another QB I’d rather have in the NFL.

    1. 0-19 when trailing in the 4th? Rodgers has been a part of some comeback wins late, although his record isn’t as great as you would think it would be for a QB of his stature.

      1. I questioned that as well, it’s something I read. Sounded far fetched to me as well. The Giants game when they went to 12-0 in 2011 comes to mind but they were tied, 35-35 before that drive in 55 seconds (What a beautiful thing that was). I’ll try and find the link.

      2. I would say worrying about comeback wins is BS. I believe the packers have the best won-loss record in the past 5 yrs. So when you are digging for a story, you poke the bear and see his response.

      3. The article makes a statement that I’ve quoted many times (whether they came up with it first or I did is still for the courts to decide): the Packers are built to play with a lead.

        They have a defense that’s built to play the nickel and dime (bend but don’t break), and they struggle in short yardage and grind-out-the-clock situations. Likewise, an inability to run the ball (and threaten opponents with the run) on a regular basis makes it harder to hold small leads late and gives the opposition more late game possessions.

        I’m not saying he has no culpability, but I would argue that much of ARod’s poor come-from-behind record stems from the other side of the ball.

    2. Sure would be interesting if Ted T made the Marshawn Lynch trade in 2010. Imagine what A Rods stats would be if the Packers had a blue chip running back the last three seasons!

      1. Lynch was coming from a situation in Buffalo where he was labeled as a malcontent…at the time, passing on him wasn’t the worst thing in the world. Playing “coulda, shoulda, woulda” just makes you crazy.

    3. Kerry Rhodes’s motivation and desire have been in question throughout his career, and right now he’s sitting at home after not taking a $3 mil, one-year deal from the Cards: a perfect opportunity to play inspired ball with a good supporting cast and try to get a big deal. I think that says volumes about him…

      1. So your suggestion is to continue to play a 4th Rd Safety, one that wasn’t even on most draft boards? One that looked lost on just about every play? One that when he had a chance to make a tackle, muffed that chance 5 times and missed? Perhaps playing for a organization like the Packers, one that actually has a chance every year to win it all would help with that motivation and desire. I’m not saying he’s right, but he’s a hell of a lot better than McMillan or Jennings at this point. NOT EVEN CLOSE!

  2. We were blown out by the Giants last year, lol. Hopefully we will return the favor this year.

  3. At over 100 million on his contract he must be darn near perfection. I am worried though about the lack of protection on the Offensive line. I hope he uses a lot of quick releases or dumps the ball if his reads are not open.

    1. I wish he’d use the screen more often. That used to be a staple of this offense and no one ran it better. I don’t know if it’s out O-Line isn’t athletic enough or what but M.M. called it 3 times last Sunday. The 1st, Rodgers overthrew a wide open Lacy, he’d still be running. The 2nd, went for 31 yards and put the Packers in the Red Zone. The last one went to Starks where he stepped out of bounds just before the first down. Frankly I wish they’d throw more of the quick hitting stuff. The Packers have some excellent TE. Run more of a dink and dunk with the TE, like New England. You can also run Lacy out of that and I’d think more success. Keep Aaron upright that’s for sure.

      1. There were several years where the short catch-and-run stuff to Jennings and Driver was deadly. Defenses started taking that away. Cobb is really the only one who gets that now, and it seems to be more flat routes than quick hitters.

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  4. There’s no denying the elite status of Aaron Rodgers. In every ‘best QB in the NFL’ discussion his name comes up in the top 3 or 4. But there’s also a vulnerable underbelly to the Packers under MM and by extension, AR.

    His record when trailing is atrocious. And if a man gets the love and the props for the wins, he has to be able to bear up to the indictment of a pretty weak record when he’s behind in games.

    It’s the only part of his game he needs to buff up. 3-18 in 4th quarter comeback opportunities shows that aspect of his game (and probably the only one) needs some work.

    Here’s the whole skinny.

    1. Rodgers only has 27 to his name, against 52 wins. What’s he to do, win every single game every single week?

      What does that tell you, of his 27 losses, 18 were close.

      What it doesn’t tell you is how those ‘comeback’ games failed. Look at this past week for an example: the defense was garbage after he threw the go-ahead score, and he was given a minute or less to ‘win the game’.

      Or look at 2009 the Pittsburgh game, Big Ben tossed a touchdown pass the last second of regulation. How is that Rodgers fault?

      The defense prevents the other team from winning, not Rodgers.

  5. the ‘0-19 in games where the Packers trail entering the 4th Q’ thing that’s floating around is a ridiculous manufactured stat to begin with.

    Here are some other stats/facts I looked up this afternoon:

    Rodgers has a starting record of 52-27 in the regular season since starting in 2008. He missed two starts (which aren’t a part of those numbers, btw), one due to concussion vs. the Pats in 2010 (which was a loss on Flynn) and the other vs. Detroit in 2011 (which was a 6 td win on Flynn.)

    That’s a .658 winning percentage..

    assuming Rodgers really is 0-19 in possible ‘4th Q comeback wins’ as the bogus stat implies, how about this stat:

    -Rodgers is 53-9 when entering the 4th Q with a lead

    -With Aaron Rodgers starting under center, the Green Bay Packers lead when entering the 4th Q 78.5% of the time

    -In five years as a starter for the Packers, Aaron Rodgers has only suffered 9 losses when the Packers entered the 4th Q with a lead.

    See? All of those statements I just made are based entirely on the same data as that other stat the media is bouncing around.. It’s spin garbage, nothing more, nothing less.

    FWIW, I went back over the last 5 years and looked for all the games in which the the Packers entered the 4th Q tied or trailing, and lost. I recorded the score entering the 4th, the number of points the offense scored in the 4th and the number of points the defense allowed in the 4th. Take this list for what it is:

    vs. ATL/10-17 entering 4th/scored 14/gave up 10

    vs.TB/14-20/scored 7, gave up 10

    vs. DAL/9-20/+7 -7

    vs. HOU/7-13/+14 -10

    vs. NO/21-45/+7 -7

    vs. TEN/13-16/+3 -0/ (OT LOSS)


    vs. PIT/14-24/+22 -13


    vs. ATL/ Tied 10-10/+7 -10


    vs. KC/7-9/+7 -10


    vs. MIN/24-27/+10 -10

    vs. NYG/10-38/=0 -0

    vs. SF/7-23/+15 -7

    vs. SEA/6-7/+6 -7


    vs. SF/21-21/+7 -13


    to my count, that’s 13 games in which Rodgers hasn’t tallied a win when entering the 4th quarter down (or tied), not 19.

    Six of those thirteen ‘failures’ are from 2008, his first year as a starter.

    From 2009 – 2011, only three games were lost when entering the 4th down or tied. In two of those games, the Defense gave up 3 more than the offense scored; in the 2009 PIT game, the offense scored 22 points in the 4th Q while the D gave up 13 to end it 2 points short of a victory.

    Only two games in this list was completely out of the grasp of the Packers, the 2008 loss to the Saints(21-45) and the 2012 loss to the Giants (10-28).

    In only three contests (2012, vs. SEA, vs. NYG; 2009 vs. TEN) did Rodgers fail to lead a TD-producing drive in the 4th Q.. In four contests, he produced 14 or more points in the 4th (2012 vs. SF 15, 2009 vs. PIT 22, 2008 vs. HOU 14, 2008 vs. ATL 14).

    All in all, I look at the fact that people need to nit-pick to death the manner in which the Packers under Rodgers have lost so few games to be a real barometer of just how flippin’ good the Rodgers-led Packers are.. The media has to try to find something to critique to stir controversy and create a story besides repeatedly running the headline, “Aaron Rodgers: He’s Really Good” over and over.

    1. Sorry this is just a hot mess of data. Most of it was written on the fly. my apologies for disorganization and/or any blatant errors!

      1. It looked good Oppy, you tossed a bunch of research where as I simply made some conjecture based on the obvious reality.

        You illustrate what has been so irritating about this whole ‘Rodgers is bad in 4th quarter comebacks’. BS.

        Nice post, keep up the good work!

  6. Here’s a link to another story that further substantiates the fact that AR needs to work on his comeback’s.

    Against teams with winning records, his record in 4th quarter comebacks is near the bottom of the pile.

    Look, AR is a helluva front-runner and that’s a really good thing for the Packers and all of us. But if you look at the past, and I’m talking about the Giants and the 49’ers the last two post-seasons, Rodgers has to improve his play at crunch time when trailing if he and the Packers want to hoist another Lombardi. Yeah, the defense sucked,etc., but in both of those games he had possessions and couldn’t convert.

    Remember folks, the ability to reconcile two opposing thoughts (AR’s a great QB/his comeback record is poor) is the sign of a developed and agile intellect.

    1. The issue I have with all of this is simple. It’s that it doesn’t matter how you win or how you lose that gets you a championship. It’s just about getting the W.

      Does it matter if we win because we lead heading into the fourth quarter or if we trail heading into the fourth quarter? No. The only thing that matters is do we have more points when the clock runs out, period.

      The bottom line is the Packers have more points when the clock runs out than most teams have in the last 5 years since Rodgers took the reigns.

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