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Packers Dom Capers
Dom Capers – Is it his fault?

After the 49ers had a big day once again this past Sunday against the Packers, Twitter and Facebook were rocking with fans calling for Dom Caper’s head. He doesn’t make in-game adjustments. He’s too old – the game has passed him by.  His scheme was all wrong. And those were just the nice comments, I won’t repeat some of the other ones.

There’s just one problem with this groundswell of emotional hysteria – it’s dead wrong – well, at least as far as this game goes. Look, I’ve been on both sides of the Capers fence myself. The soft zone on third and a few yards? Three man rush on 3rd and long? Yeah, I’ve had my complaints too. But if you watched this 49ers game and came out thinking the loss was Capers’ fault, then I don’t know what to say to you.

Capers had almost eight months to prepare for this game and he came up with a pitch perfect plan. Don’t let Kaepernick break your resolve with his feet when you think you’ve got them stopped. Make Kaepernick beat you in the air, especially with the 49ers missing their #1 and #3 receivers. The fact that Kaepernick was able to do so is not Dom Capers’ fault. To re-work a Bill Clinton phrase, “it’s the players, stupid.”

Up until the Friday before the game, I had every confidence the Packers would win this game. I had them winning 31-27 in our staff picks, despite realizing they’re probably not the better team overall, personnel-wise. After all, the 49ers had nine players in last year’s Pro Bowl, the Packers just two.

So what happened on Friday? The Packers found out they’d be without Morgan Burnett for the game, after having practiced and prepared all week with Burnett as the defensive backfield quarterback. Basically, the Packers had one day to re-work their roles and assignments in the secondary and make do with two players who are accustomed to being the direction followers, not the direction takers.

You saw what happened. the secondary looked like that of two years ago, when there was more finger-=pointing than play making. Cornerbacks handed off receivers to safeties only to find the safeties were out of position. There were plenty of holes in the Packers secondary on Sunday, and Anquan Boldin is the wily veteran who knows how to find them.

I’ve heard many people also try to shrug off the absence of Burnett, “He’s a good player, but not a star,” was the most common refrain. Even if that’s true, the positioning and coverage assignments in the backfield are set up by one guy – Morgan Burnett.

As for making in-game adjustments, the Packers tried. Dom Capers explained in an interview with Fox Sports Wisconsin that they had double coverage called for Boldin on several occasions, but the players didn’t execute the scheme properly. That’s not Dom Capers’ fault people.

As a defensive coordinator of a team with only one true star player (as opposed to 5-6 for SF), Capers is sometimes forced to pick his poison during a game. Stopping the 49ers’ running game and keeping Kaepernick from beating them with his running ability was by far the best option for this game. By far. It almost worked. If the offense could have maintained possession for more than a paltry third of the game, I’m convinced it would have worked. Take just five minutes away from the 49ers and I’m certain the Packers prevail in this game.

Fire Capers? Not this week, folks.




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81 thoughts on “Packers Memes and Myths: It’s Dom Capers’ Fault

  1. I agree completely.

    Other Packers’ websites are sealing their irrelevance by hating on Capers this week.

    Capers outcoached McCarthy this past week.

  2. I was more than satisfied with the defensive scheme(that is play more zone). The execution in the secondary was poor to say the least. McMillian was horrible.

    Unfortunately, when we play teams with good running QB’s we’ll have to continue that strategy. You just can’t have your secondary with their backs to the line, else you’re going to give up record setting rushing days to the opponents QB. I think with a properly executed zone you give yourself a chance. Playing man with your back to the action against a QB who can, and more importantly will, run gives you almost no chance.

    If you look at the college ranks, more and more of the star QB’s are runners. If you’re an NFL team, you better learn how to defend it.

    1. So who’s fault is that? I mean god damn it’s been 2 this this Sunday since Nick Collins got hurt. TWO YEARS, and the Packers still don’t have anyone even remotely close you could call a Safety to play next to Bennett. This Summer the World Champs lose Ed Reed and they sign Michael Huff. The 49ers decide not to pay Golston, let him walk and address it in the 1st round. The Packers lose Nick Collins and try to replace him with a guy in the 4th round who sucked so bad he wasn’t even on draft boards! I’m just really tired of defending Ted T. The dude isn’t a draft and develop guy, that would require hitting on more than one pick from his 2011 draft class in Cobb. ONE good pick out of TEN. From just two years ago. While all of you post “In Ted We Trust” think about one out of ten beforehand.

  3. Sorry, not buying. Capers defenses have a long history of being able to play the run or the pass, not both. The players with career days against Caper led defenses in the last couple of years is mind boggling. The secondary personnel are not as good as Packer fans like to believe but the scheme on Sunday exposed them big time. Putting them in zone this time around was a strategic mistake (always fighting the last war). CK was going nowhere in this game other than buying some time to throw – that means do what we do best – man coverage. Instead, Capers chose to combine no pass rush with sloppy loose zone, despite MB being out. With MB out and with defense stacked to keep CK behind the line of scrimmage, you play to the secondary’s strength (man) not weakness (zone). Sorry, Capers is brain dead.

    1. “CK was going nowhere in this game.” Yes, because of how the Packers played it. Go back to how they played it in last year’s playoff game and CK would just kill them with his legs again. He’s a special player. The SF weakness this week was their passing game with two receivers out. You force them to use their weakness to win the game. It so happens they were able to be successful anyway, but that lies at the feet of the players who did not do the jobs they were coached to do. the scheme was the correct one. The secondary did not execute their part correctly.

    2. -2009 Packers D, #1 vs. Run, #5 vs. Pass

      -2010 Packers had regular season games where they held opponents under ten points six times during the regular season:

      BUF 7
      NYJ 0
      DAL 7
      MIN 3
      DET 7
      CHI 3

      -2012 Packers hold teams to 17 or less points in seven contests during the regular season:

      CHI 10
      SEA 14
      JAX 15
      ARI 17
      MIN 14 (*although AP did run for 210)
      CHI 13
      TEN 7

      Is it possible you are exaggerating a tad bit about Capers not being able to call a game and limit the pass and the rush?

      Perhaps you could give us an idea of what is acceptable to you- How many passing yards and/or passing TDs, in combination with how many rushing yards and/or rushing TDs, per game, is an acceptable defensive performance in your eyes?

    3. Archie is 100% correct
      The total performance is Capers job description. What the players do , how they do it ( or don’t )is his baby.Talk about a one act pony , that was a great example.

    4. If one were to look back at last years playoff game, one thing you would notice is how many of CK’s record 181 yards rushing came because the secondary had their backs turned and had no idea he was racing by them. You can’t function an entire game in man against competent running QB’s who are smart enough to take advantage of the inevitable holes that will open up during the coarse of a game.

      Maybe a combo man-zone could work. I thought this weeks scheme kept them in the game, whereas the previous game playing man they had no chance.

      What is important is to find players who can effectively play zone(and tackle for that matter). At least right now McMillian can’t. I’m assuming Burnett would be better at it, but the group they had back there weren’t on the same page.

        1. Simple fact is Burnett is the QB of the D. He makes a lot of calls and get others lined up l properly. Took him most of 3 yrs to learn enough to be good at it. Same w Collins. Jennings and McMillan don’t have the knowledge and experience yet to handle that responsibility. When Burnett went out after the gameplan was installed there simply wasn’t enough time to get them ready and simplify the D. That shy there were so many coverage breakdowns. It not unlike not allowing Rodgers to audible on offense. If they knew sooner Burnett wouldn’t play they could have adapted the gamelan to help Jennings and McMillan.

          This isn’t too hard to understand.

      1. I was at the game and it was a good scheme. The problem wasn’t man, it was that the young safeties were peaking in the backfield too much. They were trying to make sure they were in position if the Dline and linebackers didn’t do their job. Kapernick took advantage of that. Pretty sure that he wasn’t able to run, but the safeties dared him to throw, and he did it well.

        1. That and McMillan missed 5 tackles. FIVE! I’m sorry but he could have had the summer, the Preseason, OTA’s and god knows what else to learn to tackle. Oh wait he did! No excuses, I’m tired of excuses. There comes a time when you actually have to sign a FA sometime. Do the Packers even get to SB 45 let alone win it without Woodson and Pickett. NO! Where did they come from, oh my god, FREE AGENCY. So it actually can help!!

  4. Overall, I agree with this. My one beef is with your statement, that I have seen elsewhere, in regards to players not executing a double team correctly…”That’s not Dom Capers’ fault”. Well, isn’t it? Doesn’t the play of the guys on the field reflect his and his staff’s coaching? TT has said over and over that if a player doesn’t work out for the team then it is his fault because he is in charge. The same should be said for Capers.

    In reality I think it is better to say we don’t know whose fault that is. We don’t have enough access to know if a certain technique was coached/practiced enough or if a player simply screwed up.

    1. That’s what Capers and MM have been hinting at. While they won’t come out and say it, they know they prepared the players to do certain things and they didn’t.

    2. Exactly. Where would Aaron Rodgers be without the coaching/development guidance from McCarthy and Clements? The development and coaching of young players is right up there with X’s and O’s on a coach’s list of responsibilities.

      Capers and his staff have been working with McMillian and Jennings since last training camp. Both should have been more prepared for last-minute fill-in duty than they were on Sunday.

      1. Yes, both should have been more prepared for last minute fill-in duty. There’s only 3 veteran safeties on the roster, and someone has to be Burnett’s backup at free safety.

        Someone also needs to be able to start at strong safety. Isn’t that what Jennings and McMillian were competing for in camp? For being a supposed thumper and for having played some dime cornerback last year, McMillian looked terrible both tackling and covering. That’s very distressing…

        Get well soon, Morgan.

      2. Capers and McCarthy should should have known Jennings and McMillan weren’t capable of handling the job. The Packers supposedly are deep at corner, so why not play more man coverage to take some pressure off of the safeties? Coaches need to adjust their schemes to fit their players.

        1. They probably avoided man coverage to make sure Colin Kapernick didn’t have a huge bubble to run up into because of unaware CB’s ala the playoff loss.

          That was kind of a big deal last year.

          1. Is it possible, however, that they could have played man since their OLB’s were not rushing CK but rather pinching him in toward the middle/congestion? That is why Perry never rushed in but rather played his man to a stalemate and then chased CK back if he veered outside. I am no film expert and don’t have access anyway but it seems that you would occasionally try to play man to man when the zone was being killed all day. At what point do you say “this isn’t working, lets try something else”? GoPack!

    3. Well, this begs the question:

      Why isn’t anyone talking about firing safeties coach Darren Perry, then?

      1. Darren Perry doesn’t decide on the defensive schemes each week. And, you shouldn’t have to choose between CK either killing you with his arm or his legs. Capers’ needs to find a way to contain both. There’s no reason to think if we played man, CK would automatically run all over them. CK’s running was contained by our front seven and a conservative pass rush, not by extra corner help. With Burnett hurt, safety is by far the weakest position on the team. They should try to mask that as much as possible, not give them the most important coverage duties
        . If Rodgers gets hurt, are they going to throw the ball 50 times/game? Of course not.

        1. If you follow the thread, you’ll see my response about Perry was directed at Adam’s comment,

          “Capers and his staff have been working with McMillian and Jennings since last training camp. Both should have been more prepared for last-minute fill-in duty than they were on Sunday.”

          My point being, if Adam is asserting that the players not being up to snuff is a coaching problem, that falls squarely on the position coach.

          As far as giving the Safeties the most important coverage duties, I’d argue that playing over the top of routes is as easy a coverage duty as you’re going to pull in the NFL. You’re seeing the whole field, all the WR’s, and the QB. Comparative to man coverage for a DB, that’s a cake walk.. Especially if you’re supposed to be bracketing a WR (double coverage), you’re the extra help, not the sole player responsible for coverage.

          But I digress, my original comment wasn’t directed at -anything- except Adam laying the blame for McMillian and Jennings not being ready to play on Capers(the guy who lays the scheme out for his positional coaches) while completely ignoring the coach directly responsible for getting the safeties ready to go (Perry).

          1. THIS!!!

            We love to hate Dom Capers, but when we get down to the meat of the argument, why are we so unwilling to place blame on some of the position coaches? Perhaps it’s because the biggest target can conveniently become the biggest goat.

  5. Life long Packer fan. Read your articles everyday as well as others. Capers has to go. We have the personnel, our scheme is getting old. 500 yards again on Sunday. I watch linebackers blitz time and time again and get nowhere. Three years of the same thing. Am sick of it. We need a change.

    1. Your perception about blitzing and getting nowhere for three years is not the reality.

      The reality is the Packers had a poor year pressuring the QB only one year- 2011- and you have chosen to believe it is a long-term issue although it has not.

      Year-Rank for sacks:

      2009- 11th
      2010- 2nd
      2011- 27th
      2012- 4th

      The lack of sacks in 2011 was an anomaly, not the standard, or even a trend. Furthermore, sacks don’t tell the whole story on QB pressure either.

      The belief so many Packers fans have about this defenses’ inability to pressure the QB “for the last three years” as you put it, is simply incorrect.

      Fans need to start watching games with their own eyes without predetermined notions, quit listening to the talking heads and media (who often spew the hot topic, not necessarily the accurate topic), and occasionally check the facts against their own perception.

    2. Obviously, you don’t know what your are talking about because our LB’s were not blitzing “time after time.” If anything, we were very conservative to keep CK in the pocket.

      1. People see Clay and Perry coming of the edge and think that’s a blitz. Still living in a 4-3 world probably.

  6. It appears that after Rex Ryan and the NY Jokes, GB is getting a lot of laughs from football fans. First they did the QB shuffle, throw in the FG kicker dance, and of course the LT and RT switch-a-roos. How can a team be ready for the games that count when they haven’t figured out yet who’s playing where? TT should have known that if MB goes down, there is no one capable of playing Safety and that was the main area of weakness in our secondary for two years! So are the players to blame, the coaching staff to blame or TT to blame? The s*^t always rises to the top.

    1. To hear fans during the 2010 preseason tell it, we didn’t have any experienced depth at all.

      Seems like a bunch of guys stepped up and played effectively enough to hoist a Lombardi trophy.

      Certainly you don’t believe that every team has starter-caliber players sitting on the bench to back up every starting position should they lose a player to injury?

      This was the first game of the season against an excellent opponent. I don’t think it’s time to start deciding who’s getting fired quite yet.

    2. I know it’s water over the dam, but all draft, I kept waiting for the Packers to take a safety. And to be truthful, I really thought that was what they had in mind for Micah Hyde. Perhaps it will happen next year, but with Hayward’s fragile hamstring (Don’t get me started on hamstrings!), I don’t think that they dared to move Hyde to safety. After all, Bush is the alternative.

    3. Art, safety is our weakest position with the least depth…Prediction: Banjo passes both Jennings and McMillan on the depth chart by mid-season and both are cut before the 53-man roster is set in 2014…
      Anquan Boldin is slow, yet big, and we put kids on him who seemed afraid to cover him…What an embarrassment, you can’t even call that coverage.

  7. Agreed, Al. In my opinion, McCarthy had a lot more to do with the loss than Capers. Accepting the 5 yard penalty on 3rd down following the Lacy fumble which gave the Niners another chance to score a touchdown (we all know what happened with the personal foul, and botched penalty enforcement) was just plain stupid. There was nothing to gain at that point. Decline the penalty, and they kick a field goal on 4th down. Instead he ultimately gave the refs a chance to screw things up, and they scored a touchdown instead of settling for 3. Could have made a big difference at the time.

    1. MM obviously made the right call to accept the penalty. They stopped SF two yards shy and in position to force a FG. MM had no control over what happened after the play.

  8. The Packer defense is weak from the middle linebackers through the safeties. And, without Casey Hayward our corners are suspect. We have not rectified this through the last two drafts and teams that aren’t afraid to go over the middle, expose us for this weakness. If we had an Eric Reid and Morgan Burnette backing up the corners our secondary would be good. Then all we would need to worry about is A.J. Hawk.

    Capers is doing well with what he has. We need to stop hoping that our projects will bloom into stars. Move the ceiling up with better talent.

    1. Mediocre starting inside LB’s who can’t pass cover and two safeties who shouldn’t be in the NFL…not Capers fault…
      A thought…in the 2014 NFL draft, the first 2 choices: ILB & Safety! Half of our 1st round picks have not produced under TT…maybe 2014 can start a trend.

      1. Our stable of ILB is just fine, in my opinion. Yes, they aren’t the greatest of coverage LB’s, but it is rare to find LB’s who are both stout run defenders and top-flight coverage LB’s as well.

        A LB is always a mismatch when tasked with covering a WR. You need LB’s who can hold there own with RBs in the flat, and TE’s crossing the middle.

        The issue here is, it’s not fair to judge our ILB’s coverage based on how they fared vs. Vernon Davis, who is a complete anomaly at his size, weight, and BLAZING speed. He is a mismatch vs. any LB in the league.

  9. Al – I agree with your article, nice job! In spite of all the complaints and cries for firing Capers, the Packers had a lead with a little over 8 minutes to play. If they stop the 9ers on that 4th and 1 after GB took the lead the Packers probably score at least an FG’S or another TD and win the game. However, the 9ers convert, yes they are really good and go to take the lead back. Our young safeties had a terrible game, it happens. It’s only the first game of the season. No time to fire anyone. Bring in the Redskins. Thanks, Since ’61

  10. The problem with this article in my opinion is that even though Burnett wasn’t available on Sunday, they need to have a somewhat capable back up. We have above average corners, but haven’t have a quality safety since Nick Collins. Why is that? Boldin absolutely destroyed our secondary and nothing was done about it! Capers said it was the players fault but if your only safety back up that is “Prepared” is Bush, obviously you have problems. Something needs to get done!

    1. Bush is a special teams player-exclusively…McMillan and Jennings should be selling used cars, they still haven’t covered Boldin nor Vernon Davis.
      This year’s draft was deep in safeties…do we draft one?…No.

      1. My point was that Bush is obviously terrible when playing defense and yet he was put in during the second half as safety in “dime” packages. This week MM and Capers are stating that they need to get Banjo “prepared” to play and get him up to speed. Why wasn’t he already coached up and ready to play? McMillan and Jennings are for sure not the answer.

      2. Jennings and McMillan simply don’t have the knowledge and experience yet to be the QB of the entire D like Burnett does. It took both Burnett and Collins the better part of the years playing experience to be good at it. That’s why there were alot of coverage breakdowns.

  11. I am not ready to jump off a bridge. I was critical of Capers, specifically about not making changes, however, after he explained that he did, I was tentatively relieved. McMillan had his worst game as a pro, period. I expect a much sharper effort this week, and the weeks to follow. GoPack!

  12. Now that im a little less emotional then I was on Sunday and Monday after the loss, im not as angry at DC as I was then. I hate the 49ers and really wanted to beat them.
    The fact the Packers went toe to toe with the Niners makes me feel much better about this year then last year.
    However I’m not ready to totally excuse capers. If theplayers were at fault by not being in the right place then you have to put some of the blame on the coaches for not coaching them 1to the point that they understand the system. I put 40% percent of the blame on our two inferior safeties, 20% on capers and his staff and 30% on TT for not having adequate safety help available in case Morgan Burnett got hurt. When a team passes for over 400 yards, the opposing quarterback has a passer rating of 130 and they score 34 points, some of the blame has to be put on the defensive coordinator in my opinion.

    1. why the obsession with assigning blame? some weeks just don’t work out. relax and enjoy the sport

      1. Exactly, nopain!!

        Let the guy who gets paid millions of dollars to worry and assign blame (MM) do all that stuff.. all we need to do is enjoy the ride.

  13. I would put blame on both MM and Capers. They showed no leadership making adjustments for Boldin. They also made a big mistake in doing nothing for safeties in the draft. It was clear that we needed top notch safety based on getting gashed last year by Kaepernik and others. Bottom line is poor discipline across the board. 1 fumble and one int. due to dumb mistakes by Lacy and Finley. DB’s have no focus or discipline whatsoever. Coaches need to put the hammer down and get these guys in line.

    1. Dumb mistakes by Lacy? We’re talking rook in his first pro start against one of the best D’s in the league behind one of the most questionable lines. Can we cut a little slack?

  14. Nopainnogain, when we watch our pass D fall completely apart, some of us passionate fans look for reasons. Its frustrating when our team plays another team that we dislike a lot and loses because a phase our team totally malfunctioned. We look for the problems and discuss our opinions of who was responsible. we may be wrong or we may be right with our opinions but it helps us try to understand what went wrong and probably helps us vent. If you don’t understand this concept of sports, I guess you’re just a casual fan.which is probably better because you probably don’t get as worked up as we do watching the games…lol

  15. not a casual fan. I just make an effort to not lose persepective of things or take for granted the successes that the team, management, and coaches have already achieved. bemoaning losses is not a prerequisite to enjoying victories. I have had quite a bit of instruction in statistics/mathematics and it is poor practice to make sweeping statements or condemnations without adequate sample size. I have actually played a significant number of snaps in the sport on an organized level, which I am beginning to think is uncommon, based on what I’ve read from fans and even some writers on this site.

    it seems narcissistic to feel responsible for the team’s success or failure like some sort of cartoonish CEO and thus be outraged when the team falls short or have some sort of personal pride when the team is victorious. I’m proud for the TEAM when they win. I’m not proud for ME when they win, yet it seems like alot of fans are. They seem to pat themselves on the back for being a fan of a good team or conversely feel shame for being a fan of a defeated team and consequently lashing out at the source of that shame. It seems a very miserable way to feel about something that is supposed to be enjoyable.

    1. well said. Personally, I try to be realistic and measured and I can see the Packers lose a game and be OK with it, as I am with this game. If anything, it gave me more confidence about this season, which will see the Packers playing a brutal schedule.

  16. What I am noticing here is a coaching homer trend. If anyone on this site starts to make any sense about the inability of the packers coaches they get thumbs down and then their response is “hidden”, what a bunch of whining homers! TT and MM and D Capers and Campen all are subpar in many ways! Quit fooling yourselves and get real! Why couldn’t Capers contain the QB and play man to man? if Colin K is contained how in the HELL is he going to run? DUHHHHH!!!! You armchair GM’s do not even get your own silly rationalizations! quit hiding comments because they don’t fit your POV or agenda! This is coming from a REAL Packer FAN!

    1. Let me give you a DUHHHHH right back at you. If the secondary is playing man, you can’t play “contain” with the DL and linebackers. You need to create pressure when playing man. As a ‘REAL FAN,” I’m sure you watched the playoff game and what happened when the Packers tried that approach, right?

      Speaking for myself (am I a REAL FAN, I wonder?), I’ve had plenty of issues with Capers and McCarthy in the past and called them out on various topics. The scope of this post was THIS GAME (a “REAL FAN” would have noticed that, I think). For THIS GAME, Capers had the right scheme. If the safeties didn’t blow coverages and overall just suck on Sunday, it would have worked perfectly. They still almost won. That was the point of the article – the scheme was the right one but just not executed properly.

      And be sure to let me know where the sites are that “REAL FANS” hang out – I want to learn how to be one.

      1. OK Duhhhhh, lol! They had him contained by OLB’s and Dline correct? CK was not going anywhere correct? The ILB’s needed to exert more pressure, and, the DB’s needed to force at the line and go M to Man. That did not happen, if it would have, containment would have created more sacks hurries and hits to the QB, and perhaps even a turnover! END OF LESSON, and for your info, I endured the late 60’s thru. I am from Green Bay, and FYI I still have boxed up years of “PACKER REPORT” so assume all you want, but get this fact straight, I am a real Packer fan, regardless of yours or anyone else’s self anointed know it all opinions!! of which I am entitled to mine as well then!!!

        1. The arrogance and pretentiousness of anyone who calls themselves a “REAL FAN” deserves to be called out. What’s even more comical now is your “self anointed” comment.

          I’ve never anointed myself as anything other than a guy with a blog and an opinion. You, on the other hand, have anointed yourself as a “REAL FAN.” But you don’t see the hypocrisy in that, do you?

          I have no problems with dissenting opinions, in fact I encourage them. But as soon as someone throws out that “REAL FAN” bullshit, a deserved bitch slap is coming…

          Sorry Mike…

          1. I feel sorry for you really, because my sarcasm was not caught because of your arrogance! Perhaps you may be a tad obtuse? Lol. OK Mr Dunning-Kruger Effect . . . I was attempting something that must have been out of your reach! Back at you with the BITCH SLAP! “REAL FAN” was my sarcasm DUHHHHHHHHHHHHH! The hypocrisy may just lay at your feet???

            1. Oh, btw, I usually appreciate what you’ve had to say. Feel free to email me with any personal acrimony towards me, we will keep it clean then . . . Go Pack Go!

              1. nothing personal at all and no acrimony. just reacting to something that drives me a bit nutty… And you were kind of condescending with the Duhhhh.

            2. Ha! There was nothing sarcastic about it. You said meant exactly what you said. Just own it and lets move on… Sorry for lashing out but that’s a real pet peeve of mine…

              1. OK then Al! use all the cognitive dissonance that you can! I just may be telling you the truth, but then again, would you believe it? I suspect not, it would cause you to be conflicted with your “assessment” of me and my replies! as far as owning my opinions and my sarcasm? I feel that I just told you what the intent and context were . . . anyway, I am appreciative of your site, just not the “bitch slap” comment, did I happen to get under your skin with some latent truths? If I did it was only in the interest of creating some deeper debate on Capers epic fails! Go Pack Go!

              2. Out of respect to you and your great and informative site (NO sarcasm intended!), no more DUHHHH”S from my keyboard “going forward” (as MM would say). Peace

            3. OK. I appreciate the olive branch and we can now kiss and make up. I still think you’re dead wrong, but that’s OK. As long as we’re civil in our disagreements, that’s cool.

  17. Al- way to go! I wonder how many of these alleged real fans have been with the Pack since the Lombardi days. Based on some the perspectives I read here they need a good dose of the ’70s and ’80s. In any case it’s great to have a place to share and discuss all view points. It’s better than waiting for the old Packer report, which always reached me about 9-10 days after the last game. Well, we’ll all feel better after the Redskins game, LOL. Thanks, Since’61

  18. Exactly, for me it came on Tuesday or Wednesday. But as you said it was our lifeline. Growing up in the Bronx I was surrounded by Giant and later Jet fans. Then came the Cowboy and Steeler bandwagons. Fortunately, now I meet Packer fans everywhere, even when I travel overseas for business or vacations.
    Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since ’61

    1. just want to mention when you’re responding to someone’s comment, hit the reply button below the comment. makes things easier to follow…

  19. Back on subject, one wonders if the zone would have more effective if GB had used less five man containment schemes. A four man rush/contain would have provided more coverage and more opportunity to confuse CK. That’s a lot of area for six guys to consistently cover. At times the short coverage zone guys could be counted on to prevent break away scrambles. Just a thought without going back and counting the snaps for five man contain.

  20. I’ll admit it, im obsessed with the Pack and I take loses hard sometimes, especially against a team I truly dislike. Now that im living on the west coast, the 49ers are high on my list lately due to all the extreme smack talkers I run into. I also feel like the Packers are some kind of family member and when they lose a big game ,I feel like my dog just died for the next 3 days after the game. I do have a habit of finding blame, or who is at fault, after some phase of a game total collapses. Maybe its the Lombardi in me that doesn’t think failure is an option. Any how, Nopainnogain is probably right, im probably narcissistic regarding the Pack and I need to see a shrink. My life shouldn’t be so wrapped up with the Packers, but it is…Can’t wait until Sunday against RG3…go pack go

  21. I really wish all the Capers nay-sayers would just pipe it down. Capers is one of the most experienced and respected defensive minds in the game. As long as he has the personnel to make his system work, they will be fine!

  22. Al, I watched the game against the 49’s over and over and noticed that the Packers used both Datone Jones and Perry to set the edge. Wasn’t it the reason that we drafted Jones because he could set the edge and stop the read option? That should have freed up Perry to do what we got him for, and that is to pressure the Quarterback. That would have helped in my opinion,maybe a couple of sacks,or a batted ball or a couple of hurries would have stopped Collin from completing so many passes to Boldin!

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