Eddie Lacy, Datone Jones & Johnathan Franklin Signing

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The 2013 Packers Draft could eventually work out to be one of the best of Ted Thompson’s tenure. The Packers have some some potential stars in the making and we have a special offer for you.

For those of you who like to collect Packers’ memorabilia, I know there’s one thing you don’t have yet, a Packers helmet or football signed by one of the big three of this year’s draft. But no worries, we’re here to help.

In about another week, Eddie Lacy, Datone Jones & Johnathan Franklin will be doing a limited signing, their first official signing as Packers players. I’m not a memorabilia expert, but I understand this is an opportunity to get in “on the ground floor,” before the value of these items go up.

ALLGBP.com is bringing you the opportunity to order these items and ALSO receive a 10% discount.  It’s a limited time offer, which expires on Sep 12th.

To browse and/or order any of these items, just go to the Mayfield Sports Memorabilia online store. You get your 10% discount, just use the offer code ALLGBP at checkout.  It’s as simple as that! All items come with a Certificate of Authenticty (COA) and will be shipped on September 18th.


Packers Merchandise and Memorabilia - Eddie Lacy, Datone Jones, Johnathan Franklin, DuJuan Harris Autographs
Packers Merchandise and Memorabilia – Eddie Lacy, Datone Jones, Johnathan Franklin, DuJuan Harris Autographs


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4 thoughts on “Eddie Lacy, Datone Jones & Johnathan Franklin Signing

  1. I Don’t know the status of D jones ankle. I know it limited him in the last preseason game, but I’m not sure what his ankles condition was for the 49ers. Maybe it is still affecting him because he didn’t do much in the Forty Niners game. I hope his ankle recovers soon because we could use some in side pass rush. I also hope that Franklin is able to pick up this offense sooner than later ,and also I hope he gets better at blitz pick up and pass blocking soon, because he did not look good in the preseason. With Harris out, we could use an elusive back and I hope Franklin can help.

  2. You got-a know that in the 49ers game Lacy was just ~spacy~ his first real game as a real Pro, come-on-man he will get real and come back to earth. Our first 1000 yard man in a long time. Keep On Giving Him The Ball!

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