Packers vs. 49ers Week 1 Game Predictions from All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Week 1: Green Bay Packers vs. San Francisco 49ers
Name Record To-Date This Week’s Pick Score Prediction
Kris Burke 0-0 Green Bay Packers 24-21
Probably the toughest game to pick on the schedule and it’s only the first one.  Everyone is going crazy over the 49ers, much like how everyone treated the Packers after 2010. Mike McCarthy has put much focus on beating the 49ers and I think they do it this time, but barely. Notice will be served that the Packers are still among the NFC elite.
“Jersey” Al Bracco 0-0 Green Bay Packers 31-27
While everything on paper is telling me the 49ers are the safe bet here, something inside me feels the Packers will come out on fire against the team that booted them out of the playoffs. I feel good about the Defense – the big question for me is the offensive line. If they can hold up against the 49ers front seven, the Packers are more than capable of winning this game.
Adam Czech 0-0 San Francisco 49ers 27-24
I’m more confident in the Packers today than I was earlier in the week — the 49ers WRs are terrible and their secondary looks weaker than last season — but their front seven will steamroll the Packers offensive line to victory.
Marques Eversoll 0-0 San Francisco 49ers 27-24
This is going to be very interesting. Although it’s only one week in a long season, the Packers (specifically the defense) will certainly be out to prove they’re better and more physical than they were in January. I think this is a close game, but the 49ers probably win a close one at home.
Thomas Hobbes 0-0 Green Bay Packers 21-17
I’m calling it right here; I’m picking the Packers every game no matter what.  The difference this time around is the Packers defense, which will have more pass rushing options outside of Clay Matthews, which is a focus of a Dom Caper’s 3-4 blitzburgh defense.  On offense, more “shh” from Aaron Rodgers will show that’s he’s already honed in the passing game.
Cory Jennerjohn 0-0 San Francisco 49ers 23-20
The 49ers have arguably the best talent from 1-53 in the NFL. Last year Colin Kaepernick wowed everyone with his legs and this year he’ll have to do it with his arm. Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb say they’re both ready to roll, but both have only played two snaps in the preseason and the early rust with Aaron Rodgers will show. Eddie Lacy won’t get many running lanes vs. the stingy San Francisco defense, and left tackle David Bakhitari will have his hands full with four-time Pro Bowl defensive end Justin Smith.
Jason Perone 0-0 San Francisco 49ers 35-34
Week one is always an anomaly and the Packers draw a tough road game against the defending NFC champions.  While they will fare better than they did in last year’s playoff game, the defense still struggles to contain the 9ers ground game.  Rodgers will be Rodgers and keep them in it all the way, but they fall just short.
Chad Toporski 0-0 Green Bay Packers 19-16
The absence of Michael Crabtree on the 49ers offense will make this game much more manageable for the Packers. Green Bay now also has a front seven capable of stopping the run and controlling the pocket. In my first bold prediction of the year, this defensive showdown will end in the final seconds with a Mason Crosby field goal from 53 yards out.

Chad Toporski, a Wisconsin native and current Pittsburgh resident, is a writer for You can follow Chad on twitter at @ChadToporski


24 thoughts on “Packers vs. 49ers Week 1 Game Predictions from

  1. Thank you Kris, Al, Thomas, Jason, and Chad, you guys are going to be correct. I’m tired of reading how great the 49ers are from 1 to 53. The Packers have the best QB in the NFL. Cobb, Nelson, Jones, and Finley will prove to be to much for this defense. We all saw last year the 49ers can get tore apart by good passing teams. With the addition off Lacy, the Packers will see much less cover two. All Lacy needs is a crease and he’s got 4, 5, 6 yards. The Packers were running the ball just fine last year in the playoffs until M.M. totally abandoned the run. This is going to be like the Houston Game last year, Rodgers GOES OFF! Perry is not Waldon. Daniels is not Daniels of last year, as are all the other rookie defensive players, and the depth on the defensive line will prove to be enough to slow the 49ers run game down.

    Lastly, who the heck is Kapernick going to throw the ball to? Not only will the Packers cover, they’ll win by at least 6. The Packers are a proud organization. The players have heard the number 579 for 8 months. They seen that damn 56 yard run by Kapernick on T.V. run over and over and over again. It’s not revenge, it’s pride and the Packers have plenty. This pride is what you’ll see on display Sunday as 8 months of being called WEAK is answered in anything but a weak way!! GO PACK GO!

    1. I agree with most of what you say, and I hope the Pack wins, but I don’t expect that they will. I think we’re going to see a run-heavy offense from SF, with Gore pounding the ball and an OCCASIONAL read option look. BUT, when everyone talks about the SF receivers, they’re overlooking the one I think is most dangerous and will hurt us the most: Vernon Davis. We’re going to need to be VERY aware of him coming off picks from the other receivers!

    2. Have to come clean and say I picked the 9ers, Nick. I just need to see this Packers team show up and play well against a very tough opponent and on the road, albeit. Hopefully I’m wrong.

  2. The Packers have been rising in my evaluation of the game. At first I chocked this up as a loss just because the were beaten twice last year. However either I am falling for the hyperbole or (the Packer within) is pushing me to believe the Pack can and will beat the 49er’s.

    The first game is always a crap shoot but the quiet confidence of the team is making me a believer. Besides, the history of Superbowl losers is not good. I will amend my Cheesestradamus picks shortly. I like to keep everyone guessing!

  3. Even though the Packers have many questions marks going into this game and this season I back the Pack, 27-20.
    Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since ’61.

  4. The Packers are a team built to play fast (force the opposition to play to tempo with them), and that’s the key here.

    I vaguely remember a playoff game at Candlestick many years ago when the underdog Packers first play from scrimmage was a long Favre–>Freeman TD that set the tone. Maybe not a bomb to open this, but a sustained TD drive to send a message would be awesome.

    If the Niners jump out front early, and can dictate tempo, the Packers are in trouble. If the Packers can get the early lead, I like how it goes for them. I can see it being a blowout either way, but more than likely a 20-17 type game.

  5. I think it will be a very close game, perhaps settled by a FG.

    The 49ers should be favorites with their o-line and front seven on defense. Both units are top three in the NFL.

    The lack of playing time between Rodgers, Cobb and Nelson does worry me. The Packers offense is a rhythm one and the lack of playing time I think will have a detrimental effect for a couple of games.

    I’m expecting our defense to be improved and keep the scoreline a lot closer but ultimately it’s going to be a loss.

    Some might see that as negative predicting a loss, but I see it as realistic. We are going up against a very good football team on their patch.

  6. Where are the Packers vulnerable? In theory the o-line. But when you think about it they’ve replaced their weakest link from last year(Newhouse) with someone who they think is better(we’ll see about that). Else, it’s about the same o-line that finished last year. And I do think the o-line that finished the year in 2012 was better than the one that started the season last year. What hurts the Pack is lack of depth, although Newhouse is a pretty good backup option at tackle.

    I do think the Packers defensive front seven or six or whatever is better than last year. The combination of holding the point and pass-rush(without blitzing) should be better. It should improve as the year goes on too.

    I think they’re weaker at receiver without Jennings, but that’s just me. Still with Jordy back, it should be a pretty good group. Boykin should be OK as the fourth, but we can’t afford injury in this area(do you hear me Cobb).

    The 49ers have a talented group, but may have lost something at receiver with their injuries. The element of surprise with the run-option is gone. Their D should be about the same as last year, which is very good.

    So what does all mean? Well the Packers weakest unit the o-line is about the same as last year season-end or on paper slightly better. The d-line is better, the QB the same and I think the LB’s(inside and out) should be better. RB’s(with Lacy sans Harris about the same). Secondary about the same. So the improved Packer defense with more awareness of the read-option should keep the score down and provide quality moments. It’s up to the offense to generate a few more drives this time which is going to be tough.

    So after this long-winded explanation, I favor the 49ers slightly(and mostly because I think they’ll get a few hometown calls. I’ve seen enough games to be convinced that the refs favor the home team, especially with loud emotional big games. I don’t care what anyone else says. Just one PI or PF call that shouldn’t have been made can change a game.)

    So SF to win, but GB closes the gap from last year. In fact if GB gets some bad calls to go there way, I can see them winning, but I don’t see that happening.

  7. The problem (?) with the NFL is the way it’s structured it produces equity over a period of time. I think the packers are entering a DOWN syndrome while their division, particularly the Bears & Lions are moving up. This should produce an even split in the Division won/lost wise. For the pack to stay on top they needed their top choices to produce & through injury & talent that hasn’t happened. They really only have two tier one players in Rogers & Matthews. They can still win big time playing as a team but must get a ground game going this year, teams can stop Rogers if he doesn’t have some ground help this year.
    I’d say the pack can beat SF by a field goal if they can run the ball to keep them from teeing off on Rogers.

    1. I don’t see the Packers entering a downward spell. The D is young and getting Stronger. Perry, DatOne, Jolly (not younger), Daniels, Hayward, Shields, Burnett entering his prime! The D is going to get stronger the next few years. On offense we’ll get some OL back next year (Bulaga, Tretter and Sherrod hopefully). Rodgers and his receiver are in their prime for a couple more years. Lacy is going to be a force if he stays healthy.

      This team is going nowhere and will contend the next 3-5 yrs. The Bares are saddled w/ Cutty, who is turnover prone and if they get a new QB, its doubtful he’ll be more talented. Lions are young and assending but are very inconsistent and don’t have the intangibles needed to be winners!

      Packers dominate the NFCN as long as Rodgers is our QB!

  8. Guys are bringing their A-game in the comments section. I’m absolutely stoked for this Sunday – should be a good one.

  9. The trip to SF ends up being a waste of airline fuel.

    Quinton Patton scores 2 TD’s.

    Davis makes the safeties look ridiculous.

    Rodgers out rushes Lacy (running for life).

    Jolly gets a stupid penalty.

    McCarthy gets out coached (again).

    Capers falls asleep (late afternoon game is past his bedtime).

    Crosby misses a fg inside of 45.

    What’s the record for most points given up by the Packers?

    Game vs. the ‘Skins becomes super-important.

    1. I disagree. While I’ve never said Ted T was the best draft man in the business, what he has done is built a hell of a team. With the cap structured he way it is, I found it pretty amazing that even after Rodgers, Matthews, and Burnetts extensions the Packers sTill have about 10 million in cap space. The Bears defense is getting old, really old and the Lions, although better still do things like take a guy like Titus Young instead of Randell Cobb. The Lions were active in FA this season. I’d still rather have Rodgers, Matthews, Cobb, Hayward than Calvin Johnson and any other Lions.
      It takes 53 players to build a TEAM.

    2. Packers cover Patton with ease.

      McCarthy actually sticks with the run game and Lacy is effective enough for a Rodgers to pick apart a much weaker secondary.

      Packers don’t need Capers to be awake, Perry can actually hold the edge.

      Crosby may miss, that’s why they win by 6 at the least.

      Jolly tips two passes, both which are intercepted.

      Davis will get some yards, but safety actually keep everything in front of them and short.

      Airline fuel? Who gives a damn after a win!

  10. The Pack need a well played game to win, the margin of error is less for us. I wish they had kept Mulligan for this game alone…. I think the Packers win only 1 of 5 tries in this situation. I am hoping we give Bahktari help, especially early. If Rodgers gets time and we don’t have to play catch up, we have a 50/50 chance. I like our chances if its tied going into the fourth with Rodgers at the helm. We have got to be able to run the ball ( or hit Finley short and screens), or the SF D will pin their ears back and make it a long day….My guess is the D plays better and MM plans for QB protection and we pull out a squeaker.

    1. Saw an aricle, video which showed stats of playing a simulated game over 500 times. SF won barely over 52% of them and the average score was 22-21. Its gonna be a tight game and go down to the wire. Packers have a very good shot in this one. All the returning players on D and some new ones will make our D much better and more physical. Lacy makes us more physical on offense just by his presence.

  11. Sure hope Jones and Burnett are healthy enough to play. Last I knew they are questionable. Hayward looks like a no show for sure. That’s three key defensive players out for potentially their toughest opponent of the year.Probably too much to overcome. Especially at San Fran.

      1. Chad, I don’t know if it is.

        If the 9ers were at full strength in the receiving corps, I would agree.

        However, with their receivers being down and out, I’m not nearly as concerned about coverage. So what is there to worry about?

        Run support? McMillian and Banjo seem more than capable, and perhaps more well suited than Burnett, to offer run support from the safety position.

        Making the secondary adjustments? MD Jennings has been in the system going on three years now. He’s probably got the calls down well enough that with some sideline coaching from Perry, he’ll be fine.. Don’t forget Bush has always been cross trained at safety as well, and he could also offer input from the sideline if needed, or even step in.

        Micah Hyde or Bush could also theoretically be inserted at S if the assignment calls for blitzing or run support on a given down.

        I want Burnett back in ASAP, but vs. this San Fran team, I don’t think it’s going to hurt quite as much.

        Vernon Davis in the seam could still cause the safeties some pain, I guess.

  12. I think this game comes down to Perry and Datone Jones.If they play well it will be tough to beat us.

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