Adam Czech: My Initial Packers 53-man Roster Prediction All Green Bay Packers All the Time

Assuming the entire team doesn’t get injured before final cutdown day, here is my Packers 53-man roster prediction for the 2013 season.

Quarterback (2): Rodgers, Young

If Rodgers gets hurt, Young at least has the raw talent to make a few plays and maybe keep the Packers’ heads above water until QB1 gets patched up and returns. I never thought I would write such a sentence when the Packers signed Young a few weeks back, but I just wrote it.

Running Back (5): Lacy, Franklin, Green, Starks, Kuhn

I thought Kuhn had a real chance of getting cut during camp, but once it became apparent that Franklin isn’t much of a pass blocker (yet), Kuhn was a lock. Harris getting hurt made predicting the running back situation much easier.

Wide Receiver (6): Nelson, Cobb, Jones, Boykin, Ross, Walker

Do the Packers really need to keep six WRs? With Nelson and Cobb already hurt, I think so.

Tight End (4): Finley, Taylor, Bostick, Quarless

Bye bye Williams and Mulligan. I held out hope for Williams this camp, but I just haven’t seen enough to justify that hope. Mulligan I might be dead wrong on, but he’s injured and the Packers needs roster spots in other areas so I’m guessing that he goes.

Offensive Line (7): Bakhtiari, Sitton, EDS, Lang, Barclay, Newhouse, Van Roten

I wanted to keep Lewis over Van Roten because I think Van Roten is too small to make much of an impact. Also, the Packers already have undersized guys at both tackles — I didn’t want another one at backup center. But Lewis didn’t do much to unseat Van Roten, so Van Roten gets the nod.

Defensive Line (7): Pickett, Raji, Jones, Wilson, Jolly, Daniels, Neal

Who would have thought that both Jolly and Vince Young would be Packers in 2013? Jolly has been too good to cut, especially with Jones still bothered by a bad ankle. Between Jolly, Daniels and Jones, one of the three needs to emerge as a guy who can pressure the QB every now and then.

Linebacker (9): Matthews, Perry, Hawk, Jones, Francois, Lattimore, Manning, Barrington, Mulumba

Matthews is the only spectacular player of the bunch, but this is a nice group of lunch pail type of players. I see a future for Barrington — for sure on special teams and maybe even as a regular if he picks up the defense and improves into next season.

Defensive Back (10): Williams, Shields, Hayward, House, Hyde, Burnett, Jennings, McMillian, Banjo, Bush

I went back and forth on keeping Banjo, but ended up keeping him because I’m not sure what Burnett’s status is. This is a banged up group, but Ted Thompson’s track record of finding young DBs that can contribute is generally good, so let’s see what happens.

Specialist (3): Goode, Masthay, Crosby

Another season of watching Crosby kick. Yay.

Practice Squad (8): OL Taylor, QB Coleman, LB Palmer, CB James Nixon, WR Charles Johnson, DL Josh Boyd, CB Brandon Smith, T Andrew Datko

Of these players, I can see someone possibly snatching away Boyd.

PUP: Worthy, Tretter, Richardson, Sherrod

We’ve been hearing that Sherrod has been making progress for a while now. Does he play this season? I don’t think so. I doubt we’ll see any of the guys on this list until 2014.

IR: WR Cunningham, OL Bulaga, WR Dorsey, RB Harris, LB Reed

Let’s hope this list doesn’t grow too much during the season.


Adam Czech is a a freelance sports reporter living in the Twin Cities and a proud supporter of American corn farmers. When not working, Adam is usually writing about, thinking about or worrying about the Packers. Follow Adam on Twitter. Twitter .


12 thoughts on “Adam Czech: My Initial Packers 53-man Roster Prediction

  1. I would create a roster spot by letting Walker go. He’s had a pretty good camp, but they need better players w/ more upside than Walker. Slow and small doesn’t do much for me, and he’s made a couple mistakes recently that cost him dearly IMO. I wouldn’t even bother w/ him on PS, due to his limited upside.

    Use that extra roster spot on Mulligan who would provide a lot more on ST and as a blocking TE, than Walker has a chance of doing as a WR w/ no real ST value.

    Not quite sure how I would do it just yet, but I think 8 OL make it. Of the OL I would most consider Taylor based on his size and long term potential. He would be an ideal OG/C to develop. I would keep him over Lewis, who is basically the same as EDS.

  2. Quarless isn’t going to beat out both Williams and Mulligan. He’s gone.

    5 WR’s and probably one of Boyd/Palmer to the 53. And, sorry, Datko is just awful. he’s not going back to the PS. They’ll bring a few fresh bodies in the be back-up PS players.

    1. Williams has done little but drop more passes and not show up in games. He’s made his own fate. Mulligan is the best blocking TE, Quarless the 2nd best blocking TE and best all around TE the Packers have. I would keep Q over Williams in a heartbeat and find a way to keep both Mulligan and Q.

  3. Correction: quarless USED to be the most well rounded TE. He has done next to nothing this year as far as i can tell. I would cut both he and williams. i cant see them holding 6 WR’s. i would move miller onto the active squad as a backup NT. cut bush, as i think his ST skill has diminished. I am with whomever said to get some new OL prospects for the PS. Datko has been brutal. Got killed last night by 3rd string LB’s. —does the potential joe mcnight signing mean ross is not as secure as he thinks? Lets see what tt does over the next 48hours as teams release players. GoPack!

    1. Yes and Quarless is recovering from a pretty severe knee injury. One that he should be at full strength from soon. I don’t see the Packers letting him go w/o seeing if he can return to full strength and becoming productive again.

  4. Mulligan has to have a spot based on McCarthy’s comments, he is their best blocking tight end since Ed West (nicknamed Velcro). Williams winning the Mackey Award makes it a farce. Datko is the softest lineman in camp in many years and is not worth a practice squad berth nor is Coleman, he looked like a deer in the headlights every time he stepped on the field last year and this year. Crosby will be cut when he has to make a kick to tie/win history shows he cannot kick under pressure (1 winner his rookie year)and now they finally are making him accountable.

  5. Stroh, you could be right. I had high hopes for Quarless so i hope you are. So far, however, he has been pretty pedestrian. I’ve heard them talk about williams improved blocking. Has anyone seen it? — i am excited for a full 10 days for jones to rest his ankle and for perry and cmiii to play a full game together. GoPack!

  6. I would be surprised, if the Packers stick with Datko. (even on the practice squad) From what I seen this preseason, nothing about his play warrants continued development.

    I also disagree with your assessment of Lewis as one of the Offensive Linemen the Packers keep.

    They should keep 8 not 7. There is still too much uncertainty for my comfort about Packers 2013 Offensive line. DuJuan Harris was a pleasant surprise last year, that showed up out of no where. Perhaps the same can be true with an O-Line player. Find one good player that just plays center (not a utility guy), and can immediately step in for EDS without any drop off in play.

    Perhaps there is one laying in the weeds that will land on the this Packer years Packer squad.

  7. My pick to be cut–Brandon Smith, Moses, White, Lewis,Datko,Boyd,VINCE YOUNG HAS ALREADY BEEN CUT,Coleman to PS and Packers will pickup a street FA for backup duty, DJ Williams,Amosa, Walker, Myles White, just a few to begin with. Possibly Boyd and White to PS.

  8. I don’t see Bostic or Quarless making it over Mulligan. Neither of the former can block anyone. Young is gone, not following the playbook and too much winging it proved his demise. Green I believe is gone already. Barrington is a long shot IMO. Sorry Adam Czech, I have to disagree with a lot of your articles.

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