Packers Cut Roster to 75 Players All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Packers GM Ted Thompson
Packers GM Ted Thompson made his roster cuts on Tuesday to make the 75-player limit.

The Green Bay Packers announced on Tuesday afternoon that their roster had been reduced to 75 players, per NFL rules. Four players were placed on injured reserve, four were placed on the PUP (physically unable to perform), and one was released. The players removed from the active roster were:

  • T Bryan Bulaga (IR)
  • WR Kevin Dorsey (IR)
  • RB DuJuan Harris (IR)
  • LB Jarvis Reed (IR)
  • S Sean Richardson (PUP)
  • T Derek Sherrod (PUP)
  • T J.C. Tretter (PUP)
  • DE Jerel Worthy (PUP)
  • K Zach Ramirez (released)

This is in addition to the six players already released since Saturday:

  • QB Graham Harrell
  • WR Justin Wilson
  • WR Omarius Hines
  • WR Alex Gillett
  • DL Gilbert Peña
  • RB Angelo Pease
  • K Giorgio Tavecchio

The players placed on injured lists (PUP and IR) were largely expected to end up there. DuJuan Harris was the one surprising move reported earlier this afternoon. Zach Ramirez was somewhat surprising considering his very recent signing; however, Packers beat reporters noted that he only made 6 of 16 field goal attempts during today’s practice. Mason Crosby connected on all 14 of his, suggesting that he might have finally won the preseason battle for good.

One more important note is that players placed on injured reserve today can not be “Designated for Return” later on in the season. This means that Bryan Bulaga and DuJuan Harris are effectively done for the year. Players on the PUP, as always, will have the opportunity to return to practice six weeks into the regular season.

Ted Thompson and the Packers must further reduce the roster to 53 players by the end of business on Saturday, August 31st.


Chad Toporski, a Wisconsin native and current Pittsburgh resident, is a writer for You can follow Chad on twitter at @ChadToporski


16 thoughts on “Packers Cut Roster to 75 Players

  1. Harris is out, thats BAD news… Crosby is in that is even worse news. Things can only get better, I hope…

    1. Yea, during the next round of cuts, TT dumps Crosby and replaces him with “Kickalicious.”

      1. M.M doesn’t have the sack to do it. He didn’t last year and won’t this year. Unless he’s(Thompson)got a inside line on another kicker he knows will be released, we’re stuck with Crosby. The reason for it? Simple, the cap hit and T.T. ego. To cut Crosby would mean Ted was wrong making him one of the higher paid kickers in the NFL. Last season he was #6 and he is this season as well. Think about that, Mason Crosby is the 6th highest paid place kicker in the NFL. I’ll eat a huge dish of crow if I’m wrong about Crosby, but I’m sure he’ll cost the Packers one game, maybe more. Crosby will miss a FG attempt like last season, or McCarthy will go on 4th and 7 because he can’t count on Crosby to make a 42 yard FG. I surely hope Ted has another plan and the Packers kicker isn’t even on the roster, just like he said last week.

    1. How’d he win it? Who did he kick against? Gimme a break, everybody giving “thumbs down” we’re all saying the same thing I’m still saying now, he’s a head case AND WILL cost the Pack. Hell maybe everybody is ok with career 76% kicker. News flash, he was the same in college. While most kickers actually get better in the pros, Crosby has stayed within 1% point(give or take a tenth or two)of his FG percentage in college. Unbelievable, he’s still here.

      1. I wish that TT had found a real good kicker that would hit every thing between the up rights, including kick offs.

        Unfortunately we are stuck with Crosby. that was my point. I didn’t give you a thumbs down either. Your points are valid.

        This is a case that TT made competition they way he saw fit. Crosby won it. Crosby is our kicker. I hope you are wrong on Crosby costing us a game but YOU are probably correct.

        1. Your right PatMc, and I don’t care about thumbs up or down. That’s just a difference of opinion. My biggest concern is if Crosby begins to falter again, do we keep calling him our kicker and try to work through another slump? My whole point was that I believe this was money driven. Ted T has the least amount of dead cap space. Is Crosby’s 2 plus million of dead cap money enough to keep him? Like I said, I’ll eat crow and admit I was dead wrong. I even hope I’m wrong. I’ll stop holding my breath around week 10.

  2. Too bad about Harris. Was really hoping to see him have the opportunity with a full training camp…to see what he could do. On the positive side…it was a position that TT drafted extra. So I don’t see it as a team setback. Hope the best for Harris rehab.

    1. Lets hope Franklin begins to catch on and sooner rather than later begins to show the flash he did at UCLA. I saw this kid play almost every game last year, he’s good. Not everyone comes up roses in training camp, it takes awhile. It does blow about Harris, kid ran hard and would have been awesome change of pace back from Lacy.

  3. They were never serious about replacing Crosby, too much money involved and confidence in their ability to coach any player to produce.

    If they were really serious about moving on they would have brought in a vet.

    They will just say to the fans that “See we brought in two kickers to compete but Crosby beat them and got the job”.

    In reality he beat two scrubs (they are both nice guys from all accounts but not to the level required yet).

  4. Actually, the guy you say is a “scrub” may end up being our kicker. Guarantee Crosby is on short leash and if he shanks a few early, make-able fg’s, they will bring “Sergio” back and have masthay kickoff. GoPack!

  5. Gilbert Pena already claimed off waivers by the Pats, another 3-4 team. With the 3-4 being in vogue, these interior guys will always be getting opportunities somewhere.

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