Surviving Sunday: News, Notes and Analysis from Packers Preseason All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Surviving Sundays with no Packers Football
Surviving Sundays with no Packers Football

Graham Harrell cut
Somebody alert the Minnesota Vikings, another Packers player has hit the open market. Reports are out there that Graham Harrell is getting cut, meaning Vince Young has won the Packers’ backup QB job. The Packers are effed if Vince Young needs to play for an extended stretch of games, but probably not as effed as they would’ve been with Harrell. I thought Harrell would come around to at least be a Matt Flynn type of backup, but obviously, I was wrong. His accuracy went from bad to worse, and that ultimately did him in.

Knowledge of offense?
The only thing Harrell had going for him was his knowledge of the offense. I suppose it would be nice for Aaron Rodgers to have a backup that is familiar with the offense and can offer insight when needed, but that knowledge didn’t make up for Harrell’s poor play. Besides, the Packers have a QB coach, offensive coordinator, head coach and who knows how many other people that know this offense just as well, if not better than Rodgers. If Vince Young is playing catchup in the classroom, it shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

Meat wagon makes the rounds at Lambeau
Five more Packers were struck down with injuries in Friday’s loss to the Seachickens. Casey Hayward, Brad Jones, Morgan Burnett and Jarvis Reed left the game on defense. On offense, DuJuan Harris re-injured his knee. Of the five, Burnett worries me the most. Who’s going to play safety if Burnett is on the shelf?

Sherrod’s family speaks
Since the Packers and Derek Sherrod aren’t providing any updates on why it’s taking so long for the big tackle to return from a broken leg, Bob McGinn contacted Sherrod’s family to try and learn more about what’s going on. Turns out Sherrod has had to deal with many challenges on his road to recovery. I don’t get why the Packers and/or Sherrod have been so secretive about the injury and recovery process. I get that all teams are paranoid about releasing injury news, but what good has that paranoia done the Packers in Sherrod’s case? All it’s done is frustrated the fan base and caused some misguided people to question Sherrod’s work ethic or toughness as he tries to return.

Walker making the final 53
It’s tough to not root for undrafted rookie Tyrone Walker to make the Packers final roster. Jordy Nelson said this week that he may not be back for the opener against San Francisco, and Randall Cobb is still bothered by a bicep injury. Could that open the door for the speedy kid from Illinois State? Walker didn’t catch a pass on Friday night. Might that hurt his chances?

A breakout season for Finley?
Both the local and national media — and many Packers players and coaches — are telling us that this this will be the year for Jermichael Finley to break out. It’s not much different from what we hear about Finley every preseason, but national media seems to really be buying into it this time around. Finley caught two of the six passes thrown his way on Friday. He also dropped a pass from Graham Harrell and failed to reel in a tough grab in the end zone. To me, it sounds like Finley is about right on track with what he’s been most of his career: Moments of brilliance mixed with frustration.

Podcasts, podcasts and more podcasts
With all the good Packers podcasts out there, there is absolutely no reason for you to be bored on your commute to work. On this week’s No Huddle Radio, Jason Perone, Chad Toporski and yours truly captivate the audience with discussions on Eddie Lacy, Nick Perry and the Packers backup QBs. There are all kinds of other quality podcasts to check out over at The Packers Talk Radio Network.


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34 thoughts on “Surviving Sunday: News, Notes and Analysis from Packers Preseason

  1. All of these injuries are really concerning to me. This is where Ted’s refusal to sign a FA here or there can bite the Pack in the butt. For example, I was one of those that thought the Packers should have at least made a offer to Michael Huff. Ted’s desire to constantly make this team younger, or so it seems, leaves the Packers very thin at Safety. Hamstrings have a tendency to linger, hell we lost Matthews for 4 games last year due to a Hamstring injury. If I put my optimist cap away and look at it for what it really is, McMillan and Jennings doesn’t do it for me, especially facing the Redskins and Bengals in weeks 2 and 3. I find it odd that everybody seems to come to the defense of the Packers Strength and Conditioning Coaches, yet we have 4 hamstring injuries.

    1. In addition, It appears that once an injury happens, the wrong coarse of treatment is used, resulting in additional complications and longer recovery time from injury.

    2. Free agents get injured too, you know? Seattle’s injury list was bigger than ours in the last game.

      1. Yup, you’re right but thanks to 4 new Hamstring injuries, not anymore. That and it’s WHO is injured on the Packers. Seahawks were missing several starters but the Packers, the Pack are now down Tramon Williams, Casey Hayward, Morgan Burnett, and Brad Jones to name a few. Those 4 are going to be needed to compete against these first 3 games.

  2. I about cried when I saw Finley doing that idiotic hand/fin thing on his helmet after that 20 yard play. I knew that he had just blown the cover on his new act, and his play thereafter was a reflection of what we’ve come to know and fear over the years.

    1. Yeah cuz you know Driver never did a 1st down dance shimmy! How is him celebrating a play different than Driver? And how does that somehow mean he’s blow his top (your words and opinion) regarding interviews? Let me help you… I Doesn’t.

      1. Driver earned the respect of the fans first. Although I felt that was a significant catch for a big first down and would not fault Finley for the TD drop. He made a great effort and almost caught it. If he continues that effort he will be the tight end we are all hoping for.

        1. So Driver gets to celebrate, but Finley isn’t? No matter of any respect, that’s ridiculous! One gets to celebrate BOTH get to celebrate, period.

    2. Couldn’t agree more. Up to that point I thought he’d actually changed. I like the fact that some Players celebrate a big play, a TD, something worth a celebration. Finley does his shark deal for a first down. Then for the encore, dropped a TD pass in the end zone. Just when I thought he was going to shut-up, play, and be closer to that 2010 guy.

      1. Oh come on, Nick… That TD “drop” by Finley can’t really be attributed to a lack of effort or talent. If anything, that one was on Harrell for a poor throw.

        1. C’mon Chad…thats the catch great TEs need to make..every pass cannot be spoon fed to him like Rodgers does and even still..he’s been known to..drop’em.

        2. Chad you are right, it was a poor throw, horrible even, BUT for a guy we pay 8 million or 8.5 million this year, he should come down with it. At least I thought so. Then again maybe I’m over reacting. Cobb or Nelson haven’t played, Rodgers hasn’t had a TD drive and my beloved Packers are a fricken mash unit and its only week 3 of the preseason. I think I need to just take deep breaths.

          1. So now Finley is held to a higher standard than any other receiver? He used terrific effort to get his hands on it, and its his fault he didn’t catch it cuz he’s getting paid 8M. Try making sense next time.

        3. He comes up with the ball and Harrell will get all the credit for putting the ball where only Finley could get it. He traps the ball and people are all over him. Can’t win…

  3. I’m not saying he is over his selfish attitude completly. However, did you notice what he did after the touchdown catch was over turned? He walked over to Mcarthey and said “my bad”. Mcarthey accnowledged it with a jab to the chest. He would not have done this in previous years. In the past he would have blamed it on chemistry between him and Harrell.

    1. So he does the ‘My Bad’ to MM after he does the Lambeau Leap leading all to adorn him with congrats yet knowing he dropped it.

      1. You wanted him to tell the refs that he dropped the ball? I don’t know if he knew for sure he dropped it. I think that he saw the replay in the big screen and he was taking responsibility for not taking better control while falling to the ground. Quite mature, maybe taking some responsibility of Harrell’s chest. I’m sure Driver would have done the same thing.

  4. “To me, it sounds like Finley is about right on track with what he’s been most of his career: Moments of brilliance mixed with frustration.”

    Yes, but week 1 vs. San Fran, he’s going to have to be brilliant with Nelson and Cobb either out of shape, rusty, or on the shelf.

    I’m half banking my FFL team on this being a boom year for Finley.

  5. Packers just signed a Kicker!!!! Maybe you guys knew already but they signed Zack Ramirez, some kid from Portland St. I guess this was the guy Thompson said was a possible kicker not yet on the Packers roster when he interviewed Friday.

    1. According to his draft profile on NFL.Com, Ramierz went 17-18 his Sr. Year. Was 6-6 at his pro day including two from 55 yards and his kickoffs all went out of the end zone. Sounds good to me!

      1. Now that sounds like a kicker I would possibly release Crosby for. Long as he comes in and kicks well this week.

        1. In the article I read he was using a holding tee, like thy warm up with and kicking them from 65 yards. I don’t care as long as he’s 17-18 from 49 and in

        2. In the video he was using a holding tee, like thy warm up with, and kicking them from 65 yards. I don’t care as long as he’s 17-18 from 49 and in minimum.

      2. Sorry but the stats were wrong on site I reviewed. He was 24-27 in 201 and 4-7 his Senior year and got hurt. He was 6-6 at pro day. Either way I hope he’s real deal.

  6. Hayward, Burnett, B Jones. If theyre out for week 1 I’m betting the bank on the 9ers

  7. The 3rd preseason exhibition was ugly in more ways than just the 22 total penalties called. Let’s see . . . Score: Seahawks 17; Packers 10. Injuries: Packers 5; Seahawks 0. Rushing yards by round 2nd round draft picks: Seahawks (Michael) +97; Packers (Lacy) -5.

    The only good thing about the Seahawks is that afterwards the Pack signed a tryout kicker from Seattle’s May rookie camp, Zach Ramirez. Any other cast offs available? We need hardy bodies to fill-in for our injured players.

      1. I’m with Chad. That fact that Rodgers was out after 1st series and the Packers were hanging while playing many substitutes and Seattle was still playing starters in the 3rd quarter says something. M.M. is very secretive about injuries. Maybe they were just minor tweaks and they’ll all be ready and have a healthy year.

        1. “Score that matters most” in an exhibition game? The only thing that matters in an exhibition game is that a team comes out of it clean without injuries. Seattle did; we didn’t.

        2. A lot of these injuries seemed to be tweaks and pulls. As long as they aren’t tears, I’m not overly concerned.

          1. “Tweaks and pulls”? Hayward reinjured his hamstring and may be out for weeks. DuJuan Harris is seeking a medical “second opinion” about his knee injury. That doesn’t sound good, does it? It certainly is more serious than a “tweak.” If surgery is required, scratch him for at least part of the season, maybe all of it.

            1. Bad news. Harris has been placed on IR for the year! Are you concerned now, Dobber?

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