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Green Bay Packers vs. Seattle Seachickens: 2013 Preseason Week 3

Weary of dealing with myself and the rest of the writing staff, fearless leader Jersey Al Bracco is off on a much needed vacation to parts unknown.  So in the meanwhile you get me, who is about as accomplished on the “tweeter” as Mike McCarthy, so visit the blog and comment!


Green Bay PackersGreen Bay Packers
18 WR Randall Cobb
25 CB James Nixon
28 S Sean Richardson
38 CB Tramon Williams
73 T JC Tretter
75 T Bryan Bulaga
78 T Derek Sherrod
85 TE Matthew Mulligan
87 WR Jordy Nelson
99 DE Jerel Worthy

Seattle Seahawks
11 WR Percy Harvin
18 WR Sidney Rice
19 WR Bryan Walters
26 FB Michael Robinson
34 CB Tharold Simon
36 CB Ron Parker
56 DE Cliff Avril
58 LB Ty Powell
59 LB Korey Toomer
77 G James Carpenter
86 TE Zach Miller
90 DT Jesse Williams
91 DE Chris Clemons
97 DT Jordan Hill
98 DE Greg Scruggs


Mike McCarthy Pregame Show on 620 WTMJ:

  • Preseason week 3 will be different than previous years, need to give everyone an opportunity to play.  Our goal is to have everyone play
  • The quality of play has gone up from week 1 to week 2; our defense is ahead of our offense in terms of efficiency
  • Dujuan Harris and Eddie Lacy will rotate with the starters
  • The kicking competition is dead even between Mason Crosby and Giorgio Tavecchio
  • Seattle is a excellent challenge for us tonight, this is exactly what we need.  There no secret what the Seahawks are going to do on defense, much like how we are on offense.


Game Notes: Week 3 is the big one of the preseason schedule and the Packers couldn’t have gotten a better opponent than Seattle, who will test both their offense and defense.  Expect to see the bulk of the starters get a good set of reps while the best backups will float to the top of the pecking order.  Good news is that Datone Jones


First Quarter

  • Man at least we don’t have to listen to Torry Holt attempt to color comment……
  • Rodgers sporting the porn mustache, Harrell the lumberjack beard, wonder what Vince Young is doing?
  • Would the Packers keep Jeremy Ross just for kick offs?  He might have poor hands, but give him that much space to catch the ball clean and he’s going to do something with it.
  • And now we all know why Mike Neal is playing outside linebacker, which is Clay Matthews gets to play middle linebacker and spy on Russell Wilson.
  • Harris and Barclay start on offense.
  • Overall, 1st quarter looks like two powerhouse teams trading punches; Packers defense isn’t perfect but I would say they’ve passed the test so far. Seattle is going to get production, but the Packers have been mostly sound in run defense and have gotten after the quarterback (2 sacks already).

Second Quarter

  • And the worst thing that could happen to the defense has happened; Morgan Burnett is probably done with a hamstring injury, hopefully the Packers are just playing it safe.
  • Rodgers is calling it a night, first up is Graham Harrell again.  I like this idea, you don’t want to know if Harrell can play with the backup offense, you want to see if he can play with the starters.
  • Ticky-tack penalty on Bakhtiari negates great Lacy run, Harrell actually tries to go deep, Packers forced to punt, crowd boo’s Golden Tate.
  • J.R. Sweazy having a really bad night. Thank god he plays for Seattle.
  • Both Dujuan Harris and Jermichael Finley both come out with injuries; not sure what’s going on, hopefully just precautionary.  Finley have returned.
  • Play call is not helping Harrell, throwing deep on first and second down and then having to force the 3rd and long isn’t going to help his efficiency.
  • Lots of extracurricular going on, if this wasn’t a preseason I would mind, but since it isn’t let them get chippy.
  • Referee Ron Winters completely out of breadth after the 3rd kick leading to the 3rd set of penalties.

Third Quarter

  • What the hell is going on with the special teams penalties?
  • Man, Vince Young might not be the most accurate of passers, but the dude still has wheels.  This just got interesting.
  • Backup defense getting good pressure.  I’m liking the mentality the defense is showing.

Fourth Quarter

  • All the quarterbacks are trying to stretch the field; after 2 preseason games of dump off passes and quick outs, it’s good to see the backup quarterbacks try longer passes
  • The Seahawks might have give the Lions a run for their money as the least disciplined team in the NFL.
  • Alex Green vs. James Starks?  Advantage Alex Green tonight.  James Starks doesn’t see a touch tonight.
  • Good to see Charles Johnson and Kevin Dorsey make it on the field; might be a little too late to make the roster, but definitely a shot for the PS.
  • On the fumble, Stoneburner got too greedy and let the defender pop the ball out.
  • The Packers are very content to play soft on 3rd and long; usually that’s the right call but getting complacent might cause problems.  Christine Michael’s touchdown was mostly when the defense didn’t react to the run fast enough.

Concluding Thoughts

  • Would rather see the Packers win than lose, but even better for the team not to end in a tie.  Tired players get hurt easier
  • James Starks is definitely the odd man out.
  • Final penalty count from the Seahawks: 14 accepted for 182 yards, holy crap.
  • While Mike McCarthy may not be thinking about the Fail Mary, the Packers defense certainly was, again since this is preseason, go get a little revenge on them.
  • Eddie Lacy was a lot more human; 8 carries for -5 yards; I wouldn’t put too much stock in that, just as Aaron Rodgers is going to benefit with Lacy, Lacy also benefits from having Rodgers.  Lacy played mostly with Harrell and the defense started stacking the box with impunity.
  • For Young vs Harrell, it’s now potential vs. experience.  Harrell definitely has a better command of the offense, but Young definitely has the better skill set.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see either one end up as the backup to Rodgers.
  • See you all and welcome Al back for Kansas City.

Thomas Hobbes is a staff writer for Jersey Al’s


31 thoughts on “Packers 10 vs. Seachickens 17 – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered

    1. I’ll bet Lacy gets the second drive. It just happened that both teams had really long drives to start the game.

  1. Please no serious injuries to Harris or Burnett.

    Good play by Perry/Francois/Hayward.

    1. Harris is back, but really the Packers might just hold them out since it’s a preseason game.

            1. Man I couldn’t agree more. I like this Hyde kid. I swear I saw McMillan make a tackle with his back, like he was scared of Lynch. He’s just not making the jump the Packers had hoped for IMO. Shields and whoever on the corners, (by whoever I mean Williams or house if Williams hurt)Hayward in the slot, and Hyde and Burnett at Safety.

              1. I would like to see a little something more from McMillan so far too. However he did get an INT of Wilson last nite so we’ll have to see how important that is to the coaches.

  2. If Seattle were a hockey team, they would be described as “Chippy”. I think Pete Carroll embraces that.

    1. Well they are the most penalized team in the preseason, and by a lot apparently. 8 for 100 yards in this game alone apparently (and counting).

  3. Tim Masthay might have had one of the nicest tackles of the night on that Golden Tate punt return that was negated by penalty.

  4. Mike Neal looking pretty good at OLB, he’s not sticking out like a sore thumb.. That’s a great sign at this point.

    Is anyone still worried about my boy Brad Jones @ ILB? He’s a playmaker!

    Nick Perry looks like he’s already putting on the white gloves for dinner service, plate of crow. He’s been flushing the QB, holding the point, and he looked particularly awesome on 2nd and ten with roughly 1:40 left in the half when he paused his pass rush off the snap, diagnosed the play, they bailed into the flat to foil any chance of a screen developing. He’s playing not thinking now!

    Francois is looking even better as a backup than he did two years ago when called into service.

    Micah Hyde is clearly going to see the field a bunch this year.

    Mike Daniels is still a whirling dervish, hustle, hustle, hustle.

    Hawk made a play behind the LOS.

    I’m feeling pretty good about this defense, both from a personnel standpoint, and how they are playing their assignments vs. a russel wilson led offense. They have looked pretty disciplined for the most part and seem to know what they should be doing against a slippery QB.

    1. Tipped pass was nice,must have seen Jolly do something with his hands but,Giacoma handled him too many times…put the crow back in the pot Oppy,he has a lot more to prove.

      1. I’m starting to wonder if you have realistic expectations.

        Nick Perry looked every bit the part of competent OLB and at times was a commanding presence.

        I didn’t even think about the tipped pass; it was a nice play.. but it seems that’s the only play that stuck out to you? If so, I don’t think we watch defense in the same manner.

        1. Keep in mind Perry isn’t going after the quarterback every play, he also responsible for run assignments and setting the edge for his teammates. When he was rushing, I think he got good penetration and pressure; that’s a good start.

        2. Well,perhaps mine are a tad high but he’s a 1st rd pick who played DE and was selected with every intention of being a OLB..or perhaps the bar you have for him is a tad too low.

          He still only has a bull rush and Breno had him,but nothing he did really helped CM3,that sack was all him and doubled teamed to boot.
          Like I said,I’ll clean the plate as I keep true to my word but not even close yet 🙂

          1. He was a late 1st, not a top 10 1st. The difference is immense. Top 10 are can’t miss guys. End 1st isn’t much different than many 2nd’s, except to someone w/ unrealistic expectations that think all 1st are equal. The fact he played DE also complicates his progress as an OLB. Unfortunately there are very few teams that play 34 DE in college so NFL teams have to project how players will do as an OLB.

    2. He’s also the one who tipped the pass for Hayward’s INT. wasn’t he? Be nice to see all the Packers pass rushers get their hands up if not getting to QB. Daniels is making that jump M.M. talks of between year one and two. If he keeps playing like this he might prove to be a steal in last years 4th round. Dude makes plays and has a non stop motor.

  5. Does Mark Murphy look like he should be a star for the bad guys in World War Z?

    Good Lord. Someone needs to get a different haircut.

  6. I especially agree with not being overly concerned with Lacy’s performance. With Harrell behind center, we saw how little Seattle’s defense, or any other defense for that matter will respect Harrell. With Harrell in, no Cobb, Nelson, Jones, Finley combo to worry about, they just teed of on Eddie Lacy and he never had a chance. With Rodgers in, he’d tear the Seahawk’s apart.
    I thought Vince Young played well enough to see him come in first next week. I can’t stand Harrell. 3 years with a QB guru and this is what we have.
    The defense played well. They were getting a lot of pressure and with the exception of the first play, left Wilson no where to run. I was wrong about Daniels. I felt he is much better for a 4-3 defense and maybe he is, but that 6 foot ball of muscle can play. PERIOD. While I’ve always liked his motor, he’s one of those M.M. talks about making the big jump from year one to two.
    Nick Perry is going to be just fine, especially against the run. On several of his pass rushes he collapsed the pocket and left Wilson no where to run. Overall I was pretty happy with what I saw from a injured Packer team.

  7. I know it’s preseason so I take it all with a large grain of salt, the coaches have to see everyone to make cuts and all that but I would like to have seen them play the first team a few more snaps than they did! I know I’m just excited I guess!!!

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