Save my Seat on the Jermichael Finley Bandwagon All Green Bay Packers All the Time
I’m off the Jermichael Finley bandwagon, but could return shortly.

Every offseason I’m as big a supporter of Packers tight end Jermichael Finley as there is.

While many fans get frustrated about what Finley says, or his (lack of) production based on his (perceived) talent, I point out the value that Finley does bring to the Packers’ offense, and remind people that he’s young and probably hasn’t reached his full potential yet.

I backed off that stance this offseason, at least somewhat. I didn’t join the large group of torch and pitchfork carrying Finley haters, but I no longer have a shot at getting elected president of the Finley fan club, either.

I suppose you could say that I got off the Finley bandwagon, but asked the person next to me to save my seat in case I decided to hop back on.

We hear all the typical training camp cliches about Finley every offseason: He’s more mature. He’s grown up. He’s more focused. He looks great in camp. He’s ready to break out. He’s physical. He’s working as hard as ever. This is the year. Finally. No, really — this time it really is his year.

We’re hearing all those things again this training camp. Even Mike McCarthy is piling the love on J-Mike.

I suppose hearing the typical training camp talk about a player being “in the best shape of his life” or being “more focused” is better than hearing that a player is fat and distracted by the new season of “Duck Dynasty.” But forgive me for tuning out all that talk about Finley this offseason. I’m not going to buy any of it until it transfers to actual results.

I won’t be at all surprised if Finley does, in fact, break out this season. I suppose it wouldn’t shock me, either, if he flops. Either way, I won’t be patting myself on the back, telling the world “I told you so.”

A lot of Packers fans are sick of Finley talking. I’m sick of hearing myself and others talk about Finley, so I’m going to zip it. It’s time to stop hoping, prognosticating, predicting, forecasting, wishing, and praying for Finley to break out. Let’s just sit back, watch, and see if he actually does.

We can save all of that other stuff for players like Eddie Lacy and Datone Jones — young guys who have yet to go through the entire training camp media cycle of hype and hope.

The Jermichael Finley bandwagon might be traveling a little faster today because my fat butt is no longer on it.

But if Finley does emerge as a top tight end, I’ll reclaim my seat immediately. I’ve ridden on the bandwagon for so long, I’m allowed to hop off for a little bit if I want to. Hopefully the person saving my seat at least keeps it warm for me.


Adam Czech is a a freelance sports reporter living in the Twin Cities and a proud supporter of American corn farmers. When not working, Adam is usually writing about, thinking about or worrying about the Packers. Follow Adam on Twitter. Twitter .


12 thoughts on “Save my Seat on the Jermichael Finley Bandwagon

  1. I will be taking Finley in the 7th round of my 12 team PPR FF draft (full of Bears fans). And then following him up in the 10th or so with Owen Daniels for safety.

    Then I’ve protected myself in case Finley flops, and I’ve got his upside too.

    IMO the Packers offense gets back to running through the middle of the field with Cobb/Lacy/Finley this year. Jordy and James then get to be the homerun guys outside the numbers.

    1. Agree on the middle of the field. All I really want out of Finley is to make a few tough catches up the middle of the field each game. I think that would open up the offense and force defenses to pay a lot of attention to whatever Finley is up to.

  2. Ditto on everything. This year the words seem to flow with more confidence than before. In the past it always seemed like we were (talking ourselves onto Finley bandwagon) This year it seems that we are already on the wagon and are looking to be knocked off? With Jordy and Cobb not practicing Aaron seems to be relying on Finley more and more. A confidence builder for both. If Finley seems to have “finely” arrived than I expect him to get hurt in typical Packer fashion and be done for the season.

  3. Let’s hope that when ARod connects with Jordy, Cobb and Jones, Finley doesn’t lose it and start the crap all over again that he and ARod are not on the same page, that ARod loves them more than him, yada yada. Bottom line Jermichael, catch the balls that are thrown to you and you’ll have more opportunities to prove you are as reliable as you claim you are. Then we may have to get a much bigger bandwagon.

  4. Considering G. Jennings is gone now, there’s no established four receiver and Finley’s having a good camp, I see #12 moving him up the progression and targeting Finley much more this year. So even if Finley drops a few, his stats(total catches and yards) should still go up simply because he’ll be thrown at more.

  5. I noticed in last weeks game, he and AR were chatting on the bench. It appeared that AR was giving him a pep talk but in a good way. He may be one of those guys who needs to be stroked to keep his moral up. I don’t care for some of his antics but does he have a contract coming up soon?

  6. You must know the scenery on that bandwaggon very well by now, because Finley is in his 6th season.

    He has been a tease for so long. Is he worth $8m+ ? Only if he performs at a very high level. Chances of that, I’ll set it at 40%

    1. 40%? I agree that there is a solid 40% that the young man performs at a very high level this year, and maybe even a higher percentage. The chances that he performs merely at a high level would seem to me to be at 80 or 90%. I mean, after all, he performed at a high level last year didn’t he? Packer record for tight end receptions? I think what is very unlikely is that he performs at anything less than at least a high level.

  7. I’m holding you some space Adam. I think Finley is going to have a great year. Of course you’ll have to hold my cooler on your lap and get me beer when i call for one. GoPack!

  8. Finley will have a great year because: it is his contract year. pretty simple stuff.

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