Packers 2013 Training Camp Depth Chart: Week 4 All Green Bay Packers All the Time

Johnny Jolly InterceptionAs the Green Bay Packers Training Camp unfolds, I am going to do my best to track the players along the depth chart. While things will certainly change over the course of the preseason, this gives us an idea of how the coaches are valuing the players.

Please note that this is not a projection, but rather a snapshot ranking based on observations of training camp practices. Those players seen on the first team units are obviously in the running for starting jobs, while those on second team units are still working their way up the ladder. And as we should all know by know, special teams roles will continue to play a part in how each player is valued.

As a change from last year, I have separated each position into tiers. The first tier represents probable “starters,” the second tier represents probable back-ups, and the third tier represents training camp “warm bodies” (for lack of a better term). Generally speaking, the rankings within each tier are most important for second tier players, where there is more competition for a roster spot and possible starter material.

Notes are provided after each position to help you understand why players were ranked as they are. Most of my information comes from the beat writers who have been watching practice, using their Twitter feeds and articles as references.


Rodgers, Aaron

Harrell, Graham
Young, Vince

Coleman, B.J.

  • The quarterbacks had a better showing this week, but that’s not really saying much.


Running Back

Lacy, Eddie
Harris, DuJuan

Franklin, Johnathan
Green, Alex
James Starks

Pease, Angelo

  • Lacy is clearly at the head of the pack, and McCarthy has made it clear Harris is right up there with him on the depth chart.
  • Franklin started with the second team offense, but he needs to show that he can still get yards despite bad blocking.
  • Green and Starks need to step up their games.



Kuhn, John

Amosa, Jonathan

  • Yawn.


Tight End

Finley, Jermichael

Williams, D.J.
+ Mulligan, Matthew
Bostick, Brandon
Stoneburner, Jake

+ Quarless, Andrew
+ Taylor, Ryan

  • D.J. Williams is still atop the second tier, as he did get a starting look on Saturday. He also played quite a bit with the second offense, too. How long will they continue to give him opportunities?
  • Mulligan was injured in the preseason game, but he seemed to be ahead of Bostick and Stoneburner this week.


Wide Receiver

Jones, James
Boykin, Jarrett

Ross, Jeremy
Walker, Tyrone
Gillett, Alex
White, Myles

Hines, Omarius
Wilson, Justin

+ Cobb, Randall
+ Nelson, Jordy
+ Dorsey, Kevin
+ Johnson, Charles
* Cunningham, Sederrik

  • Boykin is officially in the top tier, as it’s clear he’s not going anywhere. Teams might not want to underestimate him.
  • Walker, Gillett, and White are all knocking on Ross’ door.



Dietrich-Smith, Evan

Van Roten, Greg
Gerhart, Garth

Lewis, Patrick
Taylor, Lane

  • Gerhart got a long look at center on Saturday, but GVR is still the top back-up.



Sitton, Josh
Lang, T.J.

Taylor, Lane
Lewis, Patrick

Van Roten, Greg

  • Lane and Lewis took a lot of the second-string snaps at guard on Saturday.



Bakhtiari, David
Barclay, Don
Newhouse, Marshall

Datko, Andrew
Hughes, Kevin

Van Roten, Greg

+ Bulaga, Bryan
* Sherrod, Derek
* Tretter, J.C.

  • Datko is finally back and getting some reps, but the real battle is still at starting right tackle between Barclay and Newhouse.


3-4 Nose Tackle

Pickett, Ryan
Raji, B.J.

Miller, Jordan

Pena, Gilbert

  • Miller is an interesting candidate to watch, though I doubt there’s going to be room for him on the roster.


3-4 Defensive End

Raji, B.J.
Wilson, C.J.
Pickett, Ryan
Daniels, Mike

Jolly, Johnny
Boyd, Josh

Miller, Jordan

* Worthy, Jerel

  • Wilson doesn’t seem like the playmaker fans want on the team, but it’s clear that the Packers value him more. He could still be unseated, but for now he’s getting the starter reps.


Nickel/Dime Defensive Tackle

Raji, B.J.
Wilson, C.J.
Daniels, Mike
Neal, Mike

Jolly, Johnny
Boyd, Josh
Miller, Jordan

+Jones, Datone
* Worthy, Jerel

  • Mike Neal is finally back in action, while Mike Daniels continues to get some quality reps with the first string defense.
  • Johnny Jolly drove up his stock on Saturday be being involved in two turnovers.


Inside Linebacker

Hawk, A.J.
Jones, Brad

Francois, Robert
Lattimore, Jamari

Manning, Terrell
Barrington, Sam

  • Francois made some splash plays on Saturday, though he and Lattimore are the clear second-stringers at ILB.


Outside Linebacker

Matthews, Clay
Perry, Nick

Moses, Dezman
Neal, Mike
Mulumba, Andy

Palmer, Nate
Reed, Jarvis
Savage, Donte

  • Mike Neal and Andy Mulumba both seem to be competing for the same side, though Moses is leaving a bit to be desired as Matthews’ backup. Time will tell how this position shakes out.



Shields, Sam
Hyde, Micah
House, Davon

Nixon, James
Bush, Jarrett

Smith, Brandon
Means, Loyce

+ Hayward, Casey
+ Williams, Tramon

  • Hyde got a ton of reps on Saturday, which is a good sign for him. The coaches were obviously testing him over the stretch of a game, plus getting plenty of tape to learn from. He also bounced back well from a couple poor plays.


Burnett, Morgan
Jennings, M.D.
McMillian, Jerron

Banjo, Chris

Fulton, David
Powell, Chaz

* Richardson, Sean

  • Chris Banjo made his way into some dime looks on Saturday with the first string secondary. He’s clearly ahead of Fulton and Powell at this point.



Crosby, Mason
Tavecchio, Giorgio

  • Crosby takes back the lead after making all of his field goals on Saturday. Tavecchio, on the other hand, missed his first one.


* On active Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list
+ Recovering from injury/illness


Chad Toporski, a Wisconsin native and current Pittsburgh resident, is a writer for You can follow Chad on twitter at @ChadToporski


4 thoughts on “Packers 2013 Training Camp Depth Chart: Week 4

  1. A couple corrections for this list: McCarthy didn’t make it clear that Harris is right up with Lacy on the depth chart, he explicitly stated that Harris is the starter and is considered ahead of Lacy.

    Mulumba and Neal both took snaps ahead of Moses, and after a weak camp for Moses, it appears he is battling for the #5 OLB spot with Palmer.

    I’m grateful for your commentary on each position, nice work! I still believe that separating the players recovering from injury from the healthy players greatly limits the usefulness and accuracy of the list as a whole.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. The only reason I keep the injured players separate is because they haven’t been taking any snaps. While we can conjecture where they’d be on the depth chart, it wouldn’t be accurate. That said, I did take your comment into account, and in the future, I am keeping injured players in the list if they’ve practiced a significant amount that week. For example, Mulligan is on the depth chart because his injury didn’t happen until late in the week during the game.

      As for Harris, I know that McCarthy said he’s the starter, but he didn’t play at all in the game and got limited snaps last week. If that changes this week, then next week’s list will reflect that.

      I’ll go back to the game and check the tape, but I could have sworn I saw Moses on the field before Mulumba and Neal. I did just read Silverstein’s Monday practice report, though, and apparently Moses has now slipped behind the two in snaps. So you are definitely right, but I also hadn’t taken Monday’s practice into account for this.

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