Packers vs. Rams – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: GB 19 STL 7 All Green Bay Packers All the Time

Packers - Rams

Green Bay Packers vs. St. Louis Rams:  2013 Preseason game 2

Unfiltered game day blog post of comments, observations and first impressions.

Inactives for today:

Green Bay PackersGreen Bay Packers
16 WR Kevin Dorsey
17 WR Charles Johnson
18 WR Randall Cobb
26 RB DuJuan Harris
28 S Sean Richardson
29 CB Casey Hayward
38 CB Tramon Williams
73 T JC Tretter
75 T Bryan Bulaga
78 T Derek Sherrod
81 TE Andrew Quarless
82 TE Ryan Taylor
87 WR Jordy Nelson
95 DE Datone Jones
99 DE Jerel Worthy

St. Louis Rams
27 S Matt Giordano
30 RB Zac Stacy
54 LB Jabara Williams
57 LB Sammy Brown
64o OL Sean Hooey
76 T Rodger Saffold
97 DE Eugene Sims



All eyes will be on the Packers offense. Mike McCarthy earlier in the week said he’s looking for a much better performance from them in this game. Since Aaron Rodgers will still get limited snaps, that means one of their backup quarterbacks will actually have to look like, you know, a quarterback.

My eyes will be looking for Eddie Lacy. Want to see if he’s as good against real competition as he looked on family night…





Mike McCarthy Pregame Show on 620 WTMJ:

Keys to 2nd preseson game:  Develop team personality.  See guys step into leadership roles.  Have a lot of guys who need to play better and need to take advantage of opportunities with guys out injured

Eddie Lacy:  Biggest thing is how he responds.  Hasn’t played since Family Night so will play rep count by ear

Kick Returner:  Big week for Jeremy Ross.  Needs to play well at both receiver and in return game.  Micah Hyde going to get a chance to return kicks in second half as well

Mike Neal at OLB:  Mike will play in some rush situations

Quarterback situation:  Vince Young’s playlist has increased and will have more opportunities than last week.  Plan is to give Rodgers twice as many snaps as last week

Preseason play calling:  Not a big believer of calling “gadget” plays in preseason.  Save those for regular season.

Adversity defense:  How the defense prepares for the game and responds after other team makes a big play.  This is a focus this season



Packers vs. Rams – First Impressions – First Half:

We see the Eddie Lacy spin move on his first carry – necessary because either EDS or Lang beaten badly on the play.

Impressive first series for Lacy. Still early, but anyone else seeing Marshawn Lynch when you watch Lacy?

Been feeling for awhile now that Rodgers just seems real comfortable throwing to Boykin. Good route running, possession receiver.

I’ve seen EDS get blown up on a few run plays already, including that third and inches…

Micah Hyde beaten deep for a long pass, but I thought his coverage was pretty good considering there was no safety help. Perfect pass in the perfect spot from Bradford.

Can somebody take Crosby to someone who knows how to cut hair? Seriously, does he cut it himself?

DJ Williams continues to drop balls. For a pass-catching tight end, that’s not a good thing. He has not impressed…

Johnny Jolly doing what Jolly does – blocking passes…

Spotted a decent blitz pick-up by Franklin. Positioning could have been better but he got the job done…

With the weight loss, Mike Neal does not look much different than Nick Perry.

That also goes for his play. Good against the run. Not so good in coverage. Fair in pass rush.  They’re almost the same player from what I saw on that one series so far.

From last week and this week so far, I like the #Packer’s DL play. And we haven’t even seen Datone yet…

Halftime Score: Packers 9 Rams 0

Packers vs. Rams – First Impressions – Second Half:

Johnny Jolly: making tackles, intercepting passes in the end zone. We need this…

Watch Jolly play and it’s clearly evident what one of the Packers coaches said (can’t remember which one) about Jolly: He just has pure football instincts”

Jolly is the reason I’ve been saying this could be the year the Packers keep 7 DL, but if Neal is an LB, then Jolly makes it even if they keep six.

It would be nice if all offensive lines were like the Rams second string. Packers racking up the sacks…

The way Vince Young lofts the ball up, he can’t be too popular with his receivers. Sets them up to take big hits.

Micah Hyde is ALWAYS around the ball. Good instincts and he NEVER stops on a play. And, he can tackle. A keeper.

Packers receivers fighting for a spot all have shown some spark. Myles White, Tyrone Walker, Alex Gillet. If the Packers keep 6 receivers, one of these guys makes it. Most impressive to me has been Walker.

The more I see of Alex Green (who I’ve always liked), the more I feel he doesn’t read the blocks in front of him that well.

Harrell, Young and Coleman all look immeasurably better this week. Must have been some spirited “talks” in the QB room this week







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37 thoughts on “Packers vs. Rams – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: GB 19 STL 7

  1. Agreed on Jolly. He made the 53-man roster tonight. As for Micah Hyde, what a football player. The most impressive rookie for us by far. A big step forward for a lot of guys tonight. Also, enjoyed Tory Holt’s commentary on the Rams’ TV network. Didn’t just talk about the Rams, but provided a lot of thoughtful commentary on Green Bay’s play.

  2. Hot off my endorsement, Bostick had a good night.

    Quarless/Bostick could be a great 1-2 punch down the road.

  3. “Mike Neal does not look much different than Nick Perry….That also goes for his play. Good against the run. Not so good in coverage.Fair in pass rush.They’re almost the same player from what I saw on that one series so far.”

    Thank you Al….you won’t get the heat that I would if I wrote about Perry like that….oh,the heck with it.

    Is there a chance that Perry might still become a real OLB,sure..we landed on Mars,but the odds of what some expected of him have dropped is my having to eat a dish of crow.

    Hyde can play,
    Jolly getting it done,
    Bostic gets a spot,
    Lacy looking real,
    Franklin not so much,
    Sorry to say it but Starks cut himself,
    WR depth isn’t a problem,
    Considering who is out and what we seen…smart teams will fear us again.

    1. In fairness to Neal, wasn’t he usually the OLB on 3 man rush? 5 on 3…and two get doubled…

    2. Don’t worry, Taryn, I’m not shying away from my commitment to Perry. He’s the real deal.

      I’ve got the crow in the slow cooker. It’ll be nice and tender by week 6.


      1. I agree Oppy. Living in Los Angeles I never see the Packers preseason games but I had head he’s doing very well holding the edge in the run game. The man played in parts of 6 regular season games yet people are ready to throw in the towel and call him a bust. My thoughts are if he’s hold the edge in the run game, gets 7 sacks or so and Matthews adds 12-15 sacks you have a very successful starting OLB combo in your 3-4 defense. Hold the edge, get 20-25 sacks out of them, and you’ve got success. Perry will be just fine.

        Jolly should make this team. He’s doing the same thing he did in 2009, creating havoc in the passing lanes. If his competition is C.J. Wilson for the last spot, I’d keep Jolly. If Wilson really is that important to the run game then keep 7 DL. Jolly is a Packer!

        1. Yes, keep 7. We need a deeper rotation on the D-line. I’m sick of seeing our guys gassed at the end of games. The more big 2-gappers (or inside rushers) we can keep fresh, the better our 3-4 will work. Cut the 5th TE and make room on the roster.

        1. Lol, taryn!

          If I get to serve that crow, there will be no need for any herbs, spices, or seasoning to mask it..

          I’m going to want you to get the full, unadulterated flavor- I definitely want you to know your eating crow! 😉

  4. Best new of the night; it appears Mulligan got banged-up, else I didn’t see any other injuries.

  5. big step up from last week. tory holt sure seems to have trouble getting the words out of his mouth. tongue-tied every other line.

    run game was clicking & lacy is more agile than he looks. Jolly is a sight for sore eyes, though I know he was going against 2’s and 3’s. loved that spin-move he tried to pull on the int. Hyde looks ok for a 5th rounder, but Im not gonna anoint him the savior yet. finley had a strong game. I know crosby has been pretty frustrating, but idk if we’ve got a better option. Tavecchio looked really shaky

    1. I thought Jolly looked pretty amazing for a Dlineman running that pick out of the end zone.. Where most big men lumber and labor with the ball, Jolly actually looked like a large RB with the ball in his hands. Pretty impressive, although I NEVER want to see a DL run a pick out of the endzone… TAKE A KNEE!!

      As far as Hyde “looking ok for a 5th rounder”, you’re really low-balling this kid.. All he does is show up where the ball is and make plays.. all the time. Hell, he even looked great blitzing. MM has even stated recently that Micah has the kind of ball skills and ability that he’s thought about putting him on the offense. All these things add up to better than “ok” for a 5th rounder. Will he be a superstar? Hell, who knows. But he’s already shown enough so far to warrant calling him, at the very least, a steal in the 5th, IMO. Let’s hope he continues to improve throughout his rookie contract.

      1. The guy (Hyde) won the Woodson/Tatum award as the Big Tens best Defensive Back last season. The award is voted on by coaches and the media both so he must be doing something right. Seems to me they said some of the same things about Hayward’s speed. He did pretty well last year. At the end of the day their football players, plain and simple.

        1. Correct Nick, it was Hyde’s speed that many feel caused him to plummet in the draft.

          Interestingly enough, he clocked one-one hundredth of a second -faster- than Hayward in his 40 results, and as you’ve stated, Hayward did just fine.

          Football IQ, proper technique, the understanding of approach and recovery angles… All these things lessen the need to rely on speed.

          1. It depends where you play IMO. As an outside CB speed helps a lot. As an inside slot CB, speed means quite a bit less. However, the most important trait for any CB is quickness. Hayward is exceptionally quick, based on his combine numbers in the 20 shuttle and 3 cone drills. Hyde was nearly as good as Hayward in the 3 cone, but not nearly as good as Hayward in the 20 shuttle, which is the best indicator of quickness. Aside from that Hayward has excellent instincts. This isn’t to diminish Hyde’s ability, but to show why one was a 2nd and the other a 5th.

            BTW CBSDraftScout has Hayward at 4.47 40 and Hyde at 4.52 (they average the 40 times I think).

          2. Oh, and the 57 yd reception given up by Hyde is a perfect illustration why you want speed at outside CB. Makeup speed might have prevented that reception.

            1. I finally saw that on the highlight. Well at least he made the tackle and the defense steppe up, but yes he was beaten. Still, he’s GOT to be a better option than Bush! Lol

              1. I could see Hyde over Bush easily. Hell I thought that when they drafted him. I saw Hyde as a better CB and hoped he would step up as a ST performer, thereby allowing us to save on Bush’s salary. While that remains to be seen on ST play, right now both are more than likely on the roster.

    2. I’m just saying it’d be wise to temper expectations. The kid’s been burned for big plays in both games so far. He woulda been scored on again if Bradford hadn’t airmailed a wide open Tavon Austin on 1st and goal. There’s alot of guys that are “around the ball” a bunch. If you’re AJ Hawk, people just call you a pile diver but if it’s Hyde, I’m seeing some websites where ppl are having a party if Hyde “got in on another play” by leaping on some guy’s legs after 3 others have already tackled him. He’s not terrible by any means, I just think it’s a little early to be building a bandwagon. just setting ourselves up for disappointment

  6. Hard not to be excited about seeing Eddy Lacy in the regular season.. He looks like the real deal, a RB who will consistently get hard-fought positive yardage and make the defense respect his physical presence in between the tackles, but has just enough wiggle and burst to be a threat to tear off large chunks if he gets just a hint of space at the second level.

    Bakhtiari looks to have passed another test of his pass-pro prowess again (that’s a mouthful!). Looking good, really impressed with him so far.. I was not sold on him when he was drafted, but I’m quickly becoming a believer. Will Barclay win out at RT? Is Datko gone on the first cut-down? Will Sherrod make the final cut? Anyone keep track of Greg Van Roten at C during the second half?

    If today’s game was any indication, looks like MM is going to feed Finley the ball like it’s early 2010 all over again.. Lacy/Cobb/Nelson/Jones/Finley could put legit stress on every level, inside and out, of a defense.. crossing my fingers…

    1. “If today’s game was any indication, looks like MM is going to feed Finley the ball like it’s early 2010 all over again..”

      And he won’t have Greg Jennings around to complain about it this time.

  7. The Packer gave up 5 plays of 20 yards or more in the passing game. I didn’t watch the game (Live in L.A.) but followed as best I could on NFL.COM, where you see results of each play, who made tackle, etc.etc. With Hayward and Williams both out, this is bound to happen but I’m was wondering if someone could tell me who was giving up these bis pass plays, and where was the safety on the 57 yard pass play? I know B.Smith gave up the TD at the end, also fumbled a punt, right? Last question is when are Hayward and Williams returning????

      1. On the TD, you had a guy learning how to play CB (Brandon Smith) get caught looking at the QB on a double move. Live and learn, Brandon.

        1. That’s something Smith can learn from. He’ll likely be a PS player anyway. I don’t see room for him in the 53 man roster, but given he’s just learning CB and his outstanding athleticism, I would put him on the PS for sure.

  8. Impressed with Bakhtiari. Beat one one play, but solid the rest (so it seemed a from my seat). UNimpressed with the Rams place. An Awful place to watch even Pee Wee football

  9. Nick Perry, I too am on the West coast, but that’s no excuse to miss a Pre season game man! for a live stream for dang near anything.

    Tell me you have Sunday ticket come September?

    1. I’m west coastish. Live in Scottdale AZ, was going to watch on stream last nite but lost my internet just before the game started. Missed the 1st quarter before hearing it on radio thru Would be nice to see you link the stream on the web to watch. I was looking around but couldn’t find a stream link anywhere.

        1. Not at all… I did lose my internet connection just before the game and it was the begin of the 2nd qtr when I got it back. I’m no techie, so I don’t know where or how to look for streams of games. Sometimes packer sites have them in comments that’s how I usually find them.

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