Barclay Stepping Up Tops List of What I Want to see from the Packers vs. Rams All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Don Barclay winning the right tackle job would help the Packers running game.

I’ve been away from home for the past 10 days and haven’t had much time to consume everything Packers like I normally would as the preseason wears on and opening day gets closer.

I’ve got a few minutes here before I have to cover a baseball game between a terrible team and not-very-good team, so I thought I’d crank out a few thoughts about what I want to see from the Packers in Saturday’s exhibition game against St. Louis.

Remember, I’ve been on the road and out of the loop for 10 days. I’m not as up to speed on Packers storylines and developments as I should be. After you’re done reading about what I want to see on Friday from the Packers, head to the comments section to let me know what I’m missing and what you’d like to see.

  • Don Barclay to move another step closer to winning the right tackle job. I’m all-in on Barclay after Bulaga’s injury. I’m glad that David Bakhtiari looks capable of filling in for Bulaga, but I don’t think he’s going to be much of a run blocker (at least not yet). If Newhouse is the right tackle, that means both tackles would be lacking in the run blocking department. I want Barclay to step up because I think he adds to the running game. Sure, he might struggle in pass protection, but Aaron Rodgers is good enough to cover for him most of the time. I’d like another mauler like Barclay on the line, but he needs to step up and take the job and prove he’s actually the mauler I think he is.
  • Graham Harrell to air it out. Enough dinking and dunking, Graham. The Packers like to launch bombs and unless you prove that you can air it out once in a while, you won’t be the backup quarterback on this team. I know, I know. If Harrell ever does have to take regular season snaps, Mike McCarthy will adjust the gameplan accordingly, but that doesn’t mean he wants a checkdown machine out there.
  • Eddie Lacy to play. I hate getting new toys and not being able to use them. I want to see Lacy play and truck the snot out of defenders.
  • The Packers medical staff to be bored as hell. Because that means no Packers got hurt.
  • A pass rush from the defensive line. I’ve been asking for this for a long time now. With Datone Jones possibly missing the game, I still might not get it on Friday.
  • At least 10 field goal opportunities. It’s time to crank this kicking competition into another gear. I want to see the heat turned up on the Italian kid to see if he truly is a threat to Mason Crosby. Everybody says he’s a threat, but the guy hasn’t attempted a field goal in a game yet. I suppose you could say I’m a threat to Crosby at this point, but I at least want to see Giorgio Tavecchio attempt a field goal in a game before calling this a real competition.



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17 thoughts on “Barclay Stepping Up Tops List of What I Want to see from the Packers vs. Rams

  1. Several good points Adam. I’d like to add “Cornerbacks covering receivers”. I know we’re banged up with our starters but the backups look good in practice and then layed an egg during the first game.

  2. Can’t argue with a single wish, but I’ll go even simpler.

    I’d like to see both of the Packer’s lines project their will and move the point of play to the Rams side of the line of scrimmage.

    To me, that is being a tough team.

  3. You’ve hit on a lot of the key points Adam.

    I’d like to see Barclay win the RT if only because we’ve seen what Newhouse can do. Newhouse has had plenty of time to improve and it looks to me he’s plateaued and is never going to be more than a mediocre tackle. Plus he totally whiffed on a block last week and was the most responsible for Harrell’s sack-fumble. If Barclay can pass-pro, at least as well as Newhouse, then the extra we get in the run game is worth it. With his experience, Newhouse would be a good backup option at both tackle positions, although I’m sure he wouldn’t be thrilled with that.

    I agree with the other suggestions you made, especially a d-line pass-rush. Although I thought they played the run very well last week, it would be nice to see more of a push into the backfield from the d-line. Maybe Daniels becomes that guy, because of his small size and energy who can worm his way in there.

    Plus we’ve got to see Sergio under game conditions. Practice is nice, but it’s quite different when nobodies pulling back on the rush team and you’re going against the clock.

    1. “Newhouse has had plenty of time to improve and it looks to me he’s plateaued and is never going to be more than a mediocre tackle.”

      My sentiments exactly.

  4. I do not want to see anyone that is even slightly nicked up play this week. This is the week to look at the long-shots and let possible contributors rest. Play those who are the deepest on the depth chart and decide who will be cut first. Let those who will probably make the roster rest as much as possible. Then you have the last two weeks to decide who will start and who will back up.

  5. Lewis playing left guard surprised me with great blocking. Wasn’t on my radar but I’ll watch #60 this week. Like most, I want to see if the defense can penetrate this week…..appears they have trouble getting off their blocks.

  6. I d like to see Lacy run wild – but with the patched O-line- only time will tell if you get that wish

  7. I want to see Lacy looks good, Bakhtiari look good, both lines to look good and plenty of FG attempts. Most importantly, I want to leave St. Louis with no new injuries, that would be a win right there.

    Btw, we play on Saturday night… Czech yoself.

  8. I think it’s obvious that Barclay has a much better chance to improve his pass protection than Newhouse has to become a better run blocker.

  9. Good list, except for one: I don’t want to see Harrell airing it out. Ever.

    Unless, of course, the Vikings eventually sign him, too…

  10. Seems like no one wants to say it…but if the running backs dont have a hole to run thru it dont matter how good they are.we need a couple road maulers on our offensive line!

  11. I agree with marpag on Harrell, I don’t care how well he plays. I have never seen his practice,but his game time is mediocre at best. I want to see Young get about 30 snaps. he is a proven winner in NFL. He also has a knack for running, which could be a big help in preparing for the running QB’s in the NFL.

  12. I have somewhat of a different wish list. Yes the basics are the same in regards to the line play, but the running back situation really needs to be clarified. Let Starks have at least ten carries. I did us proud in the superbowl run, and I know there is a new toy in the sandbox, but I think the guy has really got over his turf toe and as MM as pointed out, he has had the best camp of his career. Yes the future lays with Lacy or the other newer guys, but he still has a lot of upside. Another thing would be to get a little bit better idea who WR number 5 is going to be.

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