Packers vs. Cardinals – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: AZ 17 GB 0 All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Packers Coach Mike McCarthy
I think we might need some better brainwashing…

Green Bay Packers vs. Arizona Cardinals:  2013 Preseason game 1

Unfiltered game day blog post of comments, observations and first impressions.

Inactive for Packers today: 

16 WR Kevin Dorsey
17 WR Charles Johnson
18 WR Randall Cobb
26 RB DuJuan Harris
27 RB Eddie Lacy
28 S Sean Richardson
29 CB Casey Hayward
38 CB Tramon Williams
73 T JC Tretter
75 T Bryan Bulaga
77 T Andrew Datko
78 T Derek Sherrod
81 TE Andrew Quarless
82 TE Ryan Taylor
87 WR Jordy Nelson
96 DE Mike Neal
99 DE Jerel Worthy

Inactive for Cardinals today:

10 WR Robert Gill
18 WR Kerry Taylor
23 CB Jamell Fleming
34 RB Ryan Williams
48 LB Dan Giordano
55 LB Karlos Dansby
57 LB Alex Okafor
71 G Daryn Colledge
83 TE Kory Sperry
87 TE Jeff King
92 DT Dan Williams
95 DT Ricky Lumpkin
— DE Cordian Hagans


All eyes will be on Davis Baktiari, entrusted with protecting Aaron Rodgers’ blind side with Bryan Bulaga lost for the season. Can the fourth round draft pick step right in to a starter’s role as a rookie? First test is tonight.

You never could have convinced me that Giorgio Tavecchio had a snowballs’ chance of unseating Mason Crosby as the Packers placekicker. Until Family Night happened. While I’d still be shocked is Crosby lost this battle, this has actually gotten interesting and might just be a real competition, not the sham I thought it was.

Vince Young is slated to see some time in this game, running I’m sure, a very limited offense. By all accounts, he’s been awful in practice. Should be interesting…




Mike McCarthy Pregame Show on 620 WTMJ:

Ready for another team: You get to this point every year when you are competing against your teammates in the dog days of August…

Game Priorities: From an offensive standpoint, calling plays. I’m basically going to call four different games tonight.

Bulaga: We’re giving David a chance to play left tackle, Marshall Newhouse has experience there, so I have confidence in him at that spot. Don Barclay is also a fine player that we can use at either tackle spot.

Running Backs: The running back group has really picked up their production and decision making from where they were last year. The two young guys have made significant progress. Anyone who’s been to practice, you have to take your hat off to James Starks, it’s his best camp by far.

Kickers: Mason & Giorgio have been given equal reps and we’ll take the same approach. We will up the reps in practice this week. Somebody needs to step up and take this job. That has not happened to date.

Presason philosophy: Priorities are creating opportunities for the young guys on the roster, quality of play and ultimately winning.



Packers vs. Cardinals – First Impressions – First Half:

Packers DL clogs the middle on two consecutive running plays. Pickett in the thick of things, of course.

Baktiari was solid on the first series – really centers well in front of his man. No pressure allowed. Looked to combine well with Sitton on a few running plays . Good start.

Strange challenge by McCarthy on fourth and goal Starks run. MM’s in mid-season form.

Nick Perry jumps, almost picks off a screen, then lands, wheels and tackles the receiver before he could get anywhere. FAST reactions there.

Van Roten gets the first call at backup center.

Matthew Mulligan showing of his blocking chops early.

Newhouse at right tackle gives up the first sack. On same play Baktiari adeptly handles an inside move from the DE.

Datone Jones injured his ankle on first series – got it taped up but hasn’t returned.

Davon House burned for second time on a deep throw. First one was a TD.

In general, lots of open receivers in the #Packers secondary with no Tramon Williams and Casey Hayward.

Johnathan Franklin is definitely “Mr. Outside.” Screens and tosses… Won’t be a problem if Lacy is “Mr. Inside.”

Looks like if the Packers can convince teams to run the ball, they’ll be OK.  (My way too early knee jerk reaction). Secondary not stopping anyone.

Jarret Boykin looks really good. he finds the open areas and catches everything thrown to him. I believe he’s receiver #4.

Packers vs. Cardinals – First Impressions – Second Half:

Harrell’s throws are scaring me. An INT waiting to happen almost every time.

Johnny Jolly with a 360 spin move that leaves his man in the dust. Almost gets to the QB – Stanton scrambles away just in time.

Didn’t think I’d be looking forward to seeing BJ Coleman this game as much as I am now. Hell, I even want to see Vince Young.

This little WR Tyrone Walker is growing on me.  Always open. Always makes the catch.

My stream just improved dramatically in quality. Have a feeling a lot of fans bailed after four straight #Packers punts

Johnny Jolly looking good. very active, moving well.

Vince Young in the game before Coleman. No change in Packers offense – fifth punt in a row.

Packers secondary just getting schooled… over and over and over…

Had a feeling last week everyone (myself included) might be over-rating the Packers secondary depth. But this is awful…

You know you’r having a bad night when Jarrett Busk looks like your best corner.

Only five minutes of playing time for Coleman?

MM said he wanted to get Coleman in a two minute drill – here’s his shot. 1:50 left, starting inside their own 10.

Boykin doesn’t help Coleman with an uncharacteristic drop on a slant. Then can’t convert a third and 10.

Green Bay’s last 10 possessions of the game? An INT, a fumble and eight straight punts.

I was no fan of Matt Flynn, but suddenly, I’d take him back in a heartbeat.

Yuk. Let’s forget about this one…




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59 thoughts on “Packers vs. Cardinals – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: AZ 17 GB 0

    1. As long as Jones isn’t hurt, this is a big win for GB.

      Who cares about how they looked? That wasn’t the point.

      Rodgers, CM3, Raji, Pickett, Shileds, Jones, Burnett, and the 1st string OL were all out by the end of the 1st Q.

      1. The only thing that concerned me a little bit was House’s bad performance. But hey, if he’s the 4th CB on the roster, that’s being pretty picky.

        And btw – who the hell keep thumbs downing every single post? Even if you are a Viking or a Bear troll, its a pretty big DBag move to thumbs down a “they need to get healthy” comment!

        1. It’s probably the only person ever to be banned from commenting here. He’s getting his “revenge” by thumbing down everything. But he can’t stay away, can you Scott?

            1. “someone’s got some poop in their pants!!!”

              What? Ted Nugent is posting here?

              (Sorry, couldn’t stop myself.)

          1. Scott isn’t the only troll on this site, Jersey Al. Yesterday, a comment of mine, which simply thanked Chad Toporski for his “thoughtful and courteous reply” to an earlier comment, got 2 “dislikes.” What kind of people would “dislike” an expression of gratitude for another’s thoughtfulness and courtesy? Sick sociopaths. Hopefully, they aren’t Packer fans.

              1. I’m glad you were just kidding. Although we sometimes disagree, I never thought you were a sociopath.

                Actually, I enjoy your blog very much. Keep up the good work.

  1. Harrell just never looks comfortable back there. He seems to move backward too much, then throws a short dump-off pass.

    Hope the Pack plan on building excitement as the season goes on because this was an incredibly boring game.

  2. After three years of QB school, Harrell is a bust. The Cardinal’s second stringer Staton is much better.

    1. Theres a reason Stanton was drafted and Harrell wasn’t! Stanton has starter tools, Harrell is scrap. McCarthy has tried, but he has no tools to work with. Harrell should be gone. Coleman at least has some tools and can develop, that’s not the case w/ Harrell. And I’ve been saying it since Harrell was signed a few years ago.

  3. Forget, if Green does not have a good second game. He is gone. He looked very bad in this game. Coleman looks like Harrell. Not accurate and moves like 50 pounds are tied to his legs. This is the best QB school has produced in the last two years. WOW……

  4. The Packers have screwed around for two years with Harrell and Coleman. Harrell is Pathetic and the Packers need a back up QB. Not some weak noodle armed QB. Walker looked good. Starks scores on Packers first drive if he didn’t run so upright. Lacy would have scored on that play. Hope Datone Jones is ok, that its nothing sore.

  5. while the backups weren’t really encouraging, I think Harrell probly made them look worse than they really were. qb ineptitude can made it hard to gauge receivers, and I’m sure it didn’t open anything up for the running game.

    the secondary was disappointing. even though TWill & Hayward were out, I expected more from House. On the plus side, the Dline looked improved. Jolly, Daniels, and Savage got after it. I was hoping things would be easier for Newhouse on the right side, but he flopped pretty bad. on the other hand, Baktiari held up ok for his first live action. at least we didnt have to see Crosby shank field goals

  6. I can see why they were desperate to sign another back up QB (young) this week, these other bums still suck bad. Of course D Jones gets hurt on the first series, whats up with the Packs 1st and 2nd rd picks always getting hurt?

    1. I’m just holding my breath until we hear a official word on Jones ankle. When it comes to injuries, the Packers never seem to catch a break. The Packers first team defense looked good and held the run game in check all night. Take away Houses breakdowns, and the defense looked pretty good, although I’m surprised McMillan didn’t get flagged on that 3rd down play. He never turned around, and in regular season I think it’s pass interference. Can’t wait to see Lacy but does anyone want Newhouse out there, ever?

      1. Nick, I agree with your comments. Newhouse, unless he improves, should be released, in favor of Bakh, Barclay, and Datko (concussion)…Still believe House will make positive adjustments…Also, Hyde should do the same…Either Starks or Green will be traded or cut…Graham was pitiful…Agree the D-Line looks improved…Jolly looks like a big improvement from our 2nd-string D-Linemen last year…Walker is making a bid to make the 53-man roster…Will we keep any FB this year (Kuhn)?…

    1. Should check the stats on pre season records and what the team does in the regular season. I believe the better the pre season record the better the regular season record overall…

      1. Unless they are outliers, the 2008 Patriots (0-4 preseason, Super Bowl champions) and 2008 Lions (4-0 preseason, 0-16 regular season) have always been examples of the meaningless nature of preseason game outcomes.

      2. Not really Big T. Especially teams like the Packers who seem do give the 3 rd and 4 th stringers more time than other teams. That helps them find the Diamonds like Sam Shields, Tramon Williams, and maybe this new WR Walker. He’s quick as hell and maybe another find by TT. You have to look at that injury list as well. Best two corners, best two WR, best RB all out as well as Bulaga, plus 12 others. That’s a ton of starters and backup or depth players.

        1. Nick, good points about many starters out with injuries…T. Williams is not Deion Sanders, but, IMHO a most average number 3 corner…Safety is clearly still a weakness…Banjo made a few plays as did Fulton…Looks like S. Richardson will either be released or placed on PUP (neck)…am beginning to wonder whether Bulaga is really such a great tackle? He can’t stay healthy, unfortunate about the hip last year and now, the ACL…but, we need someone at the position to stay healthy…Bakhtiari may in fact, be an upgrade…also, Newhouse should be cut in favor of Barclay and Datko (back-up)…Either Alex Green or Starks will be cut…5th and 6th WR still up-for-grabs…As for the game, we had no continuity on offense…Harrell looked especially pedestrian…Thought our running game would be improved?…it looked like the past three years…

      3. Yes you should check. Preseason records are COMPLETELY meaningless. The best teams regularly go winless in the preseason before going on to very good regular seasons. Teams that suck usually actually try to win in the preseason in order to build excitement among the fans.

  7. I bet TT has the record on 1st round picks that get injured before they even see regular season games. Strength and conditioning coach needs a kick in the ding ding…

      1. That happens to occur disproportionally to our players…..? Come on Chad. I really enjoy your insight and contributions here but I think you are off the mark a bit on this one.:)I have seen sturdy figures in a china doll shop:(

    1. And you know what about Strength and Conditioning? Nothing… Hence, you shouldn’t speak about things you know nothing about!

      1. Why shouldn’t they Stroh? The have waited since early January for the Packers to play football again. 17 different Packers were out last night, 17 including 8 starters maybe 9. Don’t you begin to question it a little when it’s 3 out of 4 years, your team is getting hit with so many injuries? The deal with Nelson is enough to make anyone question the Packers. He had problems with it last year, why not take care of it in the off season? Lots of hammy and quad injuries every year. But the kicker is there’s not a team that gets hit like this, as often as the Packers. I agree with Chad, you can’t do a thing when someone stomps or rolls on your ankle. Some of these just seem like they could be prevented.

  8. Not too concerned about the end result, preseason is mostly about fitness and getting used to a game environment again.

    The two players that looked most impressive were Bahktiari and surprisingly Johnny Jolly.

    Bahktiari is going to have his problems over the course of this season as he learns but he looks a real player. Could be another Ted Thompson mid round steal.

    Jolly’s hunger to play is still there as is the skillset. It was nice to see some nastiness back in the D with Jolly in the team. Still way too early but his chances of getting a roster spot aren’t that far fetched.

    Hopefully the injury to Datone Jones isn’t too bad.

    Lots still to work on before the season starts but nothing really to panic about.

    1. I don’t think Jolly was a surprise. I think hungry barely touches it – maybe ravenous. He’s making up for lost time.

        1. Hey Buddy! Did you get my email?

          I agree Jolly should be ultra motivated to get the ring he missed out on.

          1. Yes, sir.
            That’s what got me to finally join here.

            I think you were right. You should avoid that other place. The vocal minority would DEFINITELY make it as difficult for you as possible.

  9. This was horrible, period! They **it the bed. So much for having one of the league’s brightest secondaries! What a joke! Once again, the MASH unit that is the GBP can manage to even get to the pre-season without half of their projected starters on the sidelines. Rodgers and the O couldn’t manage to put up any points against the Cards?! Really?! It’s time we come terms with the fact that something is wrong with the way we are practicing and the manner in which these injuries are being managed. I think we should just have “walk throughs” for the entire training camp. Perhaps then we could field a decent team? You can’t polish a turd and this game was a merely that. I’m tired of spinning excuses. With strength of schedule & and 4 season of perpetual injuries….9-7 anyone?:(

  10. Observations:

    1) No pressure on Arizona QB at all
    2) Arizona receivers wide, wide open on all plays – if their receivers had fewer drops and QB’s more accurate it would have been a long, long night.
    3)Tyrone Walker will make team or MM is crazy.
    4) Newhouse just as bad @ RT as he was at LT
    5) DJ Williams too many drops
    6) Harrell – Inconsistent – some good plays – too many poor ones
    7) Tyrrell Manning, Andy Mulumba played well – we need good LB’s
    8) Packer announcers missed about 50% of who made GB defensive tackles.
    9) Pray Aaron Rodgers does not get hurt
    10) First punt by Cardinals was with only 1 minute and 54 seconds to go in 4th Quarter – let that sink in.
    11) We must get better

    1. Response to Alex Parkhurst…Agree with most of your 11 points, however, disagree with number 1…At times we did get pressure on AZ’ QB, even though we mainly played with our 2nd and 3rd stringers for the majority of the game, though we had only one sack…number 3, Walker led the team in catches, all were for short yardage (under 10 yards)…thought White and the new kid from Florida had some deep speed-why couldn’t we get the ball to them?…do we really need a short (under 6 feet) possession receiver who cannot stretch the field?…Harrell looked mediocre…D. Williams (TE) is trying to play himself off the team…Finley had another drop…Team overall grade: Defensive Line: C+…LB’s: C-…Secondary: D…Offensive Line: C…WR’s: C…TE’s: D+…RB’s: D+…QB’s: D-…Overall, we need improvement from all units…Still optimistic for season…Pluses: Jolly, Bakhtiari…Vince Young may win 2nd-string QB…Coleman to PS…Harrell: needs to shows much improvement if he wants to make the team…

  11. Come on, everyone. Too much stock in the first preseason game. Yes, if this was the THIRD preseason game when the first-stringers are going to play a lot, I would be concerned.

    If you were MM, would you even think of putting Datone Jones back in the game whether he could go or not?

    Let’s just focus on seeing those guys on the two-deep who were inactive back on the field so they’re ready for SF.

  12. Injuries handicapped our starters and lack of experience handicapped our subs. When you hav ethe youngest team in football every year, your subs will not match up that well with the other team’s subs. It was the reverse for us in the Wolf era. Obviously the TT way works too but it is a very different formula and results in bad pre-season games. That’s OK if get to the playoffs every year. Of course, I’d like to win at least 2 more SBs before AROD hangs them up. The strong schedule this year will be a good teast of TT. Was 2010 a fluke? Post-seasons in 2011-2012 suggest maybe. This season should finally answer that question. If we get deep into playoffs this year, TT is on track, if not, 2010 was a mirage. People say Pack is soft and one player away from sub-mediocrity. If #12 stays healthy this year and we go nowhere, I will be inclined to believe the latter. But, until that happens, I prefer to believe it will a great season, followed by post-season success.

  13. I am glad you are so optimistic. These perpetual injuries hamper the development of these players in this” draft & develop philosophy”. If a dang guys can’t even get half a season under his belt, you think that helps him develop? At this level, situational experience is everything! I also would argue that throwing an undeveloped player into the fire could also hamper his development and allow him to be subjected to unfair criticism. You guys can all minimize these injuries as much as your optimism will allow.I think it is disingenuous to suggest that the Pack have been hurt by this more than anything else in the last 5 years. I don’t see other contenders with a silly list of injuries 20 players long in their camps and pre-seasons every year! I think the Patriots field every dang starter on their team for the majority of the season, year in and year out. I’m sure that’s just a coincidence though;)I’m not buying it. Wake up people.If we can’t get to the pre-season opener with less than 5%0 of our first team units able to play, how likely is it that anyone will be left standing for a play off run? That’s why we got bounced the last 2 years. There were only a few dang starters healthy enough to play and half of them were also playing injure to some capacity. This is a real big problem in GB that I am no longer willing to “spin” or ignore. The rest of you shouldn’t either.

  14. Hey Harrell — Macy’s called. They have an opening for you in the gift wrapping department.

  15. Hello:

    A major reason, if not the major reason so many Packers get serious injuries year after year is drinking water with fluoride, bathing in water with fluoride and cooking with water that has fluoride.

    Research the internet for experts that specialize in all-natural methods of healing, such as Dr.Jonathan Wright and you will see the harm fluoride does to the body ,especially to bones and knees.

    Green Bay’s water system has long had fluoride in it. To help alleviate the effects of fluoride on bones and knees, Boron, Strontium and Vitamin K are all extremely important. How do I get this info to the Packers, and will they have an open mind and go to the officials of Green Bay to get them to stop fluoride treatment of water for just one year. Then, add the above to the diets of players. Closely monitor if there have been obvious improvements. Last, why do the Packers not do what I recommended in my recent letter to Coach, McCarthy: do
    away with weight machines and have Packers players working on farms-natural way of building strength.

  16. I know it’s pre-Season but when you play at home I think it’s reasonable to expect a little more effort. The next up Rams aren’t as bad as they looked, could be a bit of a “rocky” start this year.
    We need a few more take charge guys to shake things up when the tempo starts to fade…Did Finley drop another pass??

    1. …Yes, Finley did drop another easy pass from Rodgers…what’s new?…Considering we mainly played rookies and UDFA’s I thought the defense showed some sparks…though, the secondary was rather pitiful…what bothered me more was our ‘improved running game’…both Starks, and especially, Green, looked rather dreadful…In any event, it was the first pre-season game, and the offense cannot get any worse than this, can it?

    2. Not that I’m a Finley apologist, but I seem to recall the DB making a pretty good play to knock that ball out. Yeah, you still want to see him fight and hang on, but it’s not like he muffed an easy one.

  17. Watching the game on delay from the east coast. It was real hard to see on replay but it sure looks like Starks extended his arm to put the ball over the line,unless the ref’s think the whistle was blown. I would give A Rod and the 1st team offense 7 points in this game. Looks like Ted T made a slam dunk with the signing of Vince Young.

    1. I think his forward progress was stopped for a while before he extended, which was why they blew it dead.

  18. Very intresting…but, shtupid!
    The 1st pre-season game, injuries, yada yada yada…
    Thank God they picked up Vince Young!
    He may be a Kapernick 1.0 in last nights game, but he has experience and should learn the Packers west coast off. w/out too much difficulty. I hope he doesn’t go awol as the #2.
    Jolly showed he was still a beast and a force to be reckoned with. Just gotta keep him away from the purple Kool-Aid!
    DB’s were playing with one hand tied behind their backs. Capers is probably more interested in seeing what he has in the closet than putting his fine dry clean onlys’ out on display.
    It’s all good. Let’s keep flying under the radar until were ready to drop the bombs.

    1. Post Script.

      Of course MM is going to say winning is important. It is the ultimate goal. If he were to say it wasn’t, he would be allowing an exception all players and coaches could cite as an example for not playing to potential.
      Ultimately the pre-season games are for partial; experience, finding faults/fixing faults and gelling comradery.
      I would give up a pre-season record to field a healthy core of mostly seasoned veterans and a few newbie studs for a schedule that is looking more difficult by the minute.
      We get our Bye after 3 incredibly difficult games against S.F., Wash. and Cinci.(don’t overlook the Bengals, they may be the team to beat in the AFC this year!).
      I think we will win the div., but may have it tough after a long hard road (it would be worth extra effort to get a bye week at the end) to finish off strong in the post season.

      Go Pack Go!

      (And the Bears still suck!)
      We have as good a chance as any, better than some.

      1. PPS.

        That guy I’m guessing) who said there should be more x’s and o’s and less blathering of opinions.
        Check out Fri. Aug. 9th NYTimes Crossword puzzle.
        17 across; What a blog provides
        7 letter answer.
        Get off the blog if you’re allergic to soap.
        Just my opinion (I think I’m worthy to have one). You are too.

  19. Wasn’t impressed with Young, Coleman or Harrell at backup QB, period. Young did make a good run but Packers don’t operate a Niners pistol offense. Bad game–Alex Green didn’t show much and neither did Pease or Franklin, Newhouse gave up a sack responsible for a TD, Davon House gave up some long pass plays including a TD, dropped passes from DJ Williams and a likely TD drop by Finley. Looked like Hyde and Nixon made some plays in secondary while Manning, Francois and Mulumba got some good plays in as well as Starks at RB. Give some love to Johnny Jolly-he put pressure on numerous times and nearly got a sack-definitely hustling along with Daniels. Tyrone Walker surely gets a mention for roster spot and Ross showed why he’s likely got a roster spot nailed down at WR/KR. While offense struggled all game, GB secondary did same-House got beat repeatedly, Hyde got beat for TD but at least he was all over receiver when ball arrived and made a play at the ball. First preseason game wasn’t assuring should Rodgers get hurt or with Capers nickle package secondary.

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