OK – I’ve Officially Had Enough of Greg Jennings

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Greg Jennings – I remember when we used to think you were  a classy guy. Why are you now trying so hard to disprove what we believed to be true?

You won a Super Bowl with the Packers and in the resulting Sound/FX video, we hear you agonizing with great emotion over the final plays of the game.  In your nervousness, you seemingly can’t stop talking, as the defense proceeded to stop the Steelers and close out the game. It seems like you haven’t stopped talking since.

Perhaps the Super Bowl was the inception of your apparent jealousy of the attention bestowed upon Aaron Rodgers.  After all, it was YOU who made the fantastic catch for a TD. It was YOU who scored two TDs in that game. Yet Rodgers got the accolades, Rodgers got the MVP, Rodgers got the car, Rodgers got the trip to Disneyland. And it burned away at you, didn’t it Greg? Think of what your next contract demands could have been with a Super Bowl MVP cred?

Oh well, at least you were “the man” among the receiving corps, right? But then 2011 happened and Jordy Nelson’s breakout year left you second on the team in receptions and yards. Even worse, Nelson became the recipient of most of the deep throws, you biggest source of glory. Damn, that hurt.

And then the fateful 2012 season. the Packers offered you more money than you eventually accepted from the Vikings, but it wasn’t enough. You felt slighted.  You kept talking back then about having to move on for the good of your family. You put your house up for sale the week the Packers season was over. You couldn’t wait to get out.

It didn’t help that there was a new kid in town stealing your targets – Randall Cobb. And that James Jones was catching all those TD passes.  You missed half the season with injuries, but when you did play, you felt you weren’t being thrown to enough. Rodgers had new favorite receivers, you thought. You never said that, but your sister went on a rant about Rodgers not throwing to you enough. We all know where she got that idea, right? You obviously had expressed those feelings to her.

She also took the time to knock Rodgers a bit, calling him overrated and the Packers “cheap” for not paying you what you wanted. Again, we all know where those comments came from Greg.

So you left for the Vikings, who foolishly threw too many dollars at you. You appeared to make a classy exit, with that full page ad in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. But then you started talking… and talking.

So much so, that your new coach, a smart and classy guy (did I just say that about a Viking?), told you to stop talking about the Packers.  You were onboard with that, he said. He obviously doesn’t know you well enough yet. You soon went on to talk some more about Rodgers, offering a fake apology.

Through all of that, I kept my calm. For the most part, I’m a patient and tolerant guy. He’ll surely stop talking now, I would keep saying to myself. I’ll forgive and forget, and just look forward to the Packers-Vikings contests with a little more eagerness.

But yesterday, you did it again. You opened the big mouth that Leslie Frazier had asked you to keep shut. And incredulously, you got even more bizarre, saying you were “brainwashed” by the Packers organization.

For me, that was the final straw, Greg. I can no longer accept anything you say with the semblance of not caring. At this point, the fact you left for the Vikings doesn’t even matter to me any more. I’m just glad you’re gone. My respect for you is gone.

Even Brett Favre, for all his faults and missteps, never trashed his former teammates or the organization, though he arguably could have had a reason to.  He’s evidently smarter than you, Greg.

You’ve shown your true colors. Your recent comments are quite different from your words on that farewell ad. You said were blessed to be part of a “wonderful organization.” Remember that, Greg? But then again, they weren’t your words, were they? Some PR guy wrote that.

Your real words and true feelings are what’s spilling out of your mouth right now. Your petty jealousy makes you out to be a whiny little boy, not a man of character.  I can’t tell you how disappointed I am to find out you’re not who we thought you were.

Your new act is not pretty, Greg.  It’s pretty classless.



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Jersey Al Bracco is the founder and editor of AllGreenBayPackers.com, and the co-founder of Packers Talk Radio Network. He can be heard as one of the Co-Hosts on Cheesehead Radio and is the Green Bay Packers Draft Analyst for Drafttek.com.


45 thoughts on “OK – I’ve Officially Had Enough of Greg Jennings

  1. I just keep scratching my head trying to figure out what his end game is to all this mindless chatter and I’ve come to the conclusion there is none.

    I thought “maybe he’s trying to get in AR’s head?”, or perhaps “he’s just going through separation anxiety”, but I realized any rational explanation came up short.

    One of the markers of Narcissistic Personality Disorder is the incessant and irrational need to convince and persuade others to see things from your point of view.

    The malignancy that has become his ego is out of control. It is going to take the harsh reality of a hard landing back on terra firma to re-order his thinking.

    So I ask all Packer defensive players – are you going to let this guy call out your leader, your teammate, hell, your entire organization without a proportionate and measured response?

    I sure hope not.

  2. I imagine this has to be just a bit of a nightmare for the Vikings. On one hand, drumming up a little rivalry might be good for them, but Jennings has gone way past this. But the Vikings have to be thinking about what this is planting in Aaron Rodgers’ and his current receivers’ head. Talk about giving new and significant motivation to the guy who just got the mega-contract and has achieved everything there is before age 30. (Rodgers’ latest comments on how the WR corps is the best and deepest he has had is no accident…maybe a little passive-aggressive shot from a master of the PR move?) There’s also the reality that in paying so much attention to his previous team, he is taking subliminal shots at his current team.

    In comparing this to the Favre situation, I think everyone inside and outside of the Favre mess knew that he was getting a bit of the short end, and although he didn’t handle it well at all, maybe the Packers could have done things more gracefully. Plus, Favre earned the respect he felt was lacking, and Jennings is definitely not at Favre’s level. Jennings has been uncovered for the poser and fraud everyone suspected he might be, and he knows it. Did you notice how easily he was replaced when he went down? If Rodgers (or Matthews, or Raji, or Cobb, or especially Favre in the day) goes out, the team is in trouble. Jennings? Not really.

    In the end, this may be a case of Jennings being a bit bitter that he has traded a Ferrari for a Toyota by choice…maybe a little buyers remorse. Both are cars, but the experience is just not the same, and if he had any shot at being recognized for greatness, it was with the Packers and Aaron Rodgers. Instead, he gets paid and fades into the background like so many second tier WR (and other former Packers) who catch a few balls but ultimately don’t have the chops to carry their teams.

    1. Did you really just say you think Favre got the short end of the stick from the Packers? That’s an interesting viewpoint, to say the least, and I’d be curious to hear your rationale.

  3. Excellent article al. I can’t believe the shit pouring out his mouth. I would never have picked it in a million years. I am more stunned every time he opens his mouth. I really hope when we play the Vikings this year someone hits him really hard.

  4. I see this from a somewhat different perspective. Jennings has made a number of verbal ‘missteps’ since leaving the Packers, though while he was with them, hardly anything.

    To me, that is a great indicator of how well the Packers get their players to buy into the whole-team thing, the we are elite thing, the we can beat anyone thing, the no excuses and next man up thing, the mystique thing, the we are a part of something that was good before I came and will still be good after I left thing.

    Well done to the Packers in keeping the locker room as healthy as it obviously is. that is a very, very difficult thing to do, with so many high achiever types.

    1. I also like this analysis. They take care of garbage in the locker room and not in the press.

      The other perspective would be that GJ is so intent on showing his new team that he’s part of their locker room now that he’s lost all common sense.

  5. I like your comments, Turophile.

    Greg Jennings, stop acting a bitch that was ditched.

  6. Personally I’m not surprised by this. Like M.M. said, something happens when you put on that purple jersey. Al’s article touched on all the highlights and I for one knew this was going to get messy. The fact that there were only two teams that REALLY talked to Jennings speaks volumes. New England called, heard his asking price and hung up quickly. Jennings was so sure he was going to Miami, his sister started tweeting about South Beach and warm weather. Philbin, who knows Jennings as well as anyone didn’t even call, not a peep from Dolphin Land. Jennings ended up with one offer other than the Packers but because he’d put the house up for sale, his sister had insulted the best QB in football, it was to late to turn back. You’d made your bed and now have to lie in it. You’ve been in camp a few weeks and I’m sure have figured out by now Ponder is no Rodgers. Nope, now you have a QB that threw for UNDER 100 yards 4 times last year. Now with all your comments even after the Head Coach told you that you’re a Viking and to shut up, you can’t. This last comment has made you look like a FOOL. Every site I read about your latest comments they tell you to shut up, move on, it’s over Greg. I still thank you for those catches in SB 45. The ones on the first drive in the NFC Championship game against the Bears, I thank you. Now my only hope for you is to stay healthy until the Vikings play Green Bay. You’ll see first hand the wrath of Aaron Rodgers, when he throws for 4 TD’s and discount double checks you into submission. Perry’s back, Jones is here and all those rookies from last years defense aren’t rookies anyone Greg. Please just last long enough before getting injured for one crossing pattern over the middle. It’s there where you’ll learn about brainwashing!!

  7. “And then the fateful 2012 season. the Packers offered you more money than you eventually accepted from the Vikings, but it wasn’t enough. You felt slighted.”

    He only has himself to fault. Greed since 2012 has colored his thoughts. Now that greed has a price. If he had accepted the offer in 2012 he would be paid more (with Packers) than he is making today.

  8. I regard Jennings comments as a compliment. I think he misses us terribly and can’t get us out of his head. I don’t blame him for taking the money but the people paying him must wonder when he’s going to devote some of his attention to their organization.

  9. As I mentioned on Twitter. It is obvious he is trying to convince himself that mediocrity is ok. Tired of being in an organization where everything is known to be “The Best” or one of the best and he is tired of acting like a Champion. He no longer wants to “Walk on Eggshells” which is really just acting like and playing like a pro. In Minnesota mediocrity is just fine. You don’t need to try to be the best, you don’t need to think you are the best, because you are not, you are the Vikings. Enjoy your step down Craig, we’ll never forget you. 😉 Oh wait yes we will. All we did is Draft you, give you a huge salary, allowed you to catch balls from TWO HOF Quarterbacks, who made you an all pro, a rich man and gave you a SuperBowl Ring. But go ahead, trash the memories kids have of you, let people down who loved you. Go ahead Greg, trash your legacy, some of us have learned before but you have taught a whole new generation that some players are ungrateful SOB’s and that loving a player can be disappointing. What a let down you provided for those kids who wore your jersey. Consider that when you are packing up your locker after the last game while the Pack will have a bye week going into the playoffs…without you.

  10. My wife is an ex-Vikings fan. Obviously when we got together it was “my way or the highway” when it came to football allegiance:) She asked me why Jennings can’t seem to keep his mouth shut and I answered her question with a question of my own: From a Vikings fan perspective, is it surprising that these players do and say dumb things? (Jennings, Randy Moss, party boat, etc) She told me she couldn’t speak for the organization but the simple fact is that Vikings fans dislike the Packers and their fans because Green Bay wins. Plain and simple. They know how to win. All of that “brainwashing” that was really taking place in Green Bay can also be referred to as “any normal day”. They believe they are elite because they are, Greg.

    This situation will do nothing to ease the tensions between Vikings fans and the Packers, but who cares? Still, I have to wonder if even Vikey fans are getting tired of Jennings spending so much mental time and energy on his former team instead of integrating himself to his new team. Why won’t he just defer to the team, team, team?

  11. Don’t worry about it Al. His punishment for being a diva will be meted out over the course of 5 16 week long seasons – catching balls from Christian Ponder.

  12. Wonder if this just put a nail in any chance he had of one day being in Packers HOF–i think he was borderline-now there is absolutely no way. Like u said at least didnt trash his former teammates ect.

    1. BRAVO Jersey Al! Ouch. Apparently, GJ is easier “brainwashed” than others. Which is what he’s trying to do to rally his new fan base around himself. GJ is a fraud and an imposter, coming out of his “plastic” shell as a professional doesn’t burn bridges. He’s proven to be classless, tarnished his image and lost any respect others had for him. Well GJ, you did get what you wanted … you’re finally again glowing in the media spotlight; but only to get burnt.

  13. I think most of his comments are blown out of proportion by the media, and everyone here spends way too much time worrying about what Jennings says or does.

    1. “the media” reports what he said. No one needs to blow “brainwashed” up any more than the absurdity it already is. You say something idiotic like that, expect to get ripped – and deservedly so.

      1. True, Al, and it’s easy to beat up the media.

        In all, we live in a soundbite world and athletes need to be savvy enough to know that even the most innocuous thing they say can be taken out of context…not to mention anything inflammatory.

      2. Sorry, Jersey Al, but the rhetoric in your open “letter” to Greg Jennings was too personal, emotional and “out-of-proportion” to the little substance, if any, to Jennings’ comments. I agree with Turophile’s comment. It is a good thing for the Packer organization to preach to its players that it is the best in the NFC North and that they are “the elite.” I imagine that being a player in GB is much like being a golfer playing at Augusta in the Masters for the first time. There is a pervasive, omnipresent, almost overwhelming, sense of history and tradition there that could cause an ex-player, like Jennings, to say that he was “brainwashed” when he played for GB. Players in other NFL cities really couldn’t say that no matter how their coaching staffs try to motivate them. GB is unique in that regard. So what? It’s good. This is, after all, “Titletown USA.” The organization should take it as a compliment. You’re making a mountain out of a mole hill. Admit it, your article was deliberately written with an emotional and indignant tone to incite controversy and discussion on your blog. But that’s your job. You’re the press. jOE is right.

        1. No I’m sorry Greg. Sorry that you are pretentious enough to think you know what my motivation is for anything I do. Your presumptions are all DEAD WRONG. Didn’t like the article? No problem. Comment on what I write all you want, but skip the parts where you tell ME why I did anything. Few things irritate me more than that.

          1. Sorry, Al, if I presumed that you, like most journalists, write for effect, to cause a controversy where there really isn’t one or to magnify one if it’s shallow, or to simply to fill space on a slow news day. Maybe you aren’t like that. Maybe you are.

            Much of the language you used in your article (e.g., “Your petty jealousy makes you out to be a whiny little boy, not a man of character”) does seem to me, at least, as I mentioned in my earlier post, to be “too personal, emotional and “out-of-proportion” to the little substance, if any, to Jennings’ comments.” I am also very sorry for you if you are so easily irritated by my opinion.

              1. OMG did you hear, an ex packer called Clay Matthews number 52 instead of using his name. LETS CRUCIFY HIM!!

                Who cares?

                I want to hear about far along Perry is, or that Datone is rocking, or that Jolly is amazing for being out of football for this long, or that Rodgers looks so good in practice that he is sure to win the MVP again.

                I want to hear about Franklin wanting to be mayor of LA…. or Green Bay. I want to hear about how Sam Barrington is the next CMIII. I have a wife, a kid,a kid on the way, a full-time job and a part-time job, I only have so much time to devote to the Packers. The only thing I want to hear about Greg Jennings is on October 27th when I hear how Casey Hayward shut him down.
                This has been my favorite Packer fan site for two or three years now and my opinion of it has declined tonight.

                We are suppose to be the classy ones, Jennings says something one day and the next day we start whining about it for a week. How is that classy?


          2. I have been reading your excellent work here for a few years but I think this is a garbage piece.

            Sorry, just my $.02.

            1. No problem. The brainwashed comment was just too much and a real insult. The earlier stuff I could handle fine.

              I felt this was something I needed to express, so I did. Now I move on.

              1. I don’t know, Jersey Al. When the good villagers of GB attack Castle Metrodome with pitchforks and clubs to kill “the monster,” you could be charged with inciting mob action.

                Just kidding! Don’t get irritated.

            2. And remember, I’m just one guy here. If someone else has something to say about Jennings (cough, tomorrow, cough), they have the same right…

              And BTW, I do appreciate your kind words about the site, even if you hated this article…

            3. Well here is my $0.02 to jOE and everyone else who complains about content. Why not just skip this article? Don’t understand why if you’re so pressed for time you would even get into it. Just move onto the next post that might interest you. If there’s still nothing you like, spend more time with the wife and kid. It’s not like you’re paying anything to be here anyway.

        2. Isn’t this a blog? If you want factual non-biased reporting, read the…oh never mind. Sensationalism and opinion are a portion of journalism; always has been.
          I respect Al in not trying to hide it.

    1. He won’t make it that far into the season. He will get dinged up in the bears game, but won’t make it through the steelers game. I never wish any player harm, but that is the road he chose. For gj, “the future ain’t what it used to be”.

  14. By taking less money, at least he and his sister can cruise the local lakes via Vikings mid-week party cruises.

  15. Like #4 became Brint Farkle, so too will #85 now be known as “Craig Flemmings”. We’ll miss you Craig! GoPack!

  16. well, I would be pretty upset if Rodgers was not my qb anymore.even more upsetting is the fact ponder ….ha is my qb now. I think jennings is having a real bad feeling about the up coming season and hes lashing out

  17. I think that Jennings and all professional players should do their talking with their performance on field. Humble in victory, magnanimous in defeat. Jennings is acting like a pee wee football player. Of course, now that he is with the Viqueens he may think that he is actually back in pee wee ball. In any case let the on field results do the talking. Let’s stay healthy and Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since ’61

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