Packers’ Tavecchio a Class Act, Says to fans: Respect Crosby All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Mason Crosby & Giorgio Tavecchio
Mason Crosby & Giorgio Tavecchio

Giorgio Tavecchio speaks with Italian writer Giovanni (John) Marino of the LaRepubblica.It  “Playbook” blog, where he talks about his Family Night performance and his outlook on competing with Mason Crosby.

Evidently, he’s a real class act.

Here’s the interview, translated from Italian by yours truly because, as I’ve discovered, most online translators just do a bad job. If you can read Italian and wish to see the original (and test my translation abilities), you can find it here.

NFL, Green Bay, crazy about Tavecchio but he shows class and asks fans to “Respect Crosby”

In this summer where Italy and Italians look more foolish than usual (see the chronicles of the pseudo political happenings in Italy) you can find in Wisconsin a pure breath of fresh air and Italian pride. A boy from Milan, regardless of how the story finishes, is conquering the skeptical (to say the least…) great American football audience with some NFL-level performances. But, above all, and this really makes us proud, with an attitude and sportsmanship that are difficult to find.

We’re talking about Giorgio Tavecchio who in his first experience at Lambeau Field, the Temple of american football, has done well, very well. And better, much better than his direct rival for a place in the NFL: Mason Crosby. His performance triggered, on the one hand, the enthusiasm of the people of Green Bay for him and, on the other hand, fierce criticism of Packers fans against the veteran.

The Interview:

Giovanni: Hi George, you won the challenge with Crosby in the family night event that saw about 65 thousand spectators, yes,  I said 65 thousand at Lambeau Field.

Giorgio: “It was the first time I played a match in that field and I have enjoyed every single moment. The crowd. The extraordinary cheering. The atmosphere. I’m a lucky guy to be able to experience those sensations. Thank you all, of course. ”

Giovanni: Explain what this match was.

Giorgio: “Basically a friendly competition between all players currently on the roster of the Packers. It works like this: the offense plays against the second team of defense and vice versa, so that everyone has an opportunity to play. ”

Giovanni: And for the kickers?  “

Giorgio: We were divided into two teams but they have planned some kick offs and field goals during the game, allowing us kickers to alternate.

Giovanni: You made 6 of 7, he was 3 of 8 say the American media, who praised your performance  while criticizing Crosby’s.

Giorgio: “I don’t know, really, I don’t know how many kicks he missed exactly but in all honesty I don’t think the results reflect exactly the quality of his kicking. I think Mason has kicked the ball very well, as we say, “pure”, but it often happens that the results are not as expected . Unfortunately it is the harsh life of a kicker “.

Giovanni: But you’re happy with the words at the coach’s press conference?

Giorgio: “I have not read them. I try to stay calm and I don’t pay much attention to what the media says so I’m not influenced. I haven’t spoken directly with the coach yet about my performance. Soon we will sit down together and watch the video of the match. I’ll try to figure out how I can improve. ”

Giovanni: The coach was strict with Crosby, …

Giorgio: “Well, the coach is expecting a lot from both Crosby and myself”.

Giovanni: The American media, which had accepted you well enough to Green Bay, are now watching you with more interest. However, some still do not believe in you fully. What do you need to do to convince them?

Giorgio: “As I said, I do not look so much to the media for things that concern me. I obviously respect their views but I think I can kick with more power than I did last night. I realize, however, that we should not only say it, but do it “.

Giovanni: Do you feel the pressure?  

Giorgio: “I take this adventure day by day with intensity and trying to give my best to every opportunity that I am given. All this with the desire to grow, experience after experience “.

Giovanni: It is true that coach McCarthy has mistaken your name and you called Sergio?

Giorgio:  He laughs… Then responds. “Yes, a few days ago, but he didn’t do it on purpose. It was a simple mistake… Giorgio and Sergio … it’s easy to confuse these Italian names! And anyway, I thought it was funny and then Sergio is a nice name also, isn’t it? “.

Giovanni: Now what? The next game?

Giorgio: “Friday with the Arizona Cardinals, at home. I do not know if and how I’ll play. I’m here and  available, of course. The coach will decide “.

Giovanni: To date, have you made any friends on the team?

Giorgio: “With BJ Coleman, the boys of special teams and some linemen.”

Giovanni: And how about the great Aaron Rodgers? Do you still play card games with him and what did he say to you after your fine performance?

Giorgio: “The workouts have intensified, time is short and so it’s been a while since we’ve played cards together. After the family night game, he was very kind and complimented me. It was good to hear his words, he is just great.  Now, may I ask I a courtesy  of you and your blog, “Playbook.” Just one thing? “.

Giovanni: Of course Giorgio, go ahead.

Giorgio: “I ask the courtesy that everyone continue to be respectful of my teammate Mason Crosby. I know that here in Italy there is crazy cheering for me and that makes me proud, believe me. But I want to be sure that, in this crucial period for all of us, Mason Crosby is presented in a positive way because he deserves it, as both a kicker and as a person. In short, as “Playbook” has done so far, describing the competition as it is developing, nothing else. And thanks… “.

You can be sure of that Giorgio, we will follow your story as always and let me say congratulations for your attitude.  Needless to add that “Playbook” continues to register many encouragements for you.   One last point from my view, whether in sport or life, you are a winner, Giorgio …

PS: I would like to thank in particular my friend Jersey Al with whom I have a close and fruitful correspondence and, occasionally, hosts the (perfect) translation of “Playbook” on his informative and elegant website:

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  1. Great interview. Tavecchio is definitely a class act.

    Also very cool to see you getting some pub for the site, Al!! Great work on the translation.

  2. Al, in your earlier article, I postulated that Giorgio has some of the same appreciation and hunger for the opportunities that this country has provided for him and his countrymen before him.

    Now, seeing this transcript and the way that this man’s head is put together, I am starting to think that when the ball’s spotted at the 32 with :03 on the clock, the last thing the faithful will have to worry about is the space between his ears.

  3. Truly a class act. If he is the one, then I am confident that the coaches will have made the best decision for the team based upon their ability, but I will also be glad to cheer for such a respectful individual as well. I can see him quite possibly becoming a fan favorite!

  4. “Lambeau Field, the Temple of american football.” Amen – Giovanni – Amen.

    This truly is one elegant website.

  5. Giorgio noi italiani tifosi di football siamo tutti con te!!!!..

    …Let’s go Giorgio from ITALY!!!!

  6. from italy for super giorgio
    go giorgio, you are simply the best
    and thanks giovanni and jersey

  7. I think the Packers might want to stick with Giorgio just for the revenue from the explosion of Tavecchio jersey sales in Italy!

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