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Vince Young
Young will compete for a backup spot

According to Wes Hodkiewicz of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, the Packers will reportedly sign free agent quarterback Vince Young.

It is being reported as a one-year deal and that Young will compete for a backup spot on the roster.  It was reported on Sunday that the Packers would have Young in for a workout.  They apparently liked enough of what they saw and should be announcing the transaction shortly.

Packers General Manager Ted Thompson was said to have been a big supporter of Young’s back in 2006 when Young entered the NFL draft.  The Packers apparently needed only one week to know that they are not sold on current back up quarterbacks, Graham Harrell and BJ Coleman.  Coleman has struggled during live team sessions and is still forcing too many passes into coverage.  Harrell has performed well, overall, during training camp and during the pre season, but has not played well in live game action.

Hodkiewicz announced the Vince Young news via his Twitter account on Monday afternoon.

Young’s mobility has already led to speculation that the team could benefit from the looks he can give the defense as they prepare to face the San Francisco 49ers and mobile quarterback Colin Kaepernick in week one.  The 49ers run a version of the pistol offense, which shredded the Packers defense during last year’s playoffs.  The Packers may also face another mobile quarterback in week two if Robert Griffin III is healthy enough to play for the Washington Redskins when they travel to Green Bay for the Packers’ home opener.

Young last played in 2011 for the Philadelphia Eagles.  He was signed by the Buffalo Bills last season, but was released at the end of training camp.  Young was drafted third overall in the 2006 draft by the Tennessee Titans, where he spent the first five years of his career.  Young led the Titans to a playoff appearance in 2007.

Young is best remembered by many for the last snap he took as quarterback of the Texas Longhorns against USC in the 2006 Rose Bowl:



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26 thoughts on “Packers Reportedly Sign QB Vince Young

  1. Am I the only one that thinks: Meh? He’s not going to play unless Rodgers goes down. And if Rodgers goes down, we’re not winning even 6 games.

    1. So far it looks like you’re the only one.
      Even with the little I know of him, I sadly trust him more than B.J. or Graham to win any particular game.

  2. For one he’ll help a ton getting ready for Kapernick. Second Young has some skills, you never know what may happen under M.M. Guidance. Anyone with NFL experience is better than Harrell. I still remember Harrell’s play against the Saints, FUMBLED HAND OFF.

  3. Interesting choice. I think this makes Young the backup by choice because of the offense, and a battle between Harrell and Coleman for the 3rd spot. Although I wonder in a sense if this move was thought before the injury to Bulaga.

    I never heard of getting a QB just because a starting lineman goes down for the season, no logic to it.

    I think no matter what this is a one year stop gap, allowing Coleman to learn one more year to prepare to backup Aaron. Harrell gets cut.

    1. From what I read, the Packers considered signing Young before the start of training camp. They decided against it at the time, cuz they wanted to see how Harrell/Colemen had progressed and give them a good amount of reps to base a decision on. That doesn’t lend itself to the notion that Young signing was a result or even related to Bulaga.

  4. If MM is a fraction of the QB guru that is his reputation, it is hard to imagine how he’ll be unable to take the athletic clay that is Vince Young is and create something remarkable.

    Young’s never had a chance to work with someone like MM. He’s also had the humbling experience of irrelevance, and that may be his greatest learning opportunity.

    I want to see Vince in the backfield with AR and blow up the minds of some DC’s in this league.

    Time to get creative, Mike.

    1. That’s exactly correct savage. I think Ted saw a opportunity to grab a guy for cheap and have a better backup QB than Harrell. Look at youngster record as a starter, wasn’t that bad, if I remember correctly above 500. He’s a remarkable athlete who imploded. McCarthy will turn this guy around and if by chance he can’t then the absolute worst thing that can happen is we have a great scout team QB for weeks one and two.

  5. Maybe Vince can play left tackle or kick field goals?! Who is next Tim Tebow?

  6. Young will get to play in four preseason games. If he does good,he will stay. If not, Harrell keeps his job. Not much risk, but perhaps some up side.

  7. Not a huge move but this is a upgrade. Give Ted credit for seeing poor competition and giving the backup qb group an upgrade. I do agree with the previous comments that Young has been humbled. He is bankrupt and back at UT taking classes. This guy has to be hungry and ready to give it his all to make the team. For a guy that was probably too cocky coming out of college, we might be getting him at the right time. Who knows, if he shows ability in the preseason, we could get a valuable backup for a couple years.

      1. No seriously. I’m concerned. If you are really a Packer fan (and I believe you), and you care as much as your time spent surfing Packers sites online suggests, you have a rough life.

        I’m concerned.

  8. Who would you bring in from the free agent market if you were not convinced the current roster could step up in place of Bulaga? Who is there, and affordable at same time?

    1. Yep..I was wondering if this decision had more to do with the line situation than anything..

  9. Siging Young is basically low risk for the Packers and could provide Rodgers some off-time if they have a good lead in a game. The real priority is find a veteran LT to bring in for a look with Bulaga out for season. Think this is one time TT needs to make a trade and give up a low round draft choice to obtain the LT, of course the trade should be conditional on LT making the team. Anyway, not a good start for the seson, that two OL with serious injuries.

    1. The problem with your assertion that “TT needs to make a trade” is that the need is only one third of the equation. There also needs to be a LT out there that is better than what we have available (not too difficult) AND a GM willing to make the trade (probably very difficult).

      Good LTs don’t just sit in aisle 3 at Pick’n’Save, waiting to be selected. There’s as reason they are considered a premium position, and you don’t just let a good one go for no reason.

      TT is highly unlikely to panic about this and mortgage the team’s future by giving up the farm in a trade for someone else’s cast-offs when he has seen that we can win with Newhouse and Barclay at OT, even if that situation isn’t ideal. Add in Bakhtiari’s potential, and I think it’s 99% likely he stands pat.

      1. Good comment.

        Guys that can play LT are few and far between. Some teams don’t have one and are forced to play a player who is actually more of a RT at LT. There is already a lack of competent LT in the NFL. How are you going to find one that is both cheap and good enough to start?!

    2. It’s starting to sound as if Bakhtiari is one of the two best (active) OT on the team right now. If so–and barring further injury or player regression–this OL is already better than the one that finished last season.

  10. You’d have a hard time finding someone more excited about this move than me. 15-year-old Marques just soiled himself.

  11. If Sherrod doesn’t come back and Datko doesn’t cut it as the LT backup, Newhouse will be the backup LT and TT will grab a good OT prospect off of some other teams practice squad once the season starts.

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