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Here we go again. Bryan Bulaga may miss 2013 with an apparent knee injury

The Green Bay Packers may have already suffered their first major injury of 2013 and they have yet to play a preseason game.

Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel is reporting via Twitter that left tackle Bryan Bulaga suffered a knee injury during Saturday’s Family Night scrimmage and that the injury could be severe.  According to McGinn, the team is “hoping for the best but fearing the worst.”  If the worst case scenario comes to fruition, Bulaga will be on injured reserve for a second straight season.

It’s unclear which knee Bulaga injured, but if it’s the same leg as his hip injury from last season then there could be some long-term repercussions for Bulaga.  As the Packers’ best offensive lineman on a newly revamped line, this injury could prove devastating for Green Bay.

As for what the Packers will do in Bulaga’s absence, there are some options but none of them are really good scenarios. Marshall Newhouse could move to the left tackle position he held last year and let David Bakhtiari and Don Barclay battle it out for the right tackle job.  They could also try Bakhtiari at left tackle and keep Barclay on the right.   With Barclay entering his second year and Bakhtiari a rookie, neither of these situations are ideal.

Part of the Packers’ reasoning for shuffling the offensive line this offseason was to shore up protection of Aaron Rodgers’ blind side. That meant moving Bulaga to left tackle, which is where he played in college.  Unfortunately, it looks like he may have to wait to play that position at the professional level.

For now, it will be a waiting game until official word on Bulaga comes down. Coach Mike McCarthy made no mention of this after Saturday’s scrimmage so everyone is truly in the dark for the time being.

If the report is true then the Packers may be in for another battle with the injury bug in 2013.  After injuries decimated the roster last season, this is not the news Packers fans have been waiting for.

Buckle up, Packer Nation. It may be yet another bumpy ride for the Green and Gold.


Kris Burke is a sports writer covering the Green Bay Packers for and WTMJ in Milwaukee. He is a member of the Pro Football Writers of America (PFWA) and his work has been linked to by sites such as National Football Post and


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  1. What sucks is he’s not eligible for the PUP if it’s not season ending. It’s either IR or keep him on the 53. I don’t know if they can do the designated for return IR, but anyway you cut it – this really really sucks. Did I say this sucks?

  2. Sucks for sure, but not surprising. Offensive Lineman always have to rely on their knees a ton with the stress. Take the game to the next level with the speed, and power of the defenders, the lineman have to become speedier to handle them. In return their knees are easier to injure. We have to push on regardless.

  3. Hate to say it, but if Bulaga is done, I don’t think GB can win in the playoffs.

    This was a BIG part of the identity change on offense.


  4. Ok, keep positive. There are players that are capable of exceeding expectations. So let’s go ahead and expect it. Don’t get disappointed until those players actually let us down, and not before they had a chance to show. New year, and new chances. Always believe in people and second chances…yes I do. So that is part of the fun of sports.

  5. Unfortunately it’s official. He’s out for the year. The seasons not over, but this hurts.

    1. No. The season is not over. But it just got that much harder.

      Who’s going to replace him? Do you go back to last year’s line?


      Or do you hope Bakhtiari and Sherrod can show up?

      Good. Lord. Why does this crap ALWAYS happen to the Packers??

    2. They can not win the Super Bowl with a tackle combo consisting of 2 of the following…


      So – yes – the season is over.

      1. The last time the Packers won the Superbowl, 15 men were on IR. No need to throw in the towel.

          1. Yes,Packer fans, let us all be optimistic. Put on your rose-colored glasses. Every cloud has its silver lining. Just think of the pot-of-gold that awaits every true believer now that the Las Vegas bookmakers have significantly reduced the odds of the Pack making the SB.

  6. Unbelievable. .. wah… im sick of these injuries! ! Newhouse is not the answer, lets pray that Bakhtiari or even Sherrod can play better then Newhouse. This should move Barclay back to tackle only?, so who’s the back up center now?

  7. The way I see it… This IF true, puts the onus on McCarthy to really commit to running the ball. Its the only sure way to slow the pass rush down!

    Curious that it seems Florio is the only one to have broken that Bulaga is out for the year, and he’s the one guy that gets so much flak for his “contributions” on PFT.

  8. Loosing Bulaga will hurt the run game…I cant believe how snake bit this team is with injuries

  9. I believe we are going to see how healed Sherrod’s leg is now that the Pack doesn’t have the luxury of being quite as patient. Not saying they would rush him in if its not healed but time/numbers were on their side to keep him off the field before. That is no longer the case. GoPack!

  10. Unless Sherrod makes a miraculous recovery and is able to shake off almost 22 months of rust TODAY, I’d think the Packers best options are to put the line back to where it was last year OR leave Barclay at RT and the new kid, Bahktieri at LT. Is this ideal? Hell no, but unless Ted try’s to actually go and get a FA that’s available, AND better than the options we have, what other choices do the Packers have. Datko isn’t a option, he’s been a turnstile all camp long. Even Ted can see this is devastating to the Packers and knows he just may have to open up his Velcro wallet. I think I’m going to be sick.

    1. He could have this year. Terron Armstead was available until the Saints picked him 75th overall in the 3rd round.

    2. Who’s the next man? The way I see it is they’d have to put Barclay or Newhouse (god forbid) on the right and Bakhatirei at Bulagas LT position. Asking a lot of a rookie? Yup, but I believe he’s a better option than Newhouse on the left AND a better run blocker. At least David B can bend his hips and anchor himself against the best pass rushers in the NFL, something we’ve watched Newhouse be unable to do. He’d also be next to Sitten which would definitely help him out. Running the ball will definitely help, that’s obvious and goes without saying. At some point all 31 other teams add a piece here and a piece there through FA. I’m mnot saying to build your team that way, but it can go a long way in improving it. If you don’t understand that, just ask Ted what he thinks about signing Woodson and Pickett as FA. Sooner or later you run out of next man up, especially when it comes to the offensive line for the Green Bay Packers.

  11. The right-left switch was going to lessen the laundry bill for 12. The run game alternative could still relieve the pressure enough on 12 to keep him clean(er). We lived without Bulaga for the last 9 games in the previous season. We can do it again.

    1. I agree. This is in no way ideal, but it’s not the end of the world.

      Some of the sacks last year were because of the line, yes. But many were also because the WRs were blanketed due to no threat of a run game. And the playoff loss was on the D and McCarthy’s refusal to stick with the run game. This season an improved defense and a run game that is actually a threat, and I think we can survive with some combination of Newhouse/Barclay/Sherrod/Datko at OT and still be a Superb Owl calibre team. Every playoff team has a weakness somewhere…

  12. You’re right there BobBrews. I’m just in a panic at the thought of Newhouse back at LT. Common David B. we need to see that nasty streak in you right now!

    1. NP, no need to panic. Bear in mind the Pack went 15-1 with Newhouse at LT. Granted, they’ve been bounced from the playoffs earlier than we’d like both the last two seasons, but that has been due to multiple factors, not just Newhouse.

      Newhouse is what he is: an adequate-but-not-good OT. Yes, he has a low ceiling due to his lack of athleticism compared to elite OTs. He will probably never be a great run blocker, but he has improved and he is actually not terrible in pass protection except against elite rushers. Well, very few people are good against the elite, that’s why they’re elite.

      I wanted the line swap to work out, and I expected Newhouse to win the RT position and to surprise us all by not being a liability there this season. This isn’t the outcome any of us wanted, but if Newhouse winds up back at LT for the season, it doesn’t mean the sky is falling.

      1. I guess your right, he may be better with Sittin next to him too. Now more than ever Eddie Lacy needs to show the other teams what a huge mistake it was passing on him and what a gift he’ll be for the Packers.

  13. FA Time, not much Quality left, but Bryant Mckinney or Eric Winston could add some depth!

  14. My hope is Sherrod is ready to go. My fear is it’ll be Newhouse back at LT.

    Maybe try the 4th round pick there and see how he does and go with Barclay or Newhouse at RT.

  15. I wonder if constantly moving our O-linemen around is part of the cause of so many injuries. These guys are expected to be a “Jack of all Trades”. Maybe that’s why they end up stumbling over their own feet(or someone elses)and end up injured.

    I do not believe in focusing on all these “Jack of all Trade” types that frequently are “Masters of none” and/or injured. Give these guys a chance to be great at their best position instead of adequate all over the line.

    Trying rookies at three different positions seems like a high risk low reward endeavor also.

  16. Season over. Can hardly wait for the 2014 season. Behind AR and Clay, Bulaga was the guy the Packers could least afford to lose.

    Painful, but true.

    1. I find it hard to buy that when they played well last season without Bulaga.

      If people want to say that they can’t beat the Niners or others without Bulaga, please recognize that the Packers scored enough points in those losses to win games. It wasn’t on the offense.

    2. I just read where the Pack is giving Vince Young a work-out at QB. Back-up insurance for a now more-than-likely injury to AR?

        1. I try to make light of the situation; otherwise, I’d cry. I can’t understand why this mess with the “O” line happens every year.

          1. I guess the question is: why Vince Young? Do they think that McCarthy can redeem him or are they just looking for a veteran with game experience?

            What does this say about their camp impressions of Harrell and Coleman so far?

            1. I understand that Coleman threw a couple of interceptions on Family Night. Harrell was 9 of 12 but for only 88 yds. Why Vince Young? His ability to run the “read option” would help the “D” prep for SF and the Skins. If he’s not “damaged goods,” physically, coming to GB might revive his career.

  17. At least this happened before the first PRESEASON game and not the last or during the regular season. They have time to explore options both on the roster and external to it.

    As we’d been saying: worst case, the line reconfiguration experiment ends and we see a line that looks like the end of last season. Best case, the reconfigured line is at least somewhat better than what we saw a year ago and it becomes the new normal. Even with Bulaga done, I don’t see that changing.

    If you’re throwing in the towel now, you don’t have much faith.

    1. Your “faith” is really just wishful thinking.

      Worst o line in the NFL.

      Rodgers is a dead man.

      1. I wouldn’t go so far as to say,”Rodgers is a dead man,” Cow, but I did hear that his life and health insurance premiums tripled today.

  18. I still think we are going to win the Super Bowl. We were bounced both past years because of our crappy defense, not because our offense wasn’t good enough. We will run. A little more and I believe our defense will be markedly improved. Super Bowl, homeboy! Gack!

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