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Ted Sundquist was the Director of College Scouting for the Denver Broncos during the late Nineties when Denver won two Super Bowls. He later spent six years as their General Manager. Previously, as a player and later head coach at Air Force, he was part of a read option wishbone offense.

In short, he has the credentials for us to pepper him with questions about the personnel side as well as the Xs and Os. And pepper him we did. Ted handled it all and dropped knowledge bombs all over the place.

Defending the read option, Jay Cutler, Ted Thompson, The Packers Identity, Lacy vs. Franklin, Greg Jennings, offensive line position changes, life as a GM…  And we’re just getting started.

Seriously, you need to take some time and listen in.

Ted also discusses his new book, “Taking Your Team To The Top:  How To Build And Manage Great Teams Like The Pros” and his football website,

The show airs tonight on blogtalk radio at 8:00PM Central or you’ll be able to download it on itunes soon after that.

Listen to the show here.

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6 thoughts on “This Interview Will Raise Your Football Smarts – Ted Sundquist on No Huddle Radio

  1. Man, I have a droid… What about podcasts for droid peeps… We’re people too!

  2. Thanks for the informative interview with Ted Sundquist. He’s all class. I’ll be reading his book.

    The most interesting part of the interview was Sundquist’s response to the question of what was the most difficult thing he had to do as a GM. He expressed regret about the way in which the Broncos’ organization transitioned from Jake Plummer to Jay Cutler. It may have been best for the team long-term as well as a thing the coaching staff wanted, but Sundquist’s response revealed that he is a person of compassion who respected the contributions that Plummer made to the team and wished that the matter had been handled differently. Now, compare Sundquist’s compassion and respect to the classless and almost reptilian way in which Ted Thompson has dealt with the “transitions” of Favre, Collins, Woodson, Bishop, Wells, etc. You don’t build loyalty TT’s way. Expect more defections, ala Greg Jennings, following this season.

    1. Fitz, Download an app called “Stitcher” You can get any itunes podcasts with it. After installed, search for “Packers talk Radio” and you can get all the shows. When you have one open and are listening, look for the + near the upper right. Click that to add PTR to your “favorites”. It’s a free app.

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