Packers Undrafted Rookie Scouting Report: Ryan McMahon, S, Sacramento State All Green Bay Packers All the Time

Player Information:

  • Ryan McMahon, S Sacramento State
  • 5’11”/207 lbs
  • Hometown – Laverne, California

Pro Day:

  • 40 yard: 4.44
  • 20 yard: 2.49
  • 10 yard: 1.55
  • Bench: 14
  • Vertical: 38
  • Broad: 126
  • Shuttle: 4.19
  • 3-cone: 6.65

Introduction:  Ryan McMahon is a pretty interesting story.  Initially enrolled at USC, McMahon played three years with the Trojans mostly featured on special teams.  After which the story becomes a little vague (if anyone knows, please comment), but McMahon transfers to Sacramento State University, where he starts his last two years of eligibility at safety.  Presumably since his name isn’t associated with any legal issues, his transfer was most likely due to lack of playing time behind a loaded USC secondary.  While McMahon wasn’t drafted, he was invited to a tryout with the Packers but unfortunately wasn’t offered a contract.  However as several defensive backs were held out for the start of training camp (Sean Richardson, Chaz Powell, Casey Hayward and Davon House), the Packers made the call at the beginning the week to bring back one of their own tryout players.  Is McMahon the diamond in the rough that got a second chance or just another warm camp body?

Outside Analysis:

None.  Talk about under the radar




  • #6, playing safety, seems to rotate at free and strong
  • Run defense is not his forte, often gets pushed out of the play or stonewalled, doesn’t show much ability to disengage from blockers
  • You can watch fellow Packer David Bakhtiari (Colorado LT #59) block him out of a couple plays
  • If he can get to the play, he is a consistent tackler
  • Doesn’t look to be the most fluid in coverage, but good enough to get the job done
  • Good speed; may not be able to go sideline to sideline but pretty close to it.
  • Shows good ability to flip hips and change direction
  • Backpedal seems a little awkward
  • Didn’t see any playing time on special teams at Sacramento State, but led the team in special teams tackles at USC
  • For a guy who transferred from USC, he doesn’t dominate lower competition like he should. 


Packers rationale:  Considering his background as a USC safety, you would expect him to stand out when going against lesser competition (Colorado was atrocious this year and UC Davis only became a D-I school about 10 years ago.  Unfortunately, he looks right at home at Sacramento State; he’s definitely good enough to be a starter but it’s obvious why he wasn’t given more playing time at USC.  His forte seems to be more as a “in the box” safety and he does have the tackles to show for it, however his inability to shed blocks and get to the ball means that only really makes the tackles when he has a clear show.  Nevertheless, McMahon does show good range and some play making ability, interestingly he only has one career interception at either USC or Sacramento State so either his ball skills are suspect or he’s only beginning to scratch the surface of his potential.


Thomas Hobbes is a staff writer for Jersey Al’s


15 thoughts on “Packers Undrafted Rookie Scouting Report: Ryan McMahon, S, Sacramento State

  1. “seems to rotate at free and strong.” (safety)

    Probably why the Packers had interest in him. They like the Safeties to be interchangeable so as to disguise coverages better.

  2. Seems like just a size/speed athlete kinda pickup. If he shows anything, like Richardson did last year, he might land on the PS and get a chance to develop.

    1. He can flip his hips and change direction. Something that is hard to teach. Probably will be considered for PS to develop. Speed/size can’t be taught.

      1. If he can that would help him win a roster spot. But I think that analysis is just by the author and not a scout or service. So I’ll withhold judgment whether he can or not. The size/speed player I really like and would find a roster spot for is Brandon Smith.

        1. Probably not a roster spot for Smith, but PS for sure! 6’1 205 CB is a tremendous athlete.

  3. Hayward is out for 2 weeks with a hamstring injury. Will this be a recurring problem during the season? Richardson may never return following neck (cervical spine) surgery in January. TT did not fill the need at safety in the draft. McMahon may actually make the roster.

    1. I’d think they would move Bush or Hyde to the 4th safety spot and put one of the fast kids at CB 9Nixon or Means) on the roster before this kid.

      1. I’ve seen Hyde play at Iowa. He isn’t fast enough for CB and not physical enough for safety. He’s not the answer. One answer could have been Bacarri Rambo but TT drafted Hyde instead. News out of the Redskins training camp is that Rambo, their 6th round pick, is the starting FS. We’ll probably see him Sunday, Sept. 15th.

        1. FTFY… We’ll probably see him Sunday, Sept. 15th.

          And take advantage of him like the rookie he is!

  4. •Run defense is not his forte, often gets pushed out of the play or stonewalled, doesn’t show much ability to disengage from blockers

    I didn’t need to read anything after this point….

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