Packers Johnathan Franklin: Franklin’s Playbook Video, Part Five All Green Bay Packers All the Time

As Packers training camp is set to start, we now have the final in this series of videos on Johnathan Franklin and his long road to the NFL.

In this episode, we see Franklin’s very emotional reaction to the phone call from the Packers on day three of the 2013 NFl draft.

Johnathan goes on to talk about the realization of a life-long dream, staying hungry and the excitement he feels to be a part of Packer Nation.



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4 thoughts on “Packers Johnathan Franklin: Franklin’s Playbook Video, Part Five

  1. My my my….Datone is a very big man….! Can’t wait to see these guys; one doing a “Peterson” on the Vikings rushing for 200 yards and the other driving Cutlers face into the turf.

  2. Pack is back, as in Super Duper contender. It’s great to have Franklin and Jones on the roster. They will be awesome!

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