Packers have had the Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair of Quarterbacks in Last 17 Seasons All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Aaron Rodgers has held the championship belt as the NFL’s best QB since 2010. Brett Favre held it from 1995-98.

Next time you complain about Aaron Rodgers holding the ball too long or grimace at the memory of a Brett Favre interception, remember this: The Packers have had the best quarterback in the NFL for seven of the past 17 seasons.

That’s the conclusion Grantland’s Bill Barnwell reached, anyway, after a comprehensive study breaking down the NFL QB championship belt holder since 1959.

Yes, Barnwell’s findings are subjective, but even if his logic is a little flawed, it’s still damn impressive just how good the quarterback play has been in Green Bay over the last 17 seasons.

Barnwell goes on to highlight how a quarterback’s reign at the top typically doesn’t last very long. No QB has spent more than four seasons with the QB championship belt. Rodgers has been the best since 2010. He’ll turn 30 this season and the next crop of young quarterbacks are rapidly advancing as top contenders to take his title.

Of course, if Rodgers’ reign does end, it doesn’t mean he’ll turn into a jobber. There’s nothing wrong with being the Intercontinental Champ or even a tag team title holder. Rodgers would still be more than capable of winning the cage match known as the Super Bowl and bringing another team championship belt back to Green Bay.

Kurt Warner ended Favre’s four-season reign from 1995-98. Favre, Johnny Unitas, Joe Montana and Petyon Manning were the only QBs to wear the belt for four straight seasons.

Yes, I’m still going to holler at my TV when Rodgers ignores a wide open receiver underneath and heaves a pass 50 yards downfield that falls incomplete. I’ll still curse some of Favre’s silly interceptions and his divorce from the Packers.

But deep down, I’ll know that the Packers have been lucky enough to have both the Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair of quarterbacks over the last 17 seasons. Two all-time greats. Two memorable characters. Two world champions.


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7 thoughts on “Packers have had the Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair of Quarterbacks in Last 17 Seasons

  1. I would have gone with the “Hulk Hogan and Macho Man of Quarterbacks”.


    Then again, Flair is a bit of a lush and a noted womanizer so he fits Favre perfectly.

  2. Sorry. Aaron is going to hold it for more than 4 years, my friend. He wasn’t winning it over the best quarterbacks of the last few years- he’s proven he’s better than Tom Brady and Peyton Manning; two of the best to EVER play the game. So, by that logic, “He who surpasses Aaron Rodgers will have surpassed both Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, as well.”Good luck with that…

  3. How would you like to be a Bear’s fan(omg)and have a man (George Blanda) coming out of retirement as your best quarterback over the last 50 plus years. The others claim to fame were good runners as a qb. LMAO. Go Aaron go make sure you let Da quaterbackless Bears know.

  4. Joe Montana and Steve Young were the best for 21 years combined. I have a feeling Favre and Rodgers will blow that out of the water!

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