Packers Undrafted Rookie Scouting Report: Angelo Pease, RB K-State All Green Bay Packers All the Time

I had so much fun doing player profiles for the 2013 draft I figured that I should give the undrafted rookies the same treatment; after all, since they are definitely on the Packers roster, why take a closer look going into to training camp.  So far I’ve done video analysis on Pease, Lane Taylor, Tyrone Walker and Patrick Lewis, but I’m open to doing more if commenters have requests, however, since most of these guys are from small schools or relatively unknown, finding quality tape on them has been quite difficult.

Player Information:

  • Angelo Pease, RB K-State
  • 5’10”/211 lbs
  • Hometown – Cairo, Georgia


Pro Day:

  • 40 yard: 4.50
  • 20 yard: 2.57
  • 10 yard: 1.62
  • Bench: 25
  • Vertical: 32
  • Broad:113
  • Shuttle: 4.44
  • 3-cone: 7.08



While many fans were exuberant when the Packers draft not one but two running backs in the draft in Eddie Lacy and Johnathan Franklin, it was actually the undrafted rookie running back that made a name for himself during the rookie camp.  Angelo Pease even got the notice of head coach Mike McCarthy: “That’s a big time cut.  Frankly I thought it was Eddie Lacy, the way he dropped his weight and hit the hole.  Those are the things we’re looking for.”  Of course, flashing in shorts against a bunch of guys with zero NFL experience has to be taken with a grain of salt, but the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel recently predicted that Pease could land on the practice squad, if not the 53 man roster itself.

Media Analysis:

None.  Talk about under the radar




  • The jump cut is his best move and he loves to use it, even sometimes at the expense of yardage and losing momentum
  • Definitely not a focal point of the offense, only 96 carries in his college career
  • Good blocker given K-States’ spread offense; whether he knows how to pick up the blitz in a west coast offense is a different issue
  • Has experience as a wildcat quarterback, take that for what its worth.  As a former quarterback in high school I’m not surprised he looks a lot more at ease playing quarterback than at running back.  
  • Lacks a top gear and seems too hesitant to hit the hole, there are occasions where he waits for the defender to get to him.
  • Given he’s not fast enough to really threaten the corner, it’s a little surprising he doesn’t fare very well between the tackles. 
  • No indication if he’s a good pass catcher; college stats only record 7 receptions in 2 years.  Again this may be an artifact of K-States spread offense.
  • If he can catch the ball, he may be an interesting option as a returner; he seems to be better in space and has the ability to make a couple defenders miss, which usually is enough for a good return. 


Packers rationale:  After watching the tape, I’m a little bit skeptical on Angelo Pease.  I will say Pease looked better against Kent State, but then again he should since it’s lower competition.  Certain play styles are more impressive in shells that others; for instance a shifty running back will look a lot better than a power back in non-contact practices because the holes are bigger and the “tackles” are weaker because no one is trying to be physical or playing at 100%.  Pease unfortunately falls into this category, his jump cuts will look very impressive without the fear of contact and his speed deficiencies are hidden since the holes are bigger.  With Eddie Lacy, Johnathan Franklin and Alex green being mid to upper round picks, I think it will be very hard for Pease to make it onto the 53-man roster. Perhaps the most important thing for Pease to show in camp is the intelligence to pick up blitzes (as he already has the physical part down) and the ability to catch the ball, which is a requirement for Packers running backs.  If he also shows some ability to be a returner, I think he has a good shot at making the practice squad.


Thomas Hobbes is a staff writer for Jersey Al’s


14 thoughts on “Packers Undrafted Rookie Scouting Report: Angelo Pease, RB K-State

  1. I think ability as a returner will be the biggest determining factor for him.

    1. I agree, the only problem is there’s no indication that he has any experience doing that; as far as I can tell he has very little experience catching the ball and no experience on returns. He’s not also the fastest, but the Packers have shown they don’t necessarily care all that much about speed (such as having Alex Green and Jordy Nelson back returning)

      1. Has there been any talk about the possibility of Terrell Sinkfield handling punts and kickoff returns? I know that the Packers picked him up after Miami released him at about the time both Johnson and Dorsey missed several OTAs for undisclosed reasons. I’ve seen this kid play at Northern Iowa and he is the real deal. He’s blazing fast, a great leaper and runs good routes but wasn’t responsible for punts or kick-offs at UNI. Will you be doing an analysis about him?

        1. I can’t find any decent tape on him; there’s one clip of his highlights, but of course every clip is him catching a 40 yard bomb, so that’s not really indicative of anything. If you can find some film on him I’ll write a post on him.

  2. I didn’t see your Lane Taylor analysis. Do you have a link to that?? Very intrigued by his size and athleticism.

  3. Angelo Pease = Brandon Saine. He looks like a good, low cost insurance policy on the practice squad who could be promoted to 53-man roster in event of injuries. His wildcat experience would be of value on scout team given the scrambling ability of several QBs on the Green Bay schedule.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Strictly a PS guy for now. Green, Harris, Lacy and Franklin will be the RB on the roster IMO. If theres an injury and they don’t need to add another position, they might move him up, otherwise he’s an insurance policy. See how things look next year this time and there might be space for him, but I doubt it.

      1. I would suspect that if there was an injury, James Starks would still probably get the nod over Pease.

        1. Maybe but if Starks doesn’t the 53 roster I think they wipe their hands and move on. Its time IMO.

          1. Well assuming Starks 1) doesn’t make the team and 2) doesn’t latch on to any other team, I could totally see the Packers pick him up as a street free agent mid-season if there were an injury instead of promoting Pease if he were to make the PS

    2. I hadn’t thought about Pease strictly in terms of playing the spread/wildcat quarterback on the scout team but it’s a definite advantage. I wonder how much stuff like that factors into picking practice squad players.

  4. thanks Tom! Please do some analysis on the revamp of the o-line; perhaps by doing a feature on who wins the battle for RT–Barclay/Bakhtiari/Sherrod or Datko. Note I’ve left off Newhouse since he’s been around 3-4 years with less than average play (poor footwork comes to mind and less than stellar passing protection skills)so it’s unlikely he makes the roster this year. Talk of what both RG and RT positions roles are and who is GB likely to keep as backups. Looks like Tretter and Sherrod will begin the season on IR……Thanks!

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