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Packers coach Mike McCarthy is dedicated to his community work.
Packers coach Mike McCarthy is dedicated to his community work.

A lot of ink has been spilled and hot air bloviated this week about Brett Favre taking some of the blame for his split with the Packers and Greg Jennings possibly holding a grudge against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers after departing Green Bay for Minnesota.

Both of those topics merit further discussion. They also move the meter and bring out the passion — for better or worse — of Packers fans and media personalities.

Unfortunately, both of those stories broke around the same time Lori Nickel of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel wrote an excellent piece about Packers coach Mike McCarthy and his commitment to both his family and community outreach.

Push pause on all the thoughts that are running through your head about when Favre might finally have his number retired as a Packer, or whether Jennings will send Rodgers a Christmas card this year, and read Nickel’s story.

I get that we don’t truly know the coaches and players that we cheer for every Sunday, but I am pretty confident that McCarthy is a helluva guy and about as genuine as they come. I’m really proud that he’s the coach of the Packers.

I’ve always been impressed with McCarthy’s demeanor throughout the season. He’s never too high and never too low and always remains resolute while looking forward. You can tell he would rather talk about Justin Bieber’s fashion sense than answer questions about the Packers sometimes, but he’s always respectful and provides at least some level of insight.

It looks like many of those same characteristics carry through to McCarthy’s community work and family life. He may tick fans off by calling for a 50-yard bomb on 3rd and 1 or not running the ball as often as we’d like, but any coach will tick off fans with stuff like that on occasion.

I’ve already written too much about this topic. Stop reading this, and go read Nickel’s story. Keep up the good work, Mike.


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4 thoughts on “Packers Coach Mike McCarthy is Awesome

  1. Just read Nickel’s story. Very touching. Helps explain MM’s demeanor. There are more important things in life and coaching is only one way to help do those things.

    MM and his wife are setting the example for what a marriage is, and how being focused and humble is a good thing.

  2. MM is a good role model for some of the posters on this site. Respectful winner and competitor. I bet he only has good things to say about GJennings.

  3. We are lucky to have him. At times, I can’t stand the pro athlete world of money, ego and immaturity. While MM can’t keep the Packers free of all that nonsense, he does set the tone for the team and the bar for those involved. The bar is high.

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