Top 20 Day Three Targets for the Green Bay Packers: 2013 NFL Draft All Green Bay Packers All the Time
2013 NFL Draft
2013 NFL Draft

Jesse Williams, DT, Alabama – What is he still doing here?

Nick Williams, DE Samford – Prototype 3-4 body and a great athlete.

Philip Thomas, S Fresno State –  Instictual ball hawk, good tackler.

Duke Williams, S, Nevada – great athlete, early character issues seemingly behind him.

Cooper Taylor, S, Richmond – Kid is 6’5″, 228, 4.55 40yd. dash – medical concerns (heart condition)

Reid Fragel, LOT, Ohio State – TE convert, only one year at tackle. Lane Johnson body type.

Quinton Patton, WR, Louisiana Tech – Greg Jennings II?

Josh Boyce, WR, TCU – One of my sleepers of the entire draft…

Ryan Swope, WR Texas A&M – 4.34 at the Combine, but doesn’t look it on the field.

Chris Harper, WR, Kansas State – former QB, good athlete.

Barret Jones, OL, Alabama – Solid, versatile, Packers’ type of guy.

Luke Marquardt, OT, Asuza Pacific – Coached by Hall of Famer Jackie Slater.

Brian Schwenke, C, CAL – Looks like a perfect ZBS center…

Khaled Holmes, C, USC – Fits in a ZBS, but has some nasty…

David Quessenberry, OL, San Jose State – my favorite “all-purpose” OL. Can play any position on the line.

Khaseem Greene, ILB, Rutgers – Plays with abandon ala CM3… But he’s not CM3.

John Simon, OLB, Ohio State – relentless, hard working over-achiever type.

David Bass, OLB, Missouri Western – 39 sacks at Div II level – Sleeper Alert!

Cornelius Washington, OLB, Georgia – Underwear Olympics Champ.

Zach Sudfeld, TE, Nevada – best blocking TE in the draft, and he can catch too…

AJ Klein, LB, Iowa State – Jonathan Vilma-like…

(in case anyone notices, it’s actually 21 – I had left out Nick Williams, one of my favorites – realized it when I saw Stroh’s comment…)


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39 thoughts on “Top 20 Day Three Targets for the Green Bay Packers: 2013 NFL Draft

  1. I hope the Packers use some of the extra picks they accumulated yesterday to trade back up into the 4th round. There is a lot of talent still available.

    1. Disappointed last night, but optimisitic now. They’ve got ammunition and players that can legitimately help this team are there to be had.

      If TT continues to trade down, I won’t be a happy camper (which, I understand, doesn’t mean much in the world, but my wife won’t take it well).

      1. Agreed. I did not want Jesse Williams in the 1st, but in the 4th I think it would be a great pick.

  2. If your whole list was available at the pack’s pick, my first choice would be Jesse Williams and my second would be Quessenberry, and I’d try him at center.

  3. “Jesse Williams, DT, Alabama – What is he still doing here?”

    He’ll probably be gone by the time the Packers pick again. Too bad, he is a wardaddy.

  4. If we can somehow get a combination of Q. Patton/J. Williams/ Quissenberry in the 4th, and i mean combo 2 of 3, with our 2 fourth round picks I will be ecstatic. — I am not the biggest Lacy fan. The value was great. I just like my runners with a little more shake n bake. — but if TT pulls 2 of those 3 out of the fourth, it will be a great draft in my opinion.– I know everyone wants a S but I think McMillian will be vastly improved this year. He’s in GB putting in the work and is physically talented. It was the mental part he needed work on. Go TT. GoPack!

    1. I would still like a safety, Phillip Thomas or Baccari Rambo, but if the Packers got Patton, Williams and Quessenberry, I would be very happy.

      1. I read somewhere, and I think it’s pretty much right, that there’s likely not a safety to be had a this point that would be better than McMillan or Jennings. So why bother unless you’re looking for a ST guy?

        1. I disagree. Thomas had 8 interceptions last year and Rambo had 8 in 2011. The Packers could use that type of ball hawking safety that they have been missing since Collins retired.

          1. McMillan made a number of athletic plays. He had another called back based on a bogus penalty on Walden. THat was only in part-time duty. He can be that ball-hawk this year. Any new safety at this point will have the same growing pains McMillan had last year. GoPack!
            DISCLAIMER: this is simply my opinion!

          2. At this point, do you take the chance of improving elsewhere and trusting the developmental pieces already in house? I think so.

            It’s a different question when you’re looking at safeties in Rd 1-2.

  5. Packers have 2 of the top 25 picks in round 4. Hope they can land Schwenke, Quesenberry or Sudfeld.

  6. Does stocking up on low round draft picks really work for the Packers? Just look at last year’s roster to see. James Starks Rd6-2010, Ryan Taylor Rd7-2010, Eric Walden Rd6-2011, Marshal Newhouse Rd5-010, Jerome McMillion Rd.4-2012, B,J, Coleman Rd7-2012, Datko RD7-2012, Amdrew Quarless Rd5-2010, D. J. Williams Rd5-2011, Mike Daniels Rd4-2012, C,J, Wilson Rd7-2010, Brad Jones Rd7 -2009, Terrell Manning Rd5-2012, Davon House Rd4-2011, D.J. Smith Rd 6-2011. Did any of these players do anything against the Niners last season? The answer is a painful NO. At best, some are projects. The only decent low round draft pick on the Packers entire roster is Desmond Bishop. Stocking up on low round picks is a proven failure. Just look at the rif raf on the Packers current roster!

    1. Sanguine,
      Not every player can be a pro-bowler. The list you gave is full of important contributors. I am too lazy to type it all of it out. Virtually all of them contributed, except those that were injured. Stop looking at one game. We lost. Get over it. GoPack!

      1. The Packers kryptonite is the Giants and San Fran. Is Seattle in that category? Maybe.

        My hope is that those games help point the Packers in a direction of improvement, but when they’re beating just about everyone else on their schedule, you’re not talking roster overhaul, you’re talking revision.

    2. As much grief as people give to Newhouse, he saved the Packers butts when Sherrod got hurt. He’s an average NFL OLT that could be replaced, yes, but to say he’s riff-raff is a little harsh.

      Packers didn’t draft Walden. Dallas did.

  7. Hey Sanguine Camper when I first started reading your post thought your argument was going to be YES it does work. In the past 3 years we have won a superbowl, went 15-1, and been division champs and a playoff team. All the players you have listed have contributed to these accomplishments. Don’t be so hung up on the SF losses because we will continue to be a perennial playoff team with many more wins than losses in the regular season.

    1. In today’s NFL, requires a reset of expectations. The Pack is competitive every year which means they get a chance to go all the way every year. That’s all you can ask for with salary caps and monster salaries. I’m not sure if any team has done what the Packers have done in the last ten years.

  8. There is still a lot of good players still left for today and totally agree with SchenySchen about round 4. For rounds5-7 some players I covet are Dion Sims TE, Franklin or Randle RB(yes another RB, Quinten Dial DE Alabama, OLBS-Lavar Edwards, Q.Smith, or Buchanon, and a WR such as Swope, Boyce, Darick Rogers, or the other Rogers out of Cal Lutheran. But who knows what rabbit TT will pull out of his hat.

    1. I’ve been so fixated on Patton that I haven’t really noticed that there are other WR on the board that fit just as well. I just think Patton has the best upside.

  9. In these later rounds I would be very happy with some freaky athletes that have abilities that can’t be coached. Denard Robinson,Gholston, and a rec. from Kansas St.Harper.

    1. Nick Williams DE Samford. He’s 6’5 310 and ran a sub 4.9 40. Just a tremendous athlete given his size, which by the way is a perfect size for a 34 LDE!

      Been my sleeper pick for months.

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