Packers Release RB Brandon Saine and LB DJ Smith All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Brandon Saine and DJ Smith
Saine and Smith were both released by the Packers on Wednesday

According to the Green Bay Packers team website, the team has released running back Brandon Saine and linebacker DJ Smith. The transactions were announced by Packers GM Ted Thompson.

Both were lost to season-ending knee injuries last season and even more ironically, during the same week six game against the Houston Texans.  Both players reportedly failed a physical exam.

Saine appeared in a handful of games in 2011 and 2012.  He was acquired as an undrafted free agent out of Ohio State in 2011.

Smith was drafted in 2011 with one of the team’s three sixth-round pick.  Smith played in 22 games and had claimed a starting role after the loss of inside linebacker Desmond Bishop during the 2012 pre season.  Smith appeared in six games in 2012 before suffering a season-ending knee injury at Houston in Week 6.



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11 thoughts on “Packers Release RB Brandon Saine and LB DJ Smith

  1. Wow, Smith’s injury must have been really, really bad. That’s the only reason I can think of, since you can stash him on the IR for a year if you don’t think he’s going to miss one year. He’s still on his rookie deal as a 6th round pick so money isn’t the issue, I’m guessing it had to be close to a career ending injury or something.

    1. Looking back on the injury, it was a pretty gruesome one in terms of how his knee torqued and twisted. Hopefully, he gets a chance elsewhere. Perhaps this also shows the Packers are intent on getting bigger and more physical in the middle of the D

    2. More to do w/ limited upside IMO. He was a liability in coverage and it wasn’t going to get better. Decent at best vs run. Just had very limited upside.

      You can’t waive an injured player and it hasn’t been reported that he got an injury settlement. He was never going to be a starter, and as a backup he was still limited.

      1. Sure, but he was also a draft pick with experience and the Packers typically don’t let go of someone that quickly. Would you rather have Smith or Jamari Lattimore?

    1. I did too. He wasn’t the flashiest runner but he could do it all and he was physically gifted.

  2. Very surprised at these moves. Looks like an ILB somewhere in this draft. Dropping Saine surprised me as well. Perhaps the Packers will get serious about a run game and that may start with some talent.

    1. Don’t forget they have Manning at ILB who never really had a chance to show us fans much last season as he struggled all camp with a severe intestinal parasite that resulted in his shedding almost 20 lbs before the season started.. he was pretty highly touted by scouts.

  3. I really only liked Saine as a receiver – thought he missed a lot of open holes and ran into defenders instead of away. Sad to see Smith go, from day one I hoped we had found the next Sam Mills. DJ has a ton of heart, but just limited physically…

  4. Hmmm, Packers release Saine the day they meet with Benson. Naah, probably just coincidence.

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