NFL Draft Prospect: Eric Reid, Safety, LSU All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Eric Reid
LSU Safety Eric Reid

Player Information:

Eric Reid, Safety, Louisiana State University

6’2″, 212 pounds

Geismar, LA


NFL Combine:

40 time: 4.53

225-pound bench: 17 reps

Vertical: 40 1/2″

Broad:  134″

News and Notes:

Reid ran the fastest 40 time of all safeties at this year’s NFL Scouting Combine. . .Reid saw playing time right away during his freshman season at LSU, appearing in all 13 games. . .during his sophomore season, he avoided the slump and his team-leading 76 tackles, two interceptions, three pass break-ups and two forced fumbles on the year earned him second-team All-SEC honors. . .during his junior season in 2011, Reid had a timely interception against Alabama to seal the Tigers’ win and earned Reid the SEC Defensive Player of the Week for his effort against the Tide (six tackles, one for loss, forced fumble, INT). . .Reid earned First-Team All-SEC honors in 2012.

What they’re saying about him:

  • “Possesses the prototypical frame for the position, boasting wide shoulders, long arms and a tapered frame. Reid is a fantastic downhill athlete with quick read-and-react ability to attack the play with steam spurting from his ears. He might be the explosive hitter from the safety position in the 2013 draft, closing with the speed and physicality of a linebacker rather than a defensive back.”
  • “Tall, long safety with a solid overall build that is still getting stronger. All-around defender who can play the run and pass. Flashes excellent closing speed, pummels receivers after the catch when coming downhill and can get into the backfield if smelling out the play after the snap. Has length and attitude to wrap up ballcarriers in the open field. Brings power into cut tackles, lowering his shoulder to stop running backs cold.”


Video Analysis:

  • Attacks the ball carrier well and tackles well
  • Physical at the line and in getting off run blocks by opposing receivers
  • Hits hard
  • Height gives him an advantage with the jump ball
  • Good instincts and gets under routes
  • Guesses wrong on routes and takes bad angles in the open field at times, which will cost him at the NFL level

If drafted by the Packers: compares Reid most closely to Tampa Bay’s Mark Barron (yes, they compared him to a former Crimson Tide star!) and CBS Sports compares him to the Jets LaRon Landry.  With Kenny Vaccaro likely off the board and questions about whether Jonathan Cyprien will also be gone by the time the Packers draft, Reid could garner an early look.  He’s taller and still has room to bulk up.  He’s a prototype build for an NFL safety.  He could be a starter for the Packers if selected, although he would need to work on his open-field tackling.  Long-term, I see quite a bit of upside with Reid.  I hesitate to say “upside” because that term because it is over-used, in my opinion, but Reid has the ideal frame, speed and physicality to go along with it.  He strikes me as the type who would take a huge leap forward from year one to year two and beyond.  The question is:  does Ted Thompson agree?  Reid has projected in rounds one and two.  I see him falling into round two, but he will likely be taken early on so this would be a scenario that may require some maneuvering if the Packers are to be in position to take Reid in two.


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18 thoughts on “NFL Draft Prospect: Eric Reid, Safety, LSU

  1. Of all the safties in this draft class i feel like Reid and Cyprien fit best with the Packers with Reid having the egde. I like the fact that he hits hard and is a willing tackler while also having good ball skills and height. Only problem is his overpursueing but that will get better with the coaching staff. He would be a great pickup

  2. Reid actually ran the 5th fastest 40. Of the top Safeties expected to go in rounds 1-3 he was the fastest, only Elam was close at 4.54, with the rest well over 4.6. I love Reids physicality, length and measurables, and he’s probably my favorite safety in the draft. He doesn’t seem to have great ball skills (not that their poor) or instincts. The instincts I don’t worry too much about, as that can be learned (much like Collins and Burnett haven’t played to their timed speed early in their careers), but I do wish he had a little better ball skills.

    For the Packers Reid wouldn’t really be asked to cover WR much so man coverage against WR isn’t going to be the issue. He can easily cover TE and has the physical style to make tackles and length (really long arms and ht) to challenge and defend the TE and jump balls deep downfield vs. WR.

    IMO, he’s the type of safety that will bring the added toughness and physicality the Packers are sorely missing in the secondary, even if he may need to reign it in a bit.

    1. Admittedly, I went off of’s “top performer” notation on Reid running the fastest 40 of all safeties.

      I actually profiled him based on our discussion last week so I DO take what you say into account;)

      I like him if he can reign it in. He definitely needs to refine his game at the next level but he’ll make a great addition to whoever snags him

      1. Of all the draft picks available, this is the only player worth a 1st round pick at 26 (or better) for the packers. That is if TT feels he needs a safety that bad. He has the experience, size, speed, is physical and will get better over time (yr 1 to yr 2 jump might be tremendous). The DB group of GB will become of the best in the league for several years. nice job Jason!

        1. Thanks Pat! Most of this is bringing what the experts are saying to the forefront with a little of my own thoughts. He’s an intriguing prospect this year, for sure.

        2. Wow, you seem to like Reid even more than I do. That’s unusual… I’m certainly not against taking him at 26, but I’m not convinced he’s quite that good. He might have the best long term potential at least in GB. His physical play is exactly what we need.

          This year I’m having difficulty figuring out what direction the Packers go. That hasn’t been the case for quite awile.

          1. Wow – I do, I do! I like the competition Reid has faced the last four years. LSU is a great progam and having to face the SEC receivers, RB’s and great coaching I believe he will be better prepared than the rest. He will be starting somewhere in the NFL.

            TT will know if this is his guy, and if he needs a safety. I agree with his long term potential and his physical play being exactly what we need. TT will look to take care of the team long term and I think this guy can become a big time leader for the D.

            I agree on having difficulty figuring out direction. Hopefully that serves TT well. Safety is deep, RB can be had in 2nd or 3rd. DL also in 2nd for sure but also in lower rounds. I expect TT to trade the 26th to pick up an extra pick but if he grabs Reid or Lacy I’d be happy. I’m looking forward to see it all unfold.

      2. That’s where I got Reid as #5. Combine, top performers, safeties only… That’s weird. It shows Shamarko Thomas, Wolff, S. Williams and D. Williams ahead of Reid.

        I appreciate that you profiled him. I don’t think he’s a perfect Safety, but the best alternative for the Pack. I think we REALLY need his physical/aggressive play in the secondary. I’m torn whether or not he’s quite worth #26, but certainly would take him anywhere in the 2nd. He does need to reign in his aggressiveness a little tho, even tho that’s what we need, he might get a lot of personal fouls if he doesn’t.

        1. Oh, top performer, doesn’t mean THE best, it means he was top 10 or 15 at his position.

  3. Reid is overrated. Good in run support, but was beaten like a poor stepchild in coverage and deep all year. SS, only.

    Cyprien is another one. 4.6+ “speed” and small school pedigree. Both of these guys will get overdrafted.

  4. i hope all the pre-draft player rankings that i’ve been looking at are way off base.

    because if they’re not, then i’m a bit concerned that the players who might be available at 26 either won’t be worth the 26th pick, don’t address a position of need, or don’t fit the Packers’ system.

    all of the DL’men seem to be a stretch to play DE in a 3/4.

    drafting any of these RB’s at 26 would seem to be a reach.

    at OT & OG you gotta think they’d just be looking for depth and you don’t want to be drafting for depth in the first round … you need a starter.

    are you really gonna draft a center in R1?

    OLB you’re just looking for depth… guess you can never have too many pass rushers, though.

    they just spent a 4th on a S last year and with all the depth at S in the draft i would be surprised if they went that direction in the first round.

    too many WR options later in the draft to spend a R1. i think there are a bunch of very good WR’s but no one that’s far and away better than everyone else (who will still be available at 26)

    here’s who i think it comes down to (in the order i would prefer)…

    1.Trade down

    2.Brown KSU (as an ILB)

    3.Eifert (plan ahead for 88’s 2014 departure OR have a ridiculously good set of TE’s for years to come)

    4.Jones UCLA (as a DE although he’d probably have to gain 10-15 lbs)

    5.Moore Ta&m (Matthews,Perry,Moore,Moses) would be a pretty formidable rotation

    6.Short Purdue (i actually think the most likely pick is between this guy and Jones)

    7.Trufant UW (can never have too many corners… i’d take rhodes over this guy but i don’t think he’ll be there)

    8.Williams UNC (again – a stretch as a 3/4 DE)

    9.Jenkins UGA/Hankins OSU Can’t figure out which one of these guys i like best. OSU guys scare me (although can’t complain w/ what Pickett’s done) and I kinda feel like Jenkins may not be a real hard worker… get his coin and coast. I do think that getting an anchor for the middle would help the entire D… just not sure these 2 are worth a #26.

    That’s my top 10. There are a lot of S that I really like (Reid, Cyprien, Willcox,Elam). If the Pack thinks one of the Safeties is special then I’d be cool with that… i just think you can get a good one later.

    I actually think that the Pack will get better players in R2 and R3 than they’ll end up getting in R1… probably why i’d like to see them trade down.

    1. Agree w/ a lot of this. I would love to see the Packers trade down, but that’s much easier said than done. IMO only a team wanting at QB might be willing to move from top 2nd into bottom 1st (to ensure getting the one they want). Otherwise, the talent from about #20 thru about #45 is very similar. The value will be better moving down. Just might not have the best pick for your scheme/team if you move down.

      Brown I would be OK w/ in the mid 2nd, not at #26 and would rather have Ogletree (not likely w/ his issues). Some scouts think Brown is only a Tampa 2 LB and be a poor fit in others schemes.

      I don’t see a TE in the 1st and don’t like Jones (too light and short arms) as a 34 DE.

      Agree the DL are better 43 DL than 34. Been sayin that for couple months.

      I would only consider Short or Hankins at #26 on DL.

      I have a hard time seeing taking another 34 OLB in the 1st round after taking Perry last year. And I’m not a fan of Trufant. I would rather have my pick of the best Safeties than take Trufant.

      I don’t see any 1st round RB talent. If we move down into the #40 area I would consider Lacy, but would rather not move that far down.

      Assuming we stay at #26, Ogletree, Short, Reid would be my top choices. Assuming Vaccaro, Cooper and Rhodes are gone.

      1. I agree with you again. Must be a full moon tonight.

        Assuming we stay at #26 because no one offers a good trade – I place Ogletree and Reid as my top choices. A reach for a RB (Lacy/Ball) if necessary to take care of that 3rd and 1 issue. Again, if no trade is available to get an extra pick in top 100 or TT feels it is necessary to fill a spot.

        1. I meant to add: we need production out of the Running game and from the DB side. A reach might be necessary if no one wants the trufants, Lacy or others available to give up the extra pick.

          In TT I Trust.

    2. Cow, how about a list of players we would be happy to see drafted before GB? The more drafted that we don’t care to have, the greater the chance of trading down.

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