NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Robert Woods, WR USC All Green Bay Packers All the Time

Green Bay Packers NFL Draft prospect profile: WR Robert Woods

Player Information:

Robert Woods, WR USC
6-1, 201 pounds
Hometown: Carson, CA


NFL Combine:

40 yard: 4.51

Bench: 14

Vert: 33.5″

Broad: 117″

3 cone: 7.15

Shuttle: 4.47

News and Notes:

When it comes to drafting wide receivers, the Packers don’t follow the mold.  Going back a couple years, in 2008 the Packers pretty much could have picked any wide receiver they had wanted in the 2nd round (the first wide receiver was Donnie Avery with the 2nd pick of the 2nd round for reference).  There was the star (Mario Manningham), the speedster (DeSean Jackson) and the physical specimen (Limas Sweed).  The Packers however decided to select Jordy Nelson, who up to that point no one had every heard of.  Now 5 years later, Jordy Nelson is probably considered the best wide receiver in the 2008 draft (I could see people arguing for Jackson, but inconsistency and a big mouth put Nelson higher up in my book).  The point is, the Packers don’t emphasize measurables as much as they do emphasize route running, versatility and football acumen; so while fans and the media will hype players like Tavon Austin and Cordarrelle Patterson, past history would dictate that the Packers probably aren’t so interested.  However, a wide receiver that the Packers might be interested in would be Robert Woods.

 What they’re saying about him:

  • “Savvy hands-catcher and does a nice job making plays in stride. Polished and crafty route runner and does a nice job changing speeds in his patterns to keep defenders off balance.  Sharp in-and-out of his breaks with strong plant-and-go quickness. Not naturally explosive but accelerates quickly with very good body control and balance. Fast hands with very good hand/eye coordination and drops are rare with him. Fluid frame and smooth hips to adjust and make tough catches. Can climb the ladder and snatch the ball out of the air.  A lot of screens and asked to create on his own with good vision with the ball in his hands. Deceiving strength to come down with contested grabs with the toughness and fearless attitude to fight for every yard and go over the middle. Unselfish player and gives good effort as a blocker.”
  • “Productive potential number one receiver who can excel on any route on the tree due to good foot quickness and shifty hips. Runs solid comeback routes and uses sharp cuts on skinny posts to free himself. Possesses good vision and a strong burst with the ball in his hands. Flashes the ability to catch passes away from his frame with his hands. Can make catches in traffic and track passes over his shoulder. At times shows the strength and agility to spin out of tackle attempts in the secondary. Willing to go over the middle, take a hit and hang on. Has the speed to run past defenders, but also uses his long arms to create space from defenders downfield. Gives his quarterback a target when plays break down by going deep or coming across the field. Does his job as a downfield blocker on run plays, mixes it up with multiple targets if necessary.”


Video Analysis:

  • Fits in the Packers mold of the multi-position wide receiver; can align out wide, in the slot or even in line.
  • Has experience in the “quick pass”/hot play, where the receiver doesn’t move before getting the ball, both as the receiver and as the blocker.  The Packers run this play often when cornerbacks give too much cushion and Woods would fit right in.
  • Decent speed but makes up for it with clean routes and good breaks.  Woods doesn’t typically scream past defenders, but gets separation with good route running.
  • Good acceleration but great balance and body control, is able to make catches from odd positions and avoid defenders with his flexibility.
  • While he has his issues with drops, overall is a solid receiver with a good pair of hands.  In other words he’ll fit right in with the Packers.
  • Can play returner in a pinch but in all honesty isn’t a very good one.  If given the directive to not screw up, Woods would be a player who can consistently catch the ball and gain a little but doesn’t have the acceleration to really scare teams and break off long returns.  Also would probably be better as a kick returner than punt returner where he has more space to gain speed and pick a hole to hit.

If drafted by the Packers

I know this comment has been thrown out a lot by Packers fans, but Robert Woods really reminds me a lot of Greg Jennings (and I’m not saying that because the Packer now need to replace Jennings).  In particular one of Jennings’ favorite moves after catching the ball was to come to a full stop and then jump backwards or off to the side in order to avoid a defender, and in a couple of instances Woods does the exact same thing and you’d swear it was Jennings wearing a USC jersey.  You also see smooth strides and crisp breaks from both Jennings and Woods.  Finally and perhaps most importantly, you see football acumen with Robert Woods.  Aaron Rodgers brought up that he felt like Randall Cobb was going to turn into a star during his rookie year because he was “mature” and “knew football”, something he hadn’t seen in a rookie since Greg Jennings and I feel Woods possess the same football intelligence.  Coming from a pro-style offense in USC Woods could immediately contribute on the offense, albeit probably as the 4th or 5th option.  Woods could also contribute to special teams, but like I mentioned before it’s not his forte and unless the Packers are desperate they would probably be better suited finding someone else as a returner.  As with Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb I wouldn’t expect much from any wide receiver during their rookie season; the Packers passing offense is very complicated and more importantly Aaron Rodgers doesn’t just trust anybody so it will always take time for rookie wide receivers to get comfortable with the offense as well as get in sync with Rodgers.


Thomas Hobbes is a staff writer for Jersey Al’s


12 thoughts on “NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Robert Woods, WR USC

  1. Never heard of the guy before. Watched the video hoping to see GJ ver. 2.0. Instead saw a guy that looks like he has cement shoes on. Takes him way too long to find his stride. May not have the quicks to be an NFL WR.

    1. I hope you’re joking cause Woods is projected to be a borderline 1st or 2nd rounder. As for his quickness, Greg Jennings wasn’t the quickest either (hence my comparison), furthermore, if USC and the plethora of physical talent that they still have decides to put Woods as a returner, I’d say he’s probably quick enough (I’ll say he’s no good at returner, but he’s definitely quick enough)

      1. Jennings not quick? What Greg Jennings have you been watching? Jennings is very quick in/out of breaks which is a large part of his exceptional route running. Its what gets him separation and open. If you run really precise routes but do so w/ poor quickness you still don’t get open. Just watching him get in/out of breaks you would think he’s very quick. Not only that but his combine numbers from 7 years ago were superior, if not elite. His numbers in the cone and shuttle would rank 4th and 11th in this years draft! Jennings certainly has superior quickness to go along w/ excellent speed.

  2. He is a good player. i like a few other guys a little bit more in the mid rounds. every time i watch quinton patton and stedman bailey i just see packers. but woods is a heck of a player. i am not sure his hands are that great though. i do not think they are bad by any means, but i am not sure they are in the top of the wr class.

    1. Much rather have Woods than Bailey. Woods is quick out of breaks which is important in getting separation and something Bailey lacks. Woods is more Jennings than Bailey. Niether is as explosive however as evidenced by Jennings 4.42 and better vertical jump. Take Woods in 2nd and Bailey in 4th tho I wouldn’t take a WR until 4th, but rather take someone other than Bailey.

      1. If anything I would say Bailey’s play style is more Randall Cobb than Greg Jennings. You never saw Jennings lining up at running back and doing crazy motions pre-snap.

    2. He’ll fit right in with rest of the Packers wide receivers if you are concerned about Woods’ hands. Also I never said he was top of the WR class, only that he reminds me of Jennings and he fits the type of wide receiver the Packers seem to like.

    1. I think they’re two different types of players. Just like Greg Jennings and Randall Cobb have different skill sets, so do Bailey and Woods. I will say that both WRs are great in their own way, neither is scheme transcendant and will need cognizant coaches who know how to get the most out of their skill set to be most productive.

  3. You are right about him fitting in with the rest of the Packers receivers as far as not being able to catch very well…

    1. I wouldn’t put much draft stock into dropped passes, as heretical as that sounds. Some of the most explosive offenses such as the Packers, Patriots Lions, Saints and Broncos are near the bottom when it comes to drop passes over attempts.

  4. Living in Los Angeles and watching a ton of USC games, I wouldn’t be upset if Woods was picked by the Packers. He had a better 2011 season than 2012 but that was because the other SC receiver turned in a monster. Woods is a football player and one that fits Ted Thompsons mold. He’s a character guy but with the Packers many needs he may be gone before the Packers pick. WR is a need for the Packers because who knows who will be here in 2014. I wouldn’t wait till the 4th round or later this year to take on a project that’s for damn sure.

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