Report: Packers, Clay Matthews Getting Close to New Deal All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Packers Clay Matthews Dominates against the Bears
Could the Packers and Clay Matthews be close to a contract extension?

Reports are trickling out that the Packers and Clay Matthews are close to a new deal that will pay the linebacker more than $13 million a year in new money.

Matthews is 26 and has 42.5 sacks in four seasons with the Packers. He’s been the Packers best all-around defensive player and is often the Packers only legitmate pass-rushing threat.Matthews also has battled hamstring issues and missed four games in 2012.

New contracts for Matthews and Aaron Rodgers are a priority for the Packers this offseason. B.J. Raji is probably also in the mix.

Yes, his hamstrings do cause some concern, but the Packers absolutely need to resign Matthews. He’s the only Packers defender that other teams are forced to game-plan around the last two seasons. Guys with Matthews pass-rushing skills, all-around game and effort don’t come around very often.


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13 thoughts on “Report: Packers, Clay Matthews Getting Close to New Deal

  1. The echo of Kevin Greene’s words…

    Everyone looks to Wood to be a leader. He’s gone.

    It is time. It is time.

  2. Along with the $13+ mil, it would sure be nice to see Clay become the on-field leader. Some of his attitude for the game could be transferred to others.

    So, he gets roughly $7 to $8 mil of the “Cap” space. That leaves enough to get AR above Romo? I guess it depends on how you count the “Cap” money. Better get to work on that Ball.

  3. Good news.

    He’s the only player on the defense that matters.

    It’d be nice if we could find another OLB half as strong and half as smart as Clay.

    1. hammy clause is a fictional character mean spirited gentiles created to tease their jewish friend with during the christmas season- he brings children gifts of bacon.

  4. While I agree that it’s a priority to get Matthews signed before his current deal is up, it’s pretty scary to think what this does to the Packers cap. Between Clay and Aaron’s contracts I would think we can kiss BJ Raji good bye. I had read the cap was going to be going up in 2014 because of the new TV contracts. Now all I hear is its a flat cap. Which is it? While I don’t like what Ted does all the time, it’s managing the cap where I think he’s one of the best. Even at a conservative guess of 35 million for Matthews and Rodgers, that leaves what, 88 million give or take for 51 other players?

    1. cap is flat and will be flat. people that said the cap was going to go up just made assumption based on revenue for 2015. they were wrong because the players got screwed during the lockout. it is becoming more and more apparent that was a one sided deal.

  5. have to sign him. i will always worry about CM3 breaking down physically. he is pretty tightly wound and the fact that HGH testing will be a reality soon, I worry. But TT has no choice. he is the only real playmaker on that defense. he has earned the money. cannot let him walk.

  6. Clay grew a lot from a senior at high school untill the nfl. I also worry about HGH

    1. I don’t see any Sammy Sosa head on CM3. I do not worry about HGH.

      Anabolic Steroids? Sure, maybe. But, hell, 80% of NFL players juice anyhow.. They just make it really easy to not get caught in the NFL.

    2. To reassure you, my older brother went from roughly 5’7, 150lbs. as a high school senior to 6′, 200-ish lbs by the time he was 21.

      Late growth can and does happen naturally.

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