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With Jones' return, the Packers keep their linebacker core intact from last season
With Jones’ return, the Packers keep their linebacker core intact from last season

It was announced today via Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel that the Green Bay Packers have re-signed linebacker Brad Jones.  Terms of the deal have not been announced.  With the signing of Jones, the Packers will bring back the majority of their linebacking unit from last season, including all of the inside linebackers.

After stepping in last year for injured inside linebackers Desmond Bishop and DJ Smith, Jones had his best season in 2012.  He registered 77 tackles, two sacks and four passes defensed.  With some questions still lingering about Bishop’s and Smith’s recoveries, keeping Jones was a solid move by Green Bay.

Jones was a seventh round draft selection of the Packers in the 2009 draft.  After spending the first two years as an outside linebacker, Jones was moved inside.

While it isn’t the flashy move that most were hoping for, Jones does technically constitute a free agent signing by General Manager Ted Thompson.  That makes two including fellow inside linebacker Robert Francois, signed earlier in the week. Who says Thompson doesn’t sign free agents?


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13 thoughts on “Packers Re-Sign LB Brad Jones

  1. This is a good thing for the Packers. I also like him as an ILB. He is decent in coverage and, with some experience, should be solid. Good move Ted.

  2. “While it isn’t the flashy move that most were hoping for”. Speak for yourself. I don’t care or need to see Thompson make a flashy move. I think Thompson’s method is the best way. Don’t overpay for players another team doesn’t want or can’t afford to keep.

    Jones coming back on the cheap is just fine by me. Clearly the market for him was soft, a la James Jones. Thompson wins again.

    1. It would be awesome if he were to step up close to what James Jones has done at WR, in his LB position.

  3. Im glad Jones is back. Now I hope EDS resigns. If nothing else , they both provide quality depth.

  4. I like Jones and as a backup he’s ok. He is not the answer to better LB play. He adds some depth. It’s obvious that the market didn’t respond to him being available. So, overall it provides some depth, but the real question is Perry’s return and his development into CM3’s left sidebalance.

    1. I disagree. Any player that steps in and performs as a PFF top-10 ILB is more than just depth. Maybe he had a career year in 2012, but I doubt it.

      He could be an every-down LB in this defense, and if GB gets top-10 play out of him then this is a huge value signing for a very high-quality starter.

  5. Signing Jones as a “Free Agent” doesn’t affect the compensatory pick formula for 2014, does it?

    1. I suppose it’s as if they both “lost” and “gained” a FA, so it’s probably a wash, now that I stop and think about it for 2 seconds . . .

  6. Wow how our standards have dropped. We are happy to have last years LB crew back? Were they not close to last in the league at everything. Also heard they paid him close to 4 million. Hell Urlacher will probably play for the league minimum…

  7. We now have three ILBs getting paid starter money. This may not bode well for Desmond Bishop. Or Hawk. I’m not sure. With Hawk’s new contract, it seems like we’ve bought a year to see if Bishop comes back okay. If he doesn’t he’s cut. If he does, maybe Hawk gets cut next year?

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