Tom Crabtree Leaves Packers, Signs With Bucs All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Tom Crabtree Lambeau Leap vs. Chicago bears
Unfortunately for Packers fans, we won’t be seeing Tom Crabtree making any Lambeau Leaps this season.

The next time Tom Crabtree catches a touchdown, executes a fake field goal, or makes you laugh out loud with one of his Tweets, it won’t be as a member of the Green Bay Packers.

The tight end reportedly has signed a two-year deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Packers declined to place a low tender on Crabtree that would have cost about $1.3 million, thus making Crabtree an unrestricted free agent.

The Bucs will be getting a versatile player who can play tight end, line up as an H-back and contribute on special teams. Packers fans are losing a player who built a connection with cheeseheads everywhere through social media and general accessibility.

I’m sad to see Crabtree go, just like I’m sad to see any Packers player depart who is a solid contributor and appears to be a decent guy. But from strictly a football sense, I don’t blame the Packers for only offering Crabtree the minimum.

Crabtree only caught eight passes in 2013 (although three went for touchdowns) and Pro Football Focus gave him a negative run-blocking grade of -7.7. With Andrew Quarless returning, the Packers probably didn’t feel that Crabtree was worth more to them than the minimum.


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13 thoughts on “Tom Crabtree Leaves Packers, Signs With Bucs

  1. Get ready for the backlash.

    Ted Thompson is proving Chad right on one count- he doesn’t give a shit about the Packers fans.


    Crab is a great guy off the field, but just a guy at a relatively crowded position on the roster.

    Good luck, Tom, enjoy the weather.

  2. I like Crabtree as Packer People more than I like him as a player. Slightly underrated as a receiver but greatly overrated as a blocker.

    1. Crabtree may be the unfortunate consequence of paying Finley to prance around. I don’t doubt that Williams, Taylor or Quarless can pick up the slack but that doesn’t erase the fact that Crabtree actually worked for his money and we couldn’t recognize that with a contract. Finley should have stepped up and said “give him some of mine – he earned it”…

      1. Crabtree worked hard and IS getting recognized w/ a contract. He’s getting paid in TB instead of GB. Maybe… Maybe he would have preferred it coming from GB, but he is getting rewarded w/ a contract in TB and he is likely getting a chance to start to boot. Thats more of an opportunity than he had in GB. Whats not to like from Crabtrees perspective? Paid… Check, chance to start… Check, Warm weather too…

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