NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Jesse Williams, DT Alabama All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Jesse Williams
Alabama DT Jesse Williams

Green Bay Packers NFL Draft prospect profile: DT Jesse Williams

Player Information:

Jesse Williams, DT Alabama
6-4, 320 pounds
Hometown: Brisbane, Australia

STATS: College stats

NFL Combine:

Bench press: 30 reps

News and Notes:

Didn’t start playing football until he was 15 years old. … Played rugby and basketball before football. … Started career at Alabama as a five-technique DE before moving to nose tackle his senior season. … Totaled 37 tackles and two half sacks as a NT. … Also lined up as Alabama’s fullback in goal line packages. … Blocked a kick his senior season. … Has several tattoos, one of which on his hand says, “I stopped checking for monsters under the bed when I realized the monster is me.”

 What they’re saying about him: 

  • “Williams uses his size, consistent motor and supreme toughness to drain his opponents at the point of attack. His best NFL position is likely at nose tackle, but Williams has enough athleticism to play multiple spots for a 3-4 team at the next level.”
  • Bleacher Report: “One of the biggest and strongest interior linemen in this year’s draft, Jesse Williamshas been an anchor for Nick Saban’s Crimson Tide defense for the last two years. There is extensive film of him playing both nose tackle and defensive end in Alabama’s 3-4, and he has experience with one and two gap techniques. He isn’t the athlete or pass rusher Marcel Dareus was coming out, but he is much quicker, lighter on his feet, and more explosive than Terrance Cody, who is currently with the Ravens.”



Video Analysis:

  • Reminds me of a tree stump. Looks ordinary enough, but you can’t move the damn thing.
  • I didn’t see any plays on this clip where Williams gets blown off the ball.
  • Effort, motor, hustle, intestinal fortitude, whatever you want to call it, Williams has it. He’s not going to give up on plays.
  • Also like a tree stump, Williams isn’t very quick. You’re not going to see many plays where he splits a double team and brings down a running back by himself for a loss. Strenth is the name of Williams’ game.
  • I can’t see him being a factor in the pass rush at all. You could probably call Williams Ryan Pickett, Jr.
  • Of course I just typed that, and the next play I watch Williams gets upfield and in the QB’s face. Man, he is strong…
  • To be fair, Williams is still inexperienced. Who knows how his quickness and athleticism could develop with more coaching?
  • Also to be fair, is Williams a little overrated because of how great Alabama’s linebackers were?
  • I like this kid. I’m torn if the Packers should take him. But I like him.

If drafted by the Packers:

Williams looks like another Ryan Pickett/C.J. Wilson type of player. Don’t get me wrong, these players are very valuable. But they’re occupy blocker types of players.  I’m sick of the phrase “occupy blockers” when talking about the Packers defensive line.

I want more dynamic linemen, dammit! There’s no rule against a 3-4 lineman occupying his blocker AND making a tackle in the backfield. Yeah, the linebackers in a 3-4 are supposed to do that, but when your linebackers are A.J. Hawk (maybe) a recovering Desmond Bishop, a recovering D.J. Smith, Brad Jones (maybe) and who knows what else, you’re probably going to need your linemen to do a little more than just eat space.

With my first-round pick, I’d rather take a chance on someone with a higher ceiling than an occupy blocker lineman. I realize these dynamic players are not easy to come by, especially late in the first round. Someone is going to get a decent player with Williams. I’m just not sure if he’s right for the Packers in the first round, at least this year.


Adam Czech is a a freelance sports reporter living in the Twin Cities and a proud supporter of American corn farmers. When not working, Adam is usually writing about, thinking about or worrying about the Packers. Follow Adam on Twitter. Twitter .


11 thoughts on “NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Jesse Williams, DT Alabama

  1. He won’t be around for the Packers at 26. Lets hope our foes in the NFC North don’t grab him.

  2. Another over-rated DLineman who will need a lot of coaching up in the pros. Yes, he’s strong. But, nothing in the way of play-making ability or great football instincts. Looks like a work-out warrior. but, as the above poster says he’ll join the ranks of overdrafted DLinemen.

    Don’t really think he an ideal fit for GB—Hankins or jenkins would fit better. At 5-tech—I’d much rather sign Canty and plug him in than take yet another flier (Worthy, Neal, Harrell, Jolly, Daniels) on a rookie pick.

    On a lighter note—it would be worth the pick just to see TT stand next to and introduce this guy—all tats and Mohawk and attitude. Not gonna happen, though.

  3. Jesse Williams seems like a Discount Double-Check more than anything. Insurance against Raji having to be re-signed, almost regardless of cost in 2014. It surely doesn’t hurt to have an immovable object on the D-Line, but I feel similarly to Adam on this one.

  4. Excellent article. I agree so much with your statement about “occupy blockers”. The 3/4 is changing, it’s not the 3/4 of 15 years ago. You need attacking Defensive Linemen! And a Nose Tackle that can hold the point of attack!

  5. So let me get this straight. Raji and Pickett take the hit because guys like Hawk suck at geting to the other teams’ QB?
    I think Raji and Pickett do exactly what they’re supposed to do, and we need better play from our LB’ers, except for Matthews.
    If this kid is “Pickett Jr”, that would be fine by me.

  6. The picture is enough for me. This guy looks nasty, probably is nasty, and I’ll bet he even smells nasty. Perfect fit for the Dline. Move up TT!

  7. Neal says:
    March 9, 2013 at 7:44 AM
    So let me get this straight. Raji and Pickett take the hit because guys like Hawk suck at geting to the other teams’ QB?
    I think Raji and Pickett do exactly what they’re supposed to do, and we need better play from our LB’ers, except for Matthews.
    If this kid is “Pickett Jr”, that would be fine by me.

    Watch the game tape of the SF and week 17 games. Where was Raji? Pickett got hurt in the playoff game and they stuck Daniels in there (at least he plays hard and fights) over Neal.

    Raji, the overrated one, runs hot and cold. At RDE he HAS to be able to put at least some pressure on the QB.

    Justin Smith and JJ Watt are the gold standards, there. They do more than just “occupy blockers” (just as Willis does more than run head-first into the FB like Hawk).

    This line needs help, no doubt. Williams is just more of the same. Like the tats, though.

  8. I would rather see a John Randell type than another Johnny Jolly type someone who evokes fear more than plugs up space.

    1. Pretty sure thats why the Packers drafted Daniels even tho he doesn’t fit the Packers scheme very well. He’s a clone of Randall in size. 6′ 290… And he has the type of 1st step quickness Randall had. He’s just not allowe to be a penetrator at all times like Randall had free reign to do.

      I think we absolutely NEED a Canty/Jolly type run stuffing 34 DE. We already have Raji, Neal, Worthy, Daniel as the pass rush guys at DT in pass rush. They need to develop but the talent is in place. Its not in place in base. We lack they tough run stuffer at DE.

  9. I think that the Pack really needs to get more of a Canty type at defensive end.I really like Margus Hunt at that position,tall,fast,and would be a force rushing the passer,or disrupting passing lanes with those long arms!

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