Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers Reunite: Time to Bury the Hatchet All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Favre and Rodgers
A image many thought was impossible even a year ago.

Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers: Reunited. Maybe the Mayans were on to something after all.

In a moment that stunned everyone, especially fans of the Green Bay Packers, Favre and Rodgers appeared on stage together to present the NFL’s Comeback Player of the Year Award to Peyton Manning during the NFL’s annual Honors award ceremony. Favre and Rodgers poked fun at Favre’s decision to retire and then comeback. It was likely a scripted moment, but it brought laughter to the crowd.

It also brought hope to fans who are sick of the arguing over the former quarterback.

It was a moment many expected to see at some point in the future, but maybe not so soon and definitely not at this venue. How fast this news spread opened up a lot of old wounds and brought back a lot of emotions regarding the Packer hero-turned-villain.

With Rodgers apparently the one who gave the go ahead for this moment to happen, it has brought renewed hope that Favre will once again be a beloved member of the Packers family and that it would be sooner rather than later. As divisive as a figure Favre is amongst the Packers faithful, this was a good first step towards healing those wounds.

By appearing on stage with Favre, it is almost as if Rodgers is giving some Packers fans the go-ahead to once again fully embrace the former Packer legend.

Rodgers has apparently buried the hatchet. It’s time for Packer Nation to do the same.

That’s right: it is time to move on, hard as it may be.

It’s understandable why some are still upset with Favre. The end of his career saw him leave the Packers in a very public divorce only to end up with the Packers’ bitter division rival. To some, that’s like a husband cheating on his wife with her estranged sister. It makes a lot of sense as to why fans were and still are upset with #4. I used to be among them.

However, it’s still hard to ignore all the good Favre did. He, along with Ron Wolf, Mike Holmgren and Reggie White, put the Green Bay Packers back on the map. He brought joy to fans in the stands at Lambeau Field and helped brighten the lives of countless others off the field through his foundation and his work with Make-a-Wish.

The ending of his career was not what he nor the fans deserved. Favre owns that and owns it alone. Nothing can change that now.

However, for fans to completely ignore 16 years of incredible memories because of the final three years is petty. If you want to go through life being bitter, that is your choice, but boy do I feel sorry for you.

I can honestly say I can watch Favre highlight reels from 1992-2007 and smile again and enjoy it. Am I upset at how his career ended? Of course. It’s not enough for me to continue troll the man who brought so much joy to my life for so long. I was barely nine years old when Favre took over in 1992, and he was a childhood hero.

I’m not going to let how he ended his career spoil what good he did. Favre deserves to be celebrated for all he accomplished. Fans still spitting venom at Favre for those last three years and ignoring the previous years are not just being blind—they’re being selfish and ignorant.

To those fans, I say look beyond yourselves for a moment. Look at the person Favre’s antics had the most impact on—his successor.

Rodgers, who was far more personally affected by Favre’s actions than any of us, has signaled that it is time to move on. If Rodgers is the leader Packer fans have been waiting for, then they should follow his advice. A lot of Packer fans seem to worship at Rodgers’ feet, despite his own flaws, so they should do what Rodgers thinks is right, correct?

We’ll have to wait and see but if the person who was actually impacted by Favre can move on and embrace him, then so should the fans.

If they can’t, then I feel sorry for them for leading such bitter lives. There is so much more to life than holding a grudge.


Kris Burke is a sports writer covering the Green Bay Packers for and WTMJ in Milwaukee. He is a member of the Pro Football Writers of America (PFWA) and his work has been linked to by sites such as National Football Post and


51 thoughts on “Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers Reunite: Time to Bury the Hatchet

  1. I remember the drought years prior to Farve taking over as QB. Since then only 3 QB’s (if you count Flynn) have started for GB. 92 – 13 and counting.

    Chicago must have had 24 or so QBs. The Vikings hope they have found there Tommy Kramer.

    Farve will be in the HOF. If Rodgers is ready to move on then we as fans need to move on and welcome Farve back.

    Welcome #4 and thanks for the memories.

    1. Rodgers never had animosity toward Favre. Get it right… Favre may have towards Rodgers, but not the other way! The real contention is between Favre and the Packers, not Rodgers, that where the healing has to take place. Maybe this is Favres first small step we’ll see, but Favre is the one who has to move on, not Rodgers!

      1. You must be completely unable to read body language, or anything stated between the lines.

        Rodgers clearly was not happy with the level of disrespect and animosity Favre showed for the Packers and he himself.

        But, hey, whatever you need to believe.

        1. What makes you such an expert on body language? Clearly it was awkward, but to read anything other than awkwardness into it is severely grasping at straws! It was awkward, but Rodgers has no animosity toward Favre… Why would he? Favre has always had animosity cuz Rodgders was drafted to replace him, but Rodgers toward Favre? No… Believe what you want but your reading far to much into awkward and making it animosity!

          1. I’m not talking about a brief appearance on stage, banter and an awkward handshake while presenting an award…

            I’m talking about the last 5 years since Favre left GB, every time his name was brought up to Aaron in a presser, even if he was indirectly alluded to, Rodgers clammed up, tightened his lips, moved around uncomfortably, and picked his words VERY carefully before saying something extremely brief through half-clenched teeth.

            Rodgers could have answered many of those questions in a way that let every one know there was no problems on his side, but he didn’t, he often spoke in a way that was quite clearly meant to say “I’m not saying, But I’m just sayin'”.

            If you didn’t pick up on any of those numerous occurrences over the last 5 years, there’s nothing I can do to help you get it.

            I guess the point is, you don’t have to be an expert, it was painfully obvious.

            1. The past 5 yrs when Rodgers asked bout Favre. Rodgers says he considered them friend when Favre left GB, but they haven’t spoken since Favre left. Says he left couple messages that Favre didn’t return. So they haven’t spoken since Favre left. No fidgeting no gnashing teeth just honest and simple. He thought considered them friends but they haven’t spoken.

              What more is Rodger supposed to say? There really isn’t more to say… Simple straightforward honest. He considered them friends but they haven’t spoken since Favre left.

              There really isn’t anything more to say. Trying to read animosity into what is an uncomfortable relationship and awkward questions isnt in any way animosity! Your reading FAR to much into a situation where Rodgers really can’t say more, cuz there isn’t more!

  2. I have been a Packer fan since 1967 when I was 11 years old. I have never resented his decisions after he left the Packers. I hoped he’d get his ass kicked but could not fault him as I have never walked in his shoes, whether in a Jet uniform, a Viking uniform nor photographing “little Brett” for a girl he tried to impress. In fact,growing up in Brooklyn NY and living my adult life in New Jersey gave me more opportunities to see and read about Brett when he was a Jet. I still have his rookie card “Farve” in a screw down holder on my office desk near his autographed mini helmet on my credenza. I am curious to know how Packer fans in Wisconsin feel about him today. From what I understand they are very forgiving fans even when it comes to their Packers. Let’s hear from you.

    1. I for one lost all respect for Favre and its unlikely he’ll ever get it back. I don’t resent him anymore tho. The fact he wanted to “stick” it to Thompson and the Packers started the loss of respect, wanting to go to Minn to stick it to the Packers is petty. I didn’t care about him playing for the Jets, but wanting to go to Minn as a way to hurt the packers only served to hurt his stature among Packer fans and the team to a lesser degree! The sexting thing is just sick… How can you respect that?

      He needs to get over it already! When Favre lets it go, he’ll be a Packer again. But its all on Favre as he created the animosity and made sure it continued! Forgiveness he’ll have, but never have respect or a legacy in WI again!

      1. Let’s read my comment one more time Stroh. Where do you see the word “respect” in my comment as you stated that word three times in your comment? And please don’t misinterpret or twist my comment to fit your understanding.I never said that I respect him. I said I cannot fault him for wanting to return to football. You seem like an angry individual in all of your comments Stroh. Calm down, relax, this is not a forum for argue, it is a forum of sharing.

        1. I didn’t say you used it did I? I used it becuz thats what I was saying. You calm down, I didn’t put words in your mouth or anything like that, I took what you said and expanded on it w/ MY thoughts! Sheesh…

    2. My wife’s a caner survivor and it was a huge blow to me when I found out he was attempting to “put the moves” on other women after Diana had cancer.

      I loved him as a player, but he disgusts me now after doing that to her and his jealousy of Rodgers is so over-the-top it really is sad. I’m sure he was glad GB didn’t win the super bowl this year. Could you imagine Rodgers winning a 2nd one in New Orleans of all places?

      It was one hell of a ride for Packer fans for a lot of years while he was the QB. I loved the gunslinger in him–even if it did cost us games (NFC championship vs NY Giants).

      It’s too bad the end of his career got sooooo messy. Rodgers was a class act on the GB side of things. Favre showed he still had it in Minny for one season, but in that same season his Achilles heal showed up on that final interception when they could have kicked a FG in the NFC championship vs New Orleans.

      I’m still sick of all the drama at the end of his career. I have about 50-75 of his games on DVD and can’t bring myself to watching them yet. Someday…

  3. Favre was Great
    Rogers is Great
    Go Pack Go

    Who would have turned down 25 mil to play another year of the game you love!!
    Not I!!
    I would feel the same way even if he had played for da bears!
    I still would have rooted against him!
    Gotta love Favre
    FFF=Favre Fan 4ever
    Thanks for everything, even the last 2 years!!

    1. No one blames Favre for going to play w/ another team and make another 25M, but that he did everything he could to do it in Minn and stick it to the Packers and thereby Packer Fans is the problem! He could have just played it out in NY and no one would have had a problem w/ it, but he did EVERYTHING he could to make it happen in Minn! He worked his way out of GB, to try to get to Minn, then worked his way out of NY to get to MInn so he could “stick it” to the Packers and the fans!

  4. What a cool way for these guys to set the pace for Packer Nation. It is indeed time to welcome the Prodigal Son back into the fold.

    Watching that moment was a reminder how fortunate that Packer fans have been to have had the opportunity to have these two as QB back-to-back.

  5. McCarthy did a good job of making one of the greatest Packers the villain. My hope is that Brett takes the HOF award three years from now as a Packer – Most of us completely understand that his foundation was emptied on Katrina and that he was going to play somewhere in 2008. His performance in 2009 was to show Packer mgt that they were wrong to try to retire him. Never a question about Rodgers – it was time for Rodgers but the way they kicked Brett out the door was scurrilous and unforgiveable. Should have let him go to TB and Gruden and none of the Viking stuff would have happened. Murphy, Thompson and McCarthy all share the blame and we shall see if they have the cajones to declare the war over.

    1. McCarthy made Favre the villian? Really???
      Cmon man, Brett destroyed his legacy all by himself. he didn’t need ANY help.
      Hall of fame in 3 years? Absolutely! as a player he earned it.
      Hall of shame? Absolutely! as a person he earned it.
      Kicked Brett out the door? Hardly. They tried to bring him back every time he changed his mind starting a month after his “official” retirement up until June.
      By the time July had come, they had enough. I can’t blame them for that. Certainly could have been handled better, I’ll give you that.

    2. Dumbest think I’ve read! McCarthy gave Favre the chance to win a SB again! He made him accountable and put him in position to get another SB. Favre threw it away, literally and figuratively! The Packers didn’t try to retire Favre. He retired HIMSELF!! THey gave him the option to keep playing but once HE decided to retire, they moved on! The scurrilous and unforgivable was by FARVE not the Packers! You need to get you facts straight!

    3. HOF isn’t an award, it is an honor.

      BTW, Brett Favre will go into to HOF just like every other inductee does: As a player, not as a representative of a team.

      A Player does not pick a team to “go into” the HOF as; a player will have his name listed and on his placard it will list all the teams, and the years he played for those teams, in which he made significant contributions.

      I thought I’d clear that up for you, because you’re clearly ignorant of those facts.

      And, yes, I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right, I’m a total jerk.

      1. Thanks for taking care of that. I was gonna do it myself, but didn’t right away. You make the HOF as a player not as a member of any particular team. Brett Favre HOF QB, not Brett Favre GB Packers HOF QB.

  6. Well the 1st two comments here summed up the article nicely didn’t they!
    I frankly am quite impressed that Arod would pave the way back for the guy he thought was his friend & mentor who turned out to be a self centered SOB that didn’t give a damn about him.

    I don’t think I could have been as big a man quite honestly if my friend had screwed me over in the same fashion.

    Brett the player is a legend. Brett the person is another matter entirely.

    Retire the player but not the number. That ship has sailed…………
    NEVER 4GIVEN………………..

    1. Completelt agree! Favre was a great QB, no question. Favre as a person, as a man is very small and petty. Favre was a icon in WI and should have stayed that way, but he threw it all away.

      IMO, Favre lost his moral compass when Big Irv died. Favre was beloved until then and after Big Irv passed Favre became EgoCentric, self served and petty! Too bad that an Icon had such a fall from grace but he did it to himself. No respect left for Favre as a person… NONE. He can rejoin PackerNation when HE apologizes to Packer Fans, the team/organization and more importantly Thompson and McCarthy. Not before!

  7. Favre has never understood that his legacy isn’t carved on a wall or in a statute. It’s in the fans. His legacy is sort of like Voldemort’s soul, except instead of split into 7 pieces, it’s split into about 500,000 pieces.

  8. The biggest reunion since Martin and Lewis reconciled on Jerry’s Telethon? It was good entertainment and had very little meaning in the scheme of things. Coming back to GB is entirely in the hands of Brent. That will be resolved the day after TT retires. I think Murphy and MM are not the issues that will prevent Brent from coming home. It is all TT’s fault in his mind.

    That said, if the reunion was TT and Brent, that’s a whole other story. Maybe someday!

    1. If Fave makes it take that long he doesn’t deserve it IMO. Your right this is in Favre’s hands tho. He created the animosity, no one else. So when he apologizes to Packer Fans, the team/organization and more importantly to Thompson/McCarthy he can rejoin Packer Nation. If he fails to apologize to any of the above he doesn’t deserve to be a Packer Ever again!

  9. Not sure there is much “hatchet burying” necessary between Brett and Aaron, I believe most of that was in the hearts and brains of Packer fans, and, in the main, Packer fans under the age of 40, who do not know what 29 years in the wilderness looks and feels like, particularly if you live in Chicago, where I do.
    After a travel thru Randy Wright, David Whitehurst, John Hadl, with occasional pleasant diversions at Lynn Dickey or Don Majkowski, the arrival of Brett is difficult to measure, apart from his name and appearance which were born to wear the Green Bay Packer uniform. Knew pretty much as soon as he threw his first pass, don’t even recall if it was accurate or not, that we were onto something. Man were we ever.

  10. I watched the tree consecutive championships in the late 60s. I remember the 70s and 80s. I also remember the Farve era, when especially early I knew that, even when injured, he’d suck it up and play and the team then had a good chance to win. I was not happy with the breakup, having gone both ways early on. And I am also OK and good with what just occured, and wis everyone could get along.

  11. I’ll repost this here as well…

    This is Favres first step in making up w/ the Packers. I don’t think there was alot of anymosity between Rodgers and Favre. THey had become friends a bit before Favre left. Problem was that Favre never kept in touch w/ Rodgers after he left. Rodgers tried to touch base a couple times after Favre left, but Favre never returned msgs or had any contact w/ Rodgers by his own choosing. THats all on Favre not Rodgers. Clearly this was scripted, but its a small first step for Favre. Rodgers never had animosity toward Favre, he just had to deal w/ the fallout, which he has and knew he would due to his replacing a legend. But Rodgers was prepared for it, just that Favre made it much worse tha it should have been. Rodgers didn’t resent or have animosity towards Favre tho. It made for an awkward situation between them, not a contentious one. THe contention is between Favre and the Packers, not Rodgers, so thats where the healing has to take place and again its all on Favre, not the Packers. He’s the one who created the vast majority of the problems. Let it go Brett.

    When he apologizes to Packer Fans, the team\organization and Thompson/McCarthy he can rejoin PackerNation, not before.

  12. obviously still a big issue with Packer fans. Myself included. Favre stories always receive the most colorful and from the soul responses. Because we love our team. We own our team. And we were all crushed when our QB hero decided to “stick it to the Packers” and acted like a big cry baby prima donna. Which meant he wanted to stick it to us too, the ones who supported him when he was a drunk party boy; in rehab addicted to pain killers; mourning his father; suffering with his wife through her cancer. We felt like we supported him through good and bad and he chucked us “under the bus” to get even with the Packers. There are differing degrees of “hate” or disgust or hurt feeling with Favre. I agree with all who say that he needs to start the healing with a heartfelt apology to the Packers fans, and organization. I’ve been a fan since since 1969, so I know the bad times and the good times too. But this is more than just football and a footbal player – because we are more than just fans.

  13. The era between Bart Starr and Brett Favre was miserable. I am sooooooo thankful that they traded for him. By 2005 it seemed like Favre was declining but he was an icon. Even though he played well in 2007 his stats weren’t close to what they were in his MVP seasons. They may have gone to Super Bowl in 2007 if Rodgers was put in at QB after the Dallas game, same way the 49ers made a change this year.
    I hope that Favre comes back to have his jersey retired and I enjoyed my visit to his steak house on my dream trip to GB this past September 30th.
    For now, I hope that things get worked out with Rodgers long term so we don’t see him in another uniform.

  14. What Brett Favre have to apologize to the fans for? He could apologize to his wife and family for the “pictures”, but that has nothing to do with the fans. Professional sports is a business, that’s all. Since when is it stated that if the Packers don’t want you anymore, you can’t continue your career somewhere else? Minnesota had everything in place except a quarterback. Why wouldn’t he go there? Packer fans act like he is the only guy to ever have a long career with one team and finish it with another. No one knows for sure what was said between Thompson, McCarthy, and Favre. I still laugh over Murphy’s $20 million bribe. So everyone who “thinks” they know the whole story, you don’t, including me. Sure, it would be nice if professional athletes were also fine, upstanding citizens, but most of them are not. Favre owes nothing to the “fans” except giving 100% on the field, which he did. Again, it is a business. If you are looking at professional athletes for your role models, good luck with that. The problem is between the Packers and Favre, not Rodgers and Favre. It will probably be a while before it is resolved. I am a long time Packer fan. I remember the Ice Bowl, Starr, the very lean years, etc., so go ahead and have at me for giving a little support to “he who must not be named” 🙂

  15. Favre is just about Favre! I keep reading all these opinions that keep saying if Farve would apologize, then it would be all good. NOT! He held this organization hostage how many years? Then he retires, then he wants to come back. So the Packers did what they had to do, they traded him. And then we all saw the real Bert. Telling teams how to beat the Packers, hoping the Bears would beat the Packers! Taking every opportunity to run down TT and the Packer orgaization! And he did it for years! I don’t want to hear an apology just so the team can retire his number. He burned his bridges, he did it all by himself. But that’s the real story, it’s always been about hillbilly boy! To put him in the Packer Hall of Fame is a slap to every player already there.

    1. Thank You! Loved Favre as a Packer, but he did everything he could to get out of GB and to Minn. When in NY no big deal. But do more and everything to get to Minn (again) to stick it to the Packers and he’s walking all over Packer Nation. The team and fans who gave him a chance. He created it and made it happen. I hope he apologizes and rejoins the Packers, just don’t know when it happens.

      1. I totally agree with Stroh here, or at least part of it. Farve did everything he could to get to the Vikings. I even was pulling for him as a Jet but when he went to Minnesota I lost some respect for him. It was so obvious that he just wanted to stick it to T.T. and the Packers, and he almost did. But like some mentioned above, I remember the years after Starr. I was 7 years old when Vince Lombardi left the Packers, so I was just starting to watch football with my Dad. What followed was what, 24 years or so of absolutely horrible football. Farve didn’t do it himself, but thank god for Brett Farve. I for one love Farve and would welcome him back with open arms. How can’t you? He was the main man who made the Packers matter in the NFL again. For that I’ll always have a ton of love for Farve.

        1. I lived thru the entire 70’s and 80’s in GB. So I’m acutely aware of what it was like and how much Favre did for the Packers and GB. I just think he owes everyone a big apology before “welcoming him home”. For my part the person who made the Packers matter again was Wolf, then Holmgren, then Favre/Reggie.

        2. Apparently Dickey-Lofton was not very good or entertaining??!! One of the top QB-Receiver combos in my memory.

        3. People forget that before Favre was traded to the Jets, the Packers had filed a grievance with the NFL against the Vikings for tampering with Brett.

          The Packers claimed there were dozens and dozens of phone calls between Brett and Darrell Bevell that summer prior to Favre requesting his release from contract (After being told by the Packers that they were moving forward with Rodgers.) The phone calls were on a cell phone issued to Favre via the organization.

          The NFL let it go and said they were personal calls, which was like a slap in the face- teams have been hit for having a single 5 or 10 minute chat with a player under contract with another team..

          Long story short (too late), Brett bitched and whined for release; the Packers brass wisely said “no way”, and traded him to NYJ with a no-trade clause, which Brent gets around the following season by being released by the Jets, and where does he magically end up? Oh, that’s right- the Vikings.

          That bastard didn’t just end up there. He wanted his release from the Packers to play in Minnesota that same year. I didn’t cheer for Brett as a Jet; he was already bleeding purple.

  16. Clearly Favre had no class at the end. Everyone knows that. But TT and the Packers brass muffed the punt. The Colts & the Eagles handled Peyton Manning & Donovan McNabb the right way. As soon as Favre waffled about coming back in march/April 2008, TT should have let him walk & released him. Instead the org., made us all suffer through a bitter divorce all summer. Favre’s a weiny, but TT, as the leader of the org., is 100% responsible for what happens on his watch. it was his poor leadership that caused this debacle. Kudos to the Colts/Eagles management for not putting their fans through a similar situation with their aging star QB’s. Wish TT had done the same. If he had done that, this would not have been messy.

    1. Why would the Thompson release him? He was under contract and they knew he still had some good football in him. If they gave him his outright release, he walks to Minn and immediately makes them a SB contender. Thompson’s not in the business of making a division rival the best team in the NFL. IMO it would have been gross negligence of duty to release him.

      McNabb was traded cuz Reid knew McNabb was done as an NFL QB, and Colts released Peyton cuz he was set to take 30M against the salary cap. That and coming off 4 neck surgeries and the fact that a once a generation QB was waiting for them w/ the 1st pick in the draft.

      The circumstances of each are completely different. Thompson deserved to be fired if he just released Favre and made Minn a SB contender in the process.

      1. Manning hand 4 neck surgeries, favre had threatened to retire 4 times – no difference in my mind: as it was unclear in both situations how much longer each QB would play. Manning made the Broncos, an AFC opponent, an instant SB contender and the Colts, knew they ran that risk in releasing him. But they decided to move on, with their once-in-a-generation QB.Just like TT said he was doing with Rodgers, who also is a once-in-a-generation QB. But instead he held everyone hostage while he waffled on how to handle the situation all summer. Favre was down right criminal in how he handled the situation, but to not admit in hindsight that the Packers organization failed here, too, is not looking at the situation clearly. If they didn’t release him in March, they should have traded him(7th round pick, or 2nd round pick- I don’t care). Letting it stretch out all summer was utter mismangement of the situation.

        1. Alot of differences. Colts were able to release a player they didn’t know for sure would ever fully recover from 4 neck surgeries. Releasing Manning w/ no cap considerations whatsoever. If they didn’t release Manning they had to pay a roster bonus w/in a couple weeks of over 35M. Would you pay a 35M roster bonus to a player coming off 4 neck surgeries, when you can draft his replacement and walk away for nothing?

          Favre vascillated for year to get out of training camp. Nothing more. When he annonced his retirement the Packers move on w/o Favre, but then Favre made it clear that he did want to play again, so they traded him. The Manning/Favre situations were Completely different! That doesn’t explain why Thompson should have released Favre. In fact he damn well should not release him. It would be negligent of Thompson to release Favre. Mannings was about money and injuries, Favre was about wanting to play, but not wanting to go to training camp. Not even remotely close.

          1. You failed to address the trade scenario. You just can’t admit to yourself that the Packers brass made a blunder in all of this too. My point is that the Packers organization could have and should have dealt with the Favre situation head-on and privately, in the spring of 2008 instead of letting it unfold, publicly, all summer, for all of the world to see. Unitas, Namath, Montana and Manning are all examples of how organizations dealt away or released aging HOF QB’s and didn’t allow it to unfold in public view. Somehow those organizations got it right. Ugly divorces are never one-sided. Both parties are at fault, that is all I am saying.

  17. I find it hard to believe that there are this many people who were brainwashed by the smear campaign by the Packers to ruin Favre’s reputation. Favre deserved to play longer if he wanted to. If GB didn’t want him to play there, they should have respected him like Manning was respected in Indy enough to have let him choose where he wanted to continue his career, and then the organization and the fans should have been fine with that decision. Favre should not have to come crawling back to GB, GB should be apologizing to Favre. Every man has a right to earn a living, and he exercised that right. Kudos to Favre & Rodgers for rising above the pettiness of the organization and the fans who still are holding an unwarranted grudge…

    1. I can’t believe you think you have any credibility once you said Favre deserved to play longer if he wanted to.

      Players don’t run the show, coaches and front office/owners do.

      People with your mindset should never get into business, you’d run it into the ground.

  18. I’m over it. Favre had too many good years, and even when he was bad, he was still fun to watch.

    I guess we all have a choice here, mine is to remember Favre the Packer. No doubt he made mistakes on and off the field, Favre is definitely human. He could of handled his retirement way better, most would have took the retirement money and insured a legacy.

    But I can’t claim to know what was going on in Favre or Rodgers head. To think I have some insight into how each player felt about each other is delusional.

    I prefer to just remember how fun it was to watch Favre each week for so many years.

  19. Here are my two cents.
    It really hurt when Favre left and everything that came afterwards made it much worse. I hated Favre for a while, but he was the Quarterback most of my life. All my jerseys have the Number 4 printed in the back.
    I hated to see Favre sitting with the Vikings in the NFL Awards. I think that Favre’s really wrong, he should apologize to Packer People. He wont.
    But we need him back no matter what.
    We’ve to show class and forgive. If Brett wants to come back to Packer Nation we should embrace him.

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