Donald Driver Tribute Video: Forever a Packer All Green Bay Packers All the Time

Seeing Donald Driver stand on the sidelines last week, a healthy scratch in what could be his last game at Lambeau Field, the time seemed right for a tribute video. Well, funny how this worked out, I have one for you:

Another fine video effort by Dale Decker. For more of his Packers tribute videos, head on over to his Packers Youtube channel.


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9 thoughts on “Donald Driver Tribute Video: Forever a Packer

  1. One of, if not the classiest Packer of all time, a true Green Bay Packer, he’s right there with Bart Starr and Ray Nitschke! It would be really great to get him another ring! We love you Donald Driver!

  2. I looked in the dictionary for the definition of class, it said “See Donald Driver”.

  3. To my generation (born 1987) Donald Driver will be forever what it means to be a Packer. As Chazman says, he is the definition of class. Quietly excellent, he gave us some fantastic years and will forever be remembered as a childhood hero and as a perfect example of the enduring spirit of this team.

  4. He is the Green and Gold standard. To me he is at the same level as Bart Starr. Just one of those guys that are GREEN BAY PACKERS. He’ll never be forgotten.

    Unfortunately, the “Cap” prevents the long-term affiliations of the past. And that is responsible for the actions taken by MM and TT for the playoffs. I wish there was a way around it, but it the Pack relies on playing all active players in certain roles. Special Teams play is a necessity for the active 46 and DD just doesn’t fit that role anymore. Wish it was different.

  5. Just one of the best period. How can anyone not like Driver. It is amazing to me that the Packers have so much talent at wide receiver that Donald doesn’t make the cut. Thanks for the memories Donald…

  6. Really miss seeing him out there on the field, I guess that’s the way it works, doesn’t mean I have to like it!!! he’s a class act!!

  7. Not another ‘Rocky’
    Not another ‘Rambo’
    Not another ‘Missing in Action’
    Not another ‘Arnold’ movie
    Not another ‘Teenage’ movie
    Please,lets not add
    Not another ‘Donald Driver’article to it

    1. Darn it Taryn….I like most of your posts but……you just do not like DD. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you post anything positive about him. Just get over the cap, the money, the roster and let him finish his career. I know you think he should have been given the boot and a pink slip. He deserves all the respect he has gotten. If you don’t want to read another DD article then don’t and save us the whine. xxoo

      1. I love Donald….I just can’t pull on the hearth strings as often as most others.

        We’ve been saying goodbye for over a year…lets be done with it especially since he wants to still play even elsewhere.

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