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2012 NFL Playoffs: Wild Card Round
Name Straight Up Against the Spread
Cincinnati Bengals at Houston Texans (-4.5)
Kris Burke Texans Texans
“Jersey” Al Bracco Texans Texans
Adam Czech Texans Bengals
Marques Eversoll Texans Bengals
Thomas Hobbes Texans Bengals
Jason Perone Texans Texans
Chad Toporski Texans Texans
Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers (-7.5)
Kris Burke Packers Packers
“Jersey” Al Bracco Packers Packers
Adam Czech Packers Packers
Marques Eversoll Packers Packers
Thomas Hobbes Packers Packers
Jason Perone Vikings Vikings
Chad Toporski Packers Vikings
Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens (-6.5)
Kris Burke Colts Colts
“Jersey” Al Bracco Ravens Ravens
Adam Czech Ravens Colts
Marques Eversoll Colts Colts
Thomas Hobbes Colts Colts
Jason Perone Ravens Colts
Chad Toporski Ravens Colts
Seattle Seahawks at Washington Redskins (+3)
Kris Burke Redskins Seahawks
“Jersey” Al Bracco Seadogs  Seadogs
Adam Czech Seachickens Seachickens
Marques Eversoll Seahawks Seahawks
Thomas Hobbes Redskins Redskins
Jason Perone Redskins Redskins
Chad Toporski Seahawks Seahawks

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14 thoughts on “2012 NFL Playoffs Predictions, Wild Card Round: AllGreenBayPackers.com

  1. Jason Perone , you are nuts if you think the Vikings are winning this game , the Vikings gave all they had at home last week in a do or die game and they still would have lost have it not been for some fluke bounces of the ball. Anyone who is picking the Vikings in this game is just trying to be the opposite.

      1. I hope you had money on the game, the only ting missing was Ponder, and it would have been the same result!!!

  2. We’ll get the true meaning of crowd noise this time around Packers win by 14 plus and Ponder won’t even be able to hear LF while he’s getting his butt chewed at halftime!!!!

  3. OK, I’ll fuel the fire!
    The SeaCrows play in Lambeau in the NFC Championship game, and there won’t be any questions about simultaneous possession this time around! Pack by 14!
    Have at it!

  4. Kris, is it possible to pick the Skins winning straight up but the Seahawks on the spread when the Skins are the underdogs? Just asking. GO PACK GO!!!! We gotta be loud tonight

    1. I guess he’s hedging his bet.

      Interesting game with the battle of the rookie qbs & 2 hot teams. Seattle seems slightly tougher, but they’re going across the country & haven’t played as well away from home.

  5. Packers better bring there A game from here on out. Even though Crosby is improving,hate to see him set up for game winning(or losing) field goal in cold conditions. Create turnovers D, they are more often than not the difference.Hopefully Woodson can help out with that.

  6. Standings after the first two games:

    Kris Burke, 4-0
    “Jersey” Al Bracco, 4-0
    Adam Czech, 3-1
    Marques Eversoll, 3-1
    Thomas Hobbes, 3-1
    Jason Perone, 2-2
    Chad Toporski, 3-1

    1. After all games:

      Kris Burke, 5-3
      “Jersey” Al Bracco, 8-0
      Adam Czech, 6-2
      Marques Eversoll, 5-3
      Thomas Hobbes, 3-5
      Jason Perone, 3-5
      Chad Toporski, 6-2

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