Packers vs. Lions – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: GB 27 DET 20 All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Packers Mike Daniels Fumble Recovery TD -
Packers Mike Daniels Fumble Recovery TD

Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions:

My unfitered game day running blog post of comments, observations and first impressions.

Inactive for Packers today: CB Charles Woodson, LB Clay Matthews, WR Jordy Nelson, DL CJ Wilson, DL Mike Neal, LB Terrell Manning, RB James Starks

Inactive for Lions today:  DT Corey Williams, S Louis Delmas, WR Lance Long, QB Kellen Moore, OT Corey Hilliard, OT Jason Fox, DE Ronnell Lewis


Game Notes:

The Packers have beaten Detroit  in 20 straight regular season games at Lambeau Field – an NFL record.

The Packers have won 10 straight divisional games – a franchise record.

Thanks to the Vikings win over the Bears today, the Packers have a chance to open a two-game lead (with tiebreaker) over Chicago with 3 games left in the season after tonight.

The Packers have only 4 DL active in this game – expect them to play most of the game in nickel or dime with only one or two DL.

Tonight’s weather at Lambeau: 33 degrees, wind 10mph from the east, 92% humidity, light snow through 9pm CT

It’s snowing at game time. I was at the Seattle playoff snow globe game. What a treat fans at the game are in for tonight.



Mike McCarthy Pregame Show on 620 WTMJ:

Divisional games against same team so close together:  You definitely plan for 2 games before the season even starts, we just stuck to our 2-game plan. We’ll have some wrinkles for them and I’m sure they’ll have some for us.

Ryan Grant: He looked very natural coming back – there have been some terminology changes from last year. He’s comfortable with the game plan and I would not hesitate to use Ryan.

TJ Lang: We’re going to work Lang in pre-game and then come back in and make a decision on him.

Bears loss: I’m sure everyone’s aware of it. Hell, we’ve been here all damn day waiting for this game to start.

Lions record: Very talented football team. they have lost a lot of close game.

Stafford:  I think he has a lot of arm talent. Has great confidence – not afraid to stick it in there on tight coverage.

Calvin Johnson: He has everything. Size, speed, possession – he can play the whole game. Big target that uses his body well. has the foot quickness that surprises a lot of people on the short and intermediate routes;

Mikel Leshoure: You have to stop the run – I don’t care who’s back there.

Lions front four: You always appreciated their talent, but I think this is the best I’ve seen that group play. They have depth, talent and the ability to keep rolling those guys in – been very effective for them

Weather: Wind and rain are what I worry about, they have the biggest impact. I’m confident the field will be in great shape to start. We’ll see how much snow we actually get and how the field holds up.




Packers vs. Lions – First Impressions – First Half:

Packers playing pure nickel on opening drive – Lions going run-heavy trying to get them out of it. Packers staying firm.

How embarrassing: Zombo gets taken out by a QB…

Zombo schooled by Stafford again, this time on the bootleg.. Let’s bring back Moses, please…

Whoa. DuJuan Harris puts a lick on that DB…

So will this be another game where we watch Rodgers takes nothing but deep drops  Can I get a few 3-step drop quick hits to mix it up?

Packers D totally on their heels. No changes from Capers so far . staying in nickel

Heard a crash upstairs… Christmas tree down… lots of broken stuff…  cleaned up mess… will re-do tomorrow… catching up on DVR now… dammit…

End of First Quarter: Packers 0 Lions 7

The Farve ornament is a goner…

Lions converting third downs with ease. Simple short passes. Patience patience patience. It’s effective.

Stafford blocking again? Next guy he trys to cut like that needs to show him a forceful knee.

Love Casey Hayward giving Daniels a little tap on the ass on his way to the end zone – urging him along…

Tramon Williams doing the job on Megatron he said he would the last game against Detroit (and didn’t).

Dom Capers is not fooling anyone out there tonight. Lions seemingly calling all the right plays.

McCarthy surprises me by using his timeouts before the end of the half. Thought he would be content to let the half end. Pleasantly surprised, I have to say.

End of second quarter: Packers 10 Lions 14


Packers vs. Lions – First Impressions – Second Half:

Packers with a steady drive downfield to start the half.

On a quick swing pass, Cobb chooses to run OOB instead of cutting it upfield between his blockers. One thing he still needs to learn…


On 4th down and six at the Lions 44, Rodgers imploring MM to go for it. Packers punt. Lions start from their own ten yard line.

Packers send six players on 3rd and nine and get NO pressure… no, seriously…

Packers blitzes doing nothing but making it easier for Stafford to find an open receiver.

Packers best chance on D is to entice Stafford to throw long.

End of third Quarter: Packers 17 Lions 17

This would be a good time for the Packers to remember to run the ball…

Lo and behold, someone heard me… Alex Green, DuJuan Harris and… Ryan Grant, even… Packers with their second running TD of the game.

Tramon Williams boasted before first Detroit game and got toasted by Megatron. This time he shut up and is doing a great job. Lesson learned, Tramon?

Packers get the ball back after stopping the Lions and go deep on first down. That was a good spot to take a shot downfield (after running so successfully last drive). I wouldn’t have, but I can’t complain…

Will the Packers have to depend on Mason Crosby to make this a two-possession game? Muwahahaha….

And it comes to fruition. Crosby with the kick… Oh my God, it’s GOOD!!!

Nick Fairly took Rodgers down after a pass, with a hand to the face. there could have been multiple penalties on that hit… Not one called…  awful.

Good to see Burnett still hitting hard after that ridiculous unnecessary roughness penalty earlier…

I find it laughable how Stafford throws the ball up there sometimes. Between he and Cutler and Ponder, #Packers are in good shape in NFCN

 Final Score: Packers 27 Lions 20


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28 thoughts on “Packers vs. Lions – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: GB 27 DET 20

  1. Still no pressure on the QB from the front 7. Matthews will help, but DAMN. We need another elite pass rusher, end of story. Those DB’s would look next to amazing if we just had one more effective pass rusher.

    On another note, that run game is really starting to show consistent life. There is arguably nothing more important in a deep playoff run than an effective run game.

    And welcome back Ryan Grant!

    1. Also, really thankful for Don Barclay. When Bulaga went down, I thought that was it, we’re screwed, but Barclay filled the void. Not saying he’s like amazing or anything like that, but he did “plug a hole” if you will.

  2. Nice win. I’ll take it. Let everyone gripe about this and that throughout the week. A win next week and the division is ours. A good game by ARod although the stats don’t show it.

  3. It was nice to see Daniels step up when the packers were down to 4 lineman. Looks like the Freazer has some competition for running with the football.

  4. Loved McCarthy’s play calling, Don Barclay you are a fighter, Randall Cobb you are a superstar.
    Please Clay, get healthy.

  5. True enough, the Pass rush didn’t get home..

    However, Dezman Moses is consistently just a step away. It will click for him one day- perhaps it will take a full offseason of lifting, conditioning, and training- but he’s on the verge of being a legit pass rush threat IMO.

  6. Eric Walden is freaking invisible. Zombo is awful. Really tough without clay and a first round pick outside linebacker. Clay needs to play on Sundays, and spend the rest of the week stretching his hammies.

  7. I also was yelling at my TV for MM to run the ball. I liked the three headed monster running attack in the 4th quarter. If we run like this against the Cubs next week, the division will be a rap.

    1. Three headed monster is overdoing it. How about the three headed hampster ? No, that goes too far the other way. Lets just say they all ran with real force behind a (very) patchwork O line. I’ll settle for three headed super-hampster.

      Relieved to see Crosby make a FG of over 40yds. Well done Tramon for doing a fine 1 to 1 job on Megatron. No need to be Optimus Prime no.2, just break those passes up.

      I am beginning to believe we need another OLB in the draft in the first three rounds. A rotation of three solid pass rushers would allow Capers more latitude than he has now and we wouldn’t be hurting so bad if one is out. Moses/Walden/Zombo are all backups (though Moses may be more someday).

      1. Moses might develope into a good pass rusher. Neal will be back next year and will help. Walden is a good back up.

        Zombo needs to move inside and then he might be good blitzer.

        Blitzer’s are like WR’s. Another one never hurts. If a top one falls to GB in draft then it will be wise move.

        RB might not be as important after tonights game but I still think a top RB in top 3 rnds. Another G/C for OL.

        G/C, RB, S, OLB – The pack should get a 3rd rnd compensation pick. Of course a big guy to replace Pick on Dline needs to be found to groom next year. The need is not the order, just the position that TT needs to fill during the first 3 rounds if available.

        1. Of course with the freezer and Daniels, do we need as many blocking TE’s or another RB? Mmmmm, TT and MM will need to discuss over the winter. Short yardage with these too split as lead FB’s in backfield would be an incredible sight.

  8. 1.) Secondary looked pretty good, especially with the lack of a pass rush.
    2.) The running game has continued to improve and Dujuan Harris might be a find for the Packers. Guy is fast, ran like a 4.3 forty.
    3.) Crosby might be over his slump. Knock on wood.
    4.) Clay Matthews cannot get healthy soon enough. I have no confidence in Zombo. Get CM3 back and move Moses to the other side.
    Good win. Go Pack

    1. Crosby might be over his slump? Besides last year, his whole career has been a slump.

      Good guy, but I’m all in favor of getting a new kicker next year. Even if he has this amazing run all the way to Super Bowl, I’ll be iffy on keeping him.

      Epitome of an inconsistent kicker.

  9. Compared to last year, these games seem like they are played in slow motion. But, this is how the pack needs to play against good D lines with cover two (and with so many injuries). Good win against a divisional opponent. love the running game.

    This game proved that Barclay should start at RT and Lang should start at LG. EDS served his time. The best thing about this game was a win with no injuries! Now the Pack will probably have Mathews, Wilson, Woodson, and Lang back next week , and , maybe Nelson and Neal. Nice to see shields back, he’s playing great ball.

    The Packers are getting healthy, will win the division title next week and hit the playoffs on a roll. 12-4

    1. Lang at LG will help but we need to find a G/C in draft next year to push lang. barclay has earned right tackle job. I hope we don’t draft any tackles next year. I think we have 5 or six now

      EDS might be good center (drop Saturday). He had a heck of a nice block on the TD run. He took Levy out by pulling to be lead blocker. The rest of the season the middle LB’s need to play honest or suffer a similiar fate. Understated OL play opened up the run game. WOW – Division leaders, cubbies next for the Division and players getting healthy for the run. Wow.

      Anyone wonder what next year will be like when 6 starters return from IR? Is it possible that bulaga (or another Tackle) moves to LG? The D will get a couple starting LB’s for the middle and Perry on the other OLB spot. ….focus focus focus on De Cubbies. Next game up

  10. Welcome back Sam Shields! It seemed House was struggling a bit last night and once Same came in it slowed the Lions down. SAtafford was like 12-14 and we looked a bit like last year. We gotta love Don Barclay my friends! It seems every time we run to that side we pick up positive yardage. IMO I don’t think M.M. should even consider putting Lang back at right tackle. Even stubborn M.M. can see that the Packers are much better with Barclay in at RT. Zombo is a absolute joke! Stafford just smoked him on that block and he’s another pass rusher who seems to just run INTO the blocker then not move a inch closer to the QB. Waldon has begun to disappear again. He’s much more effective when not used every down. We really need Clay to come back. Next week! The Packers came back from 14 down to the number 2 offense in the NFL. With all the injuries and with those coming back, I feel a lot better about the Packers than I did a few weeks ago. Go in and take care of the Bears, get Jordy back, and then start to get Greg Jennings back on same page with Rodgers. With Jennings, Jones, Cobb, Nelson, Finley (yes Finley), and throw in a running game this is a very dangerous team that no one will want to play! GO PACK GO! Good game guys!

    1. I do not think there is any chance that barclay is coming off of the field unless it is on a cart. he has some struggles in pass pro, but he looks like the teams best run blocker right now. very aggressive in the run game.

      zombo is a 3rd string OLB, what do you expect? yes he is awful. more depth at OLB is imperative in this draft. the steelers draft atleast one every year. like wolf used to do with QBs. this draft needs to be about interior OL, front seven and a WR as well.

  11. Weird Stats

    1) Randall Cobb had 7 receptions – the rest of the team had a total of 7. Seven.

    2) You hardly heard his name: Brad Jones had 8 tackles and 4 assists.

    3) AJ Hawk – stuffed a lot of runs. 4 solo tackles and 4 assists.

    4) Time of Possession:
    Lions – 37 min
    Pack – 23

    5) Rushing plays: 25
    Passing plays: 24
    You don’t see that often.

  12. You might want to throw the pieces of the Favre ornament in the trash, if you don’t it will keep coming back.

    Good victory for the Pack, can’t wait until we get our walking wounded back.

    1. I’ve still got about 6 Favre ornaments on my GBP tree, ‘tho they’re all in the back. Maybe one day they’ll come back to the front…

  13. CM3 will not cure all the teams pass rushing problems, but he will certainly help. he requires constant double and triple teams. also, i am excited to get woodson back. i hope Dom just leaves him at safety in base and nickel. let him rove around a little bit. burnett has been assignment sure this year for the most part, that should give dom a little more freedom to move woodson around. between him and CM3 that is a big part of the packers pass rush over the last 3 years.

    1. Between Von Miller, J.J. Watt, and Aldon Smith, what would you have given up to get just one of those guys? I remember thinking to myself even before the 2011 draft “God… I’d sell the damn farm for Miller. Like what the Falcons gave up to get Julio Jones even”.

      Oh that would have been so sweet…

      1. aldon smith is much better than i thought he would be. it is really tough to get impact front seven players at the bottom of the first round. but TT has to keep trying.

        1. I was all over Aldon Smith pre-draft – called him a future Pro Bowler.

          But that gets offset by the fact I was so wrong about Von Miller. I questioned if he could be a 3-down player in the NFL.

          And that gets offset by being all over JJ Watt and praying for the Packers to trade up for him.

          So I guess as Meatloaf said, Two out of three ain’t bad?

          1. von Miller looks like he put on about 25 pounds of muscle in his legs. when i watched him at texas A&M he seemed like a guy that just used his speed. the guy is thick now and plays with power.

          2. and yeah, JJ watt is the perfect 3-4 DE. they do not build them anymore prototpyical than him. cannot believe he was not a top ten pick. i would have taken him in the top 10.

  14. Detroit lost this game for two reasons: stafford and the lions getting away from running the ball in the second half … Stafford is a lesser version of favre. He rarely throws the ball with his feet planted. He’s always sliding or falling backwards just like farve and throws three or four pickable balls a game … Detroit had the recipe working in the first half, then got pass happy … On the flip side, kudos to mm. Mm adjusted in the second half and went alveraz on them in the fourth quarter … Now if mm could please, for all that is packer holy, stop running the delayed handoff from the shotgun … You know it’s bad when even the lambeau crowd booed that play in the second half.

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