Packers News: Starks may be out for season

Packers RB James Starks
Packers RB James Starks
Packers RB James Starks

Jason Wilde of ESPN Wisconsin is reporting that running back James Starks may be out for the season with a knee injury.

Starks has battled numerous injuries dating back to his college days at Buffalo. He was forced to sit out the Packers’ first five games of the 2012 season with a significant turf toe injury.

But since returning to the field, Starks has become a major part of the team’s backfield rotation. This week against the Minnesota Vikings, he led the team with 66 yards on 15 carries, including a pivotal 22-yard touchdown.

The injury occurred when Vikings cornerback Josh Robinson upended Starks, hitting him square in the right knee late in the fourth quarter. Starks was able to return to the game and carry the ball a few more times, but the injury is apparently more serious than was originally thought.

The exact injury is unknown, although it’s not believed to be an ACL injury. Still, the Packers are reportedly considering putting Starks on the injured reserve and using the roster spot on a healthy player for the playoff run.

If Starks’s season is indeed over, the Packers will rely on Alex Green, fullback John Kuhn and recent call-up DuJuan Harris to shoulder the load running the football.

Green and Starks have been splitting carries since starter Cedric Benson suffered a Lisfranc injury against the Indianapolis Colts earlier this season.


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24 thoughts on “Packers News: Starks may be out for season

  1. My first thought on that play was, “He had to have pulled something on that.” His leg extended in a way that just isn’t normal. damn…

    1. Boy its not hard to believe that these guys can get injured, they’re running into what, 6ft. 7in. 350 lb. guys built like trucks and almost as fast the whole game, I guess my point is I’m almost expecting it when I come to our site anymore, the playoffs might be short and not so sweet

  2. I guess we’ll have to rely on the (slightly more productive, cough cough) Alex Green for the rest of the season.

    Maybe we’ll get a look at White or Harris before the season is over.

    Starks needs a full season under his belt in the worst way.

  3. Danget man…. Are you frikin kidding me… This crap just won’t stop. Just as I was feeling a smidgeon better about our chances this season…

  4. I agree with Jersey Al. When I saw the play I figured he HAD to hurt himself. His leg was just jolted into the air and it looked bad. He sat on the ground for a couple moments and staired at his knee after the play….but then was able to continue playing. Too bad….he was running hard. Backs are easy to find….and the Packers don’t use them that often anyway.

  5. I just heard from a source the packers are going to buy a large amount of bubble wrap to protect its players. Imagine how good the packers good be if they made it 1 game without loosing someone.

  6. I ment to type. Imagine how good the packers could be if they made it 1 game without loosing someone.

  7. This year is rivaling 2010 in respect to the large amount of injuries. Unlike 2010, the quality of lost players this year is much higher. Plus, we still don’t know when CM3 will come back. And I’m not sure CWood will ever be the same. Oh, and we’re still waiting on Starks. It goes on and on…

  8. Wah, unbelievable, 3 more starters hurt against the queens, and one more out for the year (just when the running game maybe coming on and we need it the most). This is by far the worst injury season the Pack has had in a long time. The quality of players missing time is devastating. The year Favre went 4-12 was bad too, his only losing season.

    And now Bielema is bolting to Arkansas..what shitty sports day

    1. To me, Bielema leaving for Arkansas is the lone positive of today. And I’m a Badgers fan.

    1. Ryan Grant was just released yesterday by the Redskins. If T.T. doesn’t give him a call I would really start to question Thompson. Well, question him more. Will Grant come in and tear it up? I doubt it. But he’s a body that KNOWS this offense. There’s a lot to be said for that.

    2. Wow you called that one, Grants back, I just hope he is a produce more than he did the last two yrs!!

  9. Crap. And here I was just about to write a post comparing Starks and Green.

    This does not bode well for the Packers’ season.

  10. Starks has been hurt more than healthy his whole career. This is no surprise and not a big deal. As long as TT and MM can let their egos deflate a moment and get a QUALITY replacement, things will be better.

  11. This is awful news. Starks was contributing when the Packers absolutely needed him to, and now he is gone for the year. Wow, what a shock, an injury to a Packer Starter. I dont remember the last time I saw a team lose so many important players in one season. This is definitely not good!

    1. The Pack had a chance (I think) to go after running back steven Jackson of the Rams who will be a free agent. Probably would cost them some dough & a pick, but in hind sight that coild have plugged the hole, he’s good & durable & can be around a few more years…opportunity missed

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