Packers News: Sherrod out for season, Benson too?

Packers RB Cedric Benson
Packers RB Cedric Benson
Packers RB Cedric Benson

The Packers’ offensive line was dominated by the New York Giants in week 12, and it won’t be getting any help from tackle Derek Sherrod this season.

Sherrod was retained on the reserve/physically unable to perform list on Tuesday, thus ending his season before it even got started. The team faced a deadline this week to either activate him or stash him on the reserve/PUP for the remainder of the 2012 season.

Since starting right tackle Bryan Bulaga was lost for the season, the Packers were forced to move around the pieces on their offensive line. Left guard T.J. Lang has moved to Bulaga’s position at right tackle, and Evan Dietrich-Smith has taken Lang’s place at left guard.

The Packers haven’t been able to protect Aaron Rodgers all season, as the quarterback has been sacked a league-high 37 times through 11 games this season.

Now that Sherrod’s season is officially over, the Packers’ only backup offensive linemen are undrafted rookies Don Barclay and Greg Van Roten. Barclay can play either inside or outside at guard or tackle, whereas Van Roten is strictly an interior lineman.

Not only will the Packers not be getting a boost from Sherrod this season, they may be without starting running back Cedric Benson for the rest of the year as well.

Benson suffered a Lisfranc injury Oct. 7 at Indianapolis, and his foot hasn’t healed as quickly as the Packers had hoped. If he opts to have surgery, that will likely end his season.

Head coach Mike McCarthy said Tuesday that Benson will not practice this week, and the team should learn more about his injury on Wednesday.

Benson was eligible to return to practice practicing last week and to play Dec. 9 against Detroit, but he’s now expected to see a specialist early this week.

Green Bay’s running game currently ranks 23rd in the league, averaging 100.7 yards per game. The Packers have opted to go with a combination of Alex Green and James Starks to shoulder the loud in Benson’s absence.


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25 thoughts on “Packers News: Sherrod out for season, Benson too?

  1. I kind of figured that Sherrod wouldn’t return this year and it’s smart imo by MM and TT not to risk a talented first round pick that could have a bright future in Green Bay protecting A-Rod. The good news is that MM said Sherrod has been moving better and better the more he has practiced, that gives me hope for next year.

    Benson would certainly help the running game but even if he isn’t able to return this year I would like to see him back next year. A great scenario imo would be for TT to get a high round running back in the draft and let him learn from Benson.

  2. And now Cedric Benson? First Jennings, then Shields, then Perry, then Woodson, then Bulaga…

    What the hell is going on with the medical staff in Green Bay? They must have one horrible Diagnostician.

    And probably a terrible strength and conditioning coach as well…

    1. I’ve been saying that since 2010 Chad. So many injuries, especially groin and hamstring injuries which points to conditioning. It seems strange to question any players condition in the NFL but other teams don’t seem to have this many. I also find it strange that a team that builds ONLY through the draft is so poor along the o-line. I look at previous drafts and see many of the O-lineman we drafted are playing elsewhere. The great and powerful Ted has built us a team with a All World QB, great LB in Matthews, some excellent receivers and not much else. If I’m missing something please point it out. O-line-sucks, D-line-sucks, Running Backs- really suck, Linebackers?? Their all hurt. Secondary- Hopeful. What concerns me is the Packers may hang onto all these crappy coaches they have next season too. Coach McCarthy really needs to look at his staff on both sides of the ball.

      1. @ Nick Perry: Well I’m glad somebody called it. I understand that the coaches have little do it with the injuries, but man, it’s hard to explain what the Packers have been going through. Can these many injuries really be the result of just some bad luck. Man…

      1. CSS, what exactly is he the best at? The players like him because they tell him whats up. He is a players puppet. He got his degree online and is like a fish out of water as a physician..

        1. He received his Medical degree from the University of Wisconsin, did his fellowship training in orthopaedics and sports medicine at one of the most prestigous facilities in the US for that specialty, the American Sports Medicine Institute-Birmingham, AL.

          Among his NFL peers, they consider him one of the best, if not the best. I’ll stick to what his medically trained, NFL peers have to say.

          Anything else profoundly dumb to weigh in on T?

            1. Instead of adding or addressing any substance in a discussion you just intend on going down a vortex of stupid? I hope you’re either under 14 or ever 70 while losing some of your faculties, otherwise it’s just sad.

              1. CSS, I know your type, if someone doesn’t agree with you they are stupid. And you claim I am the one losing my faculities…
                What is next from you… nanna nanna boo boo. I am not in bed with their physician and will call it like I see it. Sorry son not everyone is going to agree with you…

              2. I don’t look for agreement, I like it when people disagree and add some substance to an argument. I actually learn something. Look above at your responses including:

                “got his degree online” and “maybe his NFL peer are impotent.”

                He’s not ‘my physician’. And you call it like you see it, huh? Tell me exactly what the course of treatment would be for a lisfranc injury, as an example. What did he do wrong? Answer is, nothing. You have two courses of treatment: time and rest, or surgery. One option holds out hope Benson can return. The other ends his season. Tell me more about, calling it like you see it? Do continue…

          1. okay CSS, your beloved doctor now decides how many weeks later to have surgery on Bensons foot? If he was competent and had the surgery right away maybe he would be ready to go for a playoff run. Now he not only looks like a fool, but also hurts the teams playoff run… however CSS you can still love on him. Everybody needs love..

  3. TT rolled the dice on this Oline, for this season, and crapped out big time. i hope Rodgers doesnt get hurt bad

  4. Cut Benson. I’m no fan of his. He isn’t a medium nor long term solution, and he isn’t going to help any this year. Work with Starks and Green.

    1. The guy adds depth to an ailing run game, and brings a very strong veteran leadership. We’re only paying him 700,000 this year too.

      Plus, he hates the Bears. If he’s healthy enough to play, then he’ll certainly be a factor in that game at least. Then we can probably talk about cutting him.

  5. As much as I wished Benson was the answer(this season) it was just a band-aid approach. He’ll be gone by 1st cuts if he makes it that far with GB next season. TT knows what needs to be done!

  6. Jim Mora’s quote sums up the Packers season, “Playoffs, Playoffs, playoffs, I am worried we won’t win another game”

  7. We are in my opinion sunk for the year with the combination of lineman we have now, the giants game reminded me of a kitchen stainner,they were coming in from everywhere, and the defensive lines we will face don’t get a bit easier, I just hope AR can survive the onslot, admit it if he goes down we are SCREWED!!!

  8. Let’s remember that since the beginning of the 2009 season this team is 42-17 during the regular season plus a Super Bowl win in 2010 with TT, MM etc… The O-line has been hurt with the loss of Tauscher and Clifton for sure, compounded now with the losses of Bulaga and Sherrod. The Packers still have control of their destiny and the better QB in each of the next 5 games. They should still make an 11-5 season but they need to 1. Protect Rodgers, 2. Run the ball effectively, 3. Defense needs to step up and play better. This will require better coaching and motivated players. Go Pack Go!
    Since ’61

  9. Just look at the teams that draft RB and WR in the first round. No, you draft the best player with added points to the in short supply OL,DL, AND LB positions. Understand that under the salary cap system you MUST draft wisley and the DEVELOP those players. WR Greg Jennenings is a great player but he cannot be resigned because the monies will be needed elsewhere. Look at the last draft and tell me where you would have drafted a RB or OL players. Always ballance the long term and the short term. That is why udfa are so important. You cannot have your cake and eat it at the same time. There are 32 teams that face the same problems. There will NEVER be another dynasty in todays NFL.

  10. Cullen Jenkins left at end of 2010
    Scott Wells left at end of 2011
    *Nick Collins career ended prematurely in 2011
    Greg Jennings is leaving at end of 2012
    Ditto Donald Driver – end of career
    Maybe ditto C Woodson – end of career

    Those are big losses to replace. Tough to get better when you lose a star or two each year.

    Unfortunately, Pack is becoming a two player team: Rodgers & Matthews. That’s not enough. You need a couple of guys like that on each side of the ball. Cobb & Hayward have been a nice pair of pick-ups last two years but rest haven’t produced at high level and/or are on IR. If Bulaga, Sherrod & Perry become quality players in near future, it will help a great deal. Personally, I’d re-sign Jennings and save money elsewhere e.g., Hawk, Woodson, Finley. I’d also consider parting ways with Raji. Not worth $50-60MM in my opinion. Can find anchor for much cheaper than that. Guys arms are so short he can’t do much on the rare occasions he gets penetration. Also limits his production vs run. He just can’t get his hands on people.

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