Don’t Write Off Packers’ RB Alex Green All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Alex Green
RB Alex Green still has value to the Packers this season.

It looks like James Starks has passed Alex Green on the Packers’ depth chart, but that doesn’t mean Green won’t get his opportunities.

Think back to when Ted Thompson drafted Green in the third round in 2011. Most people didn’t peg the Hawaii running back as a guy who’s going to carry the ball 25 times per game and rush for 1,600 yards. Obviously, that would be great if Green turned out to be that type of player, but coming from a shotgun-style offense at Hawaii, that wasn’t the expectation.

I think Thompson drafted Green to be the shot-in-the-arm back, the kind of back who plays on third down and has the speed and explosiveness to break off a long run or take a swing pass all the way when subbing for the starter.

That type of player is very valuable, and Green can still be that player this season.

We all saw James Starks show signs of life against the Cardinals. We also saw him fumble and screw up in pass protection a few times.

Yes, Green’s vision and patience leave a lot to be desired. He also doesn’t quite have the whole cutback concept figured out. But this is the kid’s first extensive playing time in the NFL, and he’s coming off major knee surgery.

He’s still going to get opportunities, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he turns into what Thompson expected when he drafted him.

Shotgun runs, screen passes, a dumpoff option for Aaron Rodgers. Green can excel in these areas. He’s also looked good in pass protection.

Green might have lost his starting job, but he can still provide a lot of value to the Packers down the stretch.


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8 thoughts on “Don’t Write Off Packers’ RB Alex Green

  1. Is there a reason we are supposed to think Green lost his starting job?

    Are there reports out of GB stating Starks is the feature back? Was Starks getting all the first team reps the last two weeks?

    I haven’t heard about it, but then, I haven’t been listening for it, either. All I know is Green outperformed Starks by a narrow margin last week in raw production, but Starks put the ball on the ground and is lucky he didn’t get Rodgers killed.

    I would expect the Packers to go forward with both Starks and Green splitting reps for the time being. Probably see Starks in on obvious run situations and short yardage, Green in 3rd and long and other scenarios.

    1. Well, I guess I was wrong..

      First drive or two we saw Green in on 3rd downs, then he completely disappeared, and it was all Starks.

      Adam, where can I get one of those crystal balls? Mine is broken!

      1. Meant to reply to you earlier, Oppy. Yes, there were reports this week that Starks is now the starter.

        I, too, thought we’d still see plenty of Green, but my crystal ball malfunctioned as well. Maybe it had something to do w/ his knee? He missed practice Friday…..

  2. Surely this phrase of ‘starting RB’ is to be taken with a grain of salt…yes.

    I don’t believe what we have constitutes the use of ‘feature/starting back’ but simply we have a RB that will appear during our offensive possessions and when situations warrant.

  3. Benson will be the starter as soon as he is healthy. Green needs more time to grow. Starks needs to not be an injury prone bonehead.

  4. Green will grow as a player. He is a big, solid back, can catch, has some speed and most important for the Packers is assignment sure in pass protection. Just based on pass protection he will get more snaps than Starks because the Packers will nearly always pass more than they will run.

    1. Now I’m wondering that quetion myself. For me its one of two things: he either isn’t that good and what weve seen is his best, or B, he is screwing up plays by not being in position and reading blocks.
      Could be he just can’t learn the system and they’ve started to give up on him.
      Going forward this team is in trouble. The O line is going to get Rogers killed unless we have a run game to keep them honest. I see no run game. Starks is just awful.

  5. The two problems I have is McCarthy only seems to like running one back. He has that mentality you go with the hot hand versus keep these guys fresh by letting them take turns approach.

    I sure was wondering what happened to Green considering the P__s poor performance of starks. He was flat terrible. If he’s our best now were in trouble.

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