Packers News: Bulaga to I.R., So’oto to 53-man roster

Packers tackle Bryan Bulaga
Packers tackle Bryan Bulaga
Packers tackle Bryan Bulaga

The Green Bay Packers announced Monday that left tackle Bryan Bulaga had been placed on the season-ending injured reserve with a hip injury.

Bulaga suffered the injury against the Arizona Cardinals when he landed awkwardly. The early diagnosis wasn’t optimistic, and some had speculated immediately that Bulaga’s season may be over.

Losing Bulaga leaves the Packers shorthanded on the offensive line. T.J. Lang will shift over to right tackle, while Evan Dietrich-Smith will take Lang’s normal spot at left guard. For the rest of the season, the Packers’ offensive line–at full strength–will consist of Marshall Newhouse, Dietrich-Smith, Jeff Saturday, Josh Sitton and Lang.

Through ten weeks of the NFL season, the Packers have allowed 29 sacks–tied for second-most in the NFL.

To fill Bulaga’s roster spot, the Packers have signed outside linebacker Vic S’oto. The move gives Packers some depth at outside linebacker, as Frank Zombo was the team’s only available backup prior to So’oto’s signing.

So’oto played in seven games for the Packers last season and was in training camp with the team this summer. After appearing in four games with the Oakland Raiders this season, he was let go. So’oto, again, will wear No. 97 with the team.


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8 thoughts on “Packers News: Bulaga to I.R., So’oto to 53-man roster

  1. Well…at least Sherrod is practicing and TT brought back his best ever UDFA signing!

    In all seriousness, hope that Bulaga’s recovery goes well – he won’t need surgery. Hopefully Sherrod is able to step in as a contributor – perhaps filling EDS’ role as the extra lineman on run plays – until he can possibly fill in at RT and allow Lang to move back to LG. Of course, if EDS and Lang play well, MM will goo with the line as is. Praying to the Football Gods for no more injuries!

  2. I was worried about this, I didn’t like Aikmans comment during the game, that Bulagas injury reminded him of the way Bo Jackson bent when he injured his hip. I’m hoping Sherrard has progressed enough to make the 53. Signing so’oto makes me think clay may miss a few games…bummer.

  3. If there’s any good news its that Bulaga will be able to rest his knee. There was a lot of speculation that his knee has been hampering him all season. It sounds like from what I read that he probably won’t need surgery on his hip which is good. Of course that’s what they thought about Jennings and Perry so I really don’t know what to believe.
    Go Pack

  4. I’m thinking positive here. EDS will hold up and Sherrod will be able to contribute by week 14 and look like the guy they thought they were getting when they drafted him. Unrealistic? Perhaps, but if ever a team deserved a break it’s the Packers. Glad to see Shields, Kuhn, Worthy and especially Nelson were back at practice. Now all the Pack needs is Wood, Jennings, Matthews, and Benson back on the field and So’oto to play like he did in that exhibition game in KC before the 2011 season. GO PACK GO!

  5. My comment wasn’t meant to indicate the Bulaga’s injury is as bad as Bo Jackson’s, what I was getting at is; when I reviewed Bulaga stumbling on his own, with no contact, I just didn’t think injury was going to be to bad, probably just a pull or strained muscle and maybe miss a game. But Aikmans comment made me aware of the wierd bend it put on Bulaga’s hip and how sometimes bad injuries can happen with out contact..( Al Harris, Mike Neal, etc) Looking back at Mathews injury play, it didn’t appear that his leg was bent wierd either. I just hope Clay gets back ASAP, the D is not the same without him.

    Watching the early pre-game show on the NFL channel Sunday, the hosts were talking about what’s wrong with the giants and then moved on to the jets. They mentioned that the giants big prob was that Nicks was playing with a bad foot and the ability to stretch the field was hampered. They said that missing Holmes and Revis is killing the jets……really, Wow, how about missing 10 starters! I can’t see any other team missing the players the Pack has and winning 4 in a row.

  6. Can’t agree more Dan. I’m so sick of hearing these guys talking about a team losing ONE player and making it sound as though it’s the end of the world. Atlanta fans we’re making this huge deal about Julio Jones going down vs Saints. One player! I’m like really?? T.T. has built a very deep team.

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