Packers vs. Jaguars – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: GB 24 JAC 15 All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Packers Morgan Burnett vs Jaguars, Packers - Jaguars recap, score result
Morgan Burnett tackles Cecil Shorts

Green Bay Packers vs. Jacksonville Jaguars:

My unfitered game day running blog post of comments, observations and first impressions.

Inactive for Packers today: CB Sam Shields, WR Greg Jennings, S Charles Woodson, WR Jordy Nelson, RB John Kuhn, LB Nick Perry

Inactive for Jaguars today: RB Montell Owens, RB Maurice Jones-Drew, DE D’Anthony Smith, S Dwight Lowery, DT Jeris Pendleton, CB Derek Cox, WR Laurent Robinson

Game Notes:

Packers roster takes a hit today in the defensive backfield and the wide receivers corps. Youth shall be served…

Today’s captains are WR James Jones, LB Erik Walden and LS Brett Goode.

Wow – 44% of #Jaguars offense since 2010 has been from Maurice Jones Drew


Mike McCarthy Pregame Show on 620 WTMJ:


Noon game at home: Love it. Get up early, smells like football. ..

Woodson loss: We’re talking about someone who has been an impact player every year here. When you lose a guy like Charles, you have to use the next group of players to their strengths. I’m looking for our defense to generate turnovers, create fumbles.

Replacing Woodson: Charles plays in a lot of roles. We’ll individuals focus more on ione position in as opposed to charles playing one, tow three, sometime four

Jennings, surgery: We’re all hopeful it’s going to go well. They don’t think it’s a major issue.

Cobb: He’s a playmaker and gives us versatility. He doesn’t just line up in one spot.

Rodgers last 2 weeks: He’s played very well. I think we all got spoiled by last year. There’s a lot of things we probably wouldn’t do if we didn’t have Aaron Rodgers.

Maurice Jones Drew: He’s a fun player to watch – glad I’m not watchng him today. Dynamic, unique guy you can build an offense around

Gabbert:  First thing I’ve always been impressed with is his ability to throw the football. He’s taken big steps from year one to two. He’s in a system that plays to favorable down and distance. Much improved player.

Jaguars: Fundamentally sound team. It’s going to be  challenge.  We look for their DBs to challenge our receivers. This  game will be a lot more competitive than people realize.

Jordy out: Pre-game workout went very well, but then going back out on the field later, he just didn’t feel quite ready.



Packers vs. Jaguars – First Impressions – First Half:

Packers win the toss yet again… and defer yet again…

Morgan Burnett draws all the attention with a safety blitz, allowing Brad Jones to sneak in up the middle for the sack.

Jermichael Finley gets his first drop out of the way quickly…  right off the hands, as usual.

Packers take a holding penalty on what would have been 4th down and an easy FG for the Jags, giving them a 3rd and 18. I think it was the right move. Gives the Packers a chance to make a big play – sack, INT, etc. rather than just conceding easy 3pts.

Is Justin Blackmon going to have a Reggie Wayne-like day vs. the Packers? Has four catches in the first quarter…

End of First Quarter: Packers 7 Jaguars 3

And the Packers force a fumble – only the third in seven games plus this one.

Blaine Gabbert, when given all day to stand in the pocket, can throw the ball pretty well…

Evidently, the shoulder harness is not restricting Davon House that much. His blocked punt the first since 2003 and the first returned for a TD since 1990!

Then what an awful unnecessary roughness call on House in coverage. He was playing the ball all the way. Incidentally, their helmets touched. You just can’y play football anymore…

As Aaron Nagler of CheeseheadTV pointed out on twitter, Rodgers is now seeing (and taking) the checkdown he wasn’t earlier in the year. This small little difference can make the Packers offense fairly impossible to stop.

I’m an Alex Green supporter, but with no holes being created inside, he has to look to bounce it outside sooner…

Packers playing the patented Capers soft zone… Result, Blaine Gabbert has 182 yards passing in the first half. On the occasions when the Packers played press in the secondary, Gabbert has come close to throwing picks.

Packers defense sure knows how to make receivers on bad teams look good, don’t they?

Packers 14 Jaguars 12


Packers vs. Jaguars – First Impressions – Second Half:

I guess Packers’ & Mike McCarthy’s backs aren’t “against the wall” enough this game?

Aaron Rodgers not making good decisions this game. Doesn’t seem to have that sharp focus we saw the last two games.

I seem to say this every week – this is where I would start throwing some screens.

I simply love taking downfield shots on third and makeable when you are desperate for some offensive rhythm.  ugh…

Dierdorf says something intelligent – get the ball to Cobb. Then says, “Packers have always been one of the best screen teams in the league.” Oh well…

Packers running on first play of almost every drive. Think Jacksonville is expecting it by now?

Cobb outsmarts himself. Just cut it in and go and he has the first down. Instead dances and gets taken down.

Crosby… yeah, he’s always been my kind of kicker… yeah…

Packers defense already the reason they’re even winning this game. From the looks of things, will probably have to stay that way…

McCarthy with some easy challenge decisions today. What are these refs seeing?

Love the consistently excellent tackling fundamentals Jerron McMillian shows. Wish all other Packers DBs would follow suit.

Can’t express how much I HATE the deep throws on third down. Especially when a first down effectively ends the game…

It’s all good because of the penalty, but throwing deep there is simply asinine. Just asinine…

A win is a win, but this game was hard to watch…

Packers 24 Jaguars 15


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37 thoughts on “Packers vs. Jaguars – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: GB 24 JAC 15

  1. Awful game. GB no confidence they can put weak teams away, so it is becoming apparent that it is coaching more than players. Just not good play calling not calling smart football. Its time for coaches to be spanked. I Feel sorry for the players. How can offensive line get consistently splattered on runs? How can defense line consistently get pushed backward on run plays. Pass defense consistently get holed? bad football…bad football coaching.

        1. remember when we thought this was going to be the best OL we’ve had since the days of the U 71?


  2. This year is going to be a gut-wrenching roller coaster ride all the way to the end. Game to game, half to half, this team is INCONSISTENT.

    There’s a lot of young talent on defense- and plenty of firepower on offense when healthy- to be excited about, but I think it would take a major turn of the corner to think this team could sustain a deep playoff run.

    They desperately need to find whatever it takes to string it all together, week in, and week out. I know injuries are playing a major part in this right now, but you’ve got to overcome.

  3. I guessed a score of 24-13 before the game, once I found out Nelson was out. And they lost for the reason that I thought: weakness at receiver.

    They were getting no separation at receiver, none of the 5-step throws were there, none of the first reads were there, the deep ball wasn’t there, so the Jags could play insultingly tight coverage the whole game. They had a great game plan built around the idea that we’d have no burner on the outside.

    And it worked. As well as it could have.

    I have no idea why people thought James Jones and Cobb couldn’t be taken away if the Jags played a good game. Jordy Nelson accounts for a quarter of Rodgers’ passing attempt targets.

      1. here’s the thing – if your receivers are getting taken away, and you OL can’t open any holes for the running backs, what do you do? Screens, use Cobb out of the backfield, use your tight ends more. We saw only drips and drabs of those things.

        1. hi al,long time.anyway just a thought that nobody seems to bring up,we lost joe philbin to the dolphins and i see our offense a shadow of itself this year.i really think he had command of our offense.don’t forget our playoff game last year,philbin lost his son[GOD BLESS] and mccarthy did all the game planning and we stunk it up….just like this year…..just a thought. let me know what u think al

          1. Where ya’ been Bill? I’ve brought up the Philbin issue a few times and others have too. Of course, everyone ion the Packers denies it has had any effect, but Rodgers almost slipped once in an interview with Wilde and started to go there…

            Hope you’re safe with this hurricane!

        2. We did screen a few times, it’s a surprise play.If TE Williams holds on to that pass, he would still be running,and the game would have been in the bag earlier.We have injuries and an out of league weak opponent. All the best teams are having games like this. It’s a win ,we need at least 5 more to make the playoffs and then anything can happen. The way our team is built we”re probably better off playing away from a frigid Green Bay.

          1. 2 screens, I believe. More than just screens, I’d have thrown to Green (or even Starks)out of the backfield more often. It worked when they tried – make them adjust to stop that and the wide receivers will find more open space.

            1. i agree there Al. they need to use green more out of the backfield. catching passes and getting upfield is his strength, not running between the tackles. rodgers at times, just does not have the patience to hit the RB 5 times on a drive when he is open it seems like. that is always my only criticism with rodgers, sometimes he does not take the easy stuff.

  4. Receivers looked bad but remember that Jennings & Jordy were on sideline. The reps the young guys got today will pay big benefits later this year and beyond.
    WHen the J&J brothers return the other teams DB’s are going to have some big trouble.

    Soft D allowing too many yards but I really like the young DB’s. Let woodson heal for the playoff run.

    ST: Awesome punt block by House. Adds another dimension to ST for scoring 1st one since 90.
    ST: Missed easy chip shot when it would have put the game away. WTF.

    The refs still causing problems and the team needs to score 50 Plus points to get them out of our hair. Put the other teams away

  5. A win is a win ,but, what a completely un-inspired performance by the packers.

    The good…a win

    The bad … Pass rush, run blocking, A Green, M Neal

    The ugly… A terrible performance by the pack, at home, against the worst team in football! Don Capers Soft coverage all game, Crosby

  6. Thought the secondary played relatively well, especially considering the lack of a pass rush. Some good plays, then some bad ones, but they’re young and improving. I laugh at everyone that said Perry is a bust because the pass rush suffers when he’s not there. The running game is non-existant.
    All in all a win, though. 5-3 and tied for second in the division. Go Pack!

  7. MM’s play calling and the DC’s soft zone defence is giving me stomach ulcers. I hope they just luring opposing coaches into a false sense of security for the rest of the season.

  8. We can argue about MM’s play calling, but the execution on offense vs. the last two weeks was obvious. You can lose a player or two, but we have lost not just some players but many of our stars on both sides of the ball. We were lucky it was at home and the Jaguars, not away at the Giants or Bears to name a few games down th eroad this year.

    If we can beat the Cardinals next week, we then have a week off to get healthy for the remainder of the season. No more injuries please, and slowly get our starters back down the stretch.

    5 of the last seven games are against division rivals.

    1. No such thing in football any more, that’s only true when you give into it. The best team right now are the Giants and they had bad games against Tampa,Cleve,Wash,and they let Dallas back in the game yesterday.

  9. Next week give the rock to Starks and see what he can do, I hope nelson and kuhn are back next week because Arz has a much better D then the Jags. Shame on Capers for running his infamous soft zone for an entire game. It’s easier for the young DBs to play man, especially with a lack-luster pass rush. No pass rush and wide open recievers…if the pack played a avg team today they would have lost.

    Crosby needs a shrink….

  10. Rodgers was often under pressure this game. in my opinion, this was mostly down to the interior O line crumbling, all the time. If the interior line stands firm, Rodgers can step up to avoid the outside pass rush. Saturday can no longer cut it and Lang is not playing well, either.

    The weaknees of the interior O line is also partly why reason our run game is so putrid….and don’t get me started on how horrible it looks handing off to a stationary RB from the shotgun. Runs are better when handed off to a running RB from a QB under center, period.

    If I were GM, coach Campen would already be standing outside Lambeau, severance check and contents of his cleared desk in his bemused hands. If we cannot solidify the interior line we will lose games to teams we should beat.

    I would insert EDS as center, right now. He can get some push and he should give us more stability in the middle of the line than Saturday. Is he above average, no. Is he better than Saturday, probably at this point.

  11. Don’t know what it is, but I’m just not feeling it from this team this year. Great wins against Houston and Chicago earlier, but that’s about it. Both the O and D lines seem to be getting worse. Never a pass rush and the run blocking sucks. There’s no way they go anywhere in the playoffs with that bad combo. Plus I don’t know if they seem at all hungry to me. Looked very lethargic. Would have lost to almost any other team today.

    Still time to get it together, but I’m not seeing it yet.

  12. I think today solidified (or re-solidified) how important Greg Jennings is.

    If Jordy goes down (Godgers forbid) our offense will sputter relatively quickly. The short pass game was good but it’d be nice to have another back in there (that isn’t named John Kuhn) to slip out the other side.

    I’m not doom-and-gloom but today was not pretty. I’m not optimistic we can beat the Cards given this performance next week.

    Although a win is a win and I’m happy we got that.

  13. Remember the Pack lost to Detroit 7-3? What happened the following week? McCarthy was officially upset and kept touting that “were nobody’s underdog”. We lost the next week, but with a backup quarterback, we ALMOST won against a red hot Patriots team.

    All of you guys are reacting, but it doesn’t seem like any of you quite fully understand!


    McCarthy is about as anti-dramatic and anti-emotional as they come. If Jim Harbaugh were the coach, this team would destroy every team week to week just like how they did to the Texans.

    McCarthy, you’re an offensive genius, and we won a Super Bowl with you. But I can’t remember a game we won BECAUSE of you, more, I feel we win games DESPITE of you.

    Sorry to be so harsh, but I am DEAD TIRED of the Packers playing like this! The only explanation to this all is the coaching staff, and it starts with Mike McCarthy.

    1. I’m not sure what was worst..your rant or the two that agreed with it!

      Yeah,MM sucks and needs to be fired….sheesh.

      1. Condescending me again Taryn? This must like the 5th time I’ve found you just trolling me instead of having some sense of decency and telling me why you simply disagree with me.

        If being such a passionate fan of the Packers bothers you so much(for whatever reason), then I guess I should just stop being that way then. *sarcasm

        I expect the best out of my Packers. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

    2. you know that packers won right? they won by two scores right? you know they won a game in the NFL (not easy to do) after coming off a 3 game road stretch with 2 must in games right?

      guys like harbaugh and rex ryan are great when things go well, but when you run into adversity that crap goes in one ear and out the other. give me a guy that keeps his cool any day of the week. we have no idea what MM is like behind closed doors. i agree with taryn, you can dislike MMs game plan, but criticizing his demeanor on the sideline sounds kind of ridiculous.

      1. Think about when we DO lose though. It is always because the Packers have a meltdown and beat themselves. Whether it dropped balls, penalties, poor execution,(all things that can be fixed in practice) it doesn’t ever seem like we are beaten by a better team. We just beat ourselves.

        The only game I can think of that we were outplayed was against the 49er’s, and guess what? That’s because the 49er’s don’t often beat themselves. They block, pass protect, tackle, and play sound discipline football.

        We won, but we could have EASILY lost. And in most cases, we do lose. I’m tired of seeing the Packers play like this, regardless of the outcome.

        1. it just sounds like you are asking for perfection. there will be penalties and dropped passes throughout a game. can you minimize those things through practice? of course. but if the most talented team and/or best coached team won every week it would not be much fun to watch would it? the packers have three losses. and really they should have 2 losses if you put an * next to the seattle game.

          the vikings beat the crap out of the niners 24-13. does that mean the niners beat themselves in that game?

          there will be times when a team does not play its best football, but getting a win when you are playing poorly and just grinding out a win is also the sign of a good team. i can get negative as a fan as well, but pay attention to the coaching that happens on the majority of other teams and i think you will realize that packer fans have it pretty good.

          1. There’s nobody who understands that more than I do. Of Brady, Manning, and Brees, Rodgers is the youngest. Every other quarteback younger than Rodgers has yet to prove themselves. That’s just one example, the Packers have it DAMN good.

            My expectations of the Packers are near perfection, because of one simple reason – the level of talent.

            Last year there was talk about how we had too many good receivers for example.

            Michael Lombardi made an excellent observation of the 2010 Packers. He said “if you watch those games you have to wonder to yourself, just how did they lose those games?”

            We have the talent to play like a complete team, but up until this point, it hasn’t shown. Even when the Packers went 15-1, the defense was obviously horrendous.

            There aren’t very many other teams that play with discipline consistently, but they are out there. The Niners and Patriots come to mind.

            The Packers have the talent. If they would just play with even just a little bit more discipline, they would dominate on all three sides of the ball.

            That my friend would be the recipe for what is called a “dynasty”.

            1. my final statement here is that often times fans, including myself, over rate the talent on their own team.

              the packers defense has some talent, but not the talent of the top defenses in the NFL.

              Pickett is a solid defender, but he is aging and has never been a superstar.

              CJ Wilson is a young guy, but his career will be as a journeyman lineman.

              BJ Raji – he had a great second half of 2010, where has he been since then. he was the worst 3-4 DL in football last year according to profootballfocus.

              Brad Jones: third string LB that is getting his first action inside.

              AJ Hawk: he has been better this year, but he is an average starting LB in the NFL. TT overpaid him, but that does not mean he is good just because he gets paid alot.

              Erik Walden: a rotational guy only. he has been a little better this year, but he went undrafted for a reason. he is a marginal starter.

              Casey Hayward: A good rookie, but a rookie nonetheless that is going to have some growing pains.

              McMillan: another rookie. makes plays but also makes big mistakes.

              To me there are atleast 8 guys on this defense that are average players at this point. When I look at the talent of this defense I see a team that should rank about 15th or 16th in scoring defense. and that should be good enough.

    “We need to come out and put teams like this away. Of course it’s disappointing,” Finley said via FOX Sports Wisconsin. “With the ability we got and with the guys we got on this team, it kills us. If the defense is looking at us, that’s why they’re mad at us if we go three-and-out, because they know what we can do. And we’re pissed off at them when teams like Jacksonville drive the ball down the field.”

    Finley noted that the team’s pass protection was lacking.

    “You get a guy like (Rodgers) on his back several times, it distracts him. He’s looking behind his back, in front of him, beside him,” Finley said. “It can throw us off in the passing game, too. I’m not blaming a soul on the team, but we have to keep ’12′ (Rodgers) off his back. …

    “I’ve got my swag back; I’ve got my hands back,” Finley told the Green Bay Press-Gazette. “Everything’s back. I don’t have a say (in how many times he’s thrown the ball). I’m in a great place. I’m happy.”

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