Packers vs. Rams – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: GB 30 STL 20 All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Jordy Nelson vs Rams
Jordy Nelson vs Rams – Picture by Rick Wood,

Green Bay Packers vs. St. Louis Rams:

My unfitered game day running blog post of comments, observations and first impressions.

Inactive for Packers today:

  • LB D.J. Smith
  • LB Nick Perry
  • CB Sam Shields
  • WR Greg Jennings
  • DT B.J. Raji
  • OL Greg Van Roten
  • RB Johnny White

Inactive for Rams today:

  • WR Danny Amendola
  • DT Matt Conrath
  • QB Austin Davis
  • RB Terence Ganaway
  • LB Mario Haggan
  • T Wayne Hunter
  • T Roger Saffold

Game Notes:



Mike McCarthy Pregame Show on 620 WTMJ:


Big Win: The best part is we were able to play a complete sixty minutes and excelled in all three phases of the game. Easily our best performance of the year.

Moving forward:   Consistency is a big part of our business. We’ve been able to do that in the past. it’s time for this 2012 team to do the same.

B Jones / Hayward: They both have practiced hard and are ready to go. Jones is extremely consistent and dependable and he has had a great week of practice. Casey keeps getting better with each opportunity. the game will dictate what we do but I look for both of these guys to play an important role.

Rams a year later: There’s a lot of things different. Their talent level has definitely increased. Their younger players and draft picks are playing well. Jeff Fisher is clearly one of the best coaches in our league.

Ram’s’ Defense: Good depth on the DL, very aggressive on the front seven. It’s a defense that will definitely challenge us today.

Bradford: He”s had a challenge of going through different systems. he’s now in a QB-friendly system that I think he can propser in.

RB Daryl Richards0n: From Abilene Christian – he’s explosive. Watched the Sunday night game against the Cardinals – he definitely jumped out at me.

3rd week on the road: Don’t get me wrong, it will be good to be home next week, but we don’t mind these 55 minute flights.



Packers vs. Rams – First Impressions – First Half:

Packers win the toss and defer.

Rams show early the Packers can expect a heavy diet of running plays. At least as long as the game is close.

Jeez, Newhouse, if you’re going to hold, at least keep your guy off Rodgers…

Jarret Bush always gives you a great effort, but sometimes, it’s not the smartest of moves…

Morgan Burnett very active early on in the tackling department – needs some technique work, though.

So much for how the Rams DBs were going to hold Jordy Nelson down…

I’d love for someone to do a study on onside kick success percentage when the other team is not setup to defend it.

Rams are going after Casey Hayward. So far, he’s been a mixed bag. Some good coverage but also has given too much cushion and allowed some completions.

Erik Walden having a VERY productive game so far.

Nice pickup by Alex Green on a Rams blitz stunt. Wasn’t fooled – made the right decision.

3rd and 1: Rogers go route to Jones. At the risk of being a broken record, I just don’t like it with a lead. Rather keep drives going…

Textbook shoulder to shoulder coverage by Hayward on a deep attempt by Bradford.

Mike Neal injured again. Could the old argument of being “too muscle bound” apply to Neal?

Rams kicker 0-3 last week, 2-2 today.  It may be my imagination, but it always seems opposing kickers save their best days for the Packers.

All for Cobb bringing it out from 7 yds deep in this case. If he gets a decent return to the 35 or so, #Packers in great shape to get in FG range w/ 40 secs left.

Crosby misses a 58-yd attempt before the half. Mason Crosby now 1-4 from 50+ yds this season

Packers 10 Rams 6


Packers vs. Rams – First Impressions – Second Half:

Am I the only one who thinks a few screen passes would help break this game open for the Packers offense?

For people saying they loved the #Packers 3rd and 1 call, then complaining about the time of possession (18 min to 12 in favor of the Rams), you need to think that through a little better…

Now don’t you prefer a nice long drive where the #Packers score 7 points and eat 7 minutes off the clock by just keeping the drive going on 3rd and 1? I do.

MM has put in some new running plays since Green became the starter. Now running some non ZBS plays w/ TJ Lang pulling. Saw it last week too against the Texans.

Hayward is the anti-Jarret Bush. Great ball awareness…

I said on CheeseheadRadio the other night that Sam Shields may not get his job back with Casey Hayward getting a chance to start. I was half joking, but it could happen.

Packers could complete 6-8 yard passes all day…

So, in the red zone, they go to the run and settle for the field goal.

Rams score and somehow, the Packers find themselves only leading by one score again.  Bad memories…

Not that it would have mattered, but that was a horrible read by AJ Hawk on that Jackson TD

If TJ Lang hadn’t blocked air on that Cobb shovel play, the Packers might have had a big gain there.

If Rodgers would be content with the underneath stuff more often, Packers offense would really be unstoppable.

Free plays are really, really cool with the ball in Aaron Rodgers’ hand.

With the personnel in the Packers secondary, Capers may come up with a 10 DB package. Only half-kidding.

Really good to see Davon House getting a bunch of playing tome today – and doing well…

Packers 30 Rams 20


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18 thoughts on “Packers vs. Rams – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: GB 30 STL 20

  1. Greg Jennings is not getting big bucks by the Packers. He may get it elsewhere, but not with them.

    He can blame Cobb for that. What a player. He can play the slot all his life, it doesn’t matter.

      1. Unless he stays hurt or ineffective so long that his price is insanely low.

        But yeah, he’s probably done with GB. Just don’t sign with the Bares or Queens Greg.

      2. Hmm, you guys think so?

        I’ll admit, I think Jennings is probably done in Green Bay but I can’t help but think he’ll be missed when it counts.

        What happens when the Packers meet a good defense? Doubling Nelson, LB spying Cobb when he’s in the backfield, and good rush on Aaron could neutralize this offense.

        Jennings is a guy you know you can rely on to get open. Finley’s not reliable because of the drops, Driver’s not reliable because of his age, and the young TE’s are unproven at best.

        You need that 4th guy in this offense.


          1. I meant when Randall is in the backfield but yes, fair point.

            And James was included in the 3. The three: Nelson, Cobb, Jones.

            Both Jennings and Finley are big variables moving forward.

              1. Cutting/trading Finley would free up about $8 million dollars (I believe) which would help pad out a year or two for Jennings but I’m not sure it’s enough.

                Jennings getting injured probably gives the Packers some leverage in negotiations but I’m not sure Ted would want to sign him to a deal longer than 2-years.

                Rodgers and Matthews would probably have to take pay cuts of some sort, too.

                We’ll see how it plays out.

  2. Did you get a feel for M.D.Jannings play. It didn’t look good to my very unprofessional eye.

    Cobb is now a crucial component of the team, he keeps the chains moving.

    Hayward is doing so well, its hard to believe the guy is a rookie. His college coaches said he had freakishly good awareness, looks like they weren’t exaggerating.

    1. Wasn’t watching him specifically, but Jennings was OK – I’m a little confused why he has played as much as he has the last two weeks. I thought McMillian had earned the job outright.

      1. I think it’s just because McMillian missed some assignments in the Colts and Saints games. But he is getting more consistent so I’m not real sure what it is now. Guess it’s just extra competition to keep the rookie sharp…

  3. There can’t be a better QB in the league at taking advantage of the free play than Rodgers, right? I feel like he LOVES that opportunity and almost always takes advantage.

  4. I’m happy with the win, but I’ll take Kuhn running the ball over Green anytime. To me, Green hesitates too much and is indecisive, the running game stinks without Benson. Not a great day for the “D”, but you gotta love those young D-Backs, if they keep improving Tramon will have to step it up to keep his job!

    1. Couldn’t disagree more. he hesitates when there is no hole, as does any RB – and there was a lot of that today. Packers OL did not have a great game against a tough RAMS front 7. TJ Lang admitted he had a sub-par game himself.

      1. Ditto for the d line and backers. We just can’t keep giving up all that yardage on the ground esp. against two subs on their line.Wow no interference calls on Woodson, that hasn’t happened in a long time. However, it’s a win and in the end the team with the hot hand will win it all.

  5. Brian Billick the color commentator said that the short passes to the running backs is really the Packers running attack. These got good yardage almost every time.

    Also, when No 12 retreats into the backfield and then hands off to Benson or Green, our line must hold their blocks a long time. If you have a stellar running back who is shifty, speedy and can change direction and hit holes that’s ok. We don’t have those. Hand the ball off quickly like that 8 yard run/dive that Kuhn had.

  6. O-line got man-handled. Bad. You just cannot blame our rb’s, no matter who it is, when the o-line is this bad.

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