Fantasy Football League: Week 6 Update & Power Rankings All Green Bay Packers All the Time Fantasy Football LeagueWelcome to our weekly update for the Fantasy Football League! For those that are unaware, the staff started a league this year to see who could take home the trophy between them and some of their readers. Please continue to check back each week as the drama unfolds, and don’t at all hesitate to throw around the smack talk! Who knows . . . maybe you could be throwing down the gauntlet with us next season.

Week 6 Results:

  • Jordy’s Stiff Arm (128.32)
    over The Gilbert Browns (103.88)
  • Calvinball (149.28)
    over Rockwood Lodge (96.44)
  • St. Cecilia’s HS (132.24)
    over Salute Your Jorts (58.50)
  • Finley Named My Kids (88.22)
    over SuperBowl or Bust (85.70)
  • TouchedByTedThompson (111.76)
    over Milwaukee Packers (101.56)
  • Lambeau’s Legends (119.12)
    over Cheeseheads (100.14)


Writers Division

  1. The Gilbert Browns, Adam Czech (4-4-0)
  2. St. Cecilia’s HS, “Jersey” Al Bracco (4-2-0)
  3. Rockwood Lodge, Marques Eversoll (3-3-0)
  4. Jordy’s Stiff Arm, Chad Toporski (3-3-0)
  5. Calvinball, Thomas Hobbes (2-4-0)
  6. Salute Your Jorts, Kris Burke (2-4-0)

Readers Division

  1. Finley Named My Kids, Sam (5-1-0)
  2. Lambeau’s Legends, Henry (4-2-0)
  3. SuperBowl or Bust, Earl (3-3-0)
  4. TouchedByTedThompson, Ian (2-4-0)
  5. Milwaukee Packers, gbmb34 (2-4-0)
  6. Cheeseheads, Matt (2-4-0)

Power Rankings

  1. Lambeau’s Legends (Up 2) – Finally finding some consistency, the Legends are back at first in the power rankings. The top three teams, though, all seem poised to be the big contenders for the playoffs.
  2. Rockwood Lodge (Down 1) – The Rock saw its first sub-100 point game so far this season, and it was against a team in Calvinball that came to play. They’re still tops in the league, though, so this week’s loss can’t be seen as much more than a short moment of weakness.
  3. Finley Named My Kids (Down 1) – As “Jersey” Al was so quick to point out last week, a win is a win. This team, though, only won by 3 points and didn’t even hit the 90 mark. Having the best record in the league only means so much.
  4. Calvinball (Up 2) – This team may be 2-4, but they’ve been extremely productive, putting up over 100 points in every game since Week 2. Their only problem is that they’ve had the second-highest total amount of points scored against them across the season.
  5. The Gilbert Browns (Down 1) – It’s a bad sign when your team loses a matchup to an opponent that starts two players ruled out for the week. If the Gilbert Browns want some love from the media, they’ve got to earn it.
  6. St. Cecilia’s HS (Up 1) – Our fearless leader could end up being our “Rookie of the Year.” After adding a third win to his current streak, he’s tied for the best record in the Writers Division and slowly moving up the power rankings.
  7. SuperBowl or Bust (Down 2) – How strange is this? Playing Sam Bradford instead of Tom Brady could have earned this team a win this week. Or playing Chris Givens (who?) instead of Brian Hartline. Maybe this is just bad karma brought on by a Packers “fan” having Golden Tate on the team.
  8. TouchedByTedThompson (Up 1) – This isn’t a bad team . . . they’re just not very good at overcoming adversity. They’ve allowed the most points in the league so far, and they’re just not built to take such abuse.
  9. Jordy’s Stiff Arm (Up 3) – As go the Packers, so seem to go Jordy’s Stiff Arm. Despite starting Cedric Benson and Donald Brown (both out) this week, the combined points from Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson made up over half of their point total. Add a big day from Antonio Gates, and that’s pretty much a recipe for success.
  10. Milwaukee Packers (Same) – They put up their best game of the season, and it still wasn’t enough. It’s just a bad sign when you can’t recognize half of the players’ names on your roster.
  11. Salute Your Jorts (Down 3) – As Tom Petty once sang, “Yeah I’m free, free fallin’!” Starting off at a promising 2-1, this team has lost its past three games, with the latest loss their worst production of the year. Is this going to be the rock bottom that they bounce back from?
  12. Cheeseheads (Down 1) – It’s a challenge to dig yourself out of a hole when you put up more really bad performances than even just average performances. This week was actually a decent showing from the faithful Cheeseheads, but they’ve got to dig deep and come up with something big if they want more success.

Week 7 Match-Ups:

#9 Jordy’s Stiff Arm (3-3-0) vs. #6 St. Cecilia’s HS (4-2-0)
#2 Rockwood Lodge (3-3-0) vs. #11 Salute Your Jorts (2-4-0)
#5 The Gilbert Browns (4-2-0) vs. #4 Calvinball (2-4-0)
#3 Finley Named My Kids (5-1-0) vs. #10 Milwaukee Packers (2-4-0)
#8 TouchedByTedThompson (2-4-0) vs. #12 Cheeseheads (2-4-0)
#1 Lambeau’s Legends (4-2-0) vs. #7 SuperBowl or Bust (3-3-0)


Chad Toporski, a Wisconsin native and current Pittsburgh resident, is a writer for You can follow Chad on twitter at @ChadToporski