Packers vs. Texans – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: GB 42 HOU 24 All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Tom Crabtree, Jordy Nelson, Packers vs Texans
Crabtree and Nelson celebrate a Packers TD

Green Bay Packers vs. Houston Texans:

My unfitered game day recap and blog post of comments, observations and first impressions.

Inactive for Packers today:

  • S Sean Richardson
  • CB Davon House
  • LB Terrell Manning
  • G Greg Van Roten
  • TE D.J. Williams
  • WR Greg Jennings
  • DT B.J. Raji

Inactive for Texans today:

  • QB Roc Carmichael
  • CB Brandon Harris
  • S Quintin Demps
  • OT Andrew Gardner
  • OG Cody White
  • OG Brandon Brooks
  • LB Barrett Rudd

Game Notes:

Texans will be missing the heart of their defense, Brian Cushing, who is out with a torn ACL suffered last week against the Jets.


Mike McCarthy Pregame Show on 620 WTMJ:

Daughter’s 21st birthday: A big day and it makes me feel old.

Team’s psyche: They’re confidant and ready to go. We knew this was going to be a tough one when the schedule came out. We respect the Texans.  Sunday night is always an exciting time to play.  Our guys are ready to go.

Noise: Yes, this is going to be a great environment. It’s my first time in this stadium, the only one I haven’t been in. We practice a lot for these conditions

Practice: We’re always working on improv ing our practices. We aren’t making any excuses. Our practices this week, I was very pleased with the walk throughs and the meetings.

Raji out: Ryan Pickett has been playing some nose, so it’s not a problem. Our DL will be challenged today.

Finley: We’re not going to approach this game like he’s 100%. We need to be smart about it, so he’ll be on a rep count. Finley wants to play and is ready to try to play through this injury. Says a lot about him.

Texans: Very talented team, they play very well to their strengths. Important for us to knock them off their rhythm and off their spots. That’s our plan.

JJ Watt: Very talented young man. To be playing the position he’s playing and so well. As talented as any DE we’ve seen on tape.

Keys to the game: 1)turnover ratio.  2)Take advantage of big play opportunities.



Packers vs. Texans – First Impressions – First Half:

Texans win the toss and choose to receive the ball.

Defense starts with a sack on the first play and a three-and-out on the first series. Hope that’s an omen…

Ok, I just saw the #Packers pull a guard. No, really…

MM in pregame talk: “We have to take advantage of our big play opportunities.” They miss one to James Jones, get one to Jordy Nelson. TD Packers.

So glad Alex Green is finally healthy and getting a full shot at the RB job.

Obviously, Cobb needs more work on how to execute the back shoulder play…

Packers punt team has been fantastic so far. Have pinned the Texans twice inside their five yard line already.

Obviously, the Packers are going to try to force Matt Schaub to beat them…

Clay Matthews is clearly possessed today.

Imagine if the Packers played this hard last week? 48-3 maybe?

DB tried to put a lick on James Jones on the sideline and hit a brick wall. Jones never flinched.

James Jones: The guy that has been traded multiple times by Packers fans…

Not to be negative, but how more sick does this make you about the Packers pitiful performance against the Colts?

So, now that we know the #Packers are capable of playing with emotion, we will see this every week, right?

And their is your once-a-game Sam Shields phantom interference call.

If Rodgers starts seeing the simple pass in front of him like that once again short dump off to Green), the rest of the league will be in big trouble.

TD: Rodgers to Nelson: Best pass Rodgers has thrown all season. Shades of 2011…

Can the #Packers keep this level of effort up for 60 minutes? They’ll need to against this team.

Up 21-7, Capers suddenly going soft in pass coverage, Andre Johnson with an 8 yard cushion. Dom, that’s not how you got where you are this game…

Packers 21 Texans 10


Packers vs. Texans – First Impressions – Second Half:

What the hell changed with the Packers offensive line?  They deserve a boatload of credit.

JJ Watt not endearing himself to friends back in Wisconsin tonight – mocking the Packers celebrations.

Absolutely fantastic that Marshall Newhouse resisted the temptation to retaliate after being punched 3 times. Packers playing smart. Texans not so much… Penalties gives the Packers a TD instead of a field goal.

This inquiring mind wants to know:  Was there a #Packers “Come to Jesus” meeting this week?

Chris Collingsworth just said something intelligent: “AJ hawk is playing better than he has in a long time.” > I’ll add:  all season…

Certainly, Hawk is having maybe his best season as a Packer. Obviously, the haircut made all the difference.

Tom Crabtree with a great job of faking to block on his TD pass off the play action. Gutsy 3rd and one call that worked.

My master plan of picking against the #Packers for the first time in two seasons to reverse the course of nature is obviously working.

I hope the Packers players remember how much fun they’re having tonight playing with such passion.

Saine injured. Packers will be scouring the waiver wire for running back depth this week.

Just saw a “Holy Shit” from MM on Jones’ one-hand catch.

Packers paying a steep price for this win with injuries…

Casey Hayward is going to be scary good…

haha. As I write that, he intercepts a pass in the end zone…

Even the things Hayward was not supposed to be that good at (man coverage, for one) he’s doing well.

The bloom is off the rose for JJ Watt back in Wisconsin. How does mocking the Packers feel now, JJ?

Packers 42 Texans 24




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21 thoughts on “Packers vs. Texans – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: GB 42 HOU 24

  1. Good coaching, good player effort, great win, the season is back… many injuries..just like the super bowl year!

  2. I really would like to say the Packers are back, but this is just like the Bears game in a sense.

    We got pass rush, and luckily we got the small injuries and not IR.

    That being said we have to take care of the Rams. Rodgers was sharp tonight, but he was also missing some throws early.

    McCarthy I also wanted to slap when he didn’t bench Rodgers early in the 4th. Overall, a great effort from the team and for the first time the team seemed to want to play all 4 quarters.

    On Wisconsin.
    Go Pack Go.

    1. For once I got to see Rodgers put up some monster #’s, and it was against one of the league’s top defenses. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen Rodgers throw 3 or so TD’s in the first half and I say “dude, he’s gonna throw like 5 or 6 TD’s!” and it just never happens. Plus, this really was a smack in the face to some of his critics (ahem, Bayless), and I love it!

      I’m not mad about McCarthy not benching him early at all.

  3. Given Harrell’s track record coming into the game, can you blame him for sticking with Rodgers? I might have put in Flynn at the point, but not Harrell.

    1. So only half like 2011 right? Great win! Hope the Perry & Shields injuries were as minor as they seem…

  4. I would say that we looked like the 2011 Packers, except we played offense AND defense tonight!

  5. Great win tonight. Offense looked like last year – receivers looked terrific. Injury bug is hitting on the defensive side of the ball. Smith looks like he is out for the year. Hopefully Perry and Shields only miss a few weeks. There’s enough depth to cover those guys. But, ILB just became a huge issue.

  6. Jermichael Finley once again disappoints tonight, and no, I’m not talking about the penalty.

    I seriously become more disenfranchised and more disappointed in him with each passing game. He keeps playing like this, he’s gone.

    1. Finley was injured. The only reason he was active is that he is from Houston and had a number of family members at the game. He still needs to STFU though.

      1. If you watch highlights of him in 2009, you’ll see how amazing he was at the fade route, and how he was able to jump over defenders and catch the ball right in front of them. The following off-season, he lost 30 pounds so that he could play like a wide receiver. Wide Receivers make more than Tight Ends. Ok that doesn’t make it a BAD thing, but it’s been 3 years now and CLEARLY that idea hasn’t worked out. So why doesn’t he put that 30 lb.s back on? Because he’s STILL convinced that he’s gonna become this amazing WR and get that big fat contract. So forget the tweets, forget the big talk, and forget that he’s injury-prone. Finley is so weak-minded (maybe even mental) that he can’t think beyond just getting that money, and this season is only hurting him further in that regard.

        He doesn’t want to put the work in, and he doesn’t want to change his attitude, because he thinks he’s already up there with Graham and Gronkowski, and that he deserves every penny of that fantasy contract of his. Seriously, I’VE HAD IT WITH FINLEY!!!

        1. Every reporter, every coach, states that Finley’s work ethic and commitment to improving is unquestioned.

          He is as hard-working at his craft as they come.

          1. Then WHY doesn’t it show up on the field??? I understand that his work ethic has improved. I understand he practices. I get that.

            Yet with all that practice, he continues to drop the ball (on the most key of plays too!), and continues to become less and less like his 09 version of himself?

            Yeah, he has amazing work ethic, unfortunately, it’s being directed to becoming a wide receiver, which clearly he is not.

        2. Chad, I could not agree with you more. I am so disgusted for so long with him. Is there a football player that is not paying injured? For a quarter mil a game, I’d drag myself out there! He said however, that he is committed to not letting the dropped passes bother him and just play football. How about getting committed to catching the ball and you won’t have to bother being bothered? Dropped passes is awful but now add a stupid PI to kill a scoring drive. Keep blaming Rodgers for your drops JF.I’ve had it so long with him and his BIG mouth.

  7. Only negative – the injuries. Who was supposed to cover Daniels on that 40+ play? Also, they better get it together in the middle of the D on pass plays. Else it was all good.

  8. Uno mas thing. This is why I was upset Thompson put Benson on IR-DTR. You can use that on only one player, but the Packers have already spent it on an injury-prone Cedric Benson. We’re still not sure if D.J. Smith is out for a while, but it sure looks like it was a bad move already.

  9. Dear James Jones,

    We are very very sorry we wanted to trade you in 2010 and 2011. Thank you for your hard work in 2012.

    The Packer Nation

  10. The pack gets embarrassed against the 49ers and colts and then come back fighting mad the next week and beat two good teams (bears, texans).Why can’t they play mad every game? I hope they got thier attitude back for the rest of the season

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